Light Vs Dark: The Most Suitable Wallpaper For Your Home

Light Vs Dark: The Most Suitable Wallpaper For Your Home

Did you know that colours play a crucial role in affecting human moods? Although everybody perceives colours slightly differently, their effect can be universal.

As a result, it is essential to be surrounded by mood-elevating colours and understand what works and what does not, especially in your home. To do so, you would have to decide on the right wallpaper shade that would fit your space — whether it would be light or dark.

However, wallpapers come in various colours and hues; how can one choose? Picking a favourite colour is one thing — committing to a shade of wallpaper is another. There is so much pressure put into selecting the most suitable one for your home.

But do not fret, because we will go in-depth about choosing between light or dark in this article.

Let us share the differences between the two to help you decide on the perfect wallpaper for the atmosphere you are going for.

Light coloured wallpapers

Light coloured wallpapers

It is no secret that light colours give off a refreshing and lighthearted feel. This applies to wallpapers as well. Light coloured wallpapers give your space a more welcoming and open vibe.

As a result, they are perfect for any room size; In a sense, they even make smaller rooms look more spacious, and they are also great for a room with less lighting as light colours give the space an illusion that it is brighter.

Additionally, light coloured wallpapers are best for creating a more relaxed environment, rather than an intense look. Thus, they are excellent for areas you want to create a calm and cosy feeling, such as a bedroom or home office.

A popular sub-category of light colours is pastels. They give colours to the space but are peaceful to the eyes since they are much less overwhelming than most bright colours.

If you want a more classic and chic look but still stick to lighter colours, you can use soft neutrals such as beige, grey, and even traditional white.

Dark coloured wallpapers

Dark coloured wallpapers

If lighter colours give off a welcoming and lighthearted feel to your space, dark coloured wallpapers do the opposite — they make the room feel more intimate and enclosed.

As a result, dark colours do not go well with small areas; they look best in spacious rooms. However, you can still incorporate a darker aesthetic into your home if you have a smaller space by creating a dark accent wall.

Moreover, if you want to make an impression, darker coloured wallpapers are the perfect option as they give a luxurious and dramatic impact to the area.

Darker colours are more suitable in the living room and even bedrooms for a more private and intimate feel. Additionally, dark colours look best in rooms with sufficient lighting or windows to prevent the room from being swallowed by darkness.

Dark neutrals, such as black, dark grey, and dark brown, have gained popularity in modern interior designs because they are rich in expression and are incredibly versatile in terms of what other colours you can pair them with.


Different shades will give a room a distinct look and feel, altering the mood. Therefore, when selecting the perfect wallpaper for your space, consider how its shade will interact with the area to see if it will create the exact feeling that you desire. Whatever the style used, whether it’s a floral, brick or Japanese wallpaper, the mood you want to achieve will be affected just as much by the lightness or darkness of its colours.

Home with Wallhub & Zoe

Home to two and their adorable Tabby Maine Coons, this relaxing apartment features a stylish mix of botanical prints, refreshing greenery, and design elements of Zoe and Wen’s favourite places.

Today, on Home with Wallhub, we are lucky to have Zoe to share with us their ideas and considerations which shaped their home to one that exudes the warmth of their family as well as an extension of who they are as individuals.

Read on to find out more!

Wallhub: Hi Zoe! Thank you for taking the time to share your home and interior styling tips with us. Would you tell us a little about yourself (and your family), and how long have you been living in this gorgeous space of yours?

Zoe: Hi Wallhub, thank you for featuring our home and having me too. My husband and I (together with our two little lions) have been calling this place home for about 2 years.

Wallhub Wallpaper Project Feature (Residential)

Wallhub: We love how cosy every corner of your home is! What is your inspiration?

Zoe: Thank you! Both my husband and I really enjoy the nature and I especially love being surrounded by greenery (as you can tell by the wallpaper we chose and the number of plants in our home). At the same time, we wanted our home to exude the warmth of a family and be an extension of who we are as individuals. So we drew inspiration from Pinterest and the places we have been to or would like to go for example, the glass panels that resembles the French windows and the pendant lamp that transports us to a quaint Japanese nook.

