Carpet Tile Flooring: A Brief Overview And Their Benefits

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When it comes to flooring options, homeowners and commercial space managers have plenty of options to choose from: regular tiles, wood flooring, and vinyl flooring, to name a few. However, there is another choice that most people aren’t aware of - carpet tiles.

Get to know what this type of flooring offers and why they may be the ideal choice for your next project.

Carpet tiles, explained

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Carpet tiles are essentially modular or square carpets that have been cut from single rolls and can be fitted together like a puzzle piece to make up a carpet. Apart from the regular square, carpet tiles also come in various other shapes, like triangles and hexagons. However, note that using tiles that sport these uncommon shapes adds more complexity and increases overall costs.

For everyday commercial environments like bars and restaurants, carpet tiles are a prevalent flooring choice. Carpet tiles also serve as a perfect substitute for wall-to-wall carpets in nearly any situation that doesn’t require unique customisation. Moreover, carpet tiles are easy to install and maintain, last a long time, and share the same qualities as a single-piece carpet.

Key advantages of using carpet tiles

1. Cost and time savings

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Thanks to their smaller size, carpet tiles are significantly easier to lift, carry, move, and install compared to single-piece carpets since they can be stacked on top of each other and passed through tight spaces with ease, such as elevators.

In addition, there is less waste when using carpet tiles because there is a lot less cutting required during installation, a crucial advantage when renovating rooms full of nooks and odd corners. As such, if a project is on a tight schedule or budget, the cost and time savings of using carpet tiles are invaluable.

Throw in rolls of wallpaper (with gorgeous designs from Japanese to Korean wallpaper to boot) – it’ll help speed up the renovation process further and even beautify a household. Besides, with proper maintenance you can keep your wall coverings clean and long-lasting.

2. Easy to remove and replace

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Besides ease of installation, carpet tiles are also dead simple to remove. Another extremely convenient benefit of the modularity of carpet tiles is that whenever damage, spillage, or wear and tear occurs, only the affected areas need to be removed and individually replaced, not the entire piece.

Also, whenever access to the subfloor is necessary, this piece-by-piece removal helps keep things easy and avoids unnecessary disruption to the regular flow of foot traffic.

3. Great design flexibility

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In some ways, these tiles provide greater design flexibility than wall-to-wall carpets. Thanks to new and continuous improvements to dye technology, carpet tiles can be adorned with a wider range of hues and patterns that just aren’t possible on regular carpets.

Through the application of dyes, after the carpet tiles are cut into modular squares, it is easy to perfectly achieve a design registration that flows seamlessly across all the edges of each tile and even to the surrounding walls adorned by brick wallpapers or other designs. Also, just like in wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles can be applied with custom colours or designs to craft a variety of unique environments, limited only by the interior designer’s imagination.


When renovating a space, it’s best to consider all possible options before making a decision. Just like how it’s recommended to check if a wallpaper would fit better for a wall than paint, carpet tiles should also be considered when it’s time to deal with the flooring.

Wallpaper Woes: 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Wallpaper

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Wallpapers are more than just plain pieces of paper – they are bold home décor staples that transform your living space into one brimming with warmth, radiance, and joy. As with any home, its furnishings and decorations should complement one another, ultimately pulling off a cohesive design that perfectly reflects your taste and style.

With wallpaper patterns of your choice and meaningful memorabilia occupying prominent spaces around your home, your cosy abode will tell your guests an enthralling story of who you are as a person and allow them to glean valuable insight into your past experiences.

However, before you take the plunge and purchase any wallpaper at a whim, it is vital to note that the design of your chosen paper can make or break your room. But with thousands of varying colours and patterns in the market, which wallpaper best befits your home?

Then, let this guide help you – here are some amateur mistakes to steer clear of to help you in your search for the perfect wallpaper!

1. Choosing an unflattering design

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Selecting the perfect wallpaper that is compatible with the rest of your interior décor is key. By doing so, your room is magically transformed into a space infused with elegance and style. Any imperfections – such as unmatched furniture or uneven floor surfaces – once visible in your living area will be camouflaged, as eyes will be immediately drawn to your breathtaking wallpaper. And just like how every home’s interior design is different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wallpapers.

Wallpaper is intended to draw attention to your sleek furniture and improve the overall aesthetics of your entire home. As such, you should carefully choose the right wallpaper that complements the rest of your furnishings. Before you make any impulsive purchases, take a look around your home and evaluate the living space.

For instance, if you have a spacious dining room, choosing a wallpaper dotted with small patterns will not do it justice, for the design is undiscernible from afar – hence, it will fail to make a statement. Conversely, homeowners residing in compact houses should consider opting for prints with inconspicuous designs instead of large ones to avoid overwhelming the room. There are many soft-coloured and dainty Japanese and Korean wallpaper that’s easy on the eye and gives a nice touch to the room.

2. Neglecting to request wallpaper samples 

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Before purchasing a wallpaper, a pro-tip is to choose a reputable wallpaper company that provides samples for their customers. Because you’re planning to cover a vast area of your walls in wallpaper, precautions are necessary to ensure that the paper design complements the rest of your décor.

For example, if you’re carting out wallpaper online, there can be unavoidable variations between the digital image and the actual product. The wallpaper may not work as well in your desired space as to how you’ve initially perceived it to be, especially so if you’ve based it on online pictures. Thus, in such situations where you want to be sure of your wallpaper choice, samples come in handy.

Furthermore, if you’re unable to take your pick between a few shortlisted wallpaper designs, you can order a sample piece of each and physically compare them against the walls of your home! This allows you to fully visualise how the decal will look in your house and whether it would best create the effect that you’re looking for.

3. Not considering the measurements of your walls

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Before you get all excited over giving your home a much-needed makeover, it is wise to dedicate time to measure the dimensions of your walls. A common blunder that most homeowners make is overlooking the measurements of their walls, which often results in excess rolls of paper or a lack thereof.

The latter raises another set of problems: returning to the store to purchase more material for which the wallpaper company may not have leftovers. This leaves the decoration of your walls in an awkward, unsightly state.

A sure-fire solution to discerning just how many rolls of wallpaper you require is to use an online wallpaper calculator. All you need to do is enter the measured dimensions of your walls, and the calculator will inform you of the number of wallpaper rolls you need.

The best part about it? Wallpaper calculators are free and can be easily accessed through a quick Google search! (Psst, you can also use our calculator app instead to find the right size!)

4. Selecting the incorrect wallpaper material

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This is a golden age of wallpapers where homeowners are spoilt with an abundance of paper styles, patterns, and fabrics to adorn their walls with – from European, Turkish, to Japanese wallpaper. But aside from choosing a wallpaper design befitting your home’s aesthetics, considering your paper’s material is also essential. This is because wallpapers come in a wide array of textiles, and each fabric boasts its own desired effect and advantages.

To make an informed decision on a suitable wallpaper that fits your living space, it is optimal to research its material and longevity beforehand. For example, you’ll want to evaluate the durability of each textile you have in mind and pick one that is sturdy and long-lasting.


Wallpapers are a hefty investment, but by following this guide to a tee, you will avoid any potential wallpaper disasters when attempting to spruce up your humble abode.

3 Marvelous Ways Wallpapers Can Glamorise Your Interiors

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Our homes serve as our permanent retreat where we can put down roots for the long haul and are the primary spaces wherein we feel safe and secure from outside threats. Thus, it’s only right to make it as comfortable as possible to make one feel “right at home”.

However, comfort isn’t the only thing that must be considered when it comes to personalising one’s abode. Introducing the design and decor that fully reflects one’s personality is crucial to making the space your own. And out of all the decorative elements one can use to do so, wallpapers are undoubtedly the best option for unbridled expressiveness.

Learn the three ways how wallpapers can complement or enhance your interiors and why they should be your first option.

Harmonise with a theme or stand out against it

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Wallpapers are inherently flexible in that they can serve varying purposes depending on their design and application. For instance, if a room being worked on already has a set theme and colour scheme, the suitable wallpaper can either blend in harmoniously with the surroundings or stand out against it as an accent piece of sorts.

Additionally, if the room is barebones, the wallpaper can serve as the primary agent that dictates how the space will be designed by the following pieces such as furniture, curtains, and more.

Enliven upward spaces and other bland areas

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Just because they’re called wallpapers doesn’t mean their use is limited to the surrounding walls only. If a room is already complete but still feels like something’s missing, there may be one last area to decorate to bring the whole thing together: the ceiling.

Despite being out of sight most of the time, ceilings also affect how a room looks overall due to them spanning the entire space. Leaving them out of the picture can make the room look half-complete once one notices the bland space overhead. Give them some life with a bit of artistic touch like those from Korean wallpapers and make things interesting or, if you just want them to blend in, cover them up with a wallpaper that matches the primary colour of the room.

Additionally, you can also opt to use wallpapers on other spaces that need a splash of colour or highlight areas with them as well. Some notable pieces that could use them are bookshelves, desks, alcoves, and wardrobes.

Change the mood depending on lighting

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If you want to add a bit of drama and mood to a room, artworks and related pieces are some of the best ways of introducing it to a space. But if you’re on a budget, a distinct wallpaper and some lighting can also do the trick.

The colours, textures, or patterns of the chosen wallpaper can exude varying atmospheres depending on the amount of light in a space, its type, and locations. Play around with these two variables and see how they change the room at different times during the day.


Whether it be single-colour hues or familiar patterns, such as brick wallpapers, there’s plenty of ways in which wallpapers can enhance your interiors and make them more visually appealing than before.

3 Major Reasons Why Your Workspace Needs Quality Wallpaper

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The set up and design of your workspace has a direct impact on your job or business. From your work motivation to your clients’ first impression, everything is affected by the kind of vibes that your workspace exudes. For this reason, it is important to make your workspace as pleasantly designed as possible.

One of the best things you can do to add colours and positive energy to your workspace is to put up a wallpaper there. Your wall space is the largest and most notable space in your workplace. So, you need to make sure that your wall has a design that will truly stand out and catch people’s attention.

Whether you are working in a traditional office or at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is highly recommended that you install wallpaper in your workspace. In fact, there are plenty of benefits that come with doing so – read on to know what they are.

1. It boosts productivity

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According to research, happy workers tend to be more productive on average. Oftentimes, making your employees happy or being a joyful employee yourself does not require so much. Apart from having a good working culture and being paid well, working in a vibrant and cosy workspace environment is also an essential factor.

Your work environment can have a direct influence on your mood as well as your motivation to start and finish your job. It can even be a determining factor of your stress level. Hence, if you want to boost your productivity and perform well at work, you might need to improve the way your workspace is set up and designed.

Start by having a wallpaper that is not just eye-catching but also functional. Many wallpapers are useful in reducing noises coming in from the outside like the sounds of honking cars. Choosing these kinds of wallpaper can help improve your concentration on your job.

Moreover, you should also pick wallpapers with relaxing vibes to help ease your work-related stress. Japanese wallpapers and Korean wallpapers are some of your best options, as they are quite known for having simple and calming designs.

2. It is more sustainable

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Aside from beautifying your commercial space, wallpapers are also your best economical choice when it comes to workspace design. Compared to paint, a wallpaper will last up to five times longer in your workplace if it is maintained well. The average shelf life of a high-quality wallpaper is 15 to 25 years. This will give you so much advantage, as you will no longer have to spend great amount of money on design upkeep.

Apart from lasting longer than paint, wallpaper is also your best sustainable option because it requires less maintenance and energy use. Most premium wallpapers can be easily scrubbed and cleaned, which means that you can save thousands of dollars every year from labour and repairs. Many kinds of wallpapers are also considered great insulators, which can help you spend less on your energy bill every month.

3. It creates a good impression among clients

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If you are working in a traditional office, and you have clients coming in all the time, you need to make your workspace extra clean, aesthetic, and eye-pleasing in order to create a good first impression. One of the best ways to do this is to put up a wallpaper that will symbolise your business or company and its culture.

Commercial wallpaper comes in a variety of patterns and designs. It is important to choose the right design that will coincide with the taste and preference of not just your own team but also your clients. For example, if you want a workspace that can brighten your clients’ mood right away, a striped wallpaper is suitable for you. On the other hand, if you want a stylish-looking office, brick wallpaper is one of your best choices.


Increased productivity, sustainability, and good customer impression – these are only some of the best benefits you can get from having a wallpaper installed in your workplace. Whether you are working in an office with a bunch of other people or at home in a solo mini workspace, you surely need a premium-quality wallpaper to enhance your work environment and keep your motivation high at all times.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Curtains

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Some people would argue that a window is never complete without curtains, and we like to think that we share the same sentiments. Curtains play a huge part in shifting the overall aesthetics of the room it is in, and depending on its colour or material, you can wholly transform the room vibes.

Yes, it is definitely possible to make use of furniture and other crucial pieces of room decoration to make your room pop. But curtains help to set everything in place, be it plains or prints, opaque or sheer, vibrant colours or neutrals – you name it!

So, to make sure that you do it right, keep these tips in mind because the number of available options can be overwhelming.

Know exactly what you need

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Depending on the room that you are decorating, you may either be looking for drapes or curtains. Most people often make the mistake of interchanging these two, thinking that they are the same. However, they couldn’t be any more different – curtains are light textiles that hang off curtain rods to make sure what’s inside isn’t visible from the outside, while drapes on the other hand are thicker so that it can block out sunlight.

Curtains are ideal if you need to decorate common rooms such as the living room or the dining area because you rarely encounter the need to block out the sun in these rooms. While you can still use curtains for bedrooms, it’s best to couple it with drapes so that you have the option to darken your room in the morning for an extra five minutes of sleep.

The type of fabric matters

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When it comes to achieving a certain effect in your room, choosing a curtain with the right material helps a lot. Your available options could range from fabrics as sheer as lace to thicker ones like heavy velvet. But to make things simpler, you generally have two things you need to take into consideration; the amount of outdoor light you want streaming in, and the mood you are trying to achieve.

Try looking at room inspirations online or within the pages of a home magazine. You should be able to easily find one that best matches your preference, and when you do, try to take note of the kind of curtain material that the room is using. This will help you get an idea of what type of fabric you need.

Your choice of curtain colour

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Just as there are a plethora of curtain fabrics available, you also have a lot of colours to choose from. It is important for you to pick the right one because curtain colour can either make or break the room’s aesthetics. Ideally, the colour that you choose shouldn’t clash with other adornments that you have in place.

Try and see what curtain design would best complement the rest of the room’s fixture – perhaps a cream-coloured curtain if the room is in a shade of pastel blue for a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vibe or an opaque curtain over a brick wallpaper.

The dimensions that you need

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You can usually purchase curtains online that have fixed dimensions. But if you want to be very meticulous, it’s best if you know how tall and how wide you want your curtains to be, and it all starts with determining the actual size of your windows. If you are trying to go for a sophisticated look, try going for a curtain size that is long enough to reach the floor.

As for the width, it should be wide enough to cover the entire window when you close it. To do this, measure the width of your windowpane and multiply it by a factor of 2/2.5. This might be too wide, but it will help your curtains look “fuller” when they are drawn back.


Choosing the right type of curtain can indeed be fun, but it can also be challenging. But if you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can easily narrow your options down.

A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Room

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Choosing the wallpaper for your room is sometimes deemed to be unimportant compared to your choice of furnishings. Many may also not pay much attention and choose their wallpaper solely based on their likes alone.

However, if chosen correctly, the wallpaper might be the perfect accessory for the room, and you may not need wall embellishments like mirrors and shelves to spruce up your space.

Here are some tips you could use as you are shopping for your new wallpaper.

Make use of colours

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Colours are not just used to furnish the wallpaper itself but also to set the room’s mood. Choosing the right colour can make your room appear larger and ceilings higher. The colours of your choice should also match the colour of your windows, flooring and furniture.

Softer and cooler colours can give an air of tranquillity, while brighter, more intense colours add vibrance and make the room feel fresh. Warmer colours are also a more popular choice in colder climates as the room would feel more hospitable. Whereas a lighter coloured wallpaper can accent your furnishings that are of bolder colours.

So long as the colours of your wallpaper are appropriate based on the colour palette of your room, you would not need to worry about the cohesiveness of the room.

Explore patterns and textures

Choosing wallpapers with different patterns and textures could be risky. If you do not decide with caution, you may risk the room looking tacky and even mismatched. Instead of choosing the pattern that caught your eye in the store, go with the design you feel would best match the room.

Abstract patterns and textures can hide architectural imperfections in the wall due to construction. Brick wallpapers also provide some uniformity to the surface while giving a flat wall an added texture.

In addition, the patterns on the wallpaper should match up with the scale of the room. Select smaller designs for smaller spaces and more prominent, bolder prints to match larger rooms. If you are looking for a ‘dramatic’ effect, the large, bold print in a small room might work. It all boils down to what you envision your space to be like after the wallpaper is mounted.

Play with the space of the room

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Furthermore, you can also use wallpaper to make the rooms appear larger or smaller than they are. Using a large print with darker undertones create the illusion of a smaller room. Contrasting colours on the colour wheel may also make the walls seem closer than they are.

When we choose our striped pants, we tend to go for vertical stripes to make our legs appear longer. The same principle applies to wallpapers. When we use wider, horizontal lines, the wall might appear shorter than it is, making the ceilings feel closer to us. Vine and paisley patterned stripes may also work for this scenario.

