6 Inexpensive Ideas To Transform The Appearance Of Your Room

Whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, or living room, the interior of your home is as important as the exterior. However, when it calls for a revamp – the first thought that comes to mind is budget.

Naturally, you will want the best of both worlds – affordability and beauty for your home. While that may seem impossible – that is actually not true at all! With a little bit of research and thinking, you can actually achieve a gorgeous room at a low cost.

Below, we have put together a couple of tips you can use to spruce up your home.

1. Paint or use wallpaper

Using a can of paint can totally transform and give your room a new lease of life. You can get the paint from a local store for a few bucks and be on your way to transform the look of your rooms.

You can also do the painting by yourself to save money that would have been used in paying a painter. The type of colour that you choose can be based on a theme you have in mind, or even your personality. For example, your child’s room should have a good mix of bright colours – while yours can incorporate cool colours.

But if you like it fuss-free – wallpaper will swoop in and save the day! They may cost a little more, but the fanciful designs and plethora of colours will definitely be worth the extra expenses.

2. Add some colourful pillows and throw blankets

Nowadays placing some colourful pillows can make a world of difference. You can invest in covers for the pillows so that your home always has a fresh new look. The covers and pillows usually don’t cost a lot – but the impact they make is long-lasting.

Throw blankets have also become a unique and fashionable way to make a room look glamorous. You can find throw blankets with unique colours at the local thrift shop.  Get a few pieces to make it easier for you to change them.

3. Clear up your space

Although you already have a bunch of stunning furniture in your room – the clutter doesn’t allow the room to have the elegant effect that you desire.

In that case, you should start removing furniture that you don’t use anymore. It doesn’t cost a single cent, and you can even sell it off to earn some extra cash. On the other hand, if the furniture holds sentimental value – you can choose to redecorate it instead. It may cost a bit of money – but it is still more affordable as compared to buying brand new furniture.

Now that your space is clutter-free, you may want to switch up your flooring. With all the clutter gone and a new flooring such as a vinyl laminate flooring – your home is guaranteed to look as good as new.

4. Replace broken fixtures and lampshades

Another inexpensive way to change your room is by checking the broken fixtures and replacing them. You don’t have to go and buy totally new ones, but you can even get nice ones from a garage sale and then repaint it.

Lampshades are usually are eye-catchers in any room, so you need to make sure they are not only in good condition, but they are stylish as well. Even if you have to get new ones, they are usually affordable.

5. Put up some artwork

If you already have some paintings, then you should consider rearranging them in a different way. You can put all of them in one wall or make a shape with the arrangement.

Meanwhile, if you don’t own any art – don’t worry! Just let your artistic side come to life,  make some paintings, and have them framed. You can even get your kids or family members to join in on the fun.

6. Replace the area rug

If you don’t have one, then it is time to go out and get one. You can find area rugs of different colours and shapes and sizes.

What’s more, as long as you have a theme in mind already – you can pick out a rug which fits the design. They’re a perfect way of adding some jazz in your room without breaking the bank. To make sure your room goes with the theme – you can also do the windows and walls, in other words – curtains!

They’re great for keeping you away from the sun and adds on to the room’s appearance – regardless of whether it’s during daytime or nighttime. If you’re still wondering where to get some, a curtain company will usually have a variety ready for you to pick from.

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be difficult – a little brainstorming can go a long way into sprucing up your home! Follow these tips, and you can achieve a beautiful home in no time.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Remodeling Your Apartment

For some people, owning a home is a lifelong investment. However, after living in it for ten or twenty years, you might start to get tired of how your home looks. Or perhaps you find that the in-built furniture in your house is showing signs of wear and tear. In this case, it might be time to consider an overhaul of your home.

Remodelling a home is a costly and tedious affair, but there are also easier ways to go about doing it. For example, you do not have to opt for a full renovation, but can choose to only redo the parts of the home that most require it. If you are still considering whether you should remodel your home, here are some reasons to make you look forward to a brand-new-looking home:

For safety

Age will result in wear and tear for many things, and that includes fixtures in a home. For example, an old apartment is bound to have a few cracked tiles here and there, perhaps a leaking tap or pipe, and an overly rusty door hinge. These add risks into your home that can be dangerous for people living there. Cracks and splinters can cut people, and loose parts can fall and hit people. Remodelling the house is a good idea to fix these problems to avoid accidents that can happen due to aged furnishings.

To adjust to changes

After many years, there are bound to be changes to your family and their habits. For example, children would have grown up, or you may have picked up new hobbies. Thus, the things that were in your home a decade ago may not be what you need today. The colourful kiddy furnishings in your child’s room can make way for a more mature style and proper study desk. The spare movie room can be turned into a new gym room. A home remodel will give you the chance to make these changes in your home.

To incorporate your current style

When you first moved into your home, you might not have had the funds to do up your home the way you wanted it. Or perhaps your taste has evolved and the interior design has become tacky and outdated. With a home remodel, you can finally re-design your home in the style that you love. You can switch out the flooring for a more luxurious option, and replace your broken blinds with custom-made curtains in Singapore. You can also give your home a new coat of paint, or select a beautiful design from the selection of wallpapers in Singapore. By placing your personal touch to the home, you will feel much happier living in it.

Add value to the home

If you consider selling your home sometime in the future, remodelling is still a good idea because it can increase the value of your home. At the very least, you should fix the flaws in the existing home, and make it look presentable. If you are putting the home up for rent, a well-furnished home will also command a higher rental. Do take note, though, of the interior style that you choose, as some styles are more appealing to a wider audience than others.

Make a good impression on guests

People who often welcome guests into their home should seriously consider remodelling their home. It will avoid situations where your guests are inconvenienced due to malfunctions or breakdowns in your home. A nicely furnished home – such as a themed room, matching furniture, luxury vinyl flooring and, stylish décor will also be more welcoming and comfortable for guests. As the home will have an impression on your guests, do take care to style your home in a way that will reflect well on you and your family.

Although renovating an existing home is expensive and tedious, an old home may benefit greatly from such a remodelling. If this sounds like a good idea to you, it will be time to save up and start conceptualising your new home design!

Freshen Up Your Bedroom Look With These 4 Wallpaper Tips

After a long hard day, most people can’t wait to get home to relax and recharge for the next day. This usually means heading straight for the bedroom once you get back. For many people, having a bed with a comfortable mattress is usually all they would ask for in a bedroom. The style of the bedroom is secondary, as most of the time spent in the room is when the eyes are closed in slumber.

However, some forget that the bedroom is also a place one can chill and unwind before going to sleep. The design of the room can help to put you at ease and create a conducive environment for your relaxation. Furthermore, the bedroom is an expression of oneself, and having a design that suits your personality will definitely make you feel more at home.

Here are some cool ways you can use wallpaper to freshen up your bedroom look with minimal cost and hassle:

Set the colour scheme for your room

Having a colour scheme for your room immediately makes it look more styled and coherent – like someone actually put in effort to decorate your room. So, choose your favourite colour or colours and create a colour scheme that you love. A colour scheme can be made up of similar colours of the same tone, but in different shades. For some contrast, a complementary colour is recommended – this gives the room a pop of colour so it does not look too monotonous. To make the room come together, ensure that the main items in your room adhere to the colour scheme. Get the most precise colours for your fabrics by looking for customization services in Singapore. A curtain company that customizes curtains will usually have options for a good variety of colours, patterns, and materials.

Create an accent wall

An accent wall is one wall in the room that is designed differently from the other walls in the room, thus drawing the eyes to it. Usually styled in a bold and attention-catching manner, the accent wall can add interest to your bedroom. A simple way to make an accent wall is to paint one wall a different colour from the rest. However, wallpapers are also a great idea, as they can add patterns and graphics that will be difficult to achieve with paint. Choose from a range of immersive designs from a supplier of wallpaper in Singapore for one that will transport you to your calm respite every evening.

Makeover your furniture

If you think wallpapers are only for walls, think again! Wallpapers can also be applied to furniture to give them a new look. Bold prints can turn plain wooden furniture into a one-of-a-kind item for your bedroom. Consider using leftover wallpaper for your headboard, or to spice up an old dressing table. With the right kind of prints, you can easily beautify the items in your room to suit your design palate.

Create some texture

Ever seen bedrooms adorned with elegant marbled walls or home with wooden panels for walls? Yes, these are not just textures for luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore – they also look good on walls. While having real marble or shiplap walls may be costly to install for real, a more affordable and convenient way to achieve this kind of look is by using wallpaper. With the newest technology, wallpapers today are no longer flat printed banners, but can come in various textures as well. Thus, you can get life-like textures on your wall like brick or stone with just a roll of wallpaper. The good thing is, if you regret it, you can always peel it off and choose another design, without having to go through cumbersome renovations. 

Unleash your creativity using these wallpaper ideas for your bedroom! Turn your room into a space that makes your personality shine, and a space for you to dream in peace.

How To Make Your Studio Apartment Seem Larger Than It Is

Wallpaper Singapore, Singapore Custom Made Curtains

In land-scarce Singapore, you might find yourself having to live in a studio apartment sometime in your life. It may be a rented studio, or your own bachelor/bachelorette pad – but one thing’s for sure: a studio apartment is small. Living in a small space may feel suffocating if it is cluttered, or if it does not receive enough light. Thus, you need to make wise choices about the interior design of the home to make it feel larger than it is.

Here are some brilliant home design ideas to visually and literally maximise the space in your studio apartment.

Get Foldable Furniture

Wallpaper Singapore, Singapore Custom Made Curtains

Ever wondered how people survive in ‘shoebox’ homes? They do so by maximising space through convertible furniture. Pieces of furniture that do not need to be used at the same time can be folded away to make living space. For example, beds that fold up against the wall are commonly seen contraptions, which create space for other activities like studying or cooking when the bed is stored away.

Wall Color

Wallpaper Singapore, Singapore Custom Made Curtains

The walls of the room can determine how small or large the room feels. Lighter colours reflect light and make the space feel more airy, while darker tones tend to feel more suffocating in a small area. To brighten up the space, you can also consider going to a store that sells wallpaper in Singapore to look at their offerings. Simple geometric designs with long lines can help to visually elongate the room.

Hang Wall Mirrors

Wallpaper Singapore, Singapore Custom Made Curtains

Following the principle of lighter coloured walls, mirrors also reflect light and help to make a space feel larger. Full-length wall mirrors are the best way to go about this. Or, you could play around with creative placement to obtain an artistic arrangement that complements your home décor.

Go for Creative Storage

Wallpaper Singapore, Singapore Custom Made Curtains

When space is scarce, storage can become a huge issue. Other than living minimally, what you can do is to create smart storage spaces in your home. For example, use existing nooks and crannies like the space under your bed, behind your door, and at corners of the room. Floating shelves are also a great idea, as they make more storage space without taking up valuable floor area.

Furniture choice

Wallpaper Singapore, Singapore Custom Made Curtains

You might be moving into a studio apartment from a larger home, and feel tempted to bring all your belongings with you. The truth is, this may not be a wise choice. The furniture you place in a small apartment should also be smaller, so as not to congest the space. In arranging your furniture, you also need to consider walking and working space – so don’t fill up every inch of the ground such that you have no way to get to your bathroom! Even considering customised furniture may be an excellent decision if you want your home to look unique and personalised. Consider getting customisation options for sofas or even custom made curtains to spruce up your home in an instant!


Wallpaper Singapore, Singapore Custom Made Curtains

If you own the apartment, choose a flooring style that also helps to elevate the space. Woodgrain designs are appropriate for giving the small home an inviting warmth, and lighter colours make the space feel larger. Opt for large tiles, or place tiles diagonally across the room. These help to avoid busy grout lines and breaks up the monotony of the room. The good thing is, because the apartment is so small, you can go for the best luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore without feeling the pinch in your pocket.

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t have to feel stuffy and cramped. Use these ideas to turn your studio apartment into a breezy, welcoming home!

Turn Your Home Interior From Drab To Fab With 6 Easy Tips

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When you’ve lived in your home for some time, the style can start to feel outdated, or you simply get tired of it. Every few years, some homeowners decide to redo their home, but a complete makeover is often unrealistic. The closest alternative is to change up some aspects of the home to give the interior a totally different look! Some elements of a home contribute so much to the feel of the interior that just replacing one thing can change the whole atmosphere or style of the home.

If you are looking to make some changes to your home, these recommendations are for you:

1. Change up the wall colour

Wallpaper Singapore, Custom Made Curtains Singapore

Walls are the canvas for your home. The colour of your walls reflects the overall mood of the room, determining whether it’s bright and breezy, modern and eclectic, or warm and earthy.

Consider a different shade of colour or a combination of colours to add excitement to the wall colours. For the more adventurous, you can consider painting designs on the wall, such as geometric patterns, or an art mural. Not to fret if you want something different but are not artistically inclined to paint it yourself: Wallpapers in Singapore come in a wide array of designs, and you can request for professionals to do the installation for you. Talk about a fuss-free way to get new walls!

2. Use mirrors

Wallpaper Singapore, Custom Made Curtains Singapore

Mirrors are a favourite to add in homes because of their reflective properties that catch light and visually enlarge the home. The millions of possibilities for adding mirrors to your home makes it a brilliant way to change up the interior of any space. You could go all out to install a full-length wall mirror on one wall, or exercise creative placement by arranging smaller mirrors in an artistic manner. Whatever the case, mirrors are a beautiful addition that will blend in straightaway in any home.

3. Inject your personality

Wallpaper Singapore, Custom Made Curtains Singapore

Your home is yours to live in, so it should reflect your personality. Homes you see in magazines that are furnished impeccably look great, but not ‘lived in’. To make your home truly unique, decorate it with items that you love. If you are fortunate enough to have family heirlooms, display them proudly and make them part of your home’s design. If you have a collection of any kind of items, consider a way to showcase them in your home. These items will inject your personality into your home and make you proud to call it your home.