Wallhub Wallpaper Project Feature (Residential)

Wallhub:  What were your key considerations when designing your space?

Zoe: To have loads of storage space, haha! We wanted to make sure that the carpentry was custom-built to our needs and at the same time not appear too bulky and dull. We also made sure we bought furniture that are comfortable and durable.

Aesthetics were also important because that impacts the look and feel of the home. So we spent a lot of time thinking about how to mix the laminate of the carpentry with the different textures of the home. We considered how the organic textures (e.g. Wooden grain) and synthetic textures (e.g. Brass finishing or fabric) of one furniture look and flow with another. We don’t want to be overly consistent but at the same time needed to make sure there was synergy in the aesthetics. We don’t make a purchase without extensive “eye-power” or what you call visualising work! 

A lot of people think that aesthetics and designing is “adding” and “putting together” concepts and ideas. Sometimes, it is also about dropping and cutting the fat. We dropped some design ideas and kept some of the walls “clean” to avoid saturating the space.

So, it was something of a balancing act between practicality, comfort, and aesthetics!

Wallhub Wallpaper Project Feature (Residential)

Wallhub: If you have got to pick one, which is your favourite part of the house, and why?

Zoe: The living and dining area!

It is where we can wind down with a book and a cup of tea (the little lions join us too) and at the same time host parties or have life-giving conversations with our friends and family. Due to Covid, we also got married in our living and dining area. So the space gives us a sense of calibrated simplicity and joy at the same time. We are so grateful for that.  

Wallhub Wallpaper Project Feature (Residential)

Wallhub: Your dining feature wallpaper looks great! How did you decide on the design?

Zoe: I think many were shocked when I told them that I had chosen my wallpaper even before I bought this place!

I chanced upon the design on Wallhub’s Instagram account and I fell in love with the look of large foliage and bold prints. The botanical design of the wallpaper and the bold colours were a juxtaposition of nature and modern living. That’s how I knew I wanted this to be a part of my home.

My husband then told me that although he liked having a “botanical” look he did not want live plants in the home, so I thought the wallpaper was the only way I could satisfy my dream of a jungle home. The wallpaper came, yes but eventually so did all the plants you see here in my living room. Oops.

The result? I think it looks pretty good! So, my husband is not complaining and no regrets at all.  

Wallhub Wallpaper Project Feature (Residential)

Wallhub: Tell us more about your experience with Wallhub!

Zoe: I had an easy experience coordinating with Wallhub. We met our sales assistant from Wallhub at the Home By Hitcheed event 6 months before we started renovation. Once we have confirmed the wallpaper, we linked up both Wallhub with our Interior Designer and all I needed to do was to choose my desired texture of the wallpaper and decide on the space where I wanted the wallpaper to be. My ID and Wallhub coordinated to ensure the measurements were accurate and viola, it all came together.

Wallhub Wallpaper Project Feature (Residential)

Wallhub: With 2 years in, how is the wallpaper holding up for you especially when your adorable furkids (Mochi & Matcha) are free to be where their hearts lead them?

Zoe: The wallpaper is holding up well! There were no issues on maintenance thus far and the texture does not catch dust too. Matcha and Mochi are both long fur cats and the wallpaper did not catch on their fur. My cats do not have severe scratching habits but even if they did, the wallpaper seem to have a very durable finish that will be able to withstand it.

Wallhub Wallpaper Project Feature (Residential)

Wallhub: Thank you so much for sharing, Zoe! Would you have any tips for other couples looking for inspiration to style their homes?

Zoe: Enjoy the process of your home styling and designing journey! Afterall, a home is not about how it looks but really about the people who lives in it.  


Wallhub Wallpaper Project Feature (Residential)

For more peeks into the lovely spaces of homeowners of #homewithwallhub, head on over here!

LondonArt | Exclusive wallpaper handmade in Italy

In the present day, wallpaper is not only about being a material that dresses a bare wall. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, elevate the ambience and experience of the space. Most importantly, it is key for wallpaper to be practical. It should be easy to apply and ecological to remove for future interior updates.