Mix but match

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Going for a solid-coloured wallpaper might seem dull, especially when the room holds little furniture. Conversely, heavily patterned wallpapers that are common amongst kids wallpaper might make the room appear cluttered. What you should note would be to strike a balance. Even as you are matching the colours of the furnishings to the wall vice versa, make sure you also pay attention to how you are going to use the room.

When you are mixing patterns, for example, stripes and plaids, make sure to pick designs that accent the same colour. They do not need to be the same colour or shade as they are from the same colour palette. To help you make a choice, you could try to group the designs you have in mind by colour to give you a rough gauge and make coordinating much more manageable.

In addition, the wallpapers and furniture do not need to match strictly for the room to feel seamless – what you can do is find a wallpaper that fits the concept of the furniture. Suppose you intend to have a light brown tatami mat in the corner of the room near the window. The wallpaper you choose does not necessarily have to be light brown – instead, go with a Japanese wallpaper that suits the concept.


Choosing wallpaper is easier than it sounds, so long as your decision fits the room and what you might envision it to be. Using these tips above, we are sure you will find the ideal wallpaper for your space.

6 Key Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Be it a brand-new home or a rental apartment, having a house of your own is bound to draw out your inner handyman.

When this spirit arises, the desire to fix and improve every aspect of your home becomes overwhelming. In another sense, it could mean switching up your home’s appearance completely with breathtaking floral Korean wallpaper, or even buying brand new furniture, for instance.

Either way – it’s time to start refining your home’s appearance with the right procedures. Read on for some points to consider as you transform your house into a happier living space:

1. Save enough for the project

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Large projects are costly, but using this as an excuse to not limit your spending on each bill would only create bigger worries down the road.

To prevent this, figure out what you can afford to splurge on and what you should be more cautious with. A useful tip is to be more lenient with spending on complex projects that you cannot fix on your own, such as water heaters and electrical wiring. For more replaceable objects such as showers, light fittings, and drawers, opt for more affordable options.

Consider the usage and pleasure of each piece of furniture or appliance. For example, avid home cooks may find the oven of their fantasies more important than extravagant yet costly interiors.

2. Choose the right contractor 
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A trustworthy handyman or contractor is almost as critical as a skilled surgeon or doctor. To avoid similar experiences of getting duped by scheming builders or redesigning poorly completed projects by inept builders, be sure to read up and vet all companies you plan to work with.

Consult your friends, neighbours, and even repair shops for suggestions. Licensing and portfolio checks are important. Do examine the contractor’s insurance; this is an important move that you cannot miss!

Additionally, schedule an appointment with the consultant. Do obtain forecasts, and with the help of a graph or other databases, keep track of the quotation parameters. Inquire for sources and always follow up. By keeping your contractors accountable, you are preventing future issues that will cost more down the road.

3. Take advantage of DIY tutorials

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The Internet has never made it easier to do a few minor repairs. With many infographics and reference blogs, you can easily pinpoint the simpler issues with any appliance in your home. Some questions you may be considering include the following:

·       How do I deal with a faulty or congested septic tank?

·       Is it enough to rinse the filter in my washing machine?

·       What’s the best way to refinish a dining table?

Follow your favourite blogs and channels for updates on how to resolve such problems or tips on embarking on your next big project!

4. Prioritise the urgent projects

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You may want to do a complete overhaul at once, but some upgrades are more pressing or relevant than others. To avoid catastrophic losses, begin with the most important projects, so issues do not snowball.

This is especially true for basic repairs like sealing drafts and removing cleaners, which are more urgent than buying a new wardrobe to replace your feasible current one.

5. Maximise your home

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House maintenance may seem intimidating. When you are unsure of where or how to begin, it is beneficial to prioritise tasks that would maximise the value of your home.

Consider bathroom and kitchen updates, and other additions that add usable space, such as completed attics and floors. Avoid wasting space and look for various organisational methods to make the most out of your home. For instance, you could opt for brick wallpaper for an industrial theme that makes your space look bigger.

6. Have the right tools

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Your bare hands are not enough to enhance your household; a multi-tool is the bare minimum! Ensure your toolbox has the basics for both small and large assignments. Simple drainage toolkits are useful in the event your plumber is unavailable.

More importantly, don’t overlook how your cellphone is the most useful weapon in your arsenal, for it grants access to the plethora of materials on the Internet. But if all fails, there’s always duct tape!


Dazzled by the endless prospects of home improvement, new homeowners often overlook the importance of cost and other important considerations. Keep in mind these six useful tips to stay on track, and you are all set to be the proud owner of a beautiful, cosy living space.

5 Ways In Which Wallpapers Enhance Your Living Space

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When it comes to decorating a room, there’s no better medium to express yourself than the blank walls surrounding you. In coordination with proper interior decor, an expressive wall design helps establish harmony amongst a room’s furnishings, lighting, and colour palette into a cohesive and visually pleasing whole.

Thus, it’s vital to give proper care when choosing your covering of choice. Thanks to their limitless number of designs and patterns, wallpapers are undoubtedly the best option to achieve this due to the opportunity they provide for you to fully express yourself and manifest your personality into tangible form.

Below, we go over five ways on how wallpapers can enhance your space like no other.

Adds a bit of flair and drama

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Adding a bit of flair and drama to a room is made simple with designer wallpapers, foregoing the need to invest extra lighting or pricey art pieces. Whether you go for a contemporary design aesthetic or something exotic like Japanese wallpaper, you’re sure to achieve that dramatic “wow” factor with just the right wallpaper.

Dictates styleWallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Regular wall paint can invoke a certain mood or feeling, but its simplicity hinders its expressiveness. On the other hand, wallpapers come in an uncountable variety of designs and patterns, making it easy to find the one that fits your aesthetic requirements.

Additionally, certain patterns also affect how a room will look to the observer. For instance, smaller prints possess the capacity of creating a sense of spaciousness, while larger ones can create the opposite effect, making a room seem smaller. No matter what you choose, each wallpaper will have its own characteristics that direct towards a specific style.

Brings in nature without any hassle

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Adding elements of nature into your room doesn’t have to be limited to placing a bit of flora here and there. Floral prints, such as those found in Korean wallpapers, can evoke the great outdoors and bring the beauty of nature right into your home without the need to buy real or artificial plants to decorate the space.

Invites accent walls

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Similar to accent furniture, accent walls are a vital component in enhancing a space’s design. Find a prominent wall area, a niche, or any other suitable surface and cover them with a layer of wallpaper, preferably the one with a design that matches with the other accent pieces already present.

Serves as a good substitute for art

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Some wallpapers possess designs worthy of being classified as art and can thus prove to be suitable substitutes for wall decor. Whether you opt to use them to cover up an entire wall or have them framed in separate pieces, using them as wall art is undoubtedly an excellent option to consider.


Wallpapers have made a comeback in recent years, and this popularity is by no means unfounded. Their inexpensiveness, versatility, and copious amounts of designs and patterns allow you to express yourself to the fullest and reshape your home’s aesthetics with ease.

5 Tips To Prepare For Your Home Remodelling Project

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Like many homeowners, you may be looking for cost-effective ways before you remodel your home. Unfortunately, home improvement projects, such as bathroom and kitchen remodels, can be costly.

However, there are ways to cut expenses without compromising quality. In this article, we have some tips for reducing your budget for these home improvement projects. With the right perspective and sufficient preparation in advance, there are many ways to remodel your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Analyse your budget

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

A vital tip most homeowners overlook is preparing an accurate budget. Many people make the mistake of underestimating the total cost of the room or area they wish to improve. Instead, you should look at the bigger picture and estimate the total cost of the project at the very start to accommodate any unexpected costs.

Be careful not to overspend on materials or supplies. Chances are, many cheaper alternatives are just as effective with the same quality.

2. Choose the right person for the job

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Be selective about the contractors you engage in your home improvement or remodelling projects. Some contractors only specialise in home improvement. On the other hand, others offer a wider range of remodelling services, such as painting, roofing, stucco repair and other similar services.

Additionally, many contractors may specialise in different aesthetics. For instance, when it comes to wallpapers – you can choose a specific company for the job. At Wallhub, you’ll find that the nature-themed Japanese wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular, amongst their wide range of wallpaper options, which also includes the clean and minimalist style of Korean wallpaper. Feel free to browse through the choices and select the one that fits your home’s interiors best!

3. Consider getting help

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Think twice before doing an entire home remodelling project on your own. Sometimes, it is cheaper and faster to hire a home improvement or home remodelling company. When it comes to major jobs, it is wiser to err on the side of caution and engage an experienced company. Here are some examples of projects you should consider help with:

  • Installing new flooring
  • Tearing down walls
  • Re-carpeting
  • Upgrading electrical systems

However, there are times when you cannot afford to hire an expert, and you need to do the job yourself. On your own, you can conduct minor improvements that do not require much experience, such as simple painting jobs.

4. Understand the process

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

It is important to understand the general principles and processes behind home improvement or home remodelling jobs. For beginners, this may seem daunting as the process may seem too complex.

As such, it is crucial to work with someone who has prior experience in home improvement to complete the job on time. When working with a licensed home improvement contractor, their expertise will facilitate a smoother process. Hence, if something goes wrong in the earlier stages, you can consult an expert for help.

5. Complement your current space

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

It is easy to neglect your house’s overall theme or style when focusing on the technical aspects of home remodelling. Do consider the space, colours, and textures you need to work with. Your new project should complement your current space.

For example, your furniture may currently have a Scandinavian theme, but you are looking at brighter wallpaper designs for the living room to add more life into an otherwise minimalist space. It may be wiser to add a contrasting furniture piece instead of drastically changing your entire living room. Always contemplate carefully before starting on a project and undoing your changes midway.


The costs and size of your project may make home remodelling seem like a daunting task. However, these tips will better equip you as you embark on your home remodelling project to create a more beautiful living space!

5 Benefits Of Choosing Wallpaper To Renovate Your Home

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When you are thinking of doing a complete overhaul of your living space, you usually start with the walls. By doing so, you are probably deciding on whether or not you should try choosing another paint colour or sticking wallpaper to try something new.

If the latter sounds appealing, you’re in luck because we have gathered five benefits and reasons why choosing a wallpaper to revamp your room or even your entire house.

Wallpapers are easy to apply

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

When it comes to wallpapers, its main advantage that most people are aware of is that they are very easy to apply – just simply apply it to a clean wall and wait for it to dry.

No fussing around with coloured drips on the wall that you would otherwise get if you chose paint over wallpaper. On the other hand, if you find that the wallpaper has bumps, you can simply smooth it out until it is flat.

Optical illusion helps make the space appear larger

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Wallpapers have the tendency to make rooms larger than they actually are, especially if you use a wallpaper that has a lot of white or light colours. Regardless of whether or not you have a huge amount of space, you can be guaranteed that certain wallpapers can make the room feel bigger and more relaxing.

Modernises your space

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Most people looking into turning their homes around use wallpaper because wallpapers with bright and contemporary designs can make the space that you are working on look modern, which means that you don’t have to tinker around with other interior designs to match it.

You can set up different themes for your walls to create an interesting effect, or perhaps tweak the lighting a bit to complement the wallpaper that you chose and everything inside the room.

Helps you play around with different colours and designs

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

There is a wide variety of wallpapers with different colours, textures, and designs. This can further widen the possibilities of what you can do with your space – if you want to make your room look bigger or cooler, go for a bright coloured wallpaper, or a warm-toned wallpaper for a cosier feel.

But if plain colours aren’t right up your street, you might be interested in wallpapers with interesting patterns and designs to give your room a certain feel that you otherwise wouldn’t get with plain wallpapers.

Wallpapers have a brilliant decorative effect

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Given that there are many wallpaper colours and designs to choose from, you can add to the aesthetic appeal to your home or space by sticking it to your walls instead of just using paint. If you choose a wallpaper with hardwood designs, you can make your room feel rustic. Meanwhile, selecting one that is artistic, can make your room feel luxurious.

Whatever wallpaper design you choose to go with, be it plain coloured wallpaper, rustic or vintage-themed wallpapers, there are many types of wallpaper for walls you can pick from. At Wallhub, we are able to assist you with your selection by offering all sorts of choices from Korean to Japanese wallpaper with a myriad of designs. With our help, trust that you can turn your space into something else with the help of wallpapers.


When you are in the process of renovating your home or space, it’s best that you read up on the different options available so that you can determine the best one for you – if the reasons above sound appealing to you, it’s time you start looking for the most suitable design for your respective rooms!

3 Design Factors to Consider When Going Curtain Shopping

More often than not, choosing the curtains for the rooms in your humble abode takes the last priority. However, that doesn’t mean that your curtains of choice won’t have an impact on a room’s overall aesthetics. On the contrary, opting for the wrong set can break the room’s look and make it visually awkward instead.

To prevent that from happening, you must consider a few key things before buying the curtains that will complete the look of your home. Apart from the size of the windows themselves, notable external factors such as your wall’s design, whether it’s painted or applied with Korean or Japanese wallpaper, and the room’s colour scheme play a significant role.

So, read on as we go through the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that dictate which curtains fit best for any given space!

Colour and the room’s colour scheme

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

To no one’s surprise, the first factor that you must greatly consider is the curtain’s colour itself. Whether it’s included in the room’s colour scheme from the beginning or set aside as the last piece to the space’s design puzzle, the colour of your curtains has the capacity to bring the whole room together.

Because of that, it’s crucial that you choose a curtain that either complements or blends with the overall style of the room. If you followed the 80/20 rule of interior design, then you need to assess which side you’ll be putting your curtains on while ensuring that the rule’s balance remains intact.

Lastly, a general rule of thumb to follow is that if a space already has an established focal point, such as bold-coloured walls or eye-catching carpets and furniture, then it’s best to opt for curtains with a more neutral tone. Otherwise, statement curtains may be necessary to bring some personality into the room.

Material and make

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

The second factor that warrants careful thought is the material or fabrics of your curtains. Paying attention to a curtain’s fabrics is essential since the material will dictate how it’ll function and hold up over time. Opting for material that’s on the heavier side may result in the curtains not being able to fold crisply when drawn, while the opposite could lead them to not fall well.

When it comes down to the actual materials, velvet, linen, silk, and faux silk are the ideal choices for window treatments since they tend to hang naturally, with the last option being notably the most durable.


Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Last but not least is the length and lining of your drapery. First, getting the length right is crucial in determining your desired curtain design, whether it’s tailor-fitted to your window’s dimensions or hanged higher to create a sense of height to a room.

When it comes to learning the size requirements, one must usually measure from the top of the window down to the floor, including the added inches of height where the curtains will hang from the floor. If you’re more partial to the more traditional look wherein the curtains slightly puddle on the floor, you’ll have to add another two or three inches to your total vertical measurement. Otherwise, if you’d like a more modern look, ensure that your measurements allow the curtains to fall flush with the floor.

And when it comes to measuring the width, it’s recommended to add four to eight inches on either side and double the overall number to guarantee curtain fullness. Doing so helps block out any creeping light if you intend to use your curtains to block out the sun on warmer days.


It’s vital to put in some care and thought before deciding on some curtains for the various spaces within your homestead. Doing so allows you to choose the drapery that not only fits well with its designated room but also saves you money by not needing to buy a better set.

Aside from curtains, wallpapers in Singapore grant you unlimited creativity and freedom that’s limited only by your imagination. If your walls are looking a bit bland and require your personal touch, you can turn to Wallhub for a grand selection of wallpapers of varying, beautiful designs that are both durable and tear-resistant.

Home Remodeling: 4 Good Reasons Why You Should Do It

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Unlike home renovation which aims to overhaul your house’s existing fittings and structure to completely change everything – home remodeling just seeks to restructure or re-make what your home already has.

You might be looking into either home renovation or remodeling because you feel like your house needs a little fixer-upper, or maybe you’re planning to sell it but fear it might have a low market value. On the other hand, you may have already put it up for sale but find it hard to find a potential buyer because of its less than stellar appearance.

If you think these problems sound too familiar, you might want to consider home remodeling because of all the benefits (and cost-efficiency) that it comes with. If you want to know more about what it can do for you and for your house, read on.

1. Your home’s market value will increase

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

You’ll thank yourself for exerting your efforts into adding some improvements to your home because this will increase the chances of you selling your home at a price point that you deem appropriate.

Additionally, your prospect buyer will also lean into closing the deal off with you because your initiative to remodel your home leaves little to no room for improvements on their part, making the selling process a lot easier for you. Home remodeling could also help to make sure that you will be able to sell your property at a value higher than what you originally bought it for, which makes the entire project more of an investment with great returns than a mere added expense.

A little improvement effort goes a long way – be it repairing any chipped-off paint on the walls or trying to find the perfect wallpaper designs for living rooms or bedrooms. Whatever your style preferences might be, you might want to head on to check out the different offerings that Wallhub has for your home remodeling needs. From Japanese to Korean wallpaper, we have multiple patterns and designs you can select from to spruce up your home!

2. Living space is added

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Home remodeling gives you the chance to recalculate the decisions you made with the positioning of your couch and coffee table, bed and nightstand, and other furniture. For instance, consider if their position is occupying way too much unnecessary space.

Then, re-assess where you can move them to maximize the room. It could be as simple as moving the bed to the side instead of it being right down at the centre, or you could also have your couch be more adjacent to the staircase and not in the middle of the living room.