4. Change up the textiles

Wallpaper Singapore, Custom Made Curtains Singapore

A large part of the home is textile-covered, such as the sofa, carpets, curtains, bed, and cushions. The design of these fabrics contributes a lot to the style of the home. Hence, you could consider changing some of these to change the look of your home.

Look for your favourite prints, colours and texture, and mix-and-match styles to get a more dynamic look. Can’t find the right size of curtains? You can always look for custom-made curtains in Singapore. The best part about this is, you can always have a few sets to change so that you can switch around the looks periodically.

5. Go Green

Wallpaper Singapore, Custom Made Curtains Singapore

Adding plants to your living space is one of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways to elevate the design of your space. Greenery has the ability to impart a calming and welcoming vibe, which does no harm to any home. Select plants that do well in the shade to ensure they last. These can be in the form of small potted plants on ledges and shelves, hanging air plants near the window, or a large pot of indoor plant to stand by your door.

6. Change the flooring

Wallpaper Singapore, Custom Made Curtains Singapore

Flooring is another big part of the home, and it is relatively more difficult to change once you have furniture in the house. However, if you are stuck with some faded tiles reminiscent of the ’80s, or have visibly beaten-up floors after years of treading on them, it might be time to change it up. Marble floors are the top choice for a classy, elegant look, while wooden floors are the go-to for a homely, warm mood. Also popular in Singapore are luxury vinyl flooring options, which are the most affordable and easy-to-maintain flooring choice.

Don’t let the hassle deter you from giving your home the makeover it needs. Use these simple tips to change up your home’s look with ease!

6 Ways An Interior Designer Helps You Build Your Dream Space

Custom Made Curtains Singapore

Interior design? Anyone can do it, right? Unfortunately, this population notion is not true. Not everyone is able to handle the complex task of coordinating and designing their space. An interior designer will provide you with professional insights to make the whole process so much smoother.

In particular, here are six advantages of engaging the services of an interior designer:

1. Expertise

Professional interior designers create livable spaces for a living. That’s how you can be sure your home or office space is in safe hands. You may have lofty plans for your home, but they will advise you on what is achievable and practical. They can tell you what layout would give you the most spacious feel, what kind of lighting will match your desired mood, and what’s the best company for installing wallpaper in Singapore. Based on their wealth of experience, they will know what works and what doesn’t, and can even recommend you ideas that you never thought of. They are the ones who will share your vision and assist you in building a space you can call your own!

2. Save Money

It might sound counter-intuitive since you need to spend money to hire an interior designer, but the truth is, doing so can save you more money in the long run. The first way they help you save is by drafting out a budget for you. Given that this is in the contract, it makes you stick to the allocated spending rather than spend recklessly on things you do not need. Secondly, interior designers know where to get the best value for money products for your home. This saves you the heartbreak of buying something only to realise it doesn’t give you the most bang for your buck.

3. Wide Network

Doing up a home or office space is tiring work. Choosing furniture and your wall colour is just one part of the picture – the one that most people enjoy more. But behind the scenes, there are electrical wirings, sanitary systems, ventilation considerations, carpentry, and so much more to take care of. To make matters more complicated, each of these is provided by different companies. Interior designers consolidate all that needs to be done and recommend contractors to do the work for you. As interior designers work with many of these companies, they can advise you on the best ones for your project. They will know where to get the best custom made curtains in Singapore, and where to find your requested luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore. Oftentimes, there are also package discounts or loyalty rates when engaging through an interior designer. Who says no to more savings, right?

4. Save Time

Surely you already know, a lot of work goes into creating your dream space. If you thought of doing it yourself, prepare for months of painting, sourcing for electricians, carpenters, flooring experts, liaising with them, buying furniture, and so much more. Or, you could engage an interior designer. Everything is taken care of, and there is a schedule to follow to make sure your home is on the right track to completion. Leaving all the work to others gives you more time to spend on other important things in your life.

5. Convenience

If you’ve ever handled a major project, you will know how tough it is to manage every aspect of the project, from conceptualization to execution. Creating a dream home or beautiful office space is hardly an easy task, but interior designers take up the heat for you. They can guide you in the conceptualization process, turning your ideas into reality. They will also do all the coordination with the different parties involved. In the event anything goes wrong, interior designers have the experience to know how to handle the various issues. Surely, this is a more fuss-free way to get your home up to scratch in no time!

6. Stylistic guidance

How can we forget this? Interior designers are, after all, designers. Many people only have a vague idea of what they want their home to feel like, but lack proper descriptors for what they want. Being designers, interior designers can translate your desires into visions, floor plans, mockups, and finally, reality. They will help you get closer to your dream home, or the ideal office space you want. If you are unsure of how to achieve the space that you want, hiring an interior designer will be the best decision you make.

Whether you are doing up your new home, or are moving into a new office, an interior designer helps you in all aspects of turning your dream space into reality, saving you time, money, and hassle.

6 Unique Upcycling Ideas To Give Your Home A Facelift

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Eco-friendly is the new cool. Before throwing out your old belongings, have you ever thought about how they can be repurposed into something better?

A successful upcycling project turns trash into something you would love to have in your home. Be inspired by these unique upcycling ideas that will instantly add charm to your home:

1. Book Knife Block

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Too many books? You can give a new lease of life to some of these tomes by placing them on your kitchen counter and storing your knives in it. Sounds pretty strange, but it lends a quirky and vintage touch to your kitchen storage. Construct this knife block by picking out four or five volumes of books that you no longer wish to read, and secure them together with glue and a rope. Place the books upright as you would on a shelf, and you can slide your knives in between the pages to store them.

2. Repaint your furniture

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

This tip works with almost any furniture. If the piece of furniture is still working well, but just looking outdated, you can give it a facelift with a new coat of paint. Don’t be afraid to try out different patterns or colour combinations to match the style of your home. With just a few strokes of paint, your old table, chair, or shelf, can be revived to give your home a new look. The only thing you need to beware of is the type of paint you use. Do check out the type of paint that will work for the material of your item before buying any paint.

3. Turn old fabric into cushion covers

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Fabrics are easy to upcycle because they can be conveniently converted from one purpose to another. So, when you call a Singapore curtain company to replace your old curtains, don’t let them dispose of your old ones just yet. The good parts of your old curtain can be hemmed to make cushion covers. Same goes for bed sheets and blankets. If you have an assortment of cloth with pieces too small to go anywhere, consider putting them together in patchwork for a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

4. Upcycle floorboards

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

So you recently redid your flooring with a luxury vinyl flooring company in Singapore, leaving you with some scrap pieces of floorboards. Your first thought will be to send everything to the garbage. But these floorboards actually make great DIY materials! They already have a nice texture, and can be cut into various shapes and sizes. Feel free to repaint them, and use them for a variety of DIY décor, from wooden signs, to side tables, and so on.

5. Wallpaper linings

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

If you are putting up new wallpaper in your home in Singapore, don’t throw out the odds and ends just yet! There might just be enough to use for lining your shelves or decorating a small piece of furniture. Some items that other DIY-ers have brightened with wallpaper includes lampshades, trash bins, tabletops, and mirror frames. The possibilities are endless!

Are these ideas getting your hands itchy to try them out? Upcycling is not only an eco-friendly approach but also a unique way to put a personal touch in your home. So get creative!

Top 8 Trending Ideas for Designing Your Interiors

Wallpaper SingaporeHome desperately in need of a makeover? Or wondering how to do up your new home? Whatever your budget or style, be inspired by these amazing ideas that will add a touch of class to any home.

Window cove seats

Fancy sitting by your window side, sitting a hot cup of coffee to the view of the sun peeking over the horizon? This is made possible with a cushy arm chair placed near the window, or you can customise your own window cove seat by placing a wide bench flush against the wall of the window. Complete this with fluffy throw pillows and curtains of your favourite design to match. Consult a curtain company in Singapore for the range of designs available, or to custom-make your own design.

Green is in

More homeowners are opting to incorporate natural elements into their home. For some homeowners, this may mean having actual plants in their home. Small potted plants suitable for indoor growing can be placed on tabletops or shelves, or hung around the home. For those not so inclined to the effort required in maintaining plants, you can also choose natural materials for your furniture and finishings, such as wood or stone. Further enhance the look with choice wallpaper that will transport you to an enchanted forest or zen garden with botanical prints.

Don’t be afraid to mix styles

A homogenous style is clean, but sometimes it lacks just that bit of character. Instead, it is in trend to mix various looks, such as contrasting textures, colours, and lines. For example, if most of your furniture pieces are already wood, consider choosing some pieces in metals such as steel, copper or brass. For the more adventurous, also consider mixing and layering patterns on textiles. Don’t go too crazy, though, or your home may end up giving your eyes a sensory overload.

Have a statement piece or feature wall

A statement piece draws your eye to it once you enter the home. This could mean a funky table, a brightly coloured armchair, or a whole wall. Statement furniture should be a bold contrast from the rest of the room, but still blend in with the character of the home. One simple way to create a feature wall is to paint a different colour from the rest of the walls, or use a wallpaper on only that wall. You could also spice it up with pieces of art or if you like, turn it into a memory photo wall for a more personal touch.

Use corners wisely

Corners are often overlooked in the interior design process because the little amount of space makes it difficult to place anything there. For the corners of bedrooms or living rooms, one solution is to turn it into a cosy corner, with an armchair. Depending on your preference and space availability, you can complete this with a footrest, side table, lamp, or a potted plant. Tighter spaces could do with corner fitted wall shelves, or a standing floor lamp. These work well even in walkways between rooms.

Light wood floors

Light coloured woods like birch, beach white, and light oak are the preferred choice for home floorings today. They are the top choice of homeowners as they reflect more light and give the home a bright and breezy feel. On top of that, these colours are neutral and versatile, fitting into almost any home style. It is understandable that the price of parquet flooring and the maintenance required may be a deterrence to some homeowners. Vinyl flooring are an affordable option, and with technology today, vinyl flooring looks almost like the real thing.

6 Budget-Friendly Ideas That Will Transform Your Abode

Most home owners think that redecorating and redesigning interiors is always an expensive task. This article will debunk this myth and offer some budget-friendly yet fabulous ideas to help you transform your dwelling. Read on to be enlightened.

1. Start with a new color

This might come as a surprise but having a coat of new colour on your walls will help tremendously in giving an entirely new look to your house. One of the most cost effective ways to decorate your house when on a set budget—even with the exact same furnishings and decor, you can breathe new life into your house by simply painting them. It will bring a new energy and life to your room.

2. Try a different layout

As long as you do not hurt your back in moving your furniture around, another way in which you can add a new zing to your house is by rearranging your furniture. Most designers suggest this because it actually has a great impact on the way your house looks. Rearranging furniture pieces will enable you to look at your room in a completely different light, you can try moving over or switching out some furnishings from other rooms such as a chair, lamp or side table elsewhere.

3. Replace your tablecloth

Get rid of your old tablecloth and spread out a new one. Throw away all the old flowers and other such adornments and find new ones to put on your table. You can also mix and match table decor pieces from other rooms like picture frames, candlesticks and planters. This revitalizes the look of your room and brings positive energy.

4. Change your throws

If you are a fan of having a cosy and comfortable house, there is no doubt that you have throw pillows in your house. Pillows help you get unwind after a long day at work and take away all your sorrows and worries after a long and difficult day. However, when it comes to redecorating, you can easily do so by simply changing your pillow covers. You change the fabric and boom! It feels as if the entire room has changed. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, this is what most decorators will suggest to you when you are on a budget crunch and want to redecorate your house.

5. Add some wallpaper

If you have never had this amazing decorative piece in your house, you can head to the market today and get them for your house. You will be surprised at how chic and elegant wallpaper can make your house look. You can opt for Korean wallpaper or any other type of wallpaper in Singapore that catches your eyeand viola! Your house is brand new!

It is not necessary to buy multiple rolls of wallpaper. If you cannot use wallpaper on your walls, you can use them on your ceiling too. To go a step further, get some complementary curtains from a nearby curtain company in Singapore to go with your luxury vinyl flooring living room.

6. Give walls a purpose

You can add bookcases or photo frames to your wall as a form of ornamentation and give them a makeover. It’s bound to help make the walls look less dull. Colorful paintings or pop art could also give a room a much-needed splash of color.

The Incredible Benefits Of Hiring An Interior Designer

Wallpaper Singapore

Many people think that interior designing is something just about anyone can do, but this notion is not true. Here are 7 compelling benefits of hiring a professional interior designer.

1. Knowledge

Professional interior designers can give you solid advice on how to design your house. They have the right knowledge and will guide you in making the right decisions for your house so that any implementations are practical as well as comfortable. Under their guidance, you can create the ideal home of your choice.

2. Saves money

If you are a first-timer when it comes to interior decorating, you will save a lot of money by hiring a professional interior decorator as he will stop you from making grave rookie mistakes. Most first time decorators spend a lot on unwanted products as well as services. However, when you have a professional decorator, he or she will help you in picking out quality items that are within your budget and worth spending money on.

3. Wide network

Most professional decorators have a wide network and have contacts with efficient workers like electricians and carpenters. So, when you avail the services of a good professional decorator, you will get to benefit from his network and hire only the best for your house. Sometimes, they also offer some discounts if you hire their whole team and in this way, you will enjoy the best services at a lower price.

4. Saves time

When you hire a professional decorator, he will take away most of the stress of decorating your house and you will be able to save a lot of time that can be spent on other things. It is his or her job to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas that will make your vision of the perfect house become a reality. This job can be extremely stressful and can easily get out of hand. Therefore, it is important to hire someone who has been professionally trained to handle the job.