Excelling in these considerations while spearheading the wallcovering scene is Italian-based brand, LondonArt. Their stylish collections are derived by combining fashion, graphic and architectural elements. The explorative and innovative designs encompass the multiple creative facets of designers, illustrators and tattoo artists, tell tales like no other with the use of colour, perspective, and materials.

The designs are printed on high-level functionality wallpapers of different textures —  including water-resistant options made of fibre-glass that are ideal for bathrooms and wet areas. It is no surprise that LondonArt wallpapers are highly sought after by designers, architects, interior decorators as well as homeowners for homes, commercial, and hospitality projects all around the world.


Read on to find out more about LondonArt’s exclusive designs, their unique styles, and why they make great wallcovering options for your space!


  1. Exclusive Wallpaper Collection by LondonArt

First on our list is the LondonArt collection. It is made up of collaborative works with designers, artists and more that brings you through a whimsical journey of breathtaking artistic interpretations, botanical prints, splash on a Dada or Macchiaioli painting, and even Art Deco references. You would be spoilt for choices, whether it is to find the perfect piece of finely carve Italian marquetry or lush scenery to create an interior teeming with jungle life.  


  1. Wanderlust by Marcel Wanders

In this collection, Marcel Wanders Studio takes us on a unique journey, inspired by the lust to travel and experience cultures. The team of Dutch designers cast their vision on some of the world’s most alluring cities and their cultures while merging Marcel Wanders signatures of strong colours, architectural geometries, and zoomorphic elements like fruits, horses, and flowers. The result? Captivating and surreal decorative worlds that are reinvented using the eclectic design language that frames sidereal sceneries, botanical patterns, and distant visions that are sure to please anyone consumed by wanderlust.


  1. Luxury Shit by TOILETPAPER

If pop art is your jam, this capsule wallpaper collection by graphic magazine, Toilet Paper, — founded by artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrar — will be right up your alley. This series of brash, provocative wallpapers aptly named Luxury Shit, features vibrant and bold images that combine commercial photography with pop suggestions, surrealist evocations, creating complex orchestrations that showcase the world of art in fresh new perspectives.

Each design starts from a subject and evolves into a complex juxtaposition of ideas, people, and objects, resulting in a sort of mental outlet. Luxury Shit for LondonArt is a curation of beautiful and bold images that magnetise people to Toiletpaper’s visual nonconformity —  a world of possibilities with objects of daily life embracing absurdity with arms wide open.


  1. The Daydreamer by Gio Pagani

No stranger to the world of tasteful and stylish interior designs, Italian furniture designer — Gio Pagani, created this sophisticated and haptic wallpaper set that combines 1970s style with Japanese prints.

The Daydreamer set of wallpapers ranges from abstract geometrics and distinctive colourways of the 70s to repeating motifs of plants and animals, and more. Think large, snarling tigers in deep ochres and brown hues, oversized red flowers blossom from branches like a Japanese painting.

This collection also features a curated playlist to bring you an experience like no other. Talk about hitting all the right notes with aesthetics, function, and ambience!

LondonArt Wallpaper, how is it made and from what materials?

The head-to-tail production of all LondonArt wallpapers is carried out exclusively in Italy with Italian raw materials and cutting-edge technological systems. All designs from their collections can be printed on the following types of wallpaper.

  • Kanda
  • Raw
  • Greenwallpaper
  • Glass with Blue Glass Finish
  • Glass with White Glass Finish

The first 2 paper types listed are non-woven wallcoverings with different embossing. They are a made-to-measure material rendering of the environments.

Greenwallpaper is a non-woven, PVC-free fabric. It is suitable for indoor environments and is recyclable.

Next on the list is Glass. It is made from ultra-thin special fiberglass yarn. This cutting-edge technology shatters conventional limitations of wallpaper in your intimate and personal spaces at home.

With the Blue Glass Finish, Glass performs well in environments with running water, like the shower, back of sinks, and exterior walls. It has high mechanical and water resistance and is washable.