People prefer a bigger space to live in, and making sure that your home arrangements and furniture are arranged to maximize the space that you have to work with will help increase the overall appeal and market value of your home.

3. Your home is made more comfortable

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Faulty home appliances can easily be an inconvenience because they don’t work the way that they are supposed to. Maybe you have a kitchen sink that clogs every time you use it, or a toilet bowl with a broken flush lever – these are simple disruptions negative implications to your house’s market value. As such, it may be good for you to consider home remodelling.

When remodelling, see to it that you don’t only attend to how your house looks but also towards how the things inside it work – are they functional? Do they make your life easier? If not, then it might be time to upgrade them.

4. The need for maintenance is decreased

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

The more you do today, the less you have to do for tomorrow. The same principle applies to home maintenance; you might think that remodeling your home and upgrading its appliances are costly, but attending to the simple disarrays and fixing them before they progress over time mitigates the need for major repairs in the future which are more costly.

Regular check-up of your home’s amenities and its functionalities also ensures that the living situation of your house and its residents stay optimum condition for a long time. Needless to say, this will definitely increase your house’s market value.


Whether you are planning to do home remodelling for a brand new look to sell your home or improve living conditions – these are a few tips you can get started with. In doing so, you are one step closer to remaking a beautiful home!

Debunking 5 Common Myths & Misconceptions About Wallpapers

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Wallpapers have had a reputation of being old-fashion and intimidatingly permanent, until now. With changing times, wallpapers are now one of the best ways to renovate a home’s interiors and personalise your home. They come in a wide range of designs, colours, and textures that make them a very popular choice among many.

So, are you planning to have wallpapers in your home? Today, we will be debunking five common myths and misconceptions about wallpapers to clear all your doubts!

1. Wallpapers are old fashioned

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Wallpapers have indeed been around since the 1600s, but it is very much fashion-forward – they are in-style and trendy even today!

From Japanese to Korean wallpaper, the designs and styles evolve with interior designers publicising the latest trends for each year. These styles are seen in home magazines and used in TV makeover shows, as well as seen across the globe via social media. Homeowners can find many sleek and trendy wallpaper designs for their urban homes.

2. Wallpapers are permanent

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

These is this common misconception that wallpapers cannot be removed and that they are a permanent feature. However, this is not true.

In fact, because of the improvements in wall prep, primer products, and installation process – wallpaper can be removed or changes. Also, the walls of your home do not take a hit or get spoiled. If you find that it is too much of a hassle, find a professional wallpaper company in Singapore to install or remove your wallpaper!

3. Wallpapers can’t be used in kitchen or bathrooms

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

This is a common misconception that is absolutely false! There have been many discussions about wallpaper being waterproof or fire-resistant. The truth is that kitchen and bathrooms are excellent places to decorate with wallpapers because of the protective coating on them makes them washable.

Not only are they a great way to make the room look terrific, they are also easy to clean and maintain. So, remember that wallpaper designs for living rooms aren’t the only option you can look at – it’s also applicable to both bathrooms and kitchens!

4. Hanging wallpapers is time-consuming

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

The new-age home wallpapers are simpler to hang and remove. In fact, it may be even easier and less messy compared to paint. Painting requires smoothing the walls perfectly, applying at least two coats, and waiting hours or days between steps, while wallpapers have also been a great solution for problem walls.

Or better yet, rope in professionals to help with putting up the wallpaper. When they’re here to help – it is a hassle-free process.

5. Wallpapers have high installation costs

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Another common myth surrounding wallpapers is that they are expensive and installing them can burn a hole in your wallet – but this is not true!

Some factors that might affect the cost are the wall’s size and the type of wallpaper you are investing in. There are many affordable options in the market. Some brands provide end-to-end service, from their installation to purchase price coverage, adhesives, and labour.


Wallpapers allow you to be creative, and there is no limit to your imagination. With so many designs, you will be spoilt for choices! Remember to get your wallpapers from a reputable brand like Wallhub to ensure that they are durable and do not tear off easily. We offer all sorts of wallpaper designs from Europe, USA, to Korea – you’ll even find classic Japanese wallpaper ranging from floral

3 Crucial Design Mistakes People Make In The Master Bedroom

For many, the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. One of the main reasons is because the master bedroom serves as a sanctuary for some peace and quiet time. This is crucial for most people as it allows them to take a break and step aside from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Apart from just relaxing, it should also be a place where people can find comfort and rest up for the busy week at work ahead. This is no surprise considering how we spend one-third of our lives sleeping.

Therefore, master bedrooms are one of the essential rooms in every house. In fact, when looking for houses to buy, one of the most influential factors that people keep in mind is the appearance of the master bedroom and its location.

However, there are several mistakes that people usually make when it comes to decorating and designing their bedrooms; these can lead to a lack of comfort or even unappealing interiors. So, keep reading on if you want to avoid these common mistakes!

Ignoring the clutter

One crucial mistake that many make is not cleaning up the clutter in their bedrooms. They could have their clothes scattered all over the floor, phone chargers in a tangled mess and pillows on the floor. One reason why many people do this is because they get comfortable in their bedroom over time. However, having such a cluttered bedroom can negatively affect them.

For example, instead of being able to relax after a long day at work, your brain would take in the disorganised room and internally register it as a job yet to be done. This subconscious feeling prevents you from feeling at ease, and you would not be able to get quality rest in your bedroom. Hence, it is vital that you ensure that your bedroom is kept clean and organised.

Setting up the flooring wrongly

The flooring is one of the most critical aspects of every room. Not only does a good flooring help set the tone of the room, but it also provides you with comfort and the convenience of cleaning your master bedroom. This mistake is prevalent among homeowners who are looking to cut corner to save extra costs. Therefore, they reach out to their nearest handyman instead of a flooring specialist to get their flooring done.

Although it could be cheaper, these handyman or general contractors are not specialised in flooring. This means that they would not have the best knowledge of the most suitable flooring type for your master bedroom. Therefore, most of these people are left with a flooring type that is not comfortable to walk on or does not hold up to stains well. On the other hand, a professional flooring specialist would be able to list the right vinyl flooring prices and even know which flooring best matches the wallpaper of your room.

Not considering the size of the room

This mistake is easily evident and can even cause a well-designed master bedroom to look unappealing. This common mistake is made when people do not consider the size of their room, bed and other furniture before getting it. Hence, they are left with an unproportionate bed in the middle of a small room, making it an unattractive sight – especially for guest who are looking at your master bedroom for the first time.

Although this mistake is more prevalent among those who shop for their bedroom essentials online, it is important for everyone to keep in mind. So, the next time you are shopping for a new bed, cupboard or sofa for your master bedroom – measure your room before and consider the scale of the item in your room.

With the right measurements, you’ll be able to calculate how much wallpaper you need. This means you can browse the different, exquisite wallpaper for walls and spruce up your interiors. If you’re looking for a variety of options to choose from – Wallhub has got you covered. From Korean to Japanese wallpaper, we have a plethora of beautiful wallpapers that await you.


These three tips should serve as an adequate deterrence against homeowners’ most common mistakes in their master bedrooms. At the end of the day, as long as your master bedroom is cosy and allows you to relax peacefully after a long day – it serves the purpose of being a good bedroom.

Fundamental Practices To Ensure Your Wallpaper Lasts Longer

Wallpapers have a magical way of turning around your house to something beautiful. Not only does it pair well with a luxury vinyl flooring if you have one, but it can add a sense of theme to your interior’s aesthetics. However, the lasting period where the wallpaper looks good depends on your management and care. Taking good care of your wallpaper not only makes it last longer but ensures that it maintains its great look.

Using different maintenance for your wallpaper

As different wallpaper types have different maintenance needs, you will need to use different maintenance practices depending on your wallpaper purchase. Mostly, the material of the wallpaper and the surface on which it is placed determines the type of maintenance practices you need to employ.

To maintain the shining nature and brilliance that your wallpaper holds, you might have to maintain it every two to three weeks. However, not many people implement this practice as they end up leaving their wallpapers up and changing it after one or two years. The primary reason for wallpaper maintenance is dust removal. You will need to get rid of dust particles that destroy the look of your wallpaper.

Here are some of the fundamental maintenance practices to do regularly for your wallpaper:

1. Cleaning

Cleaning is essential when it comes to maintenance of your wallpaper and extending its lasting period. The cleaning mechanism solely lies in the type of material used to construct the wallpaper. For instance, vinyl wallpapers are easier to clean than other wallpapers due to its material type. All you need is either water or mild cleaning agents, and you will get it all done within no time.

On the other hand, fabric wallpapers need many precautions during cleaning. This is because you can’t just clean paper-based wallpapers using water. The best method is to use a dry wipe if there is no dampness in the area you are cleaning. Be cautious not to clean with rough material as it can severely affect the quality of your wallpaper and leave it with scratches which can tear if not taken care of properly.

2. Dusting

Dusting is another great maintenance practice for wallpapers. It helps to ensure that the wallpaper does not lose its shine by getting rid of dust particles setting on the surface. For the best method of dusting, you could start with vacuuming. It would be good to use a soft bristle brush to clean off the dust particles. Depending on the length of your wallpaper, you might have to make use of a ladder to help you reach the taller areas of the wallpaper.

Be extra careful when dusting as you do not want to add scratches to your wallpaper. You can dust effectively by starting from the top and make your way downwards, following the vertical seam and making sure that you are dusting all regions of your wallpaper effectively. Having vinyl flooring or any other flooring should not get in the way of efficient dusting for your wallpaper.

If you are not able to make use of a vacuum cleaner, you can switch to a floor brush or duster. The procedure is more or less the same, as you will still need to start from the top, and you will still require a ladder.

3. Removing stains

Removing stains is the last practice that you will run for your wallpaper maintenance. During the stain removal process, always go for clear warm water using a slightly damp cloth or sponge in order to prevent discolouration. Avoid using solvent-based solution for cleaning of stains. At the same time, it would be best recommended to perform a spot test in an inconspicuous area before targeting on the stained spots directly. Try to always wipe gently and avoid hard rubbing to prevent damages to the surface.

Lastly, to ensure optimal maintenance practices effectively, acquiring wall texture paint can enable you to perform them effectively.

Voila – these are your handy tips to sustaining your wallpaper. All that’s left now is to complete the entire look of your home with the help of a furniture or curtain company – and a beautifully furnished house is on its way!

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3 Key Steps To Securing The Right Wallpaper Online

In recent times, many suppliers have seen an increase in demand for wallpaper from homeowners. This is due to more people realising the various benefits that wallpapers serve. Firstly, it is one way for you to express yourself in your home. For example, if you are an extrovert who is open, loud, and loves expressing yourself, you can do so through your wallpaper. Some bright colours or intricate designs would be a good fit. Wallpaper is also an excellent way to add character to a house that is dull.

Another reason why more people are getting wallpaper for their home is because it is a good way to cover up defects on the wall. For instance, if you have cracks or even dents in your wall, you can cover it up by placing some wallpaper over it. This takes the attention away from the damages and defects on your wall.

However, the only factor keeping some people away from buying wallpaper is that they are unsure of what considerations to have in mind. So, if you are looking to get some wallpaper online, you should follow this guide and avoid making amateur mistakes!

Measure your walls before purchasing

Similar to buying a bed or customised curtains from a curtain company, it is vital that you measure your walls before purchasing wallpaper online. This is because most wallpaper and other products look the same size and are not scaled in pictures. Although some might refute that you can always buy more rolls of wallpaper when you run out of it, this brings up another issue of having the wallpapers go out of stock when half your walls have already been set with wallpaper.

Moreover, it will take a significant amount of time to apply a new set of wallpaper again, and it would also be a hassle to remove the wallpaper since it is incomplete and looks unappealing. Therefore, it would be best to have the exact measurements of the walls in your home and to get all the wallpaper rolls you need in the same purchase.

Order samples

One useful tip that would help you out would be to order your wallpaper from websites that allow you to order samples. This comes in handy in situations where you are covering a large area of your home in wallpaper, and you would like to be certain of your wallpaper choice.

On the other hand, if you are unable to choose between a few shortlisted wallpaper designs, you can order samples of each design and physically visualise them against the walls of your home. This prevents you from spending money and making a large purchase only to realise that you are not fond of that particular design.

For instance, you could consider looking at a range of beautiful wallpapers like Korean to Japanese wallpaper. This variety of wallpapers usually offer unique designs, from dainty details to minimalistic prints.

Utilise the wallpaper calculator

A wallpaper calculator is essentially a calculator for you to enter the dimensions of your walls, and it would tell you how many rolls of wallpaper you need. The best part about the wallpaper calculator is that it is free and that you are easily able to access them through a quick Google search.

They are also accurate and are an excellent way to confirm your measurements if you are not confident that you have measured your wall correctly. Once you have done so, you can focus on getting the right wallpaper for your interiors. Whether it’s making your choice from a set of Japanese, European, or Korean wallpapers – make sure to browse carefully and ensure you have made the right selection.


With these 3 tips, you are able to make a purchase of wallpaper without any regrets or wasting money. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to a wallpaper supplier and enhance the walls of your home!

A Must-Read Flooring Guide For Pet Owners In Singapore

When getting a pet, every owner has to make changes in their home to accommodate their new pet. These changes can vary from securing your window grills with wire mesh to keep your pet safe and also changing your flooring.

Especially since many pet owners make the mistake of not getting the right flooring type when they bring home a pet like a dog; this mistake typically ends up costing them money since your pet’s nails can scratch and ruin the flooring. Additionally, not having the correct flooring might even affect your pet’s nails and paws.

So, if you are looking to switch your flooring type for one that is more apt for pet owners, keep reading on. This guide will cover the best types of flooring options you can consider as well as popular choice that most pet owners are going with.

Factors to keep in mind when choosing flooring

There are several factors that are critical towards choosing the right flooring for your home. The first criteria that you have to consider when shopping for new flooring is its level of resistance to scratches. This is especially vital if you have a pet dog that is a breed that is more prone to scratching.

Another criteria, you should take into consideration is if the flooring is stain proof. This is key for new pets that have not been housebroken or trained. Even if you have had your pet for a while and it is well trained, you can never be too safe from the hassle and costs of cleaning flooring that is stained.

The final consideration would be to ensure that your pets are comfortable. Some types of flooring can be too hard on the paws of your pets – especially if they are young. So, this consideration is equally vital. Well, after keeping these considerations in mind, what type of flooring can you consider? Keep reading on!

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is the go-to flooring type for most pet owners. Vinyl flooring is known to be one of the flooring types that is the most resistant to scratches. They are ideal in protecting against scratches from even bigger dogs like German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. Furthermore, it is also comfortable for your pet to walk and sleep on.

What most people tend to overlook when choosing flooring is how much traction it provides. Vinyl flooring is slip-resistant and provides safety for your pets as they scurry around your house. What makes this type of flooring a no brainer for pet owners is how vinyl flooring is cost-effective and easy to maintain over the long run. It also comes with a range of variants and designs to complement the wallpaper or curtains of your home.

However, while safety and easy maintenance is key when choosing décor – so is appearance and design. Match your vinyl flooring with one of our stunning wallpapers – ranging options comprising Europe wallpaper, Korean wallpaper, Japanese wallpaper, and so on. Take your home’s appearance to the next level with an arresting, durable wallpaper that fits your home’s theme best.

Stone tile flooring

Stone tile flooring is another excellent flooring option for pet owners. In fact, it is more resistant to scratches than vinyl flooring. This eliminates the worry of having unappealing flooring with scratches everywhere. Apart from its scratch-resistance, stone tile flooring is also highly durable. This makes it a good investment since it would certainly last you a long time.

What sets the stone tile flooring apart from other flooring is that it provides convenience when it comes to cleaning up. This stain-proof flooring allows you to clean up any spills or mess with ease and without the stress of long-term stains. On the flip side, if you’re looking to have the stone-style theme on your walls – Wallhub offers a variety of Korean wallpapers with all-natural stone finishings. Be prepared to spruce up your home interiors with beautiful, timeless stone-style designs.


Whether you choose to go with the two flooring suggestions or not, you should keep the critical considerations in mind when shopping for new flooring. All that is left is for you to choose a suitable flooring and have comfort for both you and your pet!

Wallpaper Vs Paint – Which One Is Better?

So, you’ve decided to update the look of your room. That’s great. But, now comes the hard part, because you’ll have to choose which of the two you’re going to go for.

Remember, each one has its own merit.

Paint is usually cheaper. Meanwhile, wallpaper is generally considered more aesthetically pleasing. These are just some of the many factors that you need to consider when choosing from these types of wall coverings.

Below, you’ll find a lot more differences that separate the two and identify which one is more suitable for your home.

Making the Case for Wallpapers

Wallpaper comes in all shapes, designs, and varieties. They’re also more durable and can last for a very long time. Not to mention, you can use wallpaper to cover up any imperfections on your wall without so much effort, which is unlike paint. Last but not least, wallpapers are just better at adding more style and beauty to your walls.

Of course, all of these advantages come at literally an added premium. Wallpapers aren’t cheap. You’ll have to pay for both the wallpaper and installation for it. Moreover, it’s also very easy to mess it up if you do decide to install the wallpaper yourself.