5. Making the most of your space

While designing any home or office space, it is important that there is a lot of room for people to feel relaxed and comfortable. If the layout of the room is poor, you’re not making full use of the space. A professional decorator will ensure that your office has ample free space and the desks remain at sufficient distance from each other so that the entire ambience is good.

6. Wide availability of resources

Cheap wallpaper in Singapore may be everywhere, but there are a number of resources that are not available to the general public such as higher-end Korean Wallpaper and custom made curtains; something easily accessible to professional decorators through their networks. If you make full use of all these resources, you can easily create a space that is unique and put together—while going perfectly with your luxurious vinyl flooring living room!

7. Wow factor

Professional decorators can help you in creating that wow factor for your home or office that is otherwise difficult to get with people who are first-time decorators.

Why To Consider Getting A Wallpaper For Your Home

Wallpaper Singapore

Our homes are a reflection of our personality and it is important to adorn them accordingly. Something as simple as wallpaper has the power to instantly transform the appeal of any space with minimal effort and expense. If you’ve been thinking about retouching your home and are just unsure of whether to go with wallpaper or paint, this article is just for you. Read on to know why you should choose wallpaper for your home’s make-over.

Cost-effective in the long run

If bought from a reliable wallpaper supplier, wallpaper can last for up to 15 years and beyond. This means that in contrast to paints that need to be retouched up every five years or so, you won’t have to spend anything on your wallpapers.

Easy and smooth application

It is very easy to apply wallpapers on your walls, even on those with uneven surfaces or with imperfections. Most wallpaper projects take much lesser time to install than with painting. The best thing? You won’t have that residual smell of chemicals that you notice when applying paint.

Designer look

All you need is a wallpaper design that is quirky and out-of-the-box, and you are ready to add a good dose of style to your plain and simple room. Get in touch with a reliable and experienced wallpaper supplier who can show you samples of the most modern wallpaper designs.

Maximum versatility

The best thing about getting wallpaper in Singapore is that you can keep them subtle or impactful, depending on the colours, and pattern or design that you choose. Since wallpapers are available in a plethora of designs, you will definitely find one that appeals to you and your personality perfectly.

Perception of altered space

Thanks to the designs of wallpapers, it is possible to visually manipulate the available space in your rooms. Need a smaller room to appear bigger? No problem. Just choose a suitable wallpaper, and you are set. Similarly, you may use wallpapers to manipulate the perception of space in different rooms without modifying the architecture or construction. Isn’t that great?

Easy to maintain

For most of the wallpapers, all you have to do for cleaning them is to wipe them with a slightly moist cloth. That’s it! This is one of the most common reasons why people choose wallpapers over paint. Just make sure that you ask the wallpaper supplier to provide water-resistant options to you.

Creation of unique spaces

Wallpapers have the power to exude your personality. This is what makes them a popular choice for those who want to create truly unique spaces. With different wallpaper themes and designs for different rooms, you can feel the vibe of a different place every time you move from one room to the next. You can even choose a theme for certain rooms and get custom made curtains to perfectly complement the wallpaper you’ve chosen. If you have a vinyl flooring living room, getting wallpaper with a nice contrast would look great too!

Now that you know the many benefits of choosing wallpaper, are you going to take the plunge? Choose a design that appeals to you personally, and caters to the elements of budget, appearance, and ease of maintenance. Once your abode is transformed with the right wallpaper, get ready to receive compliments and being the cynosure of the neighbourhood for your impeccable and classy choice.

Turn Your Walls Into A Talking Point With Wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

Wallpaper has created a revolution in home décor in the last couple of years. Today, we’re just beleaguered with endless options with regards to wall coverings. With its exclusive elegance, toughness as well as adaptability, wallpaper in Singapore carries the power to generate a far more visible effect when compared to plain colored walls. No matter how bad the situation might be, the wallpaper can accentuate as well as improve the color scheme of your home!

Why wallpaper?

Wallpaper Singapore

You are no longer limited to old, fatigued-looking homes. Japanese Wallpaper in Singapore has become very common within fashionable houses and is thought to be a sheet of fine art in its own right. Injecting consistency, color as well as design into your drab walls, wallpaper may either complement and improve your interior décor theme or even act as the centerpiece of the room. When exclusively utilized as a functional wall covering, the flexibility of wallpaper becomes more and more apparent as new functions are discovered. From developing an impression of increased height or even breadth via the style and placement of the design, to changing the frequently ignored roof with a spot of color or texture, the options are merely never-ending.

Purchasing & making use of wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

Before you begin pasting the high-quality Europe wallpaper you purchased to the wall; think about the function of the room along with how regularly you make use of it. Is the room meant for work or recreation? Is it pleasant to look at in the morning, at night and even during the day? What is the most suitable color of Singapore custom made curtains that suits the room? With this thought, you just have to choose the appropriate materials.

The selected materials can eventually have a direct bearing on the program as well as toughness of the wallpaper in the long run. For instance, vinyl-coated papers are long-lasting as well as washable, making them best suited to rooms with higher dampness like bathrooms. On the other hand, textured types of vinyl are hardwearing, which makes them perfect for areas with higher traffic or even walls with unnecessary defects.

An additional key concern is the removability of the wallpaper. Nearly all pre-pasted as well as self-adhesive wallpaper may be stripped or even peeled off with or even without the assistance of a few soaps as well as water; however, it is wise to check this before making a purchase.

Once these choices are made, it will be time to make a very important style choice to make sure that your wallpaper aligns with the design, personality as well as your choice of curtains and blinds in Singapore. Pretty floral designs may be used to add a burst of newness in a light-flooded family room, while bold, daring designs in abundant colors counteracted by gold features may add detail as well as majestic beauty to a master bedroom.

Wallpaper in a stripped model or even large-scale design theme is an option if you want to create the feeling of space in a small home. Digital posters, as well as picture wallpaper, provide a distinctive as well as stylish alternative for individuals to infuse some personality into a bedroom.  If you’re going for a rustic or casual look, consider craft stone and bricks wallpaper that can perfectly replicate the look of a real brick wall.

Wallpaper Designs That Will Instantly Transform Your Home

Wallpaper Singapore

We all want our homes to reflect a distinct, soothing, and calming feeling. This is why it is a great idea to adorn your abode with a personalized wallpaper.

If you thought that wallpapers belong to the bygone era, think again. It is true that wallpapers made their first appearance back in the 1970s, but they have made a huge and stylish comeback with plenty of new designs that appeal to the millennials and the generation after. Here are five fabulous wallpaper designs that are sure to blow your mind away and make you yearn to have them in your abode immediately.

Perennial patterns

Wallpaper Singapore

Let’s admit it, we love wallpapers because they come with intricate patterns that are very difficult to paint onto the wall directly. That’s why the first design in our list is patterned wallpapers. These wallpapers come in a variety of patterns—be it delicate, complex, surreal, nature-inspired, or out-of-the-box ones. You may opt for a subtle, nature-inspired theme, for example, with floral or foliage patterns if you want to maintain an earthy and balanced look in the house. Otherwise, you may prefer to go for a bolder and more ambitious choice with a modern, abstract patterned wallpaper. Whatever you choose, do it in moderation and you will never fail to ace the look.

Serene solids

Wallpaper Singapore

Solid monochrome and pastel wallpapers have always been in fashion, and for good reason—they show class and elegance that no other design or pattern can emulate. These wallpapers come in a variety of textures that make them look simple yet classy. You can find textured, plain wallpapers that immediately give your walls a look of modern and chic feel. The best part about these wallpapers is that they are versatile and can go with almost all kinds of furniture and décor. Go for high-quality Korean wallpaper when opting for serene solids—they’ve truly perfected the art!

Lovely lines

Wallpaper Singapore

This kind of wallpaper design relies heavily on the beauty of lines. Be it horizontal, vertical, tilted, or crisscrossing, these designs are sure to ring a bell. The biggest reason why people opt for these designs is that they offer a perfect balance between classic style and modern elements. Because lines are one of the earliest design elements we see while growing up, these wallpaper designs appeal to a wide range of people and go well with pretty much any interior décor. This design also gives a no-nonsense, clean and sleek look to any room.

Raw and rustic 3D

Wallpaper Singapore

You will be amazed to see wallpapers that look like three-dimensional constructions. These designs are immensely popular because they add a rustic appeal and blend modern design elements into traditionally-designed rooms. Take a good look at some of these designs and you will find everything ranging from pebbles to planks, and bricks to rocks, mounted on a wall. These designs are best for people who want to have a unique and unusual design in their refurbished home.

Landscape love

Wallpaper Singapore

The last design in our list is that of landscapes recreated in your rooms. You will find wallpapers with recreated beaches, busy streets, parks, lake-sides and valleys, among many other outdoor sceneries. These wallpapers are meant for one wall in the room and give the impression of extended space. Opt for these if you want to create a cosy and private corner in your room. Go a step further with custom made curtains following the same theme to blow all your guests away when they visit.

The variety of designs available with wallpaper suppliers will take you by surprise. Do make sure to pick out one that appeals to you and reflects your personality perfectly. Take your time with it, and have fun browsing through the various options available!

Areas In Your Abode That Could Use Some Stylish Wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

If you have been thinking about getting an affordable yet stylish make-over for your abode, look no further. Wallpaper make perfect stylish additions to your home and office. Read on to discover the magical power of wallpapers.

1. Inviting hallway

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

You can add a character to your house by selecting unique wallpaper for your hallway rather than keeping the walls simple and unadorned.

2. Elegant dining room

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

This is a place where you get together with your family and friends and spend time forging bonds and enjoying sumptuous meals. Therefore, it is important to pick out a wallpaper that has a warmer look while still maintaining an elegant and sophisticated demeanour.

3. Playful kid’s corner

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Kids like to have a brightly coloured theme for their room. This should be kept in mind when picking out the wallpaper, designs and prints for the room. The overall theme should be playful and vibrant, with a relaxing ambience.

4. Fresh bathroom

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

There is nothing as refreshing as a beautifully decorated bathroom. There are a number of ways in which you can creatively use wallpaper and make your bathroom look good as new. You can select a colour scheme and a pattern for your bathroom and then pick up wallpaper that suits your needs. Either go with a playful theme or anything that is more abstract or neutral. Keep in mind to always ensure a harmonious balance.

5. Cheerful living room

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

The living room is an area where you spend most of your time and entertain your guests. Therefore, it is necessary to give it a casual as well as a little formal look and feel. It should feel as welcoming as it is comforting. While choosing wallpaper, make sure that it stands out and makes a statement.

6. Comfortable bedroom

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

A bedroom should have a cool and comfortable ambience. Therefore, here you can make use of wallpaper depicting waves, nature, ocean and other relaxing images. You can either cover all the walls of your room or can only concentrate on one wall. Get some similarly ocean-themed curtains from a nearby curtain company to complement the look.

7. Interesting stairs

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

It is not necessary to have boring stairs. Give a new look to your stairs by sticking differently patterned wallpaper at the front of each step. You can mix and match to create an awesome look.

8. Attractive drawers

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Drawers don’t have to be boring. You can easily play with their appeal by making use of Korean Wallpaper. You can either use it to line the insides of the drawer or paste them on the sides so that they look pretty when pulled out.

9. Amazing bookcase

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Wallpaper can even be used to give your otherwise plain and simple bookcase a fresh and appealing look. You can make the books on it stand out and even tempt your family members and guests to take a look at your amazing book collection.

We hope that these ideas will help you give your room a complete makeover. Happy Decorating!

Easy & Budget-Friendly Ways To Bring Charm To Your Home

Thinking about a make-over for your home? With these smart techniques, it is possible to get it done quickly and without burning a hole in your pocket. Read on to know more.

1. Splash of color on the walls

Wallpapers are one of the best ways to add charm and classiness to your home. You can either change your wallpaper or repaint the colour of your walls. You can also make use of Korean wallpaper to give a brand new look to your house in a cost-effective way. Go to a nearby curtain company for some visually appealing curtains to complement your freshly painted walls!

2. Add crown molding

If you want to add value and a touch of elegance to your house, crown molding is likely to be your best choice. You might be thinking that adding a crown molding will definitely mold your budget in a different way, but that’s not really the case. Here’s a hack to help you in getting a crown molding under budget.

You can use a lightweight polystyrene material that has been foam coated into hard plaster as an alternative to the real crown molding. You can easily cut it out with the help of handsaw and fix it into place by using a joint compound. There is no need for any coping or tricky angles. Use a dab of mud to make the ragged joints disappear.

3. Install a stair runner

A slippery and naked staircase is sore to the feet as well as to the eyes. You can make a stair runner yourself by simply weaving or knitting two off-the-shelf woven runners together. Either way, it will be a great addition to your home and will give your home an utterly new look. Furthermore, you will never have to run up the cold steps again.

4. Hang a vintage lantern

Welcome your guests with a vintage lantern and they will be blown away with your taste for decor. A vintage lantern gives a mystic aura to its surrounding. They can be bought even from a flea market or a yard sale at very reasonable prices.

5. Renew kitchen cabinets

You are often so busy decorating the living room of your house that the kitchen is often left neglected. Give it a massive makeover simply by giving the cabinet doors a fresh coat of paint and boom—they will look brand-new again! The requirements for this transformation are extremely simple, a can of paint, sandpaper, brush and a little grease in order to fix any creaking sounds.

6. Use antique doorknobs

Nothing adds more character to your home than a 94-year-old doorknob that has developed its own unique character over the years. The wear and tear that has happened over the years only makes it look more sturdy and unique and when used with a creative eye, can work wonders for the interior of a room. These door knobs are available at a very reasonable price. All they require is a keen eye for matching decor.

We hope that these tips will help you in giving a great makeover to your home without disturbing your budget.

