Embracing Dark Wallpapers In Your Bathroom Designs

Embracing Dark Wallpapers In Your Bathroom Designs

In recent years, people have started to incorporate darker colours such as black, navy blues and greys into their homes. Dark colours have become a popular choice for many homeowners due to the relaxing and comforting atmosphere that they transmit. It is a bold choice for those looking for something unique but classic to elevate their bare white bathroom into a luxurious one.

Many have debated the myth that dark wallpapers make rooms smaller. However, as long as you can incorporate and balance it correctly, these dark wallpapers can make your bathroom look more sophisticated and stylish.

Things to avoid

1. Small bathrooms

Small bathrooms

Avoid going for a full black design if your bathroom is smaller. Alternatively, you can go with contrasting designs to add depth to your walls. Contrasting patterns, such as the vertical stripes, can give the illusion of a higher ceiling.

2. Poor lighting

Poor lighting

Balance out the dark wallpaper with lighting to open up the dark space. Dark colours can absorb the light, making the bathroom seem heavy and claustrophobic. Instead, use strong or smart lighting to ensure the bathroom is beautiful and functional. The smart lighting gives you the option of having strong lighting for everyday use and a dim light option if you want to relax while soaking in the tub after a long day.

3. Lack of bathroom accessories

Lack of bathroom accessories

Pay attention to bathroom accessories! With the right accessories to balance out the dark colours in your bathroom, you can achieve your desired bathroom design. Accessories, such as mirrors, towel racks, and sinks, help to contrast and enhance the dark theme of the bathroom. The smallest difference can enhance the dark walls.

Dark bathroom design ideas

1. Full dark bathroom

Full dark bathroom

If your bathroom space allows, why not go with a full dark bathroom design? Accessorise your bathroom with dark natural materials such as a concrete sink or wooden shelving. The use of dark colours creates a moody feeling that matches any minimalist, modern or industrial aesthetic, and the texture of the natural materials can help to soften the darkness of the walls to balance the overall look.

2. White furniture

White furniture

Play it safe by mixing black and white into your bathroom design. From retro to modern, clean lines, it is the perfect versatile option to match any aesthetic. The striking contrast of the two colours brings a dynamic and dramatic effect to the look of your bathroom.

3. Patterned wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper

Go for a patterned wallpaper if you are feeling bold and adventurous with your design. Rather than a plain and minimalist dark wallpaper, why not get a patterned one to achieve the dark aesthetic while incorporating colours through the patterns? The coloured patterns against the dark background complement the pattern, making it stand out. Add your own unique personality to your bathroom with a pop of design on your walls.


Don’t be scared to go dark with your wallpaper choice! Embrace the dark walls using textures, finishing and accessories to accentuate the dark colours. With adequate knowledge of dark wallpaper, you can create a stunning and lavish bathroom in your home.

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