Making the Case for Paint

As for paint, well, what’s not to like about it?

It’s cheap and affordable as you don’t need to spend a lot on it right at the start. Also, it’s very easy to apply. Even your child could help you paint your bedroom, provided that you keep an eye on the child and use the necessary safety gear. Plus, there’s a lot of variety to paint too; you can use different types of colour and brushes to achieve a unique effect. If you’re creative enough, you can literally put up any design that you can think of on your walls with paint.

Finally, with paint, it’s easy to mix and match different types of colour, as well as use it to complete the overall look of your home.

As an added bonus, with paint, even though you can’t use it to mask design imperfections, you can paint over mistakes quite easily. In case you painted a wall wrong or want to change the colour all of a sudden, it doesn’t really take much effort.

Making the Decision

When it comes to choosing between wallpaper and paint, it all boils down to how much you’re willing to spend and how much of a hassle are you willing to go through.

If you’ve set aside a higher budget, want something that’s aesthetically pleasing, and need it done fairly quick, you can have Japanese or Koreans wallpaper put up on your walls in relatively little time. There are also the European designs and Customised Mural options for selections. But, if your budget is limited and you’re willing to compromise a bit, painting should allow you to up the aesthetics of your living room, albeit, you’ll have to put in a bit more elbow grease while you’re at it.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong choice here. It’s completely up to you. What’s important is that you thought things through first so you don’t have to redo your wall coverings before it’s necessary, which will cost you a lot more than necessary in the first place.

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3 Foolproof Ways For Keeping Clean & Long-lasting Wallpaper

Wallpapers are considered a long-term investment – just like sofas and beds, they are one of the things that is not regularly replaced. Therefore, it is essential to keep your wallpaper in optimal condition.

Besides, another reason why your wallpaper needs to look in good condition is because, it sets the tone of your home. For example, if you were to cover your living room with wallpaper, one of the first things that catches your guests’ attention will be the wallpaper itself. Hence, if your wallpaper looks worn out and not properly maintained, it gives off a negative first impression to your guests.

Moreover, since wallpapers are usually kept for long periods, it is completely normal for it to look dingier over time. This is due to the exposure to dust, sunlight and moisture over the years. However, a common mistake people make is not taking action to keep it clean after it starts getting discoloured.

So, if you are unsure of how you can maintain your wallpaper looking fresh and brand new over time, here’s a guide on cleaning it!

Remove dust on wallpaper

The first step when cleaning your wallpaper is to remove the dust that it has collected on the surface. This is crucial, especially if your house has open spaces where it can be more prone to dust. What you should do is to use a microfibre cloth, dampen it and wipe your wallpaper down.

Optimally, it would be best if you clean your wallpaper with a damp cloth once every month. Especially when you don’t clean it regularly, dust may start to accumulate, affecting its appearance and condition. As such, committing yourself to this cleaning method is ideal to maintaining your wallpaper; regardless of the wallpaper type you’ve bought from any wallpaper shops – be it vinyl or fibreglass.

Deep clean your wallpaper

Although cleaning your wallpaper regularly with a damp cloth is enough to keep it looking fresh, you can also deep clean it to extend its lifespan and keep it looking brand new longer. Particularly for vinyl or fibreglass, it is all the more important for you to go for deep cleaning to achieve the best results. However, just take note that not all wallpaper types can be deep cleaned!

To deep clean your wallpaper, all you need to do is mix a bucket of water with about one quarter of either dish soap or castile soap. Once it is well mixed, you can dip a sponge in, ring out the excess water and then wipe down your wallpaper. This cleaning technique can be used for your wallpaper in your living room and even in your kitchen since this mixture can break down grease stains easily.

Removing stains and smudge marks

Stains and smudge marks can be a hassle to remove. If it is removed with force, you can risk tearing your wallpaper and making your home look less appealing. However, fret not! Just like the deep cleaning method, if you used a water and vinegar solution, the stains and smudge marks would break down and dissolve.

However, before trying the vinegar solution, it is best if you contact your wallpaper supplier and get their advice first. After all, they are the experts who know the various ways to extend the lifespan of your wallpaper.


Keeping to this guide closely will guarantee that your wallpapers stay looking new and it will also save you from having to replace your wallpapers frequently. However, if you would like to switch up your home or room’s appearance – you could always consider viewing the different wallpaper prices for new designs.

At Wallhub, we have a myriad of unique wallpaper designs that are ready to spruce up your humble abode!


5 Benefits Of Curtains & Why They Are So Important

Curtains are perhaps one of the most common and prevalent of all window coverings, and this is not without reason. They come in a wide range of textures, fabrics, colours, and patterns to meet any aesthetic requirements.

For both homes and offices, curtains play an essential role in decorating. This is why interior designers spend a lot of time going over the designs and colour schemes of this mandatory accessory.

Besides enhancing your home décor, curtains do a lot more than that. Here are five benefits of having curtains in your home!

Increases privacy

Curtains are ideal for managing and protecting your home’s privacy and restricting prying glares. Adding a barrier between you and the outside world often provides a sense of protection and adds to the security of your home. Similarly, choosing thick fabrics in dark colours would be suitable for bedrooms as they provide more privacy. On the other hand, you may not need as much privacy in living rooms, therefore, a sheer curtain might work well.

Regulate sunlight and improves sleep quality

Most rooms in your home require some sort of light regulation, whether it’s only reducing glare in the living room or completely blocking out light in your bedroom. Curtains are great for managing the amount of natural light that comes into the house.

Specifically, blackout curtains can help provide you a restful environment in the bedroom and promote a good night’s sleep. In addition to the possible health benefits, blackout curtains are also perfect for rooms of relaxation and intimacy, or activities such as watching TV.

Enhance the beauty of your home        

Every homeowner has their own style of décor in their house. It is important to find the right curtains that will fit and compliment that décor. A helpful tip is to match colours within the curtain’s fabric to the other soft details around the room, such as the carpet or cushions.

With curtains in the bedroom, matching them to your bedding can give out a sense of design know-how as well as comfort. As curtains come in many colours and design, you will not have a problem finding the perfect one for your home!

Prevents dust

Curtains are helpful as they prevent dust from getting into your rooms. When your windows or doors are opened, wind containing dust particles can enter your home. So, having curtains can help gather all of the dust. This is why it’s important to clean your curtains regularly. You can dry clean them, vacuum them, or hire professional curtain cleaning services.

Affordable and durable

Curtains are highly durable and they come at a wide variety of prices, depending on what you want for your home. At the same time, there are options to suit every pocket and budget. It gives you the advantage of changing them regularly and go for new looks for your home without much financial impact.

Depending on the quality and how you maintain them, they could last for years. Get your curtains from a reputable curtain company in Singapore to get your money’s worth!


Curtains are highly beneficial for your home. When deciding on the curtains for your home, keep in mind the look you want to achieve, the style of your home, and most importantly, the atmosphere you want to create.

If you are looking for wallpapers to go with your curtains, Wallhub is one of the wallpaper shops in Singapore you can approach for a plethora of designs, styles, and colours for you to choose from! Check in with us for our wallpaper prices and discover which one will accentuate your interiors and bring it to life.

A Handy Guide For Choosing Your Ideal First Set Of Curtains

Curtains are one of the most essential things to have in your home. This is mainly so because it serves many purposes. For example, during the day when it can get hot, you can use to it block out the direct sunlight that enters your room. It also serves as a barrier that traps dust and prevent it from entering your home. This saves you and your family from having allergic reactions due to dust. At night, the curtains act as a mode of privacy as it prevents people from looking into your house or room. This is extremely necessary for Singapore as houses are typically near to one another and some houses are designed to have a corridor outside their window.

With various benefits, be it day or night, curtains are a must-have in every home. However, with a wide range of curtains and blinds in Singapore, it can get overwhelming settling on one, without knowing if it will be a good fit for your home.

Well, fret not as this guide will steer you towards getting a set of curtains that is well-suited for your home.

Choose the right colour and fabric type

When curtain shopping, two criteria that your curtains must meet before you purchase them are the colour and fabric type. The colour of curtains have to be carefully selected because it is one piece of soft furnishing in the house that stands out. So if you pick a bold colour like a bright red in a house that is neutral coloured, the curtain will stick out like a sore thumb. Hence, it is better to go for a curtain that complements the theme, colour and wallpaper of your home. Also, since the curtain will be in direct contact with sunlight over long periods of time, it is prone to fading away faster. Therefore, it is a wiser decision to stay away from curtains with bold colours.

On the other hand, choosing the right fabric is just as important. This is because the fabric of a curtain is one of the driving factors that affect how well the curtain holds up. One simple way you could test how well a curtain drapes is by holding it up to the window and seeing how it drapes as well as flares out before buying it.

Take note of the curtain’s density

For most people buying curtains for the first time, the density of the curtain is something they typically overlook. Knowing the density of a curtain allows you to make a wiser decision on whether it will be suitable and a good fit for the conditions at home. Essentially, curtains that have a thinner density are not efficient in keeping sunlight out. They are usually paired with other curtains to keep the sunlight out. On the other hand, curtains with a higher density are more effective in keeping sunlight out as well as providing you with privacy.

So, by knowing where your curtains will be placed, you would be able to make a wiser decision when choosing your curtains. For instance, if your curtains are going to be placed in your bedroom, it is more rational to go with a curtain of higher density as it provides you with privacy.

Find out how they can be cleaned

Not finding out how their curtains can be cleaned is a common mistake made by many on their first time shopping for curtains. At times, it can even turn out to be a costly mistake. Not all curtain material are meant to be washed with a washing machine. Doing so can actually affect the quality of the curtain and even cause it to fade. So, it is important that you find out how your curtains should be cleaned when you are purchasing it.

If you want to make a more economical decision, curtains that can be washed in the washing machine are more cost-effective in the long run over curtains that need to be dry cleaned.


With so many factors to consider, keeping to this guide will ensure that you are on the right path towards selecting the perfect curtain for your home.

3 Key Considerations To Make When Designing Your Kid’s Room

Designing your child’s room is a challenging task that people never notice until they have to do it. Throughout the planning stage, it can be pressurising building a space that your child will be growing and developing in. What makes designing their room so daunting is that at such a young age, what they like and dislike is bound to change rapidly. Hence, it is something that involves planning and needs to be meticulously thought out before execution.

If you are designing your child’s room and are unsure if you are doing it correctly, fret not! This guide will share the critical considerations to have in mind when designing your child’s room. Before starting on your child’s room makeover, you would need to change your perspective and realise that their room is not merely a room for them to sleep in. It is a place they play, hang out with friends, relax and perhaps even spend the most time in.

Hence, it is crucial to keep these key considerations in mind when designing your child’s room.

Go for neutral walls

When designing the room, one of the elements that contribute significantly to its overall look is the walls. Therefore, it needs to be designed correctly to achieve the desired look and feel of the room.

One tip would be to stick with neutral colours for the walls of your child’s room – for example, white, beige or grey. A common argument would be that these neutral colours are boring and dull, especially for a child’s room. However, having neutral walls actually saves you both money and time in the long run. As your child grows and their interests and hobbies change, it would be easier to decorate the room to fit their current taste and liking. Furthermore, the neutral coloured walls also place more emphasis on the decorative items in the room.

If you feel your child’s neutral coloured room looks empty and monotonous, you could pick one side of the wall to be decorated with wallpaper to give it a pop of colour. Otherwise, you can consider getting in touch with us, Wallhub. We’re able to offer variants of kids wallpaper for you to select to your child’s liking, so consult us for a clearer idea of the perfect theme or pick away on your own!

Lights are important

When decorating your child’s room, it can be easy to be carried away by other elements like the curtains or paint of the walls. However, lighting is just as crucial in a child’s room. As your child will be using their room to play, learn and study, it is critical that the room is well lit both during the day and night. Therefore, one consideration to keep in mind is to ensure that any shelves or wardrobes are not blocking the windows and preventing light from entering the room.

Additionally, lights could also instil a feeling of comfort within your child. This is why many parents install fairy lights in the room of their child. It emits a comforting and reassuring feeling which gives the room a cosy ambience at night.

Deck the room out in accessories

Between the ages of 2-5, a child’s creativity should be promoted and encouraged. This can be done by decorating the room with things that are bright in colour as well as of your child’s interests. For example, if your child has an interest in cars and vehicles, you should get pictures of cool, colourful cars as well as decoration like a steering wheel that can be hung on the wall. This will further increase their interest and even spark their creativity in pursuing their interest.

One good recommendation would be putting up a whiteboard or chalkboard in your child’s room. This serves as an outlet for their creativity and encourages them to express themselves, which is vital for a child’s mental development.


Following these simple tips would ensure that your child’s room is one that would aid in their growth in the long run. So, implement these tips when designing your child’s room!

3 Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Bathroom With Vinyl Tiling

The bathroom is a room in the house that many easily overlook the importance of. However, it is one of the most essential rooms in your home, where you start and end your day. In fact, nothing beats the feeling of unwinding in the shower after a long and stressful day at work. Hence, it would be best if you had a bathroom that you are proud of as well as feel comfortable in.

One of the best ways to revamp your bathroom is to redo your flooring. However, a common dilemma that many homeowners face is not knowing which type of flooring to go for. A strong recommendation from many flooring experts and interior designers would be the timeless vinyl flooring, specifically, luxury vinyl flooring.

Keep reading on to find out about how having vinyl flooring can elevate your bathroom’s appearance.

High quality and durable bathroom floors

Since the bathroom is the place where you start and end your day, it is a room that has heavy traffic. This is especially the case when your bathroom is shared among your family members. For this reason, a durable bathroom flooring like the luxury vinyl flooring is perfect against any wear and tear over time.

Additionally, luxury vinyl flooring is also resistant to stains, steam and humidity, which are prevalent in all bathrooms. This makes it the ideal flooring type for a bathroom since you do not have to worry about mould or bacteria accumulating under your flooring over time. Another perk of luxury vinyl flooring is that it is cushioned, unlike porcelain tiles, which prevents you from experiencing ” cold feet” on cold and rainy days.

A variety of designs to choose from

Taking into consideration the importance of bathrooms, you should ensure that your bathroom looks aesthetically pleasing to you and you have a comfortable environment to relax in. What better way to do so than pick a vinyl flooring to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom?

There are also different variants of vinyl flooring you can pick from, depending on the theme of your room or the look you are trying to achieve. When browsing through the various luxury vinyl flooring options, you would be surprised at the different colours, looks and types available.

It is a classy yet affordable option

A mistake that most homeowners make is choosing an exquisite and expensive flooring type and only using it for an area of their bathroom because of its price. This not only makes your bathroom look incomplete but also uses up money unnecessarily.  Instead of splurging on an expensive flooring type for a particular area of your bathroom, go for an affordable yet classy option like the luxury vinyl flooring.

This flooring type is affordable and allows you to complete your whole bathroom, giving it a complete and flawless finish. It is also a classy and smooth flooring type which pairs well with most types of wallpaper. Hence, you are getting the best of both worlds by opting for the luxury vinyl flooring.


If you were unsure if you wanted to refurbish your bathroom with luxury vinyl flooring, this article should have helped you make up your mind. All that is left is to reach out to a company selling vinyl flooring and start revamping your bathroom!

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Customising Your Curtains

Curtains are something that every house has; however, not many realise the importance of it. By installing curtains, you benefit from them in various ways.

Firstly, they prevent dust from entering your home; it is especially useful if you have an open-concept balcony and do not have window grills. The curtains act as a barrier, preventing dust from entering your room, at the same time, providing you with privacy. This is vital, especially in Singapore, where residential blocks are near each other.

Most importantly, curtains set the tone of your house. The key to a beautiful looking home is setting up curtains that complement the theme of the house. Upon realising this, more homeowners are opting for custom made curtains to suit and accentuate the theme of their homes.

However, if you are still not using customised curtains yet, here are 3 reasons why they should be your next buy!

Curtains only look good if they fit right

A con of buying ready-made curtains is that they come in standard sizes, fittings and cuts. However, not every window is of the same length and width. Going ahead and installing ready-made curtains on a window that is of a different size only makes the room appear to be lacking in proportion. This defeats the purpose of curtains which are meant to accentuate the theme of your home.

In other cases, your room could have a unique arrangement like a window seat, that requires a specific measurement of curtain size to fit. In such situations, a customised curtain should be your go-to choice. Not only would it look more appealing, but you would also be able to customise your curtains with lace or even tiebacks to match your wallpaper or vinyl flooring.

Longer lasting curtains

When the topic of customised curtains is brought up, people typically associate it with exorbitant prices. However, that is far from the case. There are many affordable options for customised curtains, especially if you are buying a few curtains at once for your home.

Moreover, when curtains are blocking out sunlight and dust all day, you would have to wash them frequently. Most ready-made curtains might not hold up after several washes, and you would need to replace them routinely. On the other hand, customised curtains are of high quality since each one of them are selected and customised to fit your needs. Hence, customised curtains are more cost-effective in the long run since they are more durable and do not need to be replaced after a few months.

Unlimited designs to choose from

When getting curtains, the last thing you want is to be tied down to a few curtain designs and thinking about which would stick out like a sore thumb in your home the least. This would be far from the issue when getting customised curtains.

In fact, you are in full control of how you want your curtain to look from the colour to the material, and even throwing in additional accessories like lace to enhance its appearance. This way, you are, without a doubt, going to have curtains that will fit seamlessly with your home.


