5 Ways In Which Wallpapers Enhance Your Living Space

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When it comes to decorating a room, there’s no better medium to express yourself than the blank walls surrounding you. In coordination with proper interior decor, an expressive wall design helps establish harmony amongst a room’s furnishings, lighting, and colour palette into a cohesive and visually pleasing whole.

Thus, it’s vital to give proper care when choosing your covering of choice. Thanks to their limitless number of designs and patterns, wallpapers are undoubtedly the best option to achieve this due to the opportunity they provide for you to fully express yourself and manifest your personality into tangible form.

Below, we go over five ways on how wallpapers can enhance your space like no other.

Adds a bit of flair and drama

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Adding a bit of flair and drama to a room is made simple with designer wallpapers, foregoing the need to invest extra lighting or pricey art pieces. Whether you go for a contemporary design aesthetic or something exotic like Japanese wallpaper, you’re sure to achieve that dramatic “wow” factor with just the right wallpaper.

Dictates styleWallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Regular wall paint can invoke a certain mood or feeling, but its simplicity hinders its expressiveness. On the other hand, wallpapers come in an uncountable variety of designs and patterns, making it easy to find the one that fits your aesthetic requirements.

Additionally, certain patterns also affect how a room will look to the observer. For instance, smaller prints possess the capacity of creating a sense of spaciousness, while larger ones can create the opposite effect, making a room seem smaller. No matter what you choose, each wallpaper will have its own characteristics that direct towards a specific style.

Brings in nature without any hassle

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Adding elements of nature into your room doesn’t have to be limited to placing a bit of flora here and there. Floral prints, such as those found in Korean wallpapers, can evoke the great outdoors and bring the beauty of nature right into your home without the need to buy real or artificial plants to decorate the space.

Invites accent walls

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Similar to accent furniture, accent walls are a vital component in enhancing a space’s design. Find a prominent wall area, a niche, or any other suitable surface and cover them with a layer of wallpaper, preferably the one with a design that matches with the other accent pieces already present.

Serves as a good substitute for art

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Some wallpapers possess designs worthy of being classified as art and can thus prove to be suitable substitutes for wall decor. Whether you opt to use them to cover up an entire wall or have them framed in separate pieces, using them as wall art is undoubtedly an excellent option to consider.


Wallpapers have made a comeback in recent years, and this popularity is by no means unfounded. Their inexpensiveness, versatility, and copious amounts of designs and patterns allow you to express yourself to the fullest and reshape your home’s aesthetics with ease.

5 Tips To Prepare For Your Home Remodelling Project

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Like many homeowners, you may be looking for cost-effective ways before you remodel your home. Unfortunately, home improvement projects, such as bathroom and kitchen remodels, can be costly.

However, there are ways to cut expenses without compromising quality. In this article, we have some tips for reducing your budget for these home improvement projects. With the right perspective and sufficient preparation in advance, there are many ways to remodel your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Analyse your budget

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A vital tip most homeowners overlook is preparing an accurate budget. Many people make the mistake of underestimating the total cost of the room or area they wish to improve. Instead, you should look at the bigger picture and estimate the total cost of the project at the very start to accommodate any unexpected costs.

Be careful not to overspend on materials or supplies. Chances are, many cheaper alternatives are just as effective with the same quality.

2. Choose the right person for the job

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Be selective about the contractors you engage in your home improvement or remodelling projects. Some contractors only specialise in home improvement. On the other hand, others offer a wider range of remodelling services, such as painting, roofing, stucco repair and other similar services.

Additionally, many contractors may specialise in different aesthetics. For instance, when it comes to wallpapers – you can choose a specific company for the job. At Wallhub, you’ll find that the nature-themed Japanese wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular, amongst their wide range of wallpaper options, which also includes the clean and minimalist style of Korean wallpaper. Feel free to browse through the choices and select the one that fits your home’s interiors best!

3. Consider getting help

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Think twice before doing an entire home remodelling project on your own. Sometimes, it is cheaper and faster to hire a home improvement or home remodelling company. When it comes to major jobs, it is wiser to err on the side of caution and engage an experienced company. Here are some examples of projects you should consider help with:

  • Installing new flooring
  • Tearing down walls
  • Re-carpeting
  • Upgrading electrical systems

However, there are times when you cannot afford to hire an expert, and you need to do the job yourself. On your own, you can conduct minor improvements that do not require much experience, such as simple painting jobs.

4. Understand the process

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It is important to understand the general principles and processes behind home improvement or home remodelling jobs. For beginners, this may seem daunting as the process may seem too complex.

As such, it is crucial to work with someone who has prior experience in home improvement to complete the job on time. When working with a licensed home improvement contractor, their expertise will facilitate a smoother process. Hence, if something goes wrong in the earlier stages, you can consult an expert for help.

5. Complement your current space

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It is easy to neglect your house’s overall theme or style when focusing on the technical aspects of home remodelling. Do consider the space, colours, and textures you need to work with. Your new project should complement your current space.

For example, your furniture may currently have a Scandinavian theme, but you are looking at brighter wallpaper designs for the living room to add more life into an otherwise minimalist space. It may be wiser to add a contrasting furniture piece instead of drastically changing your entire living room. Always contemplate carefully before starting on a project and undoing your changes midway.


The costs and size of your project may make home remodelling seem like a daunting task. However, these tips will better equip you as you embark on your home remodelling project to create a more beautiful living space!