A Guide On How To Best Remodel & Renovate Your Home

A Guide On How To Best Remodel & Renovate Your Home

If you have grown tired of the current state of your home, you may be considering renovating and the many possibilities on where and how to start. Most people looking into home renovation visit local hardware and home improvement stores to look for different fittings and furniture they want to add to their home. While this is an effective method, it is not always the case because most home renovations start by completely overhauling the room itself and fixing what needs to be fixed. To get you started on the right tracks towards renovating your home, here are some of the common first steps to take:

1. Assess the needs of the house and room first

Assess the needs of the house and room first

When starting on a home renovation project, it is recommended that you first assess how to improve the space and optimise it to determine the changes that will be made. Perhaps you need to rotate the long table in the dining area to increase the floor space, or change the lighting and mirror fixtures, or replace that faulty bathroom door. Some home renovation even goes as far as hacking walls to add a new windowpane or installing a skylight. The possibilities are endless, but evaluate everything down to the last corner if you want to maximise your current space.

2. Redo the walls

Redo the walls

The four walls of a room and its colour are significant components of a room’s overall appeal, and switching it up is one way that you can redo its appearance. Painting (or repainting) is a classic home renovation that effectively turns a room’s appearance around. The possibilities to play with various colours and combine and paint them on are endless to achieve a new look. Depending on the size of your home renovation project, the things that you need to consider can be quite extensive. But fret not; you can find many DIY tips online to help you decide on the best products you should purchase to accomplish your renovation project. Pro-tip; use paint that can withstand mould and mildew.

In most cases, all it takes is a simple paint job to turn a drab house into a beautiful living space. But if you find that painting is too bland for your liking or the work is too much hassle, you can opt for wallpapers instead. Korean wallpaper or other designs are a great alternative to paint when it comes to redoing your wall. Though installing wallpapers can be tricky, it is nothing that you cannot do with the right tips and tools.

Regardless of what you opt for, choosing the right wallpaper type and design, or the shade of paint for different parts of the home, should help improve and maximise the space rather than take away from it. Think about the room you will be renovating and the style that will best fit.

3. Use Mirrors

Use Mirrors

When you have a big empty wall and do not quite know what to do with it, place a prominent standing or leaning mirror on it. Consider this a home renovation hack that will reflect more light into your room and make them appear larger than they are. Large wall mirrors are easily accessible online and at your local furniture stores. If there is a specific design that you are looking for, consider customising it to fit the theme and fixtures in the room.

4. Do online and offline research

Do online and offline research

Scour the internet and home magazines for any home renovation ideas that are not only appealing but ones that you think are suitable for the kind of home you live in and the space you have. This will give you an idea of the things you need to purchase, such as the shade of paint, wallpaper designs, various furniture, wall fixtures, and much more. Looking for inspiration is one way for you to determine the look you want to give to your home, and sometimes you can even look for ways to do it by yourself.

5. Hire professionals to do everything

Hire professionals to do everything

If you do not want to get yourself involved in the physical process of revamping your space or have limited time or helping hands, hire a professional contractor to do the work for you. Just be sure that you pick the right one for the job by finding out how long they have been in the industry or by looking at their portfolio of home renovation works. If you fancy your friend or relative’s house and its interiors, ask who their contractor was so you could get in touch with them.


Planning for a home renovation requires you to go into it with an end goal in mind, rather than diving into it and to see where the paintbrush will take you. A home renovation can quickly turn into a disaster when done without forethought or knowledge. Evaluate your space accordingly, assess what needs to be done, decide on suitable materials, gather as much information as you can, and consult the help of a professional if necessary.

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