8 Ways To Stylize Your Home With Wallpapers & Matching Décor

Bored with the plain and simple appearance of your home? Thinking about adding some zing and pepping it up? If so, you’re in the right place. Read on to know how to take the stylistic appeal of your home several notches higher with wallpaper.

1. Bold and graphic prints

Wallpaper Singapore

When you want to make a 100% modern statement, go for bold and graphic prints. You can select wallpaper that looks like it came straight from the future through the use of linear lines and the 3-D effects.

2. Artwork-like wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

It is not necessary to cover your whole wall with wallpaper. You can make use of wallpaper in bits and pieces to give your room a rather sophisticated vibe. You can also get your favourite wallpaper framed and hung up to make a bold statement. This is a rather inexpensive and less labour intensive trick to make your living space look awesome.

3. Modern accents of wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

You can choose pretty, neutral Korean wallpaper in the room and combine it with a modern mirror that will give it a perfect blend of elegance and modernity. You can also make use of some sophisticated-looking materials such as marbles, granites and others. Finally, add some modern accents to further accentuate the look.

4. Large scale prints

Wallpaper Singapore

You can opt for larger than life prints for wallpaper in order to make it resemble an artwork. You’ll find plenty of suitable ones easily enough—so take your pick of  wallpaper in Singapore. Combine it with casual furniture to give the space a more cosy and friendly look. You can ask your wallpaper suppliers for olive and forest green colored wallpaper with large swirls of gold-colored patterns on it to make the look come alive.

5. Plain wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

If plain, one-color wallpaper is given the right design treatment, it has the potential to stand out. Solid color wallpapers have an intrinsic charm in that it can be further enhanced with patterned prints.

6. Classic prints and modern furniture

Wallpaper Singapore

Nothing says stylish more than the pairing of an exotic mural wallpaper with modern furniture. You can get the lights fixed in the room to give it a more chic look. Make the flowers on the wallpaper stand out from the wall. Use antique chairs that will make your room look striking.

7. Dressed up corners

Wallpaper Singapore

Dressing up corners can go a long way in giving a modern and different look to your entire house. You can opt for a monochromatic theme for the interiors and transform a particular corner into a stylish yet comfortable reading corner. Finish off the minimalist look with some quality white curtains from your nearby curtain company.

8. Cover all nooks and crannies

Wallpaper Singapore

You can set a particular theme for your house. Cover the walls with baby pink themed wallpaper and accentuate the stairs with blue luxury vinyl flooring. In addition to that, get modern lighting and baby blue accent chairs for some extra oomph.

We hope these out of the box ideas are helpful in giving your home a new and refreshing look.

Choosing The Wallpaper Colour To Use In Your Home Décor

Colour has the ability to create a positive change in your everyday life. Colour enhances an ordinary white wall structure and is among the most favoured factor which people consider when they choose the wallpaper they want to use in the décor of their home. Whether you’re aware of it or otherwise, colour also helps to set the temperament of your house—a few colours motivate and make for a jovial ambience, whereas others can make you feel calm or serene.

This article is going to help you make educated choices in choosing the right wallpaper for your house.

Choosing the colour you want

Wallpaper Singapore

Most of the time, you can just pick a colour because you love it. Sometimes, your subliminal thoughts lure you to a specific colour, though you might not know why. Let’s check out a few colours as well as the effects that they may come with.

The red colour

Wallpaper Singapore

The red colour household consists of vivid hues such as bright red, pink, maroon, burgundy, cardinal red, raspberry red and more. Given that the colour red is the warmest of all colours, making use of wallpaper with red colours could make any room look pleasing, bold, impressive and fascinating. The impact of red-coloured wallpaper in a particular space would be to make the area look cosier as well as warmer since it establishes a smaller setting. Adding red custom-made curtains in a room could make things look bigger since red captures our attention. Generally, red wallpaper can bring warmth to an otherwise drab home.

The orange colour

Wallpaper Singapore

The orange colour family consists of hues of peach, pumpkin, copper and more. Making use of orange-based Korean wallpaper results in a pleasing new room that makes you feel comfortable and warm. The impact of making use of orange wallpaper in a home space is a lot like the outcome of the red one. However, having orange wallpaper offers a much softer tint than bright red, to the same effect. When complemented with curtains and blinds, it provides a fascinating look to your living area. Orange wallpaper is ideal for cooking areas as well as family suites.

The yellow colour

Wallpaper Singapore

The yellow colour-family consists of shades such as lemon, straw, gold, tan, cream, and more. Make use of yellowish European wallpaper to develop a warm, shining and bright feel in the home. Using colours from the yellow family in the wallpaper makes your living area look more prominent and shiny due to the colour’s reflective quality. Yellow-coloured wallpaper can also illuminate your living space without having the home feel smaller. Yellow is most often employed in the kitchen area to give it a more welcoming and bright ambience.

The blue colour

Wallpaper Singapore

The blue colour family consists of hues like sky blue, royal blue, midnight blue, baby blue, and more. Given that blue is the coolest of most colours, blue wallpaper is known to make one feel serene and calm, making it a popular wallpaper option. Blue Japanese wallpaper can make a space look roomier and airy. Making use of lighter colourings against blue wallpaper can make the furniture and furnishings look a lot more luminescent and noticeable. For instance, get some white curtains from a nearby curtain company that will go perfectly with your blue wallpaper.

Learn About The Various Benefits Of Using Gorgeous Wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper
Have you gotten fed up of the simple and monotonous appearance of the walls in your home? Well, don’t beat yourself up over it; you can still beautify it with the help of wallpaper in Singapore. Wallpaper is a superb approach to refurbishing a home. In contrast to paint shades, they are readily available in numerous styles, digital images as well as colorings to fill the space with beauty and class. For instance, popular options to consider are the Korean wallpaper and Japanese wallpapers!

What’s more, the application of wallpaper is a great deal simpler compared to other wall structure decor alternatives. Obtainable in various texture as well as designs, it gives you a chance to personalize the rooms however you want. Being the most affordable and trouble-free procedure for enhancing space, the demand for choices like Europe wallpaper is ever increasing.

In this post, we are going to inform you of the great things about making use of wallpapers.


Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper
Regardless of what products you’re purchasing for your home, the very first thing you need to look at is the durability. This element will save you from more frequent expenditures later on. Wallpapers such as Korean wallpaper are manufactured with a material that’s long-lasting and durable. It‘s not just good for the material, it has really nice patterns too.

Durability-wise, wallpapers are thought to be five times tougher compared to normal paint colorings. They aren’t susceptible to deterioration nor do they wear out very quickly. Newly applied wallpaper could easily last for fifteen years. A colored wall, on the other hand, requires touch-ups after a period of time and is a lot more susceptible to cracks in the future.

As opposed to painted walls, removing unattractive stains on a bespoke wallpaper is extremely simple and hassle-free. As an interior designer, you always change your wallpaper to match your current custom made curtains at whatever time of the year to fit the season. Make sure to purchase the curtains from a legitimate curtain company so you can be assured of the quality.

When it comes to cleaning wallpaper thoroughly, all you really need is a moist washcloth to get rid of almost all the deposited dirt in a couple of minutes. Be it a food stain or coloring from kids drawing on the wall, any kind of stain can be cleared immediately without ruining the pristine appearance of your wallpaper. If you’re willing to put in some effort, you can also find washable wallpapers that are simple to clean, as long as you make use of soap and brush thoroughly.

Convenient to set up as well as take away

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

A lot of wallpaper manufacturing and installation firms in Singapore provide simple tips on how to set up wallpapers that match with your curtains and blinds perfectly. With that said, the wallpapers are created in such a manner that they can come off instantly should you want to strip it off the walls in order to change it to match your curtains or blinds. If you want to do the reverse, look to a curtain company to find one that complements the wallpaper you’ve picked out.


Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Opting to purchase and set up wallpaper may appear like an expensive affair; however, the truth is, it is a worthwhile investment that should end up being risk-free over time. The simplicity, eye-catching designs, as well as easy washing service makes it an eye-catching alternative to regular paint.

In summary, the wallpaper is a beneficial wall redefining technique that not just improves the visual appeal of your home, but also boosts the toughness as well as the longevity of the walls.

The Best Practices For Applying Wallpaper On Your Walls

Wallpaper Singapore

Are you looking to wallpaper a room within your house? Wallpaper in Singapore is relatively easy to purchase. But first, you have to find out what type of wallpaper you will be making use of, be it pre-pasted or adhesive. Below are the things you will have to ask yourself prior to starting the project. The initial and vital step is readying the wall for the application of the wallpaper.

Preparing the wall

Wallpaper Singapore

Although you may need new Japanese wallpaper to cover a hole in the wall, this is not what experts would advise you to do since it leaves the wallpaper with much less surface area to stick to. Ensure you seal all the wall openings before mounting wallpaper. It will help the wallpaper to cling onto the wall smoothly and uniformly. Besides masking all openings in the wall, ensure you sand the wall so no small protrusions pop or rip through the paper. Finally, ensure the wall is dry up before beginning. Any moist areas will surely be troublesome as it will likely affect the wallpaper’s ability to cling to the wall effectively.

Before picking out any wallpaper, you need to have a listing of wallpaper to assist you in picking precisely which wallpaper you need to use!

Measuring the wall structure and paper

Wallpaper Singapore

When mounting Europe wallpaper, you need to measure up the length of the wall structure as well as leave two to three inches at the top as well as the base of the wallpaper to give you breathing space to take the wallpaper down. It is much simpler to overestimate the amount you’ll require to cut the paper down, and then try to get it exactly right later when you discover you’re a quarter inch shorter on the base rather than cutting too much right off the bat.

After measuring the wall structure relative to that of the paper; you need to cut it to the appropriate dimensions. After which, you have to do a fitting of the paper on the wall structure with no paste or water to ensure that the measurements are correct. Make sure to also make up for the two to three-inch overhang at the top as well as bottom of the wall.

Putting on adhesive

Wallpaper Singapore

Given that you might have the walls ready, as well as the wallpaper measured and trimmed, it’s time to employ the adhesive. Here, you have to find out which wallpaper suits your curtains and blinds; this will not only give you the aesthetic value but also offer you the best interior design your house deserves. If you want to do the reverse and get a curtain that matched your wallpaper instead, simply go to a curtain company in Singapore and take your pick.

Should you opt for pre-pasted instead, ensure you make use of lukewarm water, just a couple degrees higher than room temperature. If it’s cold, the adhesive won’t blend correctly with the water; thus leaving you with moist wallpaper. However, if it’s too warm, almost all the paste would melt off, leaving you with just the paper. Room temperature is where you would like to keep the water at so the paper sticks to the wall evenly. You need to ensure you spread uniformly across the ends, be it with water or paste.

Lastly, interior design is all about having a stylish house or room and all this comes with all the accessories one uses in the house including custom made curtains and luxury vinyl flooring. In mounting wallpaper, do ensure that whatever wallpaper comes to mind matches your curtains.

Simple Methods Of Using Wallpaper In Creative Ways

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

You are done papering the walls with new custom-made wallpaper, and you end up with without any idea of what to do with the leftovers. Too often, Wallpaper in Singapore goes to waste just like this without being used. In this post, we are going to discuss easy strategies to make use of extra wallpaper for home decoration.

Make a wastepaper carrier that matches your living room

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

To create the wastepaper carrier, measure the paper around the wastebasket to figure out the specifications. Cut the Japanese Wallpaper to the right dimensions. Make use of epoxy to stick the wallpaper to the wastebasket. Decoupage average works great for this task. Ensure that you get started with one part of the wastebasket and soften every bump in the wallpaper while you move around the basket.

Build a customized gift package

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

Rather than buying package paper at the shop, make use of the extra Europe Wallpaper in Singapore as a present cover option. Make use of the extra wallpaper to package customized gifts.

Make imaginative tags to synchronize with the curtain

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

You can cut out innovative designs from the wallpaper to make customized tags which will synchronize flawlessly with your own Custom Made Curtains. This not only makes the décor lively but also eye-catching as well.

Select an attractive lamp color to go with your living area decoration

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

First, buy a cheap plain lampshade at the local discount shop. Next, you will need to measure the wallpaper and also cut it to match the lampshade. Make use of a decoupage medium to attach the custom made wallpaper to the lamp. Just like the wastepaper carrier, you will need to begin one end of the lampshade as well as then progress all-round, softening any bubbles in the software. With this innovation, you can match your décor with your curtains and blinds or even your Blinds for office in Singapore.

Line a shelf or cabinet with extra wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

Rather than wasting paper, try using a few of the extra wallpaper remaining for an instant shelf liner. Cut the wallpaper to size and fit into the shelf with double-sided tape for a next completed venture. Detachable mounting squares also work effectively for this kind of project.

Make your book covers

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

Since wallpaper is long lasting, it lends itself nicely to offering a beautiful cover for your carefully loved books. Make sure to strengthen the corners with more tape to ensure that the cover remains secure as you do so.

Design your bookmarks

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

Make use of a Xacto knife to outline shapes from the extra custom-made Singapore wallpaper. Make use of a decoupage medium to apply the wallpaper cutouts to a thick sheet of card stock. Once you finish the bookmark style, add a few ribbons or even beautiful fiber tassels for a nice, finished look.

The next time you get wallpapering done, don’t hesitate to leave a few of your extra wallpaper for restoration jobs as well as patches.

Building A Peaceful Mood At Home With Wallpaper

Singapore designing tips are the ideal inspiration for anyone who wishes to have a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at home. You need to display only a couple of furniture, accessories, as well as decorations because this design is not going to permit any kind of cluttered appearance.

You need to make the room unadorned yet appealing with the help of Wallpaper in Singapore. Rid the room of its untidy appearance and stop keeping insignificant products within it. This minimalist look is simple to attain once you learnt of the characteristics.

