The 3 Do’s And 3 Don’ts Of Decorating With Floral Wallpapers

The 3 Do's And 3 Don'ts Of Decorating With Floral Wallpapers

For most people, capturing the essence of nature and bringing it inside one’s home would typically entail getting a bunch of flora and placing them hither and thither.

While this method certainly does achieve the desired effect, it comes with a couple of drawbacks, such as taking up space and requiring maintenance to retain their beauty. Thankfully, there is a better and more convenient option readily available - wallpapers!

With hundreds of patterns, textures, and colours to choose from, wallpapers provide quick and straightforward access to any look you may want, whether it be painterly Japanese wallpapers or a natural-looking floral wallpapers.

If you are interested in adding a flowery touch to your interiors, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

The Do’s

1. Try out bolder styles

Try Out Bolder Styles

Floral wallpapers do not just work well as a subtle backdrop; they can also be used to make a statement wall, especially those that feature bolder prints. These wallpapers work exceptionally well in filling larger walls devoid of design, such as in large open areas like the dining room and living room.

Even if your home has no such space large enough for it, you can still create a feature wall with some extra steps. Ideally, you would want to supplement the wall with complementary colours inspired by the palette contained within the bolder print.

For example, you could choose your preferred colour from the main wallpaper and use a similar shade on the surrounding walls. In this way, the floral feature is enhanced, and the arrangement subtly creates a sense of continuity throughout the entire space.

2. Add depth with texture

Add Depth With Texture

Apart from the design, the print’s texture is another essential feature to consider since it plays a significant role in how the wallpaper will work and affect the overall look of the space.

To maintain the daintiness of the textured print, choose one that is lighter in shade or colour. Moreover, when choosing darker florals, limit them to just one wall and accentuate their looks with pastels and neutral shades.

3. Consider darker florals

Consider Darker Florals

Although it may seem like an unlikely combination, floral prints with darker hues are also excellent choices that can provide a unique and tastefully unexpected look in small applications.

While they can certainly work well in room-wide arrangements, it is best to read up on the psychology of colour before fully committing to the idea.

The Don’ts

1. Mix and match in one room

Mix And Match In One Room

It is important to always keep patterns similar when working with floral prints in any given space. Mixing a floral design with a somewhat identical jungle print, for instance, will only serve to make rooms looks more scattered.

If other wallpapers are necessary, it is best to stick with solid colour options that accentuate the main floral print and makes it pop.

2. Go for dated patterns (unless being old-school is the goal)

Go For Dated Patterns (Unless Being Old-School Is The Goal)Go For Dated Patterns (Unless Being Old-School Is The Goal)

Certain floral patterns can inadvertently make a room look and feel older than it actually is. Therefore, unless you’re trying to be deliberately retro, be mindful and only select prints with a modern aesthetic to retain an up-to-date atmosphere and avoid making the space appear as if it were from decades ago.

3. Overuse it

Overuse It

Whatever the theme of your wallpapers, too much of one design can make your interiors appear monotone. As such, include variety while retaining consistency with patterns and designs that have a similar colour palette to that of your floral wallpaper.


Those looking to include a bit of nature’s beauty into their homes don’t necessarily have to resort to getting the genuine thing. With floral patterned wallpapers readily available today, achieving that natural vibe and expressing your personality through interior design is now easier than ever, so long as you follow these decorative guidelines.

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