With all the benefits that customised curtains provide, it should be easier to make the decision on which curtain is the better fit for your abode. At the end of the day, the choice is yours, so pick wisely!

3 Reasons To Choose Vinyl For Your Home’s Flooring

When renovating your house, one key element that dictates the look and feel of your home would be the flooring. Not only does the right flooring give your home a more sophisticated touch but also add to the value of the house. It plays a big part in the first impression of the guests you have over. Hence, it is critical to ensure that you have the best flooring installed in your home.

Vinyl flooring is one of the most suitable options for many homes. Its many benefits are just one factor behind it being one of the most rapidly growing product in the flooring industry. So, if you are considering a revamp in your flooring, here are some reasons why vinyl flooring should be your primary option.


Compared to other types of flooring like wood flooring, vinyl flooring edges out as being the most cost-effective type of flooring. A common issue most homeowners face is choosing an expensive kind of flooring like wood, only to use it in certain parts of their home to reduce cost. Not only does this give your house an unorganized look, but it can also be unpleasant to look at.

For vinyl flooring, on the other hand, because it is cheaper per square foot, you would easily be able to have a centralized theme and finish to your house with the same type of flooring throughout.


One key concern when getting flooring is the durability and how well it holds up over time. This is especially the case if you have young children running around your house and possibly spilling their drinks and staining the floor. What’s unique about vinyl flooring is that it is water and stain-resistant. This makes it ideal even for areas like the kitchen where there are high traffic and an increased risk of spills and stains.

Additionally, if there was a spill, vinyl flooring is one of the few flooring types that are easy to care for and clean. All you need is a mop and a vinyl floor cleaner that is approved by your flooring contractor. Hence, having vinyl flooring applied throughout your house relieves you of the stress you would face with other types of flooring. This is especially so during social events like a house party.

Straightforward installation

When revamping or renovating your house, the flooring is usually the first aspect that is worked on. This is because of its long and tedious installation process. However, with the increase in demand for vinyl flooring and recent advancements in the vinyl flooring industry, vinyl flooring can now be set up and completed almost effortlessly.

The newly introduced DIY vinyl flooring is an option that allows homeowners to set up their own flooring. The self-adhesive vinyl is relatively simple to use and is not a hassle, unlike other types of flooring. All you need to do is to remove the backing and securely press the vinyl flooring into place. It is vital to note that the layer where the vinyl flooring will be attached to is smooth and even, to ensure the best looking results. To further ensure a classy touch to your home, you can pair the vinyl flooring with curtains and blinds that complement your choice of vinyl flooring. You would be surprised at how well these two products go hand in hand to elevate the look of your home.


With the vinyl flooring edging out other flooring types in almost all of the essential criteria when considering new flooring, it’s no shock that more people are turning to vinyl flooring. At the end of the day, the best type of flooring is one that is easy to apply, cost-effective and gives your house a look you are going for!

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Curtain Colour

Did you know that the colour of your curtains can affect your mood? Colours have been proven in research to be able to influence our mood and even trigger physiological reactions. This is something not many people know about and for that reason, not take into consideration when looking for new curtains.

With the colours being able to affect how we feel, purchasing the right shade of curtains should be a priority henceforth. To help you decide on the best curtain colour for you, here are some options.


Having both white walls and curtains creates a more spacious look, making your room look bigger than it is. Additionally, in regards to emotions, it also makes one feel calmer and at peace.

In other words, it is the perfect curtain colour to have if you want a nice room to relax in after a long, tiring day at work!


Red curtains are perfect for couples as this colour screams love and affection. Furthermore, there are many types of red curtains. For example, red velvet curtains emphasize the feeling of passion and romance while giving the room a touch of luxury.

Thus, many couples opt for custom made curtains to match the mood they prefer their room to exude.


Pink curtains are linked to feelings associated with kindness and love. Usually, pink curtains are used in children’s rooms because it helps boost joy and playfulness. Furthermore, it helps to mitigate anger and encourages calmness which is one reason why this colour is popular among parents who have young children.


Purple curtains are strongly encouraged to be used in study rooms because of how the colour promotes creativity. If you often find yourself not being able to spark new creative ideas in your room, purple curtains are a must-try.


Orange curtains give your room a very refreshing feel. However, it may not be a colour apt for everyone. It is known to heighten conversations and is the perfect curtain for extroverts who love expressing themselves.

It is also interesting how the colour orange boosts one’s appetite. This is one consideration if you are thinking about getting orange curtains.


Blue curtains are a popular choice among people because it encourages good sleep and relaxation. It is known to lower blood pressure and stress, perfect for you to come home to after a tiring day out.

Meanwhile, they can also be paired perfectly with vinyl flooring to give the room a more elegant feel.


Being the colour that is the most soothing for our eyes, green is an apt colour to have in our room. It would be the perfect, relaxing curtain colour, especially if you spend a lot of time on the computer either for work or school.

One recommendation would be to match the colour of the curtains with wallpaper of the same colour, giving the room a satisfying finish. So, pick away and style up your room in the fanciest or minimalistic way possible – it’s completely up to you!

Get Inspired: 5 Interior Design Themes For Your Bedroom

After a long day out, the one thing you look forward to is jumping onto your bed as you rest and rejuvenate. Though not many may realise this, your bedroom is actually the most important room in the house. It acts as a sanctuary of tranquillity, where you can spend quality time with yourself. Also, you spend a third of your life sleeping, isn’t that a good enough reason to invest some time in decorating your bedroom entirely to your liking?

If you’re looking for some inspiration to spice up your current bedroom, then you’re at the right place.


The Scandinavian theme is a Nordic-influenced design that is distinguished by its simplicity, functionality and minimalism. This theme often includes accents of wood through white or wooden floors, which you can complement with vinyl flooring.

Its colour palette features gentle colours with an occasional pop of brighter colours. The blend of functional furniture with organic textures equates to a cosy and homely environment. The overall design aims to utilise the amount of space that you have with as little crowd and clutter as possible, making for a spacious-looking room. Although this theme might be quite ubiquitous in Singapore, you could set yours aside by mixing in elements from other design styles.


Simplicity is key, and this is what a modern-themed bedroom would aspire to emulate. It is a classic theme that never goes out of style with a colour palette of white, grey, black and brown.

A lot of thoughtful planning goes behind designing a modern interior due to the complex layers of functionality, compositions and clean lines. However, it can seem a bit too dull if you don’t add any personal touches.


Combining eccentric colours and textures with contemporary shapes and touches brings about a vintage-style theme otherwise known as ‘retro’. A retro bedroom is unique based on the individual as it’s a reflection of your personality. Rather than the interior work, obtaining a retro bedroom is mostly about how you style the accessories.

It can also be rather cost-effective due to the flexibility of the design, which combines the old and new. You can furnish your room with vintage pieces from places like the thrift store. The creativity expressed through your retro designs add a touch of fun to your bedroom.


Tropical style interiors take inspiration from the endless beaches and lush jungles. Whereas, if you decide to take inspiration from Nature, it’ll feature natural materials and a tropical colour scheme.

This theme comprises furniture that is made out of wood, bamboo or rattan. Take this opportunity to place some succulent plants or terrarium around your room. Not only will this act as décor pieces, but it’ll also purify the air. Now, you can travel to the beach in the comfort of your bedroom.


Bohemian, or more commonly known as ‘boho’ or ‘boho-chic’, is a unique and buoyant style that swept through Instagram and has been embraced by many. This theme represents the carefree and bold spirit of people who live unconstrained by societal norms.

Its features usually include the combination of pattern and vivid colours, often those with purple or red accents. Another key to acquiring a boho-style bedroom is by presenting a purposefully “messy” look. Aside from accessorising with throws and tapestry, you could consider hanging some dreamcatchers around the room or getting a carpet tile installation in place of a rug.


Being involved in the planning and designing of your bedroom would not only motivate you to maintain its cleanliness but also improve your state of mind. If you feel a need to get an expert’s opinion, then don’t hesitate to consult an interior designer.

4 Practical Steps To Transforming Your Room Into A Man Cave

A man cave is essential for those who value their me-time and want their room where they can unwind in peace. A man cave can be either simple or custom-made to fit your liking.

Here are five ways you can transform your room into the ultimate man cave.

Pick a colour!

The very first step of giving your room a makeover is to decide what colour you would like your man cave to be. Once you have decided on a colour, it is time to get painting.

Repainting your whole room can take some time and can be troublesome. However, one alternative is to use custom made wallpapers to give the room a clean and polished look without going through much of a hassle. Additionally, you can seek a curtain company to get a custom made curtain and elevate the feel of the man cave.

Go with the right flooring

A man cave will look far from complete without flooring that matches the room. There are so many options out there to select, from carpet to ceramic tile to even natural stone tile flooring.

A commonly used flooring for man caves is the luxury vinyl flooring. It gives the room a touch of sophistication and has perks like needed no special care or maintenance and being waterproof and moisture resistant.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours – so, choose the flooring which suits your overall design best!

Make it comfy

The best part of a man cave is that there are no strict rules. The outcome of the mancave is solely dependent on your taste. However, having comfortable furniture to relax in is a must! For furniture, you can either go for what you already have at home or get a comfortable recliner chair.

If your man cave is spacious enough, a couch is recommended for when you have your friends over. Else, some beanbags will do the job.

Have a supply of essentials available

The whole purpose of a man cave is to have a comfortable space to unwind and relax after a stressful day. For that reason, we have to minimise the number of times we have to leave the man cave, whether it is for a drink or a snack.

One suggestion would be to make some room for necessities like a small refrigerator and a small shelf for snacks. This way, you can truly experience the feeling of having a man cave.


Following these tips closely should give you your well-deserved man cave that lasts a long time. Now, all that’s left for you to do is personalise the room. It should embody who you are as a person from the design of it to the small memorabilia you put in there as decoration. And voila, the man cave is all ready and set up!

A Guide To Common Types Of Wallpaper To Elevate Your Home

Want to add some colour to your walls without all the fuss of painting? Wallpaper is there to lend you a helping hand. These versatile and easy to install wall coverings come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, so they will be able to fit any design theme. What’s more, many types of wallpaper are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

With the plethora of options for wallpaper in Singapore, you may be struggling to choose the right one for your home. Well, we are here to help. Here are some of the most common types of wallpaper and their characteristics.

Liner wallpaper

Liner wallpaper is made from very thick paper or fibreglass, and is very easy to install and remove. Its purpose is to cover up severe flaws in the wall, so it sometimes doesn’t even have any design on it. Instead, the liner wallpaper is either painted over or has another layer of patterned wallpaper plastered over it.


Vinyl wallpaper is typically made from printed paper, with a layer of vinyl on top. This is one of the most popular wallpaper options for various practical reasons. For starters, it is extremely durable because of the vinyl protecting the paper. A thicker layer of vinyl leads to more protection.

Because of this resilience, vinyl wallpaper can withstand steam and can be washed, making it a good option for your kitchen. It’s also simple to maintain, install and remove. Vinyl wallpaper is an all-purpose option that is suitable for any room.


Non-woven wallpaper consists of natural plant fibre that has been refined with natural wood. This makes it an excellent option for environmentally conscious homeowners. Since non-woven wallpaper has a breathable edge, you will not have to worry about mould or mildew growth on the wall.

Moreover, it is lightweight and flexible, hence, easy to install and remove. It will come off the wall as a long strip, so you will have no trouble taking it off if you need to access the wall behind it. Non-woven wallpaper also has decent heat and sound insulation.


Foil wallpaper is a stunning option for those looking to make their walls stand out. Being made from thin metallic foil, it gives your wall a shiny metallic look. A slew of patterns can also be printed on its surface to complement your room’s design.

However, since foil wallpaper is so thin, it can be rather fragile and somewhat difficult to install. The reflective surface also highlights defects on the wall. For these reasons, you should make sure that the wall is completely repaired, flat, and free of dirt and grease before hanging the wallpaper.


Flock wallpaper is made from paper with a velvet-like fibre printed on it. Originally meant to be a budget alternative to damask or velvet wallpaper, flock wallpaper is often printed with elaborate designs that inspire a sense of luxury. It is not washable, though, so it can be rather hard to maintain. It would be best to use this form of wallpaper in rooms with lower foot traffic so that it doesn’t collect dust too quickly.


The types of wallpaper in Singapore are numerous, so it is crucial to think carefully about which type will suit your home the best. Remember to consider both the visual and practical aspects of the wallpaper, so you don’t find yourself having to get a new set installed later that year.

If you are looking for high-quality wallpaper and other furnishings to go along with it, Wallhub has you covered. Our extensive range of wallpapers is complemented by our long list of blind and curtain designs. We also provide excellent vinyl flooring instalment services. Let us help you with your home furnishing needs!

4 Tips & Tricks To Take Care Of Your Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl flooring has emerged as one of the most popular, all-purpose flooring options around. With its relative durability and water resistance, it is perfect for any room in the house. If you have clicked onto this article, odds are that your home has some snazzy vinyl flooring as well, and you want to know how to take care of your floor.

Since vinyl flooring is so resilient, it doesn’t need too much maintenance. However, proper care is still necessary to keep your floor looking brand new. Here are some simple tips to follow to ensure your floor stays pristine.

Clean frequently

No matter the type of flooring, frequent cleaning will always be welcome. Using a vacuum cleaner or broom will do the trick for everyday cleaning. Here, your goal is just to remove the dust that settles on the floor daily, so that it does not accumulate too much. Prevention is better than cure, after all! You should also mop your floor every so often, preferably about every two days. This will remove the more stubborn dirt and dust, giving your floor that squeaky clean feel.

Minimise scratching

Any kind of hard flooring would be prone to scratches. Sharp objects, in general, should be kept away from the vinyl flooring. Still, sometimes it can’t be helped, like with furniture. This is especially so for frequently shifted furniture, like chairs or tables. Without protection, even the durable vinyl flooring may see some scratches over time.

As such, you can get furniture pads and place them under the legs of your frequently moved furniture. Alternatively, refrain from dragging furniture along the floor and lift them instead. The same goes for heavy pieces of furniture or luggage. Get a family member or friend to carry it with you, instead of pushing it while it’s on the floor.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of colours and patterns to complement any design choice. However, just like other coloured furnishings, the hues are prone to fading due to UV rays from the sun or other conditions. While it may not be feasible to shut out the sun completely, there is a way that you can minimise its effect, namely through curtains.

Day curtains can block out the brunt of the sunlight in the day, while still keeping your house comfortably lit. There are also several varieties of curtain designs on the market, which can go splendidly with your flooring and wallpaper choices.


Another way to protect your vinyl flooring is through waxing or re-waxing it. A layer of wax can effectively defend against scratching and staining if applied well. Usually, the process of waxing goes something like this:

If a previous layer of wax was already applied, it is first removed using a wax stripping product. The floor is then cleaned thoroughly to ensure there won’t be dust interfering with the next step. Finally, a fresh layer of wax is applied, dried, and buffed to leave a smooth and protected surface. You can either do this yourself or engage a flooring maintenance professional to do it for you.


As hardy as vinyl flooring is, some care is necessary to let it really shine. If you follow these simple tips, your flooring will come out all the better for it. As for those looking for a new set of vinyl flooring, look no further, Wallhub is here to help. We offer a wide range of luxury vinyl flooring designs and handle all the in-house installation for you. We’ve even got beautiful furnishings to go with your flooring, including wallpaper, blinds and curtains. Give your home a makeover with WallHub!

4 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Curtains Clean And Fresh

Curtains are always there for you when you need them most, protecting you from a face-full of light as you wake up in the morning, or saving you from the blinding glare of the Sun against your computer screen. They are also great decorative pieces and can complement the furniture, flooring, and wallpaper. While there are many beautiful and high-quality curtains, no matter how brilliant the curtains are, they still need adequate maintenance to look their best. The last thing you want is to release a cloud of dust every time you draw the curtain.

But don’t fret, because maintaining your curtains doesn’t have to be hard! Here are some simple, but effective tips to keep your curtains looking the best that they can be.

Vacuum your curtains

If you can tolerate the noise, vacuuming is absolutely necessary to keep your curtains dust-free. Depending on the fabric, curtains can collect dust rather quickly, so you should vacuum them often. At a minimum, you should aim to vacuum your curtains once a month, but if you are big on cleanliness, feel free to go for more.

You can use a brush attachment to the vacuum head for the best results, as that will make it easier to get the dust off the curtains. For the most fashionable curtains, be wary of any delicate embroidery or decorations, as those should be handled with care and vacuumed around.

Wash your curtains

Using a washing machine or washing by hand are good ways to keep your curtains looking brand new, but be sure to check that they are washable. In general, cotton and linen curtains are machine washable. Sheer, silk, laced, or otherwise embellished curtains should be washed by hand due to their delicate nature. Wash these curtains very gently.

Before placing the curtains into the washing machine, ensure that all accessories are removed. To be extra careful, put the curtains in a mesh bag to prevent fraying and damage from the washing machine spin. Cold water and mild detergent would be best for most curtain types but do your research beforehand.

Another convenient alternative is to send your curtains in for dry-cleaning. Be sure to engage with a reliable dry-cleaning service, as they will be qualified to clean up your curtains without damaging them.