Glass in White Glass Finish is created for walls that require frequent cleaning and are subject to wear such as the backsplash of kitchens. It has high mechanical and impact resistance. It is also washable.


The Takeaway

LondonArt’s wallpapers are exclusive, imaginative, and luxurious. Their collection has an undisputed aesthetic appeal which is combined with functionality to result in strong, impactful solutions.

Their experimental and highly innovative wallpaper designs are the canvases on which today’s most exciting designers find space to dream. So let your imagination have the free-play as you dress your walls like never before.


LondonArt Wallpaper is now available in Singapore, exclusively at Wallhub.

Visit our showrooms to find out more in person here.

The 3 Do’s And 3 Don’ts Of Decorating With Floral Wallpapers

The 3 Do's And 3 Don'ts Of Decorating With Floral Wallpapers

For most people, capturing the essence of nature and bringing it inside one’s home would typically entail getting a bunch of flora and placing them hither and thither.

While this method certainly does achieve the desired effect, it comes with a couple of drawbacks, such as taking up space and requiring maintenance to retain their beauty. Thankfully, there is a better and more convenient option readily available - wallpapers!

With hundreds of patterns, textures, and colours to choose from, wallpapers provide quick and straightforward access to any look you may want, whether it be painterly Japanese wallpapers or a natural-looking floral wallpapers.

If you are interested in adding a flowery touch to your interiors, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

The Do’s

1. Try out bolder styles

Try Out Bolder Styles

Floral wallpapers do not just work well as a subtle backdrop; they can also be used to make a statement wall, especially those that feature bolder prints. These wallpapers work exceptionally well in filling larger walls devoid of design, such as in large open areas like the dining room and living room.

Even if your home has no such space large enough for it, you can still create a feature wall with some extra steps. Ideally, you would want to supplement the wall with complementary colours inspired by the palette contained within the bolder print.

For example, you could choose your preferred colour from the main wallpaper and use a similar shade on the surrounding walls. In this way, the floral feature is enhanced, and the arrangement subtly creates a sense of continuity throughout the entire space.

2. Add depth with texture

Add Depth With Texture

Apart from the design, the print’s texture is another essential feature to consider since it plays a significant role in how the wallpaper will work and affect the overall look of the space.

To maintain the daintiness of the textured print, choose one that is lighter in shade or colour. Moreover, when choosing darker florals, limit them to just one wall and accentuate their looks with pastels and neutral shades.

3. Consider darker florals

Consider Darker Florals

Although it may seem like an unlikely combination, floral prints with darker hues are also excellent choices that can provide a unique and tastefully unexpected look in small applications.

While they can certainly work well in room-wide arrangements, it is best to read up on the psychology of colour before fully committing to the idea.

The Don’ts

1. Mix and match in one room

Mix And Match In One Room

It is important to always keep patterns similar when working with floral prints in any given space. Mixing a floral design with a somewhat identical jungle print, for instance, will only serve to make rooms looks more scattered.

If other wallpapers are necessary, it is best to stick with solid colour options that accentuate the main floral print and makes it pop.

2. Go for dated patterns (unless being old-school is the goal)

Go For Dated Patterns (Unless Being Old-School Is The Goal)Go For Dated Patterns (Unless Being Old-School Is The Goal)

Certain floral patterns can inadvertently make a room look and feel older than it actually is. Therefore, unless you’re trying to be deliberately retro, be mindful and only select prints with a modern aesthetic to retain an up-to-date atmosphere and avoid making the space appear as if it were from decades ago.

3. Overuse it

Overuse It

Whatever the theme of your wallpapers, too much of one design can make your interiors appear monotone. As such, include variety while retaining consistency with patterns and designs that have a similar colour palette to that of your floral wallpaper.


Those looking to include a bit of nature’s beauty into their homes don’t necessarily have to resort to getting the genuine thing. With floral patterned wallpapers readily available today, achieving that natural vibe and expressing your personality through interior design is now easier than ever, so long as you follow these decorative guidelines.