Simple floor treatment

With the help of Japanese Wallpaper, Japanese-themed interior décor can look authentic when it features smooth bamboo floors. Replace your worn-out, old ceramic floor tiles or carpeting with elegant bamboo flooring. If the budget is somewhat limited, you don’t have to go for the latest flooring. Just lay out a tatami mat onto the floor for an affordable option to the same effect.

Neutral paint job

Create a harmonious setting inside a Japanese house using vintage neutral colors and patterns. Use beige, cream, tan, off white or even a bamboo green hue to stimulate a peaceful feeling. The off-white wall structure can make the room appear clean and tasteful. A hunter green tone is a fantastic accent color for the wall structure edge, windowsill, as well as for the ceiling trim.

Remove the clutter

Japanese interior design is described as rich because of the existence of calmness, attunement as well as balance. Take away clutter and keep furniture structured. Make use of floating racks to display publications, framed images as well as other decorations. A wooden coffee table designed with compartments enables you to put away cushions as well as sofa slipcovers. Don’t hesitate to get rid of insignificant products. Donate or even sell these to reduce clutter.

Bring nature indoors

Mother Nature is lovely. Think about what it’s like whenever you take a walk in a bamboo woodland. You feel calm. This experience can be incorporated into your house’s design. That’s the reason why you need to replicate the look of the outdoors with Europe Wallpaper. Choose an inside wall and beautify it with wallpaper reminiscent of the verdant, green bamboo forest. The black wooden espresso table goes perfectly with a small vase of orchids and Singapore Custom Made Curtains. When the corner spot is free of clutter, set down a potted bamboo plant. If you have a lot more cash to spare, set up a wall mounted fountain. The sound of trickling water can make us feel secure and at ease, making it the ideal place for any individual to relax.

Center point

It is far from challenging to have an eye-catching room in your home. However, with one unique product such as a pinkish cherry blossom portrait—which makes for a beautiful art piece, or Curtains And Blinds in Singapore will be enough to make the room very attractive. For a minimalist feel, opt for simple-looking Blinds for office and homes. Want more intriguing products? Opt for a red silk kimono, samurai painting or a Singapore landscaping photo.

Having a clear understanding of what décor to make use of will impress your entire household—while creating the perfect space for your family to relax in.

Transforming Your Space To Match Your Personality

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

People are living in a fast-paced generation at the moment. You may find a person working and studying at the same time, without any time to spare for oneself. This can give one a feeling of being lost amid everything.

Thus, it is essential in this day and age for you to feel rejuvenated and comfortable in the place you call home, especially when it’s been a long day.

For you to attain this desired feeling, you can do the following:

Showcase your trophies

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

We all have moments when we feel like the stress is too much for us to handle—to the point where we just want to give up, but when you look around your home and see a trophy or a certificate that you may have won it may uplift your spirit and give you the strength to continue forging on.

Set aside a cupboard within the vicinity you frequent to place your trophies and medals. Your certificates can be well framed and hanged on the walls strategically. Seeing some of your accomplishments every day will give you an extra boost in following your dreams—since you will believe that it is achievable.

Having memorabilia

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

We all have families. Framing up portraits of them, especially when you are living far can help bring back fond memories. You may have a homemade card that your sister or brother made for you or a keepsake that they bought for you. Such things can make your apartment or house feel much homier. If you are sentimental, then such things will bring out that aspect in you.


Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

If you love modern types of settees and sofas, then you should change what you have to suit your taste.

Money may be tight, but you can always save and look out for bargains in order to get what you want. You might delay going home early most days if you don’t like what’s in your home. If you love the old type of seats, then avoid buying modern ones simply because everyone is doing so—get what makes you happy and comfortable instead. Wallpapers in Singapore these days can also be easily purchased to match your furniture as well.

Window treatment

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

If you are the kind of person who loves total darkness, you should opt for curtains for homes in Singapore.

However, if it’s the very opposite where you feel better when you have a bit of light even at night, then look at curtains and blinds in Singapore made of a lighter, less opaque material that allows for light to stream through.

Want something more minimalistic? Check out blinds for offices in Singapore if you can’t find one you like that’s meant for home use. No matter what your preference, make sure to choose what makes you feel comfortable.

Create spaces that will fulfill your needs

Wallpaper Singapore, Blinds For Office Singapore

If you live alone or have rented an apartment that has two bedrooms, and you need to have a home office, you should change it to meet your needs instead of sticking to the previous tenant’s style. The space that you have in your house can be changed into anything you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else.

Everyone should experience the luxury of running back to your cozy home—a place where you can entirely be yourself.

What To Consider When Decorating A Room For Twins

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean And Europe Wallpaper

Having a child is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Parents usually do their best to make sure that they are well prepared, but when you know that you are going to have twins, then that means that you have to doubly prepare for them. Parents tend to get double of everything that they need, and when it comes to the bedroom, they also have to put that into consideration especially when the kids have grown a bit.

Decorating a room that will be shared by two individuals has to be well thought of even if they were born together. This is because everybody is unique in their own way, and what one twin will like, the other one might detest. You can even have custom made curtains in Singapore merely to make their room reflect their personalities. Here are some things to consider when making a room work for two.

Define their space

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean And Europe Wallpaper

This is important for the kids because as much as they share most things, they will want to have their space. You can do this by using different shades of paint for the children whether it is a boy and a girl, both boys, or both girls. Have the beds in their respective spaces as well. It will make them be able to take care of their respective sides without placing blame on their brother or sister.

Once you have defined their spaces, it is easy to decorate the walls with things that they like. You may have one twin who loves music, and the other who loves books. Even though you will likely use paint to separate the two spaces remember that it is still one room, ensure that the colors resonate well with one another. If you don’t like the idea of using paint to permanently separate the spaces, an easy and temporary option would be wallpaper. Getting wallpaper in Singapore is pretty simple and since it’s replaceable, you and your kids can have fun picking out one together. Korean and Europe wallpapers are among the most popular choices made by Singaporeans.

Use themes

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean And Europe Wallpaper

If you are a blessed with a boy and a girl twin, it may be hard to find a theme that both of them will like. So you need to be creative by thinking of a cartoon that has both male and female characters like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Paint the side of the boy with the pictures of Peter Pan and the girl’s side with Tinker Bell. If you have two boys, then one side can be for Superman and the other Iron man. Be careful so that whatever storyline you go with for their bedrooms it doesn’t demoralize one child and make the other one arrogant.


Wallpaper Singapore, Korean And Europe Wallpaper

When you have twins, it is essential not to make one feel less than the other one—which is why most parents buy the same things. Make sure that the twins have the same size beds with excellent beddings to go with it and if you don’t have space, then getting a bunk bed with a safety railing is the way to go. Let them know that they are equally loved. Giving them enough storage space shouldn’t be forgotten because they may have a lot of toys to be put away.

These are a few of the things to consider when glamming the space up for your angels.

Great Tips On Making Your Home Look Spectacular

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Before you come up with different colours, you need to know what you commonly do in a room. Is it a place where you hang out as a family or a playroom for the kids? These types of questions can help you make the right decisions for the décor.

We’ll explore what some of the tips are below.

Paint it

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Once you fully know what your family will use the space for, then you can choose colours to paint it. The colours will depend on the personalities in the family. You can have one or two accent walls to make the room pop. In addition, you can even consider using a wallpaper to add as a wall accent after painting it a certain colour. This can enhance the paint colour and makes it pop out even more.

Get appropriate furniture

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

You need to have furniture that will resonate well with what you do at the den. If you have turned it into a family room, then you need to have enough comfortable couches that your family will be able to fit.

If you have old furniture that is still sturdy enough, then you can have the reupholstered. You have to choose fabric and colour that will blend well with the rest of the room.

If it is a playroom, then you can put a pool table or table tennis for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

You can include a table and chairs to use when playing board games or cards.

Change the drapes

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Windows are a focal point in any room, and the den is no exception. The way you treat the windows can make the room look fabulous or drab. Getting drapes from a curtain company in Singapore can give the place a facelift.

Put flowers or plants in the room

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Flowers are an inexpensive way to change the way the place looks. You can get some vases and fill them with the flowers of your choice. This can instantly brighten the room and will help in enhancing the moods of your family members.

You can have potted plants strategically placed around the room as well. There are so many types of plants that you can choose from to fit well with your family.

Get good lighting fixtures

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

The type of lighting that a room has can make it look more attractive. You can choose from a variety of fixtures the one that will make that den look spectacular. Accessories usually are not expensive, and you or one of the family members can put them up.

Change the floor

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Flooring is a huge issue when it comes to any room. If your den has cracked or chipped floors, then you should make arrangements to have them changed. You can hire a professional contractor for a fantastic finish. Choose the type of flooring that suit your family’s needs whether it is wood or tiles.

The den can change to be a place where you and your loved ones don’t want to leave when you follow some of the tips that you have read.


Inexpensive Ways Of Renovating Your Apartment

Curtains And Blinds Singapore, Wallpaper Singapore

Have you ever looked at your home and have grown tired at the way things looked? You may feel that you need to make a change in your apartment, but the costs scare you. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore with these simple ideas.

It is essential to have a clear idea of what look you are going for when renovating. Is it a retro feel that you want or a more modern look? Some ways that you can have a renovated place without breaking the bank include:

Changing your curtains

Curtains And Blinds Singapore, Wallpaper Singapore

Windows can make a room look or feel bigger and brighter depending on the size, although many people forget about the existence of drapes or blinds. You may have had the same window treatments ever since you moved into the apartment, so changing them will make your apartment more appealing.

You can look at curtains and blinds in Singapore where you will have a variety to choose from for your apartment. If your choice is curtains, don’t be afraid to have a splash of colour. Your eyes and wallet will significantly appreciate this change.

Painting your apartment

Curtains And Blinds Singapore, Wallpaper Singapore

This is another way to save money while still having a beautiful place. You can go to your nearest hardware store and choose the paint of your choice. It never hurts to inquire how best to mix colours from the paint dealers if you are not sure about it. If you can, then painting the apartment by yourself will save you the money that you would have paid a painter. Choose colours that will reflect your personality even as you keep in mind the use of the room.

Being creative

Curtains And Blinds Singapore, Wallpaper Singapore

You don’t have to order new furniture just because you want a new look. You can go to flea markets and buy old items that are still in good condition and give them some TLC (tender loving care). You can find interesting hooks that you can have fixed in the bathrooms for your towels. You can find a simple metallic bucket that can be shined and turned into a sink basin.

Such stuff will cost you much less than you would have spent if you were to buy them in a store. You can also find an old table that’s still sturdy and make it into a kitchen island after scraping and putting a coat of varnish on it. Additionally, you can also use vibrant and colourful wallpapers to brighten up the walls in a room. Such creativity will turn your once rundown apartment into a chic place.

Getting new light fixtures

Curtains And Blinds Singapore, Wallpaper Singapore

After you’re done painting, you can go shopping for light fixtures that will resonate well with your theme. There are a wide variety of cute light pendants that can be installed in the kitchen or dining area. You can opt for chandeliers in the living room as well. The bathrooms should not be forgotten either. If you are handy, then you can replace them by yourself, but if not it’s best to avoid getting electrocuted just to save money. Hire someone who knows what they are doing and let them fix it for you.

Following some of these simple points will make your apartment look and feel like you spent a million dollars on it.

Decorating A Teen’s Room

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

When it comes to decorating one’s room, every person will without a doubt want a design that they can call their own. Similarly, your beloved teens would like the same as well, so you have to be extra careful when deciding on the overall style of the room.

Below, you will find several aspects to take note of when decorating their bedrooms.


Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

With an understanding of how your teen is like, you should get a rough idea of the kind of colours and shade that they prefer.

Choose colours that show what kind of person they are in this delicate stage of their life. If your child is someone who admires the scenic view of the ocean, then cooler and calmer hues like blue will do the job just fine.

Rather than just simply splashing your walls with paint, you can also purchase wallpaper in Singapore. With the plethora of choices, you are sure to find a particular design that will appeal to your teen.

Functions of the room

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

When decorating a teenager’s room, you have to be mindful of what they use the room for. It could be a place where they do their homework in, and if that’s the case, then you will probably need to get a desk or work station.

On the other hand, hobbies like collecting photographs will mean that there should be an empty space for your teen to put up these pictures. If it’s a pet that your child enjoys sleeping within the same room, then make sure there is sufficient room for both of them.

All these need to be put into consideration when working on the room to ensure your child is contented with their living space. Moreover, make it clear from the start and find out if your child would prefer to have curtains as if it that is the case, engaging a curtain company in Singapore will allow you to pick from more than enough options.

Incorporating their likes

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Your teenager may have a love for music and this can be a considerable factor to add when decorating their room. You may choose to have musical signs painted on one wall or shop for items that will remind them of their passion for music. Getting a bedside lamp shaped like a guitar or a vase that looks like a drum will have your child squealing once they look upon the final look of their room.

This will make your teenager genuinely feel like that is their space, and they can be free and creative when there. Meanwhile, if they are into fashion and simply adore designing, then you can get a mannequin and a hand sawing machine that they can use to enhance their creativity.

Space for friends

Wallpaper Singapore, Curtain Company Singapore

Teenagers have friends that usually come over to have a study or catch up session. It is essential when decorating to have that in mind as well so that you can set aside a sitting area for them.

Apart from the bed, you can have a small couch or an ottoman depending on the size of the room. While decorating the room, also make sure you let the design of the sitting space flow with the rest of the room.

Designing your teen’s room comes with a lot of different considerations to make, but by following these tips, you can easily decorate your teen’s room with ease.