Sunlight limit

As any good curtain company in Singapore will tell you, you should always consider the amount of sunlight your curtains will be exposed to before making your purchase. Light-coloured curtains are your best bet for windows that see a lot of sunlight as they reflect the most light, making them resistant to discolouration. Dark colours absorb the most light, so they discolour easily and need some protection.

To protect your more expensive curtains from sunlight damage, you can add another layer of sheer curtains behind them. This provides a shield from the brunt of the sunlight. You can also consider using lined window treatments, which could even confer additional benefits like water resistance.


While entirely optional, ironing is a great way to make your curtain to look crisp and pristine. Not all curtains can be ironed though, so check with your provider first. Iron on the reverse side to be safe. For puckered seams, spray some water and pull very gently to stretch the seam back to size. Do not pull too hard, or you may break the stitching.

If you are uncertain on which of these techniques to employ, don’t worry, talk it out with your trusted curtain company in Singapore. It may take some effort, but the results are well worth it. Clean curtains can brighten up the room, even as they keep the sunlight out.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Curtains Or Blinds

How often do we stop to consider how we should dress our bare windows? Rather than focusing on decorations in the house, window coverings are essential in controlling how much sunlight gets in our home on top of ensuring privacy. Progressively, curtains and blinds have gone beyond their essential functions through their distinct characteristics that add a certain flair to a home’s aesthetics.

Before we start, here’s a brief introduction as to what these window coverings are!

Curtains: Curtains are fabric panels that are often sold in pairs. They can be found in a variety of widths, lengths, colours, designs and patterns which makes them a versatile and popular choice. They hang from a rod with a few hanging options, from metal grommets to fabric rings.

Blinds: Depending on the type of blinds you pick; it can range from customised mural blinds to rainbow blinds. It lifts up and down through a cord or lifting mechanism. Blinds come in a range of colours and designs which also includes wooden tones, and are sized to fit within the window frame.

Now that you’re more familiar with these two coverings, what factors should we consider when deciding between curtains and blinds?

The overall design of the home

Aside from contemplating between having wallpapers or paint to decorate your walls, think of the window coverings that will also impact the interior mood or style of your home.

By default, curtains can easily fit a wider range of styles due to its versatility. So, if you’re going for a minimalist or Scandinavian interior, curtains that are light and sheer are recommended. Meanwhile, curtains with more luxurious fabrics like velvet exude a cosy and contemporary interior, which goes great with vinyl flooring for a lavish look.

On the other hand, blinds can be incorporated to fit industrial and Scandinavian themes due to its clean-cut aspect that gives a sense of structure to your space. If you’re going for a hotel-inspired look, then go for wooden Venetian blinds. For a classic colonial style, pure white blinds would be a great fit.

Maintenance matters

No matter what your choice is, curtains and blinds have to be cleaned regularly as dust accumulates quickly, especially if it’s being used to shield a drafty window.

Curtains have to be removed from their hanging rods, washed using a washing machine or through dry cleaning, dried, and hung up again whereas blinds can be cleaned by wiping down with a cloth or vacuuming.

Light control

The main point of a window covering is to block out sunlight, so which fulfils this requirement better?

If you want precise control, then Venetian blinds would do the trick as you can adjust the amount of light that enters by adjusting the slats. Curtains’ light control is dependent on the transparency of the fabric used, which can be fixed by installing layered curtains with both opaque and sheer day curtains! So, you can alternate between them freely.


In terms of sound control, regular blinds may not be able to perform this function as well as curtains. Heavyweight and dense curtains prevent noise from penetrating through the room. In contrast, blinds can create noise by hitting on the windowsills on windy days.

Setting the mood

Curtains play a definitive role in the setting of a room, depending on the fabric, colour or design used. From billowing sheer fabrics to velvety robes, make sure to select the perfect curtains that complement the room’s settings. The different type of blinds also influences the mood of the space, such as Roman blinds which give a room a touch of elegance with its layered pleats.


The key factor in making this decision comes down to what you prefer having in your house. Sometimes, we see a combination of both fits the home perfectly! For a more informed decision, contact a Wallpapers specialist such as us at Wallhub, for professionals to guide you based on your preferences. However, we don’t just provide wallpapers, but various curtain designs as well. So, if you’re looking to choose curtains over blinds – we’re here to help.

Day Curtains VS Night Curtains: Which One Should You Use?

Curtains are a staple of any room. Regardless of the room’s design theme, there will always be a curtain that can complement it. Custom made curtains are exceptionally brilliant as pieces of décor. With the wide assortment of materials and embellishments at your disposal, you can easily get exactly the shade and texture to fit your room.

They don’t just look pretty, but have practical uses as well. Whether you want to block out the glare from your computer screen or just want some privacy, curtains are there to help you out. But not all curtains are created equal, and sometimes, having only one type is not enough.

Curtains come in two main categories – day curtains and night curtains. Both of them serve to block out sunlight, but to varying degrees. As the names suggest, the difference between them is night and day. Let’s have a look at some of their defining qualities.

Day curtains

Day curtains see the most use during the day time when sunlight is beaming strongly into your home. They are sometimes referred to by their other name, sheer curtains.

Typically, they are made from lightweight materials such as lace and organza. These materials are translucent, allowing a decent amount of natural light to enter the room while blocking out the eye-searing glare. Day curtains can also diffuse the UV rays and heat in the sunlight, leading to a cooler home. Overall, they provide a comfortably lit environment for your day-time activities. As such, living rooms or other communal spaces would benefit greatly from day curtains.

Maintenance is not too difficult either. While custom made curtains come in many colours, most day curtains have light colours to help you see through them. This means that they can take a lot of punishment from the sun. Lighter colours absorb less light, so they do not fade as fast as darker colours. Furthermore, they only need to be taken down for cleaning bi-annually, making them a convenient option. The same goes for vinyl flooring, which is not much of hassle to clean and enhances the appearance of your living space greatly.

All in all, if you are looking for privacy, day curtains can do a decent job. People looking from outside-in would struggle to make out what is behind the curtain, while you would still be able to see outside the window. However, since they are not opaque, the privacy they provide is limited. For the most privacy, you will need night curtains.

Night curtains

Unlike day curtains, night curtains are made of heavyweight and opaque fabric. Depending on the type of night curtain, they can block out most or all sunlight from entering the room.

The primary purpose of night curtains is to provide complete privacy. No one will be able to see through your night curtains, so they are perfect for bedrooms. They are also suitable for living rooms or study rooms, where you may need to shut out sunlight for movie screenings or presentations.

Like day curtains, night curtains can block out the sun’s heat, creating a cooling environment in the room. Some night curtains, like blackout curtains, are made of multiple layers of thick fabric. These layers provide the additional benefit of blocking out the noise coming from outside. Those living near MRT tracks or busy highways would find this a very welcome feature.

Why not both?

Each type of curtain has its own benefits, but they are best used together. By placing day curtains in front of your night curtains, you get the best of both worlds. You can draw the day curtains when the sun is out to get some natural lighting, and draw the night curtains when you’re off to bed.

The day curtains also protect the darker night curtains from the sunlight, reducing fading of colour. To top it off, you add another dimension of design by pairing the curtain colours, giving you more options to complement your wallpaper.

For the best results, you can engage the services of a professional furnishing company to get some custom made curtains. Wallhub has an extensive range of fabrics, designs and materials for day and night curtains. No matter the design or texture you desire, Wallhub can make your dreams come true.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Flooring

There’s nothing like taking a nice hot shower at the end of a long day. When our bathrooms have good flooring, we tend to take it for granted. However, you will certainly notice if the flooring is of poor quality.

You don’t want to go through the trouble of installing brand new flooring, only to have it start peeling off or rotting within the year. Ideally, you would not want the floor to be uncomfortable to walk on, either. Having suitable flooring that is comfortable, durable and convenient is key to furnishing an amiable bathroom.

Since bathrooms experience several unique conditions compared to other parts of the house, you will need to consider your flooring choices wisely. Here are some of the factors that you should think about when deciding which flooring is right for your bathroom.


Bathroom flooring, especially shower flooring, naturally comes into contact with a lot of water. While water can seem fairly innocuous, it can cause serious damage to certain types of flooring. For example, organic hardwood flooring could rot after prolonged exposure to water. Besides the obvious aesthetic effects, you may even get mould and fungus growing in your flooring.

Avoid all of these issues by choosing your flooring wisely. Get water-resistant, or better yet, waterproof flooring. Vinyl flooring and grooved porcelain tiles are ideal for bathrooms for this reason. 


Durable flooring is cost-effective. Not having to repair your flooring every few years can save you a ton of time and money. More importantly, nobody wants an out of order bathroom. Most homes tend to have one or two bathrooms at most. Having one shut down for repairs can be a great inconvenience, so you would want to minimise damage or wear and tear.

The best flooring options out there are not only long-lasting but also resistant to several types of damage. Other than water-resistance, as mentioned before, some flooring types are also stain-resistant and indent-resistant.

Ease of instalment

No matter how durable your flooring, accidents can still happen. Even the most resilient flooring will be subject to degradation down the line. When the time comes for repairs, you would want instalment to be quick and efficient. Having an out of commission bathroom for a day is tolerable, but going without a bathroom for several days can be frustrating.

Given the importance of an operational bathroom, getting easy-to-install bathroom flooring is absolutely essential. Ideally, you will want flooring that can be installed in a few hours. Since bathrooms are rather small compared to most other rooms, this should not be too difficult a task.


There’s nothing worse than stepping into a bathroom barefoot, only to be met with biting cold flooring. As durable as your flooring may be, it would not be very useful if it makes you dread entering the bathroom in the first place. Bathroom flooring should be comfortable to walk on. You’ll want flooring that is soft beneath your feet and good at insulating heat, such that it’s not cold when you step on it.

Colour and Texture

Practicality is often the priority when it comes to choosing the type of flooring. But once you have selected the right material, aesthetics can come into play. Fortunately, most materials come in varying patterns and colours. Luxury vinyl flooring is particularly flexible for design purposes, coming in tile and plank forms. They also come in several beautiful shades, from classy winter grey to rustic summer oak.

Or better yet, throw in some custom made curtains! That way, you can have your curtains match perfectly with your flooring by complementing its colour with your own choice of colour.

Appropriate flooring is necessary for any good bathroom. You need to consider the immediate and long-term implications of any one material before you make your choice. For a one-size-fits-all solution, luxury vinyl flooring is a water-resistant, durable, long-lasting option that fulfils all the criteria listed above.

We here at Wallhub provide speedy installations for luxury vinyl flooring in any part of your house. We also offer other services for all your wall-covering needs. If you ever need help choosing and installing custom made curtains or wallpaper in Singapore, we’re here to help!

The Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring For Your New Household

It is easy to forget that flooring is one of the most important refurbishing decisions that a homeowner has to make. Many homeowners want to give their home a floor that is durable, easy to maintain and affordable. Fortunately, there is a type of flooring on the market that fits the bill to a tee – vinyl flooring. Easy to clean and resistant to all sorts of damage, vinyl flooring provides excellent value for maximum returns.

If you’re looking to make some furnishing choices for your new house or looking to give your home a makeover, here are some reasons why vinyl flooring may be the choice for you.

1. Durable

Due to the presence of commercial-grade wear layers, vinyl is exceptionally hardy, and can take heavy foot traffic. It is also extremely long-lasting, going decades without replacement.

2. Waterproof & moisture resistant

If you are looking to re-floor a room that is exposed to a lot of water spillage, like the kitchen or bathroom, strongly consider getting vinyl flooring. It is also suited for places with high levels of humidity and rain, which could easily corrode or rot organic forms of flooring like wood. As such, vinyl is the optimal choice even if you do not expect a lot of water contact.

3. Easy to maintain

Owing to its waterproof nature, spills can be wiped up without any hassle. Cleaning it is also simple, requiring no special maintenance. Sweeping, vacuuming or mopping are all completely valid ways to keep your vinyl flooring free of dirt.

4. Comfortable

Vinyl flooring is comfortable underfoot, is static-free, and has noise reduction properties. This makes it perfect for households with kids and pets, where there are a lot of heavy footsteps or running around.

5. Various styles

Coming in a wide array of styles and colours from modern cream or grey to lifelike wooden grains, vinyl flooring is able to complement any aesthetic theme that your home may have. For instance, if you’re interested in installing custom made curtains – vinyl flooring will fit perfectly with any particular style or design you have in mind for the curtains!

6. Easy installation

As vinyl flooring typically comes with a click-lock system, installation can be done quickly with a single day’s work, without much fuss. Here at Wallhub, our experienced installers can get a standard living room re-floored in 5-6 hours.

7. Safe

Organic flooring like authentic wood can cause a host of safety risks, such as harbouring termites or harmful microbes. Other types of flooring may also contain toxins and chemicals which cause a synthetic odour. Vinyl flooring is low in volatile organic compounds and is anti-microbial, making it a safer option for families with pregnant women and children.

8.  Affordable

Given that vinyl flooring can provide the same stylish wood grain or ceramic look at a fraction of the cost, with several additional perks to boot, it is clearly an extremely cost-effective option.

With its broad suitability for all households and families, the popularity of vinyl flooring is not surprising. Its flexibility in pattern and colour also makes it a great design choice for any home, so long as you match it to your furniture and chosen wallpaper in Singapore! There are several retailers for vinyl tiles and planks, so you will want to think carefully and pick a reliable company to help you with your flooring needs. Check out Wallhub’s luxury vinyl flooring options if you are looking for experienced professionals and high-quality products.

How To Choose The Best Flooring For Each Room In Your House

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Similarly, our house’s flooring is also the biggest aspect of our home, which means it’s the most expensive investment you’ll need to make when decorating the interior!

Depending on your unique situation, here is a brief guideline with three factors that helps you decide what it means to have the ‘best’ flooring:

1. Budget

How much budget are you dedicating to the flooring per room? Once you determine your budget, use that amount to help you narrow down your list of choices. For example, if you love the look of hardwood, but you’re not willing to pay so much for it, you could go with laminate such as vinyl floorings.

2. Location

Will the flooring be installed in an area that’s wet, semi-wet, or dry? Or if it’s going to be somewhere with high-traffic like the living room, then you would want to choose a flooring that is resistant to moisture and scratches. So, think about how the types of floorings chosen would hold up in these locations.

3. Maintenance

Think about what surfaces will be the easiest to keep clean based on your lifestyle. Keep in mind that different types of floorings require different maintenance needs.

Next, let’s expand on how location plays a role in helping you decide floorings! Below is a list of three rooms that require extensive flooring considerations:

4. Kitchen

This is not only the place for you to prepare your meals, but it’s also where people gather to eat if you have a large island or an open concept kitchen, which makes it important to go with a flooring type that’s durable and easy to clean and maintain!

The kitchen is more prone to spillages, so a waterproof option is also essential. However, you would want to go with a surface that does not get slippery when wet, especially if you have kids or people with fall-risks.

5. Bathroom

Moisture is a guaranteed consideration for bathrooms, so it’s crucial to choose a material that can stand against daily contact with water and humidity. Water can be found everywhere, from the walls to the ceilings to the floor. Picking the wrong type of flooring increases the possibility of it being ruined by moisture.

Contact to water is an expectation, so other factors – such as durability, appearance, cost, and ease of installation – have to be considered as well. Some obvious no-nos are carpet tiles and solid hardwood!

6. Living Areas

At the living areas of your home, like the living room, dining room and bedrooms, the possibilities are endless! It all depends mostly on your personal preferences.

You could have the hardwood or tile installed, where you can jazz it up by adding a rug for a comfortable surface under your feet. Meanwhile, others might prefer having the classic feel of carpeting throughout. To add more decoration to your living areas, you can even pick out a pleasant curtain design from an established curtain company in Singapore and bring a little sparkle into your home! Narrow down your options by looking at swatches to see the many styles, colours and materials that most appeal to you.


The variety of flooring choices available will leave you spoilt for choice, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Just contact us or approach any of our friendly staffs at Wallhub for a quick and comprehensive consultation if you’re at a dilemma with what to choose. Over a quick chat with us, we’d be able to provide you with any home-related questions you have, from wallpapers in Singapore to window coverings. You can contact us via Instagram DMs, WhatsApp, email and through our website. For now, let’s stay safe by staying home!

Groom Your Child’s Study Room: 4 Factors To Consider

Seeing your child preparing for a major examination is a stressful time. As much as you want to support them, you also need to give them some space.

After spending a long time in school, some kids might regard their home as a “no-study” zone. Having a distinct study set-up could greatly aid in setting a boundary for them. This way, you’re also cultivating them to become self-directed learners without having to compromise their leisure spaces at home.

How you make use of the space is entirely up to you. You can even set up areas for anybody else in the family to use as their office!

Furnish your room appropriately

The basics to furnishing a study room boil down to your desk and chair. Did you know that we sit for an average of 64 hours a week? In response, professional physicians and health practitioners advise standing or taking a walk to increase blood circulation. With that in mind, you could go the unconventional route by getting an adjustable standing desk instead! It’s also crucial that you minimise any form of distractions as much as possible. So, get organisational tools that can help reduce any sort of clutter or mess. Avoid having toys lying around as well.

