Infusing Colours And Patterns Into Neutral Interior Designs

Infusing Colours And Patterns Into Neutral Interior Designs

A popular colour palette amongst all ages, neutral colours are easy to match with and a classic that goes well with any design aesthetic. However, with so many people going for the minimalist aesthetic, overusing neutral colours can make your home look dull instead of clean and visually pleasing. Find the right balance between neutrals and colours to create the perfect harmony for your space.

Here are four ways to elevate your neutral home interior and spice it up.

1. Use bold colours and soft shades

Use bold colours and soft shades

Rather than using white and beige as your neutral colour palette, you can also try incorporating bold and neutral shades such as navy blue, emerald green, or charcoal grey into your interior design. Using only one neutral colour on the walls makes the room feel flat and monotonous.

Instead, use a mix of different neutral colours for a subtle contrast or mix it up by incorporating soft neutrals with bold colours. The combination of colours creates a contrast to create a cohesive colour palette that is both striking and visually appealing to look at. Even with a subtle contrast of colours, it is enough to enhance the white walls to a visually appealing room. If you are feeling adventurous with your room interiors, try adding a pop of colour to keep things interesting!

2. Balance warm and cool undertones

Balance warm and cool undertones

Play around with different undertones to reach your desired home design. Depending on the colour undertone, it can affect the overall look of your home design. The undertones can be split into two categories: warm and cool undertones. The warm undertones, including red, yellow and orange, evoke a warm and cosy atmosphere. In comparison, the cool undertones that include blue, purple and green give a calm and soothing atmosphere. When both undertones are combined equally, it can create a neutral undertone of grey, beige and brown.

When choosing which colour you would like for your walls or the colour palette for the design, it is important to understand the undertones to create a cohesive colour palette that works well together and creates a harmonious, visually pleasing design. Try to achieve a nice balance between the two undertones to prevent the space from looking too sterile or dull.

3. Layer your decors

Layer your decors

Don’t underestimate the power of layering! Layering is a powerful method to add textures, patterns, colours and a unique touch to your home interior design. Layering the decors together can add different textures, patterns and colours, bringing depth and dimensions to the space. You can try adding a textured rug to make the space more visually appealing or play around with different finishes, such as matte or polish, to create shadows and textures.

Other than adding depths and dimensions to the space, layering gives you the chance to showcase your personal style by adding unique decorative elements. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and make it unique to your home. Even small details can transform the space into something unique.

4. Make a statement

Make a statement

From statement pieces to accent walls, these striking pieces create a dramatic effect on the space, capturing the attention of anyone walking by. When paired alongside the neutral interior designs, it creates a balance between the classic neutrals and the drama of the statement pieces to elevate your home. The eye-catching statement piece can add personality and character to any space.


Play with different colours, textures and home decor to create your perfect home interior. When designing your neutral home interior design, avoid making your home look flat by striking a balance between the neutrals and colours to create contrast and add depth. With the right balance, you will be able to create a home that is both minimalistic and unique to you.

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Maximise Your Home Office Design For Optimal Productivity

Maximise Your Home Office Design For Optimal Productivity

Many employees have started setting up home offices to accommodate working from home. While there are many benefits of working remotely, it can also cause a decrease in work productivity with so many distractions around you. The key to designing a home office that will allow you to reach optimal productivity at home is creating a clean and comfortable workspace.

Here are some factors to consider when designing your home office.



Focus on functionality with a clutter-free environment and a minimalist-designed office. The minimalist office aesthetic centres around incorporating simple and essential items into the office space while removing any unnecessary distractions in the space. When the environment around us is free from any distractions or noise, it can help to foster our concentration and extend it for a longer period of time.



Did you know that different lighting can affect your productivity levels? When we rely on natural lighting, the change in natural lighting causes our brain productivity to decrease over the day when there is less natural light. Compared to natural lighting, artificial lighting brightens up the space throughout the day to increase our alertness and reduce fatigue. Offices use artificial lighting to help employees stay awake and productive longer.

For your home office lighting, you can consider getting a ceiling light or a table lamp. The table lamp can also help you get into the working mindset, allowing you to concentrate on your work better and increase productivity. When shopping for lights, avoid getting any lighting that is too bright or too dark for your home office space. If the lighting is too bright, it can make the computer screen harder to see and cause you to strain your eyes. If the lighting is too dark, it can cause you to lose focus quickly.