How To Give Your Home A New Look

Wallpaper Singapore

Most of the time we become too engrossed with our busy schedules, whether it is at work or school. Either way, it can make us forget to look after the appearance of our home, leaving it all dully, dreary and outdated.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your home look its plain best, putting in the effort to let it demonstrate its full potential is a wonderful thing itself.

When you find yourself in such a situation, wanting to do something to change the look of your home, then you can look at the following methods that will help you do exactly just that effortlessly.

Infuse colour

Wallpaper Singapore

Colour is the in-thing at the moment, and yet it is also the cheapest ways to revamp your home.

But the best thing about trying out a new colour on your walls is really the fact that you can always change it without breaking the bank if you feel the need to do that later. There are so many colour palettes that you can try at this day and time to give your home a major makeover.

Be bold and paint a wall red, or just pick out an accent wall and spruce it up with orange paint. At the end of the day, it really depends on how you want a particular room to make you feel. If painting is not within your interest, then you can always browse through stores for wallpaper in Singapore that will suit the type of theme that you want to achieve instead.

Remember, colour every room depending on its use because there are colours that resonate better if used in the bedroom or living room.

Go green

Wallpaper Singapore

This refers to having plants in your home. Potted leafy plants have a way of making a space look and feel different.
You may have a hallway that feels blank; then a plant will change that.

Plants can also be placed in all the rooms, including a bathroom. They will not only beautify your home, but they also help in purifying the air.

Throw in an area rug

Wallpaper Singapore

Area rugs can be placed in the living room or bedroom to beautify the appearance of your living space. Unique and attractive colours will easily help with that. The best thing about area rugs is that they are not as large as carpets; hence their cleaning is easy.

Put up some artwork

Wallpaper Singapore

Pictures have a way of saying a million words without speaking. Not to mention, the fact that a few paintings can brilliantly deck out your walls, is a commendable achievement.

It can be an intricate painting of spectacular scenery or just a family portrait of you and your cherished family members. Whichever way you go, your home will not be dull again with dressed walls. If the family portraits are your final choice, it will be an affectionate way of always remembering the good and fun times that you have shared.

Know that you don’t always have to go completely overboard when redecorating your home, even a little difference here and there can make a big change. Do what makes you feel comfortable in your own home.

Your Perfect Guide To Repairing Your Kitchen Floor

Luxury Vinyl Flooring
A kitchen is considered as the heart of a home. This is the place where hot and delicious meals are cooked with love. Most families spend a considerable amount of time here while laughing, telling stories and catching up. This can lead to the floor getting damaged over time.

There are so many options for kitchen flooring that you will be spoilt for choice. Before you start putting the brand-new floors, you should prepare by:

Decide on the new flooring

Choosing a type of material can have an impact on the workload. Putting hardwood on the kitchen floor will require a complete demolition of the floor so that you can have a fresh layout. If you don’t want to go that route, then you should opt for luxury vinyl flooring, which can be placed on top of existing flooring.

Get a contractor

Since this is a job that can have adverse effects on you and your family if not done correctly, it is vital that you get a reliable professional who knows how to best deliver the vision that you have in mind.

You can get recommendations from relatives and friends if they have any. If you’re good with handywork and you can do it on your own, then it’s all well and good.

Measure your kitchen

You have to know the dimensions of your kitchen so that you will be able to order for new material for the floor. That can help you be able to calculate how much money will be needed to complete the floor renovation. When buying new material for flooring, it will be better to purchase a bit extra just in case the measurements are not exact.

Demolish the floors

This can be done once you know how you will dispose of the old flooring that you are removing. You can have your garbage guy pass by and collect them. Clear out the appliances so that you won’t damage them by mistake and so that you can have enough space to remove the floor.  There will be a lot of dust from all the demolition so it is advisable to hang plastic sheets on doorways and other openings that may be able to give dust access to other rooms in the house. 

Place the new flooring

You will be ready to lay out your brand-new floor. Carefully make sure that there are no spaces left. Place them following the same grain you don’t want to have a confused feeling when you enter and look at it.

Don’t forget to wear protective gear like gloves, goggles and even a face mask to protect your eyes, hands and lungs. If you have small kids in the house when you want to do renovations, it is essential that you find an alternative place for them so that they don’t get sick. This is because kids at a young age do not have immune systems that are entirely stable just yet. All in all, once you are done replacing your new floors, you won’t ever want to leave the kitchen.

Renovating Your Home: All You Need To Know

Wallpaper Singapore Price
You may have built or rented a beautiful house that you and your family turned into a home, but years down the line, you start seeing the beauty fade away. All of a sudden the walls are dirty, the kitchen cabinets are falling apart, and all the once beautiful fixtures are outdated.

Just like everything else gets old and broken, homes are no exception. You will find that the window panes may are broken, the plumbing may have problems, the house is dull and not welcoming anymore that is the time to start doing renovations to it. As exciting as this may sound you need to be aware of some things like,


Wallpaper Singapore Price

Taking on such a project will cost money. It is advisable sit-down and come up with a budget that you will be able to comply with comfortably. Decide what kind of renovations you want to do in the house. Are you renovating bathrooms, kitchen or the bedrooms?

Or are you renovating the whole house? This answer will determine the amount that you will need to do that project.

Do window-shopping and compare different materials from different shops. This is important so that you make the best buys. Remember that cheap should mean bad quality, you can find shops that have good quality materials yet affordable. Once you figure out the amount that you need for the said renovation, you should add a certain percentage of the total budget on top. This will come in handy in case a situation arises that may deter the repair. You can use the money to sort the issue without having too back to the drawing board.

Get a Good Contractor

Wallpaper Singapore Price

This can make or break the renovation job that you have saved for in such high hopes. There are many tales where a contractor took on a project and left without finishing it the ways it was supposed to be or even messed it up altogether. You can get referrals for reliable and skilled contractors by asking friends or colleagues. Also though you may be looking for a good contractor, you need to remember that they may not come cheap. When you finally get one, have a look at some previous work that he has done, call the former clients so that you can have an idea of the kind of person you may be working with.

Renovate for Tomorrow

Wallpaper Singapore Price

Once you have decided that you want to do a renovation, do it for the future. It is usually an expensive affair, and that’s why when doing repairs it should be durable enough for years to come.

The materials that you use should be of good quality. You can buy high-end wallpaper from wallpaper suppliers. One of the most significant issues people have is to go with trends, but it is not wrong to be trendy, when it comes to renovations, it may be quite expensive because you won’t be able to change your home when a new trend pops up.

It is advisable to have classic finishes that will last years to come. These are just a few of the things that you should know before you overhaul your home in the name of renovations.

Tips To Make Your Home More Appealing

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper
There are many ways to spruce up your home so that you and your family can be proud of it. This doesn’t have to be a back-breaking job. There are many ways that you can use to create an attractive home that will make both you and visitors alike not want to leave.

A better appeal can be achieved by,

Putting on some colour

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Painting is one of the cheapest ways to change how your home looks like. Your home may have undergone some wear and tear through the years with smudged walls. Paint can make the walls clean again and look brand new. Having clean walls can uplift the look of the house in an instance. If you love colour, you can incorporate it in a tasteful and classy way. Don’t go crazy and make all rooms orange, blue or any other colour just because you love that shade. Some people can’t stand the smell of paint, hence the emergence of wallpapers. Wallpapers do the same job as paint, but they come already designed, and the only thing that you do is put them on the wall and voila your home will be transformed.

There are multiple choices for you at Korean wallpaper. You can also ask for help in putting it up on the wall for a fantastic look.

Improve on the curb appeal

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

What is the first thing your guests see when they visit you? This is what sets precedence to what awaits them inside the house. You can change your welcome mat if it is old. Paint the door in an inviting colour.

You can also have a fun yet subtle sign that will be visible to people who are coming in the house.

If you have a yard, then keeping it neat and trimmed will go a long way in bringing a sense of beauty. If you don’t have a huge yard, you can have strategically placed planter boxes where flowers can grow. Make sure that the flowers are well kept and not overgrown, so the path to the door is free, clean and bright.

Simplify your furniture

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

You don’t need to have many things in the form of furniture in the house. This always makes the house look cramped and small even if it is not so. Choose a few pieces that will work for your family but still make the home look attractive.

Visitors should be able to walk in your home without bumping to tables or chairs. Have clear pathways to the bathroom and kitchen.

This should be translated to the bedrooms as well. Have minimal furniture that you will use daily.

Whether you are living in a rented house or you have built it, make sure that you hold high standards of hygiene. Living in a home that you love and feel comfortable is possible for everyone with these tips.

Simple Design Tricks To Enhance Your Living Room

Wallpaper Singapore
Every home needs a space that the family can gather and spend time together. This is also the same space that visitors are welcomed and entertained. The living room needs to be able to meet the needs of the family members in both functionality and aesthetic.

Living rooms need to be appealing so that everybody feels welcome and comfortable in that space. It should be a place where everyone gathers and do things together.

The common misconception is that it can be expensive to design your living room. There are so many ways that you can improve your living room which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Below, we’ll explore some great and affordable design tricks for your living room.

Mix Up the Furniture

Wallpaper Singapore

Your living room doesn’t have to look a page from an interior design magazine. You can be unique in the way your living room is laid out. You can have a few vintage pieces that you can mix with modern furniture. This combination will make your living feel warm yet not dated. You need to get the right kind of chairs or sofas for the room as well. If you have a larger living area, don’t get a tiny couch that will make the room look disproportionate. Also, getting large furniture for a small space will make the room feel small, and there won’t space for movements.

Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

This is an effective way of bringing some personality in your living rooms walls without going through a huge hassle. It better than painting because you won’t have to smell paint fumes.  Your living room will be a place where you, your family and friends will always want to hang in. Putting on wallpapers can be a DIY project too. If you don’t have the time to do it, then getting someone else to do it will be quite inexpensive. There are wallpapers with different themes to elicit different kinds of emotion; hence you will be spoilt for choice.

Hang Some Art

Wallpaper Singapore

A few pieces of art here and there hanged strategically can change the way your living room looks. The wall art could be pictures of you and your family. So not only will make the living room look nicer but will also bring a sense of warmth and love.

Get a Rug

Wallpaper Singapore

A simple rug can go a long way in changing the way the way a room looks. The important thing is getting the right size. A small one is fit for a smaller living room, while a bigger one is best for a grander and spacious room. Also, you can have bold or cool colours for the rug depending on your taste.

Keep it Clean

Wallpaper Singapore

This point can’t be emphasised enough. Having a clean, clutter-free room will go a long way in changing how the room looks. Neatly placed items and having an uncluttered space contributes immensely to the appeal of the room.

Change the Layout

Wallpaper Singapore

How you arrange your furniture can make a huge difference in how the living room will look alike. You have to be mindful of how the room is shaped. In addition, the way the other rooms relate to it, such as how far the kitchen is from the sitting area, is also essential.

Home Interior Décor Ideas For 2019

2019 has come with bolder changes when it comes to décor. People are willing to step out of their comfort zones and try various decor styles in different ways. In the article below, we’ll share some fashionable and trendy ideas for your home décor this year.

More Wood

This trend has taken the décor world by storm. Natural wood has made a massive return in homes. The demand for hardwood floors is growing every day. Even the kitchen cabinets and some walls are being replaced by wood. This gives a home a rustic yet modern feeling.

Modern homes can even have wooden beams installed. The shades of wood can be as dark or light as you want depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Curved Seating

There are a lot of pieces of furniture in the market right now that does not have the usual straight frame that people are used to having. Furniture making has gotten bolder and is embracing the future with fluid design elements. You can get tables, sofas, loveseats in various curved shapes and sizes, allowing your home to look fashionable.

Nature Taking Over

Plants have always been a great way to decorate a room, and in 2019 this décor statement is not lagging. Having plants in a room helps in cleaning the air, and adding some glam.  They can uplift your moods and create a sense of relaxation in a place. You can have decorated pots or wooden boxes house the plants. You don’t need a huge space for you to be able to infuse plants in your life even a small room can get uplifted with one or two pots of green leafy plants.

Fabulous Ceilings

Ceilings have had it rough for the longest time, with a lot of attention directed to its counterparts, the wall and floors. Most ceilings have always been painted a neutral white colour but not anymore. 2019 brings with it a lot to offer with gypsums boards that are taking the ceiling market in force.

Designers are giving the ceiling more attention and making sure that it is well detailed. High ceilings have also become a huge demand because of the way it makes a room look and feels. 

Have a Black Wall

2019 décor incorporates black as a way to glam up a room. However, this will only work in well-lit rooms that have enough natural light beaming through the room. If you are scared of painting the wall, you can get high-quality Korean wallpaper in Singapore. You will be amazed at how modern the room will feel whether it is the bedroom or living room. In addition, you can also do a section of black in the kitchen or add a splash of colour with wallpaper in Singapore. Finally, you can have lighting fixtures that will accentuate the colour.

Whichever way you decide to rock 2019 by following any of these interior décor designs am sure your house will be a masterpiece.

Gift your loved ones a unique Valentine’s Day present

Valentine’s Day is a crucial day to any couple though they might not say it out loud or admit it to anyone. It’s the one day dedicated to test the limits on how creative you can get and well, the more outrageous the gesture, the more you care.

First thing’s first, forget the calorie-induced chocolates, flowers that wither over time and sappy love poems that take hours to write – We’ve got a way to better show your ‘lobster’ how much you really love them!

A lot of time and pressure goes into planning magnificent dates and flashy gifts. Get your +1 a gift that is not only unique, but will look stunning and last ages.


Not the first thing that comes to mind, we know. However, wallpaper is a necessary piece of art to any home. You could be revamping the entire look and feel of his or her room with just one big gesture. From leafy botanic prints to marble prints which are highly popular to the age of millennials, we’ve got a wide array of stunning engaging designs to suit your partners unique sense of style. 