Material of your flooring

If you’re aiming for a silent study room, then you could consider getting a carpet tile installation. These tiles are cushioned for the comfort of your feet. Contrary to popular belief, these tiles are not a hassle to maintain. As long as you don’t neglect the daily vacuuming and occasional deep-clean, then you’re good to go. Vinyl flooring is another alternative. Vinyl is easier to maintain as it requires no special care or maintenance. It also reduces the sound of footsteps, so the conduciveness of the study room won’t be compromised!

Pay attention to colour and lighting

Depending on what your child is using the study room for, colour and light play a role in influencing how we perform. Red is an exciting colour that can inspire you, but only in moderation as too much red could over-stimulate. Blue and green are known to invoke a calm surrounding that can help promote creativity and performance. Lighting is also a vital factor. Dimmer lights encourage creativity, while brighter surroundings inspire analytical and evaluative thinking. With curtains or blinds, you can adjust the amount of light that enters the room. Feel free to get in touch with a curtain company in Singapore to guide you to make an informed decision.

Decorating your walls

Painting is the most economical option that most Singaporeans tend to resort to by default. Painting can transform a room to look more vibrant. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to retouch it every 3 to 5 years depending on the elements your room is exposed to. If you’re not careful about the type of paint you’ve chosen, then it might leave behind an odour that takes some time to fully diffuse.

On the other hand, getting wallpapers in Singapore might be rather uncommon. As compared to paint, wallpapers won’t leave behind stains or odour. While the application process of wallpapers is more direct, the drawback is that Singapore’s hot and humid climate may cause it to curl over time.


Ultimately, what matters most is your child’s comfort. When planning the development of the room, it’s highly recommended that your child is also as involved in the process as you. Make sure to consider other factors such as your budget and time too.

5 Wallpaper Designs That Blend Well With Singapore Culture

Wallpapers are typically made of materials from various designs so that we can decorate the walls in our homes and even offices. As Singapore is synonymous with art and culture, you can find wallpapers that are blended with designs pertaining to certain lifestyles and cultures of the locals. Most wallpapers are sold in rolls and can be attached to your walls simply by using paste. Unlike the past, wallpapers were used mainly to protect walls. These days, the right wallpaper design can change the look beauty of your home instantly. If your room is dull, then a wallpaper can add style and beauty just the way you want it.

If you aren’t sure how to go about choosing a wallpaper design to match your creativity, taste or style, here are 5 most common wallpapers in Singapore that blend well with the local culture.

1. Vinyl Wallpaper

Luxury vinyl wallpapers are best suited for humid or moist rooms, making them perfect for kitchens or bathroom walls as they are mainly resistant to moisture. Many homeowners in Singapore prefer vinyl wallpaper due to their durability and affordability. Should you decide to clean or renew the wall, they can be easily peeled off. Due to their durability and affordability, luxury vinyl wallpapers can also be paired up with a Singapore vinyl flooring to create a great design pattern.

2. Common Wallpaper

Common wallpapers are the most generally used in Singapore. If you are looking for a touch of grace and elegance in your home, then standard wallpapers are the way to go. They are most commonly found and used in rooms that are least likely to be damaged. However, when compared to other wallpapers, they are much difficult to install and remove.

3. Folk Wallpaper

Folk wallpapers are most suited for formal areas that require specific decorations in a home. For example, if you recently sought a curtain company in Singapore to design a personalised curtain, a folk wallpaper can flourish alongside it. They are available in different designs, patterns and textures. For folk wallpapers, their significant advantage is due to them being washable. However, the wallpaper can still get damaged if there is too much rubbing during the cleaning process. With folk wallpapers, you will find your walls to appear more elegant and beautiful.

4. Fabric Wallpaper

Unlike regular wallpapers, fabric wallpapers are not laminated. They are known much more for their attraction and beauty, making them pair well with contemporary designs and themes in your home. For big rooms such as an office or a living room, fabric wallpapers can bring warmth and delight. One significant disadvantage of fabric wallpapers is its ability to stain easily. As such, they can be hard to work with, and might not be recommended for the kitchen or bathroom.

5. Serene Solids

Serene solids are wallpapers widely used across the world. They showcase class and elegance, which no other wallpaper design has since been able to replicate. Serene solids come in various types, ensuring a classy look despite being simple in design. They enhance your wall with a chic and cosy feeling, making them great for any décor and any type of furniture you have in place. Due to their high versatility, serene solids should be your choice of wallpaper if you are looking to add class to your home.


The right wallpaper in Singapore for your home comes in various designs, types and styles. This makes wallpapers one of the essential theme-setters for your home in Singapore. While others might use paint, wallpapers can add a distinct ceramic look. They can instantly set the mood of a house whereas a single colour of paint could not.

Dive into different patterns, colours and textures that will work well for your room. If you have chosen to use wallpapers for your office, it is best to do your research thoroughly. Do not simply pick any wallpaper that you find and place it onto your wall. The beauty of wallpapers is in their design, variations and their removal, which can be done at any time, unlike paint.

4 Key Steps To Match Your Flooring With Your Wallpaper

As we are cooped up in our homes to stay safe during this period, you might decide to renew your floors. However, the last thing you want is to spoil it with an inappropriate wallpaper design for the bedroom. Many households, especially rented apartments in Singapore, have floors that have been worn out over time. While the long-term solution to such a problem is to have it repaired, the use of wallpapers is a good idea, especially when looking at a tight budget.

When choosing the type of wallpapers for your floor, you should look to use something that will not destroy your design overall. A suitable wallpaper for your wall should be one that is easily removable. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are steps you can take to match your flooring with the wallpaper.

1. Know Your Floor Color

Once you have picked out the right flooring, you should look to find the right glow, whether it is warm or cool tones. This helps you imagine what the colours of your walls will look. To detect the floor colour, you can look at the undertones of the woods. In most cases, warm floors have red, orange and yellow undertones. Cool floors, on the other hand, have blue, grey, and taupe undertones.

The process of detecting the colour of your floor could take a little more time if you used luxury vinyl flooring due to the number of designs it comes with.

2. Finding A Matching Wallpaper Color

Once you have gone through the process of evaluating your floor, the next step is to find a matching wallpaper for your floor. The general rule here is quite simple, and the warm colours should go along with warm colours. By doing so, the colours of your wallpapers can better help to emphasize the flooring colour better. For example, blueish-grey flooring can complement a green wallpaper that you may have chosen.

3. Go for Contrast

Another way of choosing the appropriate wallpaper for your floor is by using complementary colours. Choose a wallpaper colour that is opposite to the flooring colour. While it may seem wrong, the results can be surprising. For example, if your flooring has yellow undertones, violet wallpapers might not look out of place. Instead, it sends a bold statement about your personality. Using bright wallpapers to compliment undertone flooring is a good idea. For example, the dark mahogany floor does not go well with dark wallpapers regardless of your colour of choice. Similarly, white floors do not match well with bright wallpapers.

4. Neutral Shades

If you are still confused on which wallpaper colours to choose from, neutral wall colour shades may be the right choice for you. Using neutral tones is a simple way of ensuring that your wallpapers will complement any flooring you may have chosen. Simple shades like beige, taupe, and cream complement most flooring options. Such colours give your room a minimalistic look.


While picking out wallpapers for your home can be exciting, one wrong decision could ruin your plan. If you are not confident about choosing your colours alone, the services of an expert can be of great help. Matching décor is vital for the beauty of your home, most notably the flooring and wallpapers. The inclusion of custom made curtains can also enable any complimenting colours you have. Tile and wallpapers are the most visible features in the room. Therefore, take your time to choose complementing colours for your floor and wallpapers. A perfect wallpaper and floor can unleash your imaginations and create magical, adventurous spaces in your room.

Tips To Choose The Best Curtains For Your Living Room

When looking for curtain designs for your living room, some of the factors to consider are colour, texture, design, and your very own preference. The living room curtains should complement the colour of certain elements in your home. For example, any wall or wallpapers you might use, and flooring customisations such as vinyl flooring. Beautiful window curtains renew the look of your living room. However, many people do not know how to choose the best curtains for their living rooms. Here are are a few simple tips for choosing the best curtains for your living room.

Material for The Curtain

One of the most important things to consider when buying a curtain for your living room is the material used. Curtains are not things you would often change in your home. Therefore, you need something with a considerably longer lifespan. If you are looking to decorate your living room with a formal sense, cotton or linen would be a perfect choice for you. However, if you are looking for a frivolous material, lightweight fabric is ideal. With material choice, your taste and preference matter a lot.

Privacy and Lighting

When purchasing curtains for your living room, two of the most important factors to consider are privacy and the amount of light you would want in your living room. When your living room looks dark due to its size, the use of a sheer would be recommended. Sheers gives a transparent effect and privacy. While you can see someone from the inside, they cannot see you from outside. For big living rooms, the sturdier fabric would be recommended since the room already has enough light. However, if you still feel that your office needs adequate light despite its size, you can always go for sheers.

Curtains Appearance

Curtains are essential for your living room décor. Therefore, you have to consider its colour texture and appearance. Before choosing curtains to take home, you should find the floor colour, furniture, and the size of your living room. Compare some of these colours on the market. If anything of your liking is not available in the market, you could order custom made curtains from a curtain company in Singapore. The motif of the curtains is also an essential factor to consider. You can go for plain curtains with unique motifs in them if you’d like.

Opting for Flexibility

Due to the climate variation in Singapore, you need curtains that offer flexibility when it comes to lighting. You need shades that provide maximum light adjustment, that provide maximum light change for different times or days. Drapes virtually soften the appearance of ordinary blinders while adding some style to the living room. Hard-edged appearance, for example, would look bland without a light blue drapery.


While functionality is essential, the curtains should look as inviting as possible. The look of your curtains makes the room a place you would want to hang out in. Go for curtains with natural tones like blue, brown, and beige. As you consider all these factors, remember not to put your style aside. Drapery is perfect for you if you are all about class, vintage, homely, and a cosy atmosphere. However, you should opt for blinds if you are more reserved and a minimalist.

5 Floor Designs You Can Utilise For Your Living Room

Are you looking to change out your vinyl flooring? When it comes to living room floor design, there are ample options out there for you to choose. The ability to balance durability and beauty can be a big challenge for many people. Most importantly, you want beautiful flooring that can stand up to the traffic for quite some time, especially if you have a huge family with kids running around.

With so many floor designs for you to choose from, it depends all on your preference and your budget. However, if you aren’t sure what design to go for, here are a few inspirational floor ideas for your living room.

1. Mid-Century Wooden Floor

Most homeowners in Singapore prefer hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are available in light, medium, and dark hues, giving your living room a timeless and luxurious feeling. You can usually find hardwood flooring in three different types: plank, strip and parquet.

The benefits of wood floors are the convenience in maintenance when compared to other floorings. It is also shown statistically that houses with wood floors offer a higher resale value.

2. Use of Carpet

The use of carpets among most homeowners in Singapore is one of the most popular floor designs. This means even if you decide to keep your previous flooring because of vinyl flooring prices, then it can work wonders. They come in different colours, textures and patterns, with carpets arriving in olefin, acrylic, polyester, wool and nylon depending on your taste and budget.

The secret to carpets is their ease of cleaning and maintenance. If your living room continually comes in contact with water, carpets may not be the right choice for you as moisture creates mould and mildew.

3. Ceramic Tile

If you are looking for a water resistance floor in your living room, ceramic tiles are the right choice for you. They are made from hard clay, hence making them durable. Ceramic tiles come in two options: glazed and unglazed. They are easy to clean and are perfect for people with allergies. Unlike fibre carpets, with a smooth piece of cloth, it can be wiped.

Most ceramic tiles go for between $5 and $10 per square meter. They are also available in plank cuts, rectangular, and triangular shapes. If properly managed, they can last for up to a decade. In the case where one tile breaks, they can easily be replaced.

4. Use of Concrete

Concrete floors offer unmatched durability compared to other floor options. With proper use, you only require yearly maintenance. Concrete floors are available in an array of colours and limitless design options. Concrete floors are known to be highly versatile and environmentally friendly. However, during icy weather conditions, you may need to use carpets or rugs.

5. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is almost similar to ceramic tiles but differs in the material used during construction. They are more resistant compared to ceramic tiles. They are the best option for your living room if you are looking for a beautiful and low maintenance option. If you go for this flooring material, fixing it yourself to your living room may not be the best idea. Get a professional to ensure the best result.


The living room flooring is essential, especially when it comes to inviting guests, as that is the first thing that they will see. No matter what flooring you choose, the carpet option proves reliable, as it can pair well with any purchase of wallpaper.

The living room also speaks a lot about you. It is a place of entertainment, fun, and most importantly, a place where everyone can gather around. If you need to make your living room sparkle, you can contact a curtain company in Singapore for something fancy.

How To Choose The Right Wallpaper For Your Bedroom Decor

Is this your first time venturing into the land of wallpapers in Singapore? If so, then choosing the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom can prove to be a daunting task. What makes it so much more difficult is the endless selection of wallpapers on the market. If it truly is your first time picking out a wallpaper, here is a simple guide: colour, texture and patterns.

To help you out and increase the look of your bedroom, it’s best to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Here are 5 factors to aid you in choosing the right wallpaper for your bedroom decor!

1. Wallpaper Colours

Ensure that the bedroom wallpaper you have selected is an excellent match for the rest of the room. In it, everything from the window treatment, furniture, and the floor of your bedroom should bring together a cohesive look. The wallpaper should simply be attractive to you at first sight.

Also, take note that the wallpaper size matters a lot. The wallpaper should be proportional to your bedroom, without being too large or too small.

2. Patterns or plain walls

Wallpapers are meant to send bold statements, so do not hesitate when going all out in your design! Ideally, the wallpaper should be the bedroom’s focal point. While a room with a single colour looks dull, a place with too much intensity can be a cause of restlessness. If you are looking to mix designs or colours for your wallpaper, make sure it fits cohesively with the room. You can always look back at the colour and trend when selecting a wallpaper for your bedroom.

3. Play with colour

If your bedroom is looks dull, opt for patterns with light colours or those with fusible links. Wallpapers with smooth surfaces tend to reflect brighter, so do take note of lights in the room. Going for dark colours might not be all a good idea as they absorb light and also make your room look small. Textured wallpapers are an example of making your bedroom look dark.

4. Choose your most suitable style

We all have different personalities. If you want to make your bedroom formal, you can pick large-scale patterns with dramatic colours. However, if you want your bedroom to reflect your fun and vibrant personality, bright and small motifs pair very well.

Also, you can add any style to its border. Some examples are wildlife, sports and pastoral views. Wallpaper borders are especially known to dictate the theme of your room.

5. Wallpaper to match the style of your room

Even though what you want matters a lot, the look of your room should play a vital role when selecting the most suitable bedroom wallpaper. It is always best to measure the width and height of the walls of your room. If you have vinyl flooring, you can match the wallpaper to the vinyl flooring of your room as well.

Before purchasing any wallpaper, inform the seller about the design of your room. With their experience, they can help you in choosing a wallpaper for your bedroom.


Your bedroom should be the most comfortable place to rest as you will be spending the most time in it. After a long day, you need a place to calm your mind, and there is no better place to do that than the bedroom. Thus, when selecting the most suitable wallpaper for your bedroom, go for your favourite style and colour. You can search through several wallpaper shops and compare their prices, and even drop by a curtain company if you’re looking to get matching curtains! Most importantly, you should find the right wallpaper that you will love.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Flooring

With so many factors to consider, choosing a floor for your kitchen is not an easy decision to make. The flooring you pick has a significant impact when it comes to the impression or looks of your kitchen. While your floor could look amazing, durability is also important too. This is because flooring isn’t changed often.

As such, getting your flooring right is vital. Here are 5 factors you should consider when putting together the flooring of your kitchen.


Wood tiles are an excellent choice when it comes to sustainability. With proper care, hardwoods could go for as long as 50 years. However, you would need to apply a protective coating to prevent it from stretches, dents, or stains. You could also opt for a porous material, such as limestone for increased protection of your wood floor.

If you have a limited budget, other options that offer similar traits are high-pressured plastic laminates. They are suitable for kitchen and bathroom floors.


You could pick a colour that will allow for neutral and additional updates in the future. In this case, luxury vinyl flooring would be compatible with wood tiles as they can easily match different wall colours and touches. Opting for neutral colours does not make your kitchen look boring.

In fact, with the right colour choices such as beige, ivory and taupe can help to enliven it. With so many options of wallpaper, you can easily make your kitchen flooring stand out with the right one.

Colour and style

When it comes to colour and style, you have a few colour selections for your kitchen flooring. Firstly, pick the colour you would want as your dominant colour in the kitchen. If you’re looking to make the floor of your kitchen the focal point, you can simply go bright with it.

For a silent kitchen, carpet flooring with hues and a stunning colour is the perfect choice for you. No matter what colour you choose, the finishing touches such as borders and design strips help to add style to your kitchen.

Maintenance demand

Most people prefer kitchen floors that do not require too much upkeep. If you are looking for a kitchen floor with a long lifespan, vinyl laminate flooring is the right choice for you.

While hardwood floors are excellent for long-term durability, their cost of maintenance is relatively low too. Black matte tiles in the kitchen do not allow water spots into the tiles, making them an excellent choice for a kitchen floor where maintenance is concerned.


