5 Home Office Ideas for A Stunning And Productive Workspace

5 Home Office Ideas for A Stunning And Productive Workspace

Though the here and now may have brought the home office into relevance, the truth is that it has always been a necessity. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic nonetheless has blurred the boundaries between home and work. What used to be a place for us to return to and wind down, the home office above all else has now become a top priority, a sanctioned space to set aside household distractions and focus on work.

The long and short of it is that you deserve more than just a chair and desk randomly stuffed into a corner – here are five home office ideas and tips to make you stoked for work.

1. Stake your territory

Stake your territory

You may think setting your workspace on the kitchen counter was a great idea until it turned into a busy highway for your snack-bingeing housemates making their way to the fridge.

As they say, the three most essential things in real estate are location, location, and location –  so is it with your home office! Find the best place to work within the home, consider privacy levels, visual distractions, and background noise. If you have limited space within the home, consider rearranging your bedroom to accommodate a cosy nook as your office.

2. Fancify your walls

Fancify your walls

Out of all the rooms in your house, your office is where you should probably grant colour psychology its two cents’ worth. Though you are working within the comfort of your home, over time, constantly cooped up within the four walls of your office can make you feel passive and idle, when in fact, you should always be getting your head in the game!

Wallpapers are great for experimenting with colours and patterns. For instance, the calming effect green has on mood and relaxation is great for those who are looking for serenity, and popular styles like Korean wallpaper in botanical and nature prints are perfect for it.

Nonetheless, you can generate any desired atmosphere with a mix of colours – bright and happy yellows, soft and calming blues, natural and relaxing greens, and energizing orange! Transforming or switching up your office or workspace to your desired one will have you motivated for work.

3. Essential furniture is a must

Essential furniture is a must

Of course, discussing furniture is a given when revamping the office space! Your priority should be to invest in a comfortable, good-quality, ergonomic chair and desk – your neck and back will thank you.

Also, say no to clutter by fixing up shelving and storage units. Make an inventory of your books and stationeries, and put up some bookshelves, file cabinets, and other containers to keep everything in their place.

Other than ergonomic furniture, you should also optimize the placement of your technical equipment. Ensure that your computers, printers, and phones are accessible and close to the power outlets. Tame and hide unsightly wires and cords using cable management products; you can also invest in wireless products instead to keep everything neat and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Let there be light

Let there be light

Natural light is always ideal – it gives your room bright, refreshing energy that encourages productivity. It also opens up the space within, creating the illusion of a big room. Hang translucent curtains, shades or blinds to reduce the glare without compromising the room’s light quality.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking into curtains specifically, it’s important to be aware of the know-hows for picking your curtains. The right steps will lead to the perfect curtains selection that complements your entire room’s interior gorgeously.

But if there’s daytime, there comes nighttime too. So naturally, your office should remain to be a comfortable workspace after dark too. You can install wall sconces, floor lamps, or a desk lamp to aid you as you burn the midnight oil.

5. Channel your inner artist

Channel your inner artist

Fill your home office with decorative objects, artwork, and other means of visual inspiration. A toy figurine or a small potted plant can liven up your desk, and a mixture of prints, paintings, and family photos plus other decorative accents will altogether make for a stunning interior.

If you are unsure of where to start, choose a theme to give your space a personality or decorate with images or art that motivate you and channel your inner muse! As you decorate your office, a rule of thumb is to have a negative space to balance out the interior design within your room.


The importance of a home office space should not be understated, especially when working from home. It is essential to consider both appearance and function as you set about furnishing a stunning and productive workspace within your home.

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