If you are getting it for your lady, think of how wonderful her selfies will turn out with a new and beautiful backdrop! And for men, imagine how cool it would be when he has the boys over for a game of Fifa or loud boy-blather. We can all say goodbye to the horrid days of hanging hippie printed beach towels on our walls that collect dust and fall to the ground every now and then.

We’ve accumulated 8 wallpaper styles/designs that your significant other might love to have in their room or living space!

1. The Bright and Cheerful

2. The Bold and Cool

3. For the Feminine in you

4. Beauty in Blooms

5. The Timeless Classic

6. Sweet Vintage

7. For the Botanical Lovers

8. Of Textures and Patterns

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How To Hire The Right Professional For Home Wallpaper

Hanging new home wallpaper is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort and time to do it properly. Not to mention, if you make a mistake, it will set you back even more, both in terms of financial cost and time spent.

This is why a lot of people choose to hire someone for the job. But, when choosing a wallpaper pro, you shouldn’t just hire the first contractor that you can find. You’ll have to think it through. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up hiring a professional that can barely do the job better than you can.

Below, you’ll find telling questions that should help you hire the right professional for a pleasurable wallpaper installation experience.

1.    What’s Your Background?

Wallpaper hanging isn’t the type of skill that you perfect in school. It’s something that you learn through many hours of practice. This is why the best contractors are very rarely young. If they are, they’re usually apprentices and work for someone who’s much older and has had more experience.

If you’re dealing with someone who’s been hanging wallpapers since the ‘80s, then that’s a clear sign that you’re working with someone who’s legitimately good at his job.

Also, even though wallpaper hanging isn’t usually taught in conventional schools, the best ones usually have received some form of formal training, either via seminars or apprenticeship. Don’t be afraid to ask about those if you can.

2.    Wallpaper Material

The most common wallpapers are vinyl coated or fabric-backed. However, throughout the years, many different types of wallpaper material have been developed, and it’s important to ask the contractor if they have worked with the kind of wallpaper material that you plan to use and put up on your walls before.

This is especially true when you’re spending a premium on wallpaper made out of fine materials. You wouldn’t want the contractor to be “practising” using your wallpaper. Case in point, the wrong application or use of adhesive can completely sabotage the materials and make them unusable.

So, make sure that the contractor that you’re talking to is familiar with the material you like. Also, try asking about the kind of materials that the contractor had worked on before and asked for recommendations.

3.    How Do You Guarantee That I’ll Be Satisfied?

Wallpaper installation is not always perfect. Even pros who’ve spent years installing wallpaper will sometimes have to come back to fix something. That’s inevitable. The question is, do they guarantee that you’ll be satisfied?

It’s important that you know if and when the contractor will return – preferably without pay – if the finished product isn’t up to the standards that were initially promised.

Keep in mind that when it comes to wallpaper installation, you’ll have to spend a bit of money for the best pros. But, then again, the best pros are not always the most expensive either.

By asking the contractor these questions above, you should be able to make a more informed decision if your money will be wasted by hiring them or not.

5 Amazing Ways You Can Use To Upgrade Your Home

Are you bored with how monotonous your home looks? Then maybe, it is time that you consider upgrading it.

Your home, just like any other thing slowly ages. It may not show obvious signs of wear and tear but even the design changes with time. Consequently, you must be on the lookout for early ageing signs. Luckily, there is something you can always do to make your home more appealing. But not to worry, you do not have to use a lot of resources to upgrade your home, provided that you are well-prepared and creative.

The first thing to consider is why you want to change the status quo. Is it because you want to dispose of your property? If that is the case, you should concentrate on places that home buyers are attracted to, for example, the landscape, kitchen and garage are easy to upgrade and they can improve the value of your home tremendously. On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your home suit to your taste, you need to concentrate on areas which will make you proud of your home. You can create, for example, a swimming pool or upgrade the bedroom.

Whatever your reason for upgrading, these five tips will be of much help to you.

Make the Painted Work Spectacular

The appearance of your home at first glance speaks volumes. And the colour of the paint is what most people will definitely notice in your home, so upgrading the paintwork is the easiest and most straightforward way to upgrade your home.

If you are unsure of the best colour for your premises, you can consult a professional so that you can make an informed choice. In fact, there are many paint job professionals in Singapore you can seek assistance from.

Painting a home is not all that expensive if you know where to source labour from. Furthermore, you do not have to repaint your entire home; you can get wallpaper installation services in Singapore so that themes can be fixed onto the walls instead of repainting.

Re-do Your Landscape

The first thing visitors will notice in your home is your compound. No matter how small your compound is, there a lot you can do to make it more appealing. Everyone assumes that the outside is as smart as the interior. Therefore, keep your lawns neat, trees trimmed and your exterior car well maintained.

You can also create a productive kitchen garden and a flower bed so that your home will appear lively. Homesteads with trees always fetch more in the market than those without. After all, it does not take long for trees to grow.

Upgrade the Kitchen

It is a fact that the kitchen is the essential room in your home. If you want to make, your home look different, start changing the kitchen. It does not have to be expensive but creative.

Rearranging stoves, cabinets can be the first step towards having a new look for your kitchen. You can also upgrade the sink services to aluminium or granite.

Make a Swimming Pool

There is nothing more rewarding than dipping yourself in a refreshing swimming pool after a long tiring day. With one in your compound, it will be an even more wonderful way to refresh yourself easily.

It will put everything else in another perspective and your summer days will always be enjoyable when you create a swimming pool. Furthermore, a private pool will add value to your home.

Add More Sitting Areas

You cannot know when you will receive visitors who prefer staying outside. It is, therefore, prudent to increase the sitting areas in your compound.

Get a fresh coat of paint to repaint your seats, and plant trees to provide the shades to make your homestead appealing. To spice things up and make your home even more attractive, you have to be aware that the exterior of your home is as important as the interior of your home.


Nobody likes monotony. Your home is possibly the most important possession you have. Let it be fashionable by constantly upgrading it so that you can be a proud homeowner. The designs of homes in Singapore are continually changing; do not be left behind but instead, move with the trend.

4 Unique Decoration Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

You practically spend almost a quarter of your life in the bedroom, so it comes as no surprise if you want to spice up your bedroom appearance.

The bedroom is the ideal place for you to rejuvenate as you get your rest, naps and good night’s rest on your bed. So it is crucial to ensure that it is attractive and cosy. Having an unappealing and uncomfortable bedroom will make it hard for you to fall asleep.

Maybe you do not need those sleepings to help you sleep better, but all you need is to do a complete revamp, such as starting by getting a brand new wallpaper design for the bedroom.

Wallpapers and other decorations come in different designs and colours. Because no single decoration can satisfy everyone, you need to choose what you need carefully. After all, everyone has his o her favourite colour and choice of decorations. The most crucial point to note while decorating your room is to stick to your taste.

There are many decoration ideas you can choose from to help you get what is best for you. It is also important to consult your bedroom partner. And below, you’ll find tips that you exactly need to aid you in decorating your bedroom effortlessly.

Choose Soothing Colors

Human emotions are ignited by different colours. Imagine how stressed you can be if you sleep in a bedroom with bright and contrasting colours. Because a bedroom is a place to rest and re-energize, you need to choose soothing and soft colours to ensure you fall asleep fast.

Pale pink and dark green, for example, are preferred to red and bright white colours. You do not have to paint your bedroom in one colour only; you can choose a combination of two or three to break the monotony. The crucial point to note is that these colours should be in harmony.

Create Enough Space

There are a lot of things you may want to incorporate in your bedroom. However, not everything is necessary for your bedroom. The main purpose of this room is to get proper sleep.

So, it goes without saying that sleeping does not require tables, chairs and telephones, so you should remove them to let your decorations stand out. Only include items that are essential for your bedroom, such as lights and flower flasks.

In that way, you will be creating enough space to decorate your room. Room decoration comes out well when rooms are not congested and a messy room will never be beautiful despite expensive decorations.

Tap the Mirror Magic

Bigger rooms appear more beautiful than smaller ones.

And the latter is the exact problem that is happening to your bedroom, so you have to figure out ways to make them look bigger than they are. You can start by making your bedroom bigger with an illusion.

Mirrors can magnify your tiny bedroom and make it appear big. They can also be used to make rooms look more clean and smart. Remember a badly decorated room will appear even more mismanaged when magnified.

Before you incorporate mirrors in your room, first study the lightings. Bedroom mirrors do not require high-intensity light as your eyes will surely strain and you will find it hard to fall asleep. You need soft and almost dim lights, hence, the mirrors should be positioned in areas where the reflected light will not reach the bed.

Add Wallpaper

Bedroom decorations can be monotonous; same bed, same four walls, same colours year in and year out. There is nothing as boring as sleeping in the same bedroom for decades, yet some people are forced to spend their entire lives in one bedroom.

Wallpaper can be a miracle in such a case. The beauty of wallpaper is that you can change it to suit your taste. However, you need to choose wallpaper which is in agreement with other decorations. It should auger well with the door, table, and even bed covers decorations.


A bedroom is the most part of your house. This is because it communicates directly to you and portrays who you are. It is also the centre of your deep most thoughts. A bedroom should, therefore, be decorated to suit your taste so that you can feel free and relaxed in this most crucial part of your home.

Top Ways To Make Your Home Ready For The Market

Are you planning to upgrade your house to sell? There are many things you can do to your house to increase its value. No matter how fast you want to dispose of it, it is important you prepare for the market. A simple upgrade for your home can add up to 20% on the selling price. Since it is not that expensive to upgrade your house, you should never sell your property without first ensuring that it is ready. Carefully do this before you advertise.

Although everyone knows how to upgrade a house, to fetch more you have to consult a professional. However, there are some minor things you can fix. Things like repairing the broken pipes, redoing the lawns, and rearranging garage may seem irreverent, but they can make your home lose a buyer. The whole building should appear as new as possible. Although you cannot change the craft stone and bricks, you should decorate them to make your home more appealing to buyers.

Below are five things you can do to prepare your house or the buyer.

Be Keen on Details

Buyers are usually not sure if they will choose your home. They only need a small detail to make the final decision. Be careful to encourage them to buy your house by being keen to fine details. A foul-smelling room, for example, can make a potential buyer change mind even if he had decided to take the house. You should use air conditioners to refresh rooms, clean utensils and ensure all the vents are in good working condition. Make sure all the door and windows are properly greased. You can also use a magic eraser to remove minute dirt from surfaces.

Keep Your Paperwork Ready

When your potential client makes the final decision take your house, the next thing you need to provide is the paperwork. Get the utility bills, renovation details and rental contracts and tax details ready. You can file them together so that it would be easy for everyone. If you have a missing document, a buyer can easily change mind because it will appear as see if there is something you are hiding. Such a simple detail can ruin everything.

Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room while selling a house because many buyers make their final decisions here. When you decide to sell your house, let the kitchen be the first place to spruce up. You can change the pipework, repaint faded walls or use new wallpapers, and fix all broken surfaces. You should also remove old and unnecessary gadgets like microwaves, cookers and juicers. The idea is to make the shelves as immaculate as possible. You can also add extra chairs just in case someone the buyers decide to sit as they decide whether to buy or not.

Fix the Storeroom

Do not forget to upgrade or clean the storeroom. It is easy to forgo this room yet your potential buyers inspect it. A disorganised storeroom can discourage the buyer from buying the entire home. Remove the unnecessary items, arrange everything well and clean it up

Let the Entrance Be Inviting

The first decision in buying your home will be made from a distance. Let your home’s compound be appealing by maintaining the lawns, repainting the doors, rearranging the pavement and ensuring the flower beds are up to the task. Next, ensure the entrance is okay by removing the unnecessary items like shoes, coats, and umbrellas. Do not pile things up the buyer might be interested in seeing the paintwork on the wall.


When you decide to sell your house, the first thing you should do is to prepare it well. Remove unnecessary items and clean them well. Minor details like putting the paperwork together can determine if you will sell or not. Do it early enough because you do not know when a potential buyer will come.

Simple Living Room Upgrades You Should Try For Your Home

Do you feel that it is time to upgrade your home? The first place to start upgrading should be the living room. If you are working on a tight budget, you can start here and then proceed to other rooms. After all, your visitors will not go beyond this room. There are a lot of interventions you can do to upgrade your living room without spending a fortune.

You do not have to spend a lot since what is required is prior planning and a sense of creativity. Since the living room is the room you live in, it should make you feel proud. Everything in this room was bought to satisfy a particular need you had. However, over the years, you might realise that some materials have aged or they may need fine-tuning and a change of design.

Wallpapers design for the bedroom can work well in your living room, but you have to get decorations, which are conducive with a living room. Below are five activities you can do to upgrade your living room on a budget.

Rejuvenate all Wooden Services

Wooden surfaces deteriorate very fast. If they are not serviced regularly, wood furniture can quickly start to rot. The easiest way to make your living room appear neat is to polish all the wooden surfaces. You will not have to spend a lot of resources because cloth and coconut oil is all that you need to revive an ageing wooden surface. Pay close attention to coffee tables, wooden chairs and cabinets because they age earlier than other surfaces.

Spray those Faded Surfaces

Paints fade slowly, and you might miss the deterioration. The best way to rejuvenate your living room is to spray all the surfaces. This is a quick and efficient way to upgrade your living room. Ensure you spray every surface including air vents, sinks and faucets so that the room can appear smart. In case you cannot do it yourself, you can easily find a professional to help you in indoor painting in Singapore.

Upgrade the Bookshelf

One of the most outstanding items in the living room is the bookshelf. When you have visitors, expect them to walk over and peruse the books. Therefore, let your books be captivating to read. You can remove irreverent copies and replace with more current books. Ensure that your bookshelf’s colour is in agreement with your living room theme. You can add magazines and cartoon books to the shelf so that every visitor can find something to read.