If your job requires handling a lot of paperwork or equipment, consider having a dedicated storage area for all your work-related items. Ensure that all the equipment and materials you need are within your reach to avoid breaking the flow of concentration when working. You can also invest in office organisers to sort out all office supplies and documents to keep the office space clean and clutter-free.



Other than just focusing on the work, allow yourself to take quality breaks to boost energy. Having adequate space in your home office can make it feel more comfortable rather than claustrophobic when working. Use the area to stretch or adjust yourself after sitting on the chair for so long. Planning how to maximise your home office space is simple when you know how to utilise free online resources properly. Recreate your floor plan on the application and plan out your space before furnishing to optimise your space efficiently. 



Don’t let your back suffer; invest in ergonomic office furniture to prevent back strains to promote a better posture and increase comfort. Ergonomic furniture is designed for office workers or people who work at their desks for a long period to provide them with the comfort and back support they need. Consider getting an ergonomic chair or standing desk to ensure that you are not straining your back or ruining your posture. You will instantly feel a relief of pressure on your spine, shoulders and hip!


Create a home office that will allow you to maximise your productivity! An effectively designed home office should provide maximum productivity, comfort, and a sense of professionalism for your working space. You should always remember to consider functionality and comfort rather than just focusing on productivity. You can even incorporate wallpapers to transform your home office to showcase your preference and keep your creativity flowing while you work.

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6 Wall Covers To Create A Feature Wall In Your Living Space

6 Wall Covers To Create A Feature Wall In Your Living Space

Transforming your living space goes beyond the conventional uniformity of wall colours. Instead of opting for the same colour on all four walls, consider enhancing your space by incorporating a feature wall to elevate the room’s overall aesthetic!

Depending on how you cover your wall, the feature wall can alter the look and feel of the overall room, creating a nice balance. Feature walls captivate your guests’ attention the moment they enter the room, serving as the focal point that commands the space. The feature wall also brings all the different furniture and decorative elements together to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

Here are some feature wall ideas you can consider incorporating into your home.

1. Wallpaper


With thousands of designs and patterns to choose from, wallpaper allows you to customise your space however you like. From clean, simple colours to bright and fun patterns, wallpapers cater to your desired home aesthetic and look. Personalise your home by utilising wallpapers for an at-home dopamine boost or to give your room a stylish look.

2. Textured paint

Textured paint

As the name suggests, texture paint can add different textures to your walls. Depending on the desired look, it can give a different finish or effect than regular room paint to elevate the overall look. The textures add dimension to your room and can hide any flawed walls you wish to cover up.

3. Brick Veneer

Textured paint

Give your wall an exposed brick look for a retro, vintage, or clean and timeless aesthetic. Apart from your everyday red bricks, different coloured bricks can also change your room’s overall look and feel. For example, white brick walls can give your room a clean and rustic look. The white softens the brick’s rough look and completes your home’s overall aesthetic look.

4. Fluted panels

Fluted panels

Fluted panels add a contemporary and elegant feel to your home. It can add a new dimension to your room by replacing a flat wall with straight grooved recesses. Not only is it visually appealing to look at, but it is also easy to maintain and water-resistant. You won’t have to worry about mould or termites damaging your walls.

5. Trowel wall

Trowel wall

The mix of high-tech acrylic resin and natural marble stones creates the trowel wall coating to give your walls a natural pebble-wash effect. It has the ability to protect your walls against ultraviolet rays, pollution, fungus, mould and algae. Instead of covering up your walls and trying to smooth the imperfections, why not embrace them and create a unique natural pebble wall?

6. Concrete panels

Concrete panels

If you are looking to incorporate concrete walls into your home for an industrial aesthetic, why not use concrete panels instead? The concrete panels have the look and feel of real, precast cement without the heavy weight and troublesome installation process. Enhance the space just by adding a few panels to your walls.


Spice up your room and create a new dimension by adding fun designs, shapes and textures to your walls. Make the wall the main focus of the room to enhance the space. These six feature wall ideas can help you enhance your home’s appearance to create a stylish space.

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