Check the Lights

The elegance of your living room will be measured by the intensity and artistic expression of your lightings. Make sure that the intensity is not so dim to strain your eyes or too bright for casual reading. Let the colour of the light be in agreement with your furniture. To maintain beauty, even the bulb holder should be artistic as well. Although not many will notice these, you will love to the agreement between the light colour and the furniture theme.

TV and Refrigerators

Most probably, the most outstanding electronics in your living room is the television set and refrigerator. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do to a TV set to make it more appealing. Just try fixing a frame which has the same colour as that of furniture. Probably the best way to make a TV set auger well with your furniture is to buy a set with a similar colour to your room. If you have a fridge in your living room, you can decorate it with colours and themes which are similar to your wall.


A beautiful living room is very crucial if you want to be proud of your home. Actually, it is the public relations of your home because it stands between your private room and the outside world. When you upgrade your living room, you are displaying your change of status. You do not have to spend a lot of money to improve your room’s appearance if you follow the above tips.

How To Make Your Simple Bedroom Look Elegant And Appealing

When it comes to the elegance of your bedroom, you need to be very careful when you’re planning the décor. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of resources. Everyone deserves a bedroom they are proud of because this room is the private place where one can be truly alone. You should feel free and comfortable here. Even if you have a simple bedroom, there is a lot you can do to make it look more appealing just like the ones you see in magazines or catalogues.

Below are ways you can make your simple bedroom look better without using a lot of resources.

Keep the Unnecessary Things Out

Bedrooms are places of sleep. There are little activities done in this room. Consequently, you do not need a lot of gadgets like those found in the main room or the kitchen. Therefore, remove televisions, radios, office tables from your bedroom. The spaces they occupy can be used to decorate and spice up this room. After all, if you pack your bedroom with many materials, you will find it hard to fall asleep, and the main reason why you have a bedroom is to sleep. A neat and well-arranged room is always elegance.

Go Green

By default, people were created to be in tune with nature. Everyone yearns for green vegetation even in the bedroom. To make your bedroom elegance, consider incorporating plants in your windows and the other spaces. You can also have real flowers in your vases instead of buying the plastic ones. Your room will thus be beautiful, and the natural fragrance will be appealing. It is easy to plant flowers in your garden and later use them to decorate your rooms. You can also get natural blooms to use in this essential room instead of buying.

Allow Natural Light and Air in

In Singapore, everyone is yearning for fresh air. There is so much air pollution hence many people are relying on air conditioners to aid in circulation. You do not have to always depend on air conditioners. During the construction of your home, there was a consideration for natural air circulation. Open the curtains to let in fresh air and buy the best glass shades to allow natural light to your bedroom. You can also incorporate mirrors to increase natural light intensity and distribution in your bedroom.

Use Your Personal Items

Personal items are what makes a bedroom truly unique. You can get artifacts or crafts, but the problem is that they are expensive to buy. Since it is you who will be spending time in this room, you do not have to buy famous pieces to decorate your bedroom. Start with what you have; all the gifts and trinkets you have saved from your childhood can be used to decorate your room. If you are fond of collecting shells and other animal products, your bedroom can be the right place to store them. However, make sure you do not over do it.

Choice of Colour

Elegance is all about colours. If you choose your colours well, your bedroom will look expensive. Select two or three complimenting colours. Make sure the theme of the beddings and curtains fit well with the colours of the walls. Your bedroom floor colour is also another area you can match the walls so you can have a cohesive décor. Another great way to do this is to utilise wallpaper in bedrooms to add a touch of patterned colour to enhance the space.


Bedroom beauty should be treated with the care it deserves. You spend the majority of your time in this room, and so it should be elegant and comfortable. Although you are not doing bedroom decorations to impress someone, this room’s beauty is more important than any other’s. You won’t have to spend a lot to do this if you are creative.

Top Ideas To Make Your New Home Look More Appealing

After you have bought your home, you need to customize it to suit your taste. Making your home more appealing is vital so that you can be satisfied with your investment. Moreover, it does not have to cost much to upgrade if you plan well.

Remember when decorating your new home, you do not have to satisfy your tastes only. In fact, your preference should be secondary. You should decorate your home to impress others. You, therefore, do not have to be so personal in making your home look appealing. Remember that one day you might have to sell the house. It is also crucial to consult with people you are staying with as, after all, they also have a say in the interior of the house.

You should, therefore, aim to make your new home look great from the top to the floor. There is always something you can do to the roofs, the walls, the lawns, the floors and even the compound. Go as creative as you can when you are doing the interior design because you will want to amaze your guests and most importantly, satisfy yourself.

Craft stones and bricks in Singapore have become an excellent way to spruce up your living space, not to mention the fact that there is a variety of them to pick from. Besides this fantastic idea, there are many other ways to make your new home stand out as well.

Re-do the Paintwork

The choice of colour for your home matters a lot, especially when you bought a new home where the colour doesn’t suit your taste at all. If the paintwork is not to your liking, you could always choose to repaint your home. However, don’t just consider your own taste as you should think about other potential homeowners too as one day, you may choose to sell your apartment or rent it out.

As a rule of thumb, select the neutral colours. For example, pink houses appear more appealing to a majority of people than blue homes. Otherwise, you can choose to do this alternative instead. As wallpapers in Singapore have become relatively popular, you can choose to have one put over your wall to adorn the interior of your home.

Fix the Exterior

Your home is not in the interior only. People will already judge your home from the exterior of your home, rather than randomly enter it to check it out. You, therefore, need to fix the exterior well; broom your trees, manage lawns and pavements and clean the car parks because these are the first places your visitors will see.

The first impression people will make of your home matters a lot. You can choose to make elegant flower beds in your backyard since they give your home a vibrant look and will definitely give a long-lasting impression. The landscape should be right and the curb inviting.

Consider what your guests want

At the end of the day, the final decision does lie with you, but you should also think about your guests who will be visiting your home. For this reason, you should make sure that your home’s interior will make your guests feel relaxed and enjoy their stay by considering their tastes.

Rather than be all over-oneself by hanging all of your portraits or posters up on your walls in the living room, you should put up family portraits or neutral pictures, such as artworks or beautiful ornaments to draw people to your home.

Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is like a small factory in your home, as a matter of fact, we can say that it is the busiest room in your home. It should, therefore, be the most appealing.

To make it more appealing, you need to upgrade the cookers, refrigerators, heaters and microwaves. Stay fixed to a specific theme that you have in mind so that you don’t go astray when you are getting your kitchen furniture. Moreover, kitchen paints deteriorate very fast so it is good to give it good paintwork and choose a slightly higher quality paint if you want the paintwork to last.

Make you Entrance Striking

The entrance is the most critical area for your visitors to make the first impression of your home. Let it be free from shoes, umbrellas, jackets, and other materials. But that doesn’t mean you have to remove all of these from the entrance, all you have to do is decorate it properly and place all these items nicely and it will still be able to look presentable.

Go with a certain look so that you will know how to style your entrance properly without making it look messy or disorganized. However, if it’s too small don’t add too many decorations or furniture as it will make the entrance look overcrowded.


After buying your new home, you may have realized that the look of your home is not something that appeals to you. When you feel that way, you know that its time to brainstorm a little and decorate your home, and with these ways, it can look as good as new.

How To Choose The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Home

If choosing the right wallpaper design for bedroom, living room, or kitchen use were that easy, interior designers would find themselves running out of clients pretty quickly. But, the reality of the matter is, it’s hard to choose wallpaper.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered, after all. This includes, among many other things, your budget, design preference, and the theme of the room that you’re decorating.

Having said that, here are a couple of proven tips that should help you choose the perfect wallpaper for your lovely home.

1. Choosing the Right Colour

It’s no secret that the right colour can help make or break the mood in a room. If you want to make your room appear larger than it is, cool colour backgrounds like violet, blue, or green, are the way to go. Meanwhile, soft cool colours add a more relaxing vibe to the room, and the opposite help makes it appear fresh and dramatic. As for warm colours, well, as the name suggests, make rooms look warmer (and people hungrier).

2. Use Lighting to your Advantage

Lighting is an underrated aspect when choosing wallpaper. For example, for dark hallways and windowless rooms, choosing wallpaper that reflects light, like those with smooth surfaces, can help brighten up what’s supposed to be a dark and dreary space. But, if your goal is to make a room look more intimate and smaller, go with dark colours with textured surfaces, which absorb light.

3. How to Hide Eyesores

No house can be designed 100% perfect. There are always going to be visual eyesores and imperfections that will have an impact on the beauty of the room. Although they may not be obvious to visitors and guests, for homeowners, they can be annoying and a cause of stress.

Using wallpapers, you can help hide or camouflage such issues and make them blend in more with the rest of the room. For example, these days, there are plenty of types of wallpaper to choose from. In fact, you can choose paper that help simulate the look of pretty much anything you want, from marble to animal skins, as well as floral patterns, and more.

4. Mix and Match Freely but With Restraint

Too much of a good thing is always bad, and as much as you’d want to mix and match with the wallpapers you use for your room, using too many patterns can make for quite the confusing space. At the same time, not having any variance or pattern is boring as well.

When mixing in patterns, try not to overdo it. Instead, even when there’s a difference between the design, pick patterns that have similarities, like the same colour.

Lucky for you, most wallpaper books group their designs by colour, so coordinating them should be a piece of cake.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the many ways that you can choose the perfect wallpaper for your home. But, while there are plenty of other factors that you can consider, these four are a good start, and with a bit more research, you should have no problem picking out wallpaper that, will not only last but will turn your drab space into one that you’ve always dreamed of having.

The Benefits of Wallpaper Vs. Paint

Many would hold fast to the traditional myth regarding the durability of paint over wallpaper, which could possibly be debated over decades.

A report conducted by Jim Hite – The Bell Systems analysed how wallpapers would last five times longer than paint, up to 15 years. On the other hand, painted surfaces require frequent cleaning to maintain its appearance and repainting approximately every three years.

In today’s day and age aside from durability, economies of scale is on the top of the list for new house owners. Even though the initial investment may be slightly higher when it comes to wallpapering your home, you will find that in the long run you can possibly save up to 30% compared to using paint.

Wallpaper 01

Moving on to the aesthetic appeal of both mediums, wallpapers has an edge over traditional paint. Painted surfaces could only have the following options:-

  • Flat: A single colour for each wall
  • Textured: Paint containing a separate media to give it texture.
  • Custom: Mural designs using paint.
  • Faux Finishes: Custom paint designs that add pattern and depth.


On the other hand, there are many other unique features that one can only obtain with wallpapers and they are as follows:-

  • Flat: Single color wallpapers
  • Accent: Can be achieved by utilising wallpaper on one wall.
  • Textured: There are many varieties of textured wallpaper from plain to ornate.
  • Custom: Mural prints that can be customised to suit your home
  • Faux Finishes: Most popular faux finishes have their wallpaper counterparts.
  • Photographic: Consider creating custom wallpaper designs with your own family portraits


An increasing trend spotted in restaurants, homes and even offices are textured wallpapers. The versatility of wallpaper provides countless colours, shades and patterns to give you the exact look and feel you are going for.

Wallpaper 04

Textured wallpapers provide you with the flexibility of creating fun and bold statements for each room. An example of the rooms commonly adopted for textured wallpapers can be ‘man caves’ and recreation/movie rooms. Aside from adding in that touch of fun, using an image to replicate the look you are going for and using wallpapers instead of the actual material will help you save cost.

One example could be the rustic brick wall look, instead of hacking down a wall to replace it with actual bricks, one could use the image of bricks to create that effect instead.

Wallpaper 11

Other variations can range from ancient roman life and architectural connotes to faux marble or wood designs. You can also switch it up and use two wallpaper designs (one plain and one patterned) to create depth and uniqueness. Textured wallpaper with period designs can help transform your space to another time and place, without having to physically be there.

Wallpaper 10

At the end of the day, it is important to spend some time researching materials to ensure that the wallpaper you choose will go well with the lighting, temperature, humidity, and traffic of the room in question.

Feel free to drop us a call at 87218242 or email us at sales@wallhub.com.sg should you have more queries about wallpapers and your future home.

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Handy Tips For Selecting The Right Wallpaper

What colour should you select?

Selecting the right base colour for your wallpaper is very important as that will affect the overall tone for your apartment or room.

A dark or busy choice of wallpaper design may cause a small room to appear cramped and smaller than its actual size. On the other hand, selecting a light or neutral shade will allow natural light to bounce off the walls, creating an illusion of a larger space.

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General guidelines

Here are some general guidelines for colour schemes to consider:

1. Warm Colours
Red, yellow and orange are warm colours that are often used in dining areas and helps to create a more inviting atmosphere in the room.

2. Cool Colours
Blue, green and lavender are cool colours that are often used in bathrooms or smaller rooms. These colours are used in areas such as the kitchen, porches or areas where afternoon heat is a factor. These colours help to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere.

3. Light Colours
Light colours help to create bright and spacious rooms and reflects light. Selecting a light colour would help to brighten a dark hallway and not compete with your furnishings.

4. Dark Colours
Dark colours help to create an intimate setting for a room, as these colours absorb light and helps to cover up uneven wall surfaces.

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How much space do you have to work with?

Remember that different types of wallpapers can create different visual effects. If you are selecting a large patterned print, bear in mind that it could make your room appear smaller. However at the same time, achieving that cosy effect with a large room.

If you are looking to create a high ceiling effect for your home, consider selecting vertical stripes or patterns. On the other hand, if you are looking at creating a wider room, horizontal stripes or patterns is the way to go.

You may also consider having geometric prints as part of your wallpaper design to create depth, causing your room to appear larger than it is.

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