Although you may want the most sophisticated kitchen floor, your budget can be a limiting factor. If you have set aside a relatively small budget, laminate flooring is the perfect choice for you. For durability, bamboo can be an appealing alternative in place for hardwood. Despite not lasting as long, they offer the same versatility as traditional wood.


The look of your kitchen is important, especially when functionality and practicality is concerned. While carpet flooring might be a great option, it doesn’t settle into the factors above. With a variety of kitchen floors for you to consider, it won’t be long before you find a flooring to your liking. Should you not trust your choice or require another judgement, a professional can make it simple for you. They can advise and aid you alongside the factors above with flooring that will fit your kitchen perfectly.

9 Creative Ways To Implement Wallpapers In Your Living Room

There are several applications of wallpapers for living rooms and houses. For example, wallpapers can help you conceal spots and other unwanted stuff on your wall. The best part about them is that they are easy to install as you can practically do it yourself. However, did you know there are different ways that you can use wallpapers in your living room?

Aside from getting wallpapers, you will also need appropriate and matching custom made curtains from Singapore. This helps to complete the look inside your house and leave guests interested every time they visit. To help you out, here are 9 creative ways to implement wallpapers in your living room.

Using it on a lampshade

In case you are done with decorating the walls and have a few pieces of your wallpaper remaining, you can apply them on your lampshade. This will blend in properly with your living room wall. It will mainly work best for a plain lampshade or one that has a faded look.

The procedure is simple. You will need to cut the wallpaper to the shape of the lampshade. Afterwards, you can use a spray adhesive to stick the resulting form on to the lampshade. The best impact is on the exterior of the shade as opposed to the interior.

Hang it as an art

Have you ever thought of using your wallpaper as ‘art’? Well, this is an excellent option for those who would want to use an exclusive wallpaper but can’t afford to put it on the entire wall. You can frame the size you want and hang it on the wall.

Alternatively, you can choose to avoid the framing and use dowels on either end so that it looks like a scroll. Either way, wallpapers make for great art.

Decorating books

You can turn all those books lying around your living room into beautiful pieces of art. Use your wallpaper to cover them on the outside and place them strategically around the living room. You can mix the wallpapers for different books, if possible, to create a more striking image.

Decoupage furniture

In case you have plain furniture or have old pieces inside your living room, you can use wallpapers to update them. This works best on pieces of furniture that do not have too many curves.

On the ceiling

You might ask: “who thought that wallpaper on the ceiling was a good idea?” If you have never given it a thought, you should. In most cases, many people ignore caps until there is a leak or something that needs repair. How about having yours stand out with the use of a creative and elegant wallpaper?

Creating a feature wall

A feature wall draws people’s attention through a striking appearance. Here, you can go either subtle or bold, depending on your preferences. You could even pair it with vinyl laminate flooring for a ravishing theme.

Installing two papers on a single wall

This means covering the top half with one type of wallpaper, and the bottom half with another. This design might need a professional for it to work, but it will ultimately look great when you are done.

Cover half of the wall

This is yet another great option. You can cover one-half of your living room wall while safely ignoring the other.

Cover the entire walls

Lastly, you can opt to use the wallpaper to cover the whole wall of your living room. This will equally leave an impressive and satisfying look to both you and your guests when they visit.

4 Tips To Maximize Decoration In Your Old Apartment

The adage ‘old is gold’ seems to be relevant when dealing with the situation of decorating your old house. Despite being an old home, it does not have to look old-fashioned at all. You can easily blend everything into a neat and serene environment, coupled with minor adjustments and fixes. In no time, you’ll see your home back to its ravishing best!

Is your old house giving you a hard time with decorating? Here are 4 tips and ideas to help you maximize decoration in your old apartment.

Painting or wallpaper use

If you have an old apartment, it might take several years before you witness the paint slowly peeling off. Despite this, it is still mandatory to make renovations when you can. Painting is one way in which you can hide away any wall imperfections. Grab a fresh coat of paint and get to work on the walls of your apartment. Just take note that you don’t create a massive discrepancy between the wall, the floor or other parts of the house. You wouldn’t want to drip all over your carpet flooring, would you?

On the other hand, painting can be exhausting for many when it comes to decoration. The biggest disadvantage of painting is the wait, as the wall begins to dry up. This means that you will have to avoid staying inside the house for a while as it dries. However, should you choose not to paint, you can always opt for wallpapers. Unlike paint, you don’t have to wait for the application to dry, and you can easily apply them too.

There are many shops and stores in which you can purchase wallpaper in Singapore. Due to them being inexpensive and DIY, wallpapers can help boost your house image easily.

Check your flooring

The floor is an integral asset of any house or home. Should you have the wrong floor type chosen, your house can still look the same despite the age. You should work towards ensuring that your new flooring helps to revive your apartment and match the designs around it as well.

Work on the lighting  

It is imperative to have proper lighting in your house. Sometimes, it could make a difference when making an old house look appealing once again. Be sure to acquire fitting windows so that the shades of colours in your home can appear distinctively. Lighting can ensure that your home looks lively and attractive.

Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors can help to add flavour to the vintage materials currently present in the house. They add a modern touch to the house and are able to make it up-to-date. To have a greater appeal, using vintage mirrors or those with artistic designs can readily boost the look of your interiors as well. Preferably, in this case wood-made mirrors are the best to use for that extra touch.

Make use of drapery and curtains

In most cases, many old apartments have quirky windows in spots never thought of before. To clean up this mess, you can use drapes or custom made curtains to enhance the room’s look without affecting the light flow and windows. One way in which you can conceal broken or awkward looking windows is through drapes and curtains.

5 Factors To Make Your Wallpaper Selection Stand Out

Choosing the ideal wallpaper to go along with your décor can be daunting. Despite the presence of different designs, most wallpapers might still look similar to each other. However, the patterns, styles, colours and textures, are indeed what separates the design and wallpapers apart. Therefore, it is imperative to know what to look for when purchasing your next wallpaper. Having an understanding of what makes the wallpaper stand out can help you when you make your next choice.

When purchasing a wallpaper in Singapore, you should consider a few key factors. These factors ensure that you choose something that stands out and is genuinely out of the norm. Here are a few pointers to help you understand what makes a wallpaper stand out.

The style

With so many tons of wallpaper styles to choose from, it is essential that the style you pick blends in with your home’s décor. The flow should be seamless and natural, but not too boring. Some of the elegant styles that you can pick include rustic, country, formal, glam, casual, Victorian and modern.


There are various types of colours for wallpapers that you can pick. However, you need to ensure that the colour not only blends in well with your interior surroundings but that the colour isn’t cliché.

The chosen colour for your wallpaper should blend in appropriately with the colours of your flooring, furniture and windows. You can use your décor as a guide in helping you choose the right wallpaper colour. For example, picking the wrong wallpaper to go along with your vinyl laminate flooring can truly mess up your efforts of having an attractive-looking living room or house. To enhance the contrast and drama, you can use the accent colour as your primary colour.

Choosing between a patterned or plain wallpaper

This choice is based around individual preferences, and your options aren’t limited. The only trick to ensuring that the wallpaper works with your décor is the size and the colour.

In the case of choosing a patterned wallpaper, you should take note of the drapery or the upholstery pattern. For those with a heavily patterned home décor, the choice of a plain wallpaper can offer a visual break for the eyes. To enable your wallpaper to stand out, you need to make full use of the best-suited pattern.

Choosing a large or small pattern

When it comes to the size of wallpaper patterns, there is a lot to consider. Never be fooled into thinking that it is mandatory to select pattern-sized wallpapers that match your room size. This is because some people believe that large pattern sizes goes along with a large room, and vice-versa.

The aim is to ensure that your wallpaper stands out without offering a mundane type of look for visitors and even yourself. Experimenting with the patterns, colours and sizes allows you to see different effects and give you a better idea on what to pick. If you have custom-made curtains, you can play around with different sizes to match it too.

In addition, you can employ special effects paint to ensure that your wallpaper blends in properly with other areas in the room. If not, you could also throw in custom made curtains to show your personality and create an entirely different look.

5 Steps To Transform Your Apartment Into A Chic Abode

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were to step into your apartment after a long day and feel like you are in a palace? That isn’t just “magic” or an “accident”. For your place to turn into a palace, you will have to put effort into transforming your apartment.

If you want to upgrade your apartment from the simple way that it currently is, then you shouldn’t be afraid about breaking the bank. There are many things that you can do within your home to make it look like it came from a magazine.

Here are 5 steps that you can employ to transform your apartment into a chic abode.

Give your old furniture a makeover

It’s not advisable to just go out and buy a new set of furniture, especially when it can be quite expensive. Instead of throwing out your old furniture, sofa or bedside tables, you can give them a “new look”. By equipping yourself with a can of spray paint, you can look to paint the wooden or metallic parts of your furniture. If you are opting for a unique look, you can even utilize special effects paint. Apply paint on faces or the base of any vase to give them a new look to sit within your home.

Making use of fabric

The fabric has become a valuable asset when changing the way a room looks and feels. You can shop for the latest fabrics and look at how to decorate your home. Having a variety of fabrics in different colours and patterns can also make your apartment look and feel chic when applied right. Look to source out the best quality fabric as achieving a chic look might demand a more expensive touch.

Keep organized and remove clutter

For your apartment to achieve a stylish look, you should keep everything stored and clutter-free. Having items thrown everywhere can make your home look messy and unappealing. You can always find creative ways for storage, like hanging floating shelves or buying a storage bed for all of your bedroom essentials.

Give your windows a special treatment

Your windows are the eyes of your home. If you opt for a simple look and disregard your windows, it will make your house look and feel drab. One way to ensure a special treatment is by picking a luxurious fabric for your custom made curtains. Making them long can also create a dramatic effect to your interiors.

Mix the old with the new

Your apartment doesn’t have to comprise of only new things. An elegant home can be created by utilizing certain antiques or old items such as vases, candlesticks and even watches. Once you have these and more, you should think about how to place them around the house for your desired look. Get creative with what you have! If you have an old cake stand, you can spruce it up and place it in the bathroom with the candles and more. For a touch of something new, perhaps you might want to consider adding vinyl flooring. It’s the perfect addition if you’re going for a contemporary look! By mixing the old with the new, you will find new styles and new dynamics to show off the elegance of your home.

No matter what style you go with, you should always pick one that makes you comfortable. By letting your personality be seen within your home, you will feel less like a stranger every time you come home. With a comfortable setting, a unique style and a chic abode that genuinely belongs to you, it is only a matter of time before you feel your apartment becoming more like a palace after a long day.

How To Choose The Right Wallpaper You Need For Your House

Choosing an appropriate wallpaper is imperative if you’re looking to make your house bright and elegant. In order to get your visitors talking, you need to choose the right kind of wallpaper. You’ll find that paint is a great alternative to wallpapers, but only if you pick the right one. If you have no idea how to choose the ultimate piece for your house, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Despite many previous homes having texture paint for bedrooms, new home owners have opted to use wallpapers. Here are some ways to help you choose the right wallpaper so that you stay within course.

Pick the appropriate size

Depending on how you measure your walls, you need to pick a wallpaper that fits perfectly along your walls without leaving any gaps. Get a tape measure and get your measurements in before heading out to buy your chosen wallpaper. Be sure to give an allowance of 20cm for every wall measurement.

The hardest part about purchasing a wallpaper is picking the right style for your ideal flooring. Things like size should never be an obstacle. If you aren’t sure, here is an easy formula to help you in picking the right size:

  •  Multiply the height by the width of all areas that will need the wallpaper.
  • Add the wall measurements so that you can have the ideal square footage.
  • Remove the measurements from doors and windows, as you will not need the wallpaper for them.
  • It is equally imperative to buy an extra roll just in case you need more. Remember, mistakes can happen at any time and you need to be prepared. You can return the extra roll at any time.

Choose the right design

The size alone is not enough, the boldness and elegance of your wallpaper depends on the design that you pick. Perhaps you’re heading down to a curtain company to pick out a certain curtain that matches well with your desired wallpaper. No matter what, your design should be eye catching and amazing to look at. This includes everything, from the finishing to the blend of the wallpaper. Should you pick a design that is outdated, it might distort the whole idea surrounding the use of a wallpaper.

Subtle wallpaper designs have a greater power to make a statement and are not going to clash with the furniture inside your room.

Select the ideal material

The most common wallpaper material in use today is the vinyl variant. Not only is it the easiest to install, it also comes with a clean design. Therefore, the vinyl variant is a great pick for starters opting to use wallpapers. The other types of materials are ideal but have details to them.

The two typical types of vinyl wallpaper people use include vinyl-coated wallpapers and solid vinyl wallpapers. Solid vinyl wallpapers are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens due to their waterproof nature. On the other hand, the former is easily sponged with soapy water and has a paper surface and backing.

Depending on the area that you want to use the wallpaper on, you will need to choose between the solid vinyl variant or the vinyl-coated wallpaper.

If you are going to use the vinyl material, it is advisable that you also have a luxury vinyl flooring to match it. However, any appropriate floor type is fine to use.

Tips And Tricks To Decorating Your Baby’s New Room

Being an expectant mother or couple is usually an exciting time! Mothers can’t wait to meet the child that they’ve been carrying for months, and family members are all excited to see the new addition to the family.

It also goes without saying that preparing for the newborn’s arrival involves a lot of things. From stocking up on their food and diapers, to getting their clothes and toys, welcoming a baby is no easy feat! One of the things every new parent should take into consideration is preparing a room for the baby.

The child’s room will be where the baby sleeps in, so it needs to be a clean, safe, and cosy space for the young child. Here are some tips you can use to prepare your new baby room:

Clean the room

The first step in preparing a child’s room is to thoroughly clean it out. You don’t want the baby to be sleeping in a dusty or mould-ridden room, as this will be detrimental to the young child’s health. Wherever possible, stick to using non-toxic cleaning agents or use home recipes like baking soda and vinegar. The thing about babies is that they can put anything in their mouths, and put their tongue to anything. So, you want to make sure every surface is cleaned in a safe manner.

Furnish the room

You would have realised that children’s rooms are typically quite colourful and cheery. There may be a scientific reason for this – exposing an infant to bright, contrasting colours helps them learn to distinguish and identify colours. To add some colour to the room, you can head down to a shop selling wallpaper in Singapore for a colourful ready-made design. Visit a curtain company in Singapore to get some curtains as well. These do not just add to the décor in the room, but is also handy for blocking out harsh sunlight when your child needs to take one of his or her many naps.

In addition, babies are prone to making messes, so you should also consider replacing the flooring to one that’s easy to clean – in Singapore, vinyl flooring is a popular and affordable choice.

Buy child-appropriate furniture

A baby cot is a must-have for a baby room, as it gives the child a comfortable and secure place to sleep. Other furniture you may need include a dresser, a play mat, baby rocker, amongst others. Do note that you should get your child some child-appropriate furniture like small chairs and a table as well. When they are a little older, they can use them to learn how to sit and use a table – the adult ones are much too large for them!

Child-proof the room

Finally, you should check through the room and child-proof it. Babies are very curious and do not know how to avoid dangers, hence you need to help them keep safe. This means keeping dangerous items like sharp objects, non-edible chemicals and small choking hazards out of reach from your child. As far as possible, you should be keeping electrical wires and outlets covered such that the infant cannot access them. You might want to put corner guards on your furniture as well to reduce the impact in case your child bumps into them.

With these tips, your baby room is sure to turn out gorgeous and ready for the arrival of your new family member!

Top Benefits Of Engaging The Help Of An Interior Designer

How we all wish to live in a home with a bespoke interior and elegant furnishings! While some may try to recreate that classy modern feel they have seen in magazines to their own home, it is not easy to achieve it without the required expertise. Even if you can envision your dream home, a deep knowledge of interior design is necessary to create that look from scratch.

That is what interior designers are for. When you engage the services of professional interior designers, it also comes with project management to help you oversee the whole process. If achieving your ideal home interior is proving too challenging to DIY, it might be wiser to get some help from the pros.

Here are the best reasons why you should let the experts help you turn your dream home into reality:

1. Cost-effective

Gone are the days when interior designers were hired only by wealthy people. While the fact remains that the services of some interior designers are more expensive than others, there are many others who offer their services for quite a nominal fee.

In some cases, hiring a professional interior designer can also mean saving a lot of money. Rather than messing up the job and having to fork out more to fix the mistake later on, an expert will know the exact way to achieve the desired look the first time around. For example, they will know the best place to source for beautiful and durable wallpapers in Singapore. Even if it costs a little more, it will probably last longer and look better, giving you more value in the long-run.

2. Experience

The designer that you are going to hire has probably seen enough of the commonly-made mistakes in home design. Thus, when you hire a professional interior designer, you bank on their experience.

Interior designers who have been in the field long enough will know how to interpret client requests and fulfil them using the most feasible ways. They will also be able to warn you of potential risks or difficulties that might never cross your mind. For instance, they will be able to tell you that your ideal parquet flooring is difficult to maintain in Singapore’s humid weather, and recommend you alternative choices of luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore which look equally as good. Under their guidance, you can be guaranteed of a smooth home design and renovation journey.

3. Convenience

Interior design is not just about drawing up a plan and then selecting the furniture to go in your home. It requires the liaison between many different parties to ensure that every aspect of the home is taken care of. By having an interior design company to help you, you can relieve yourself of the need to keep in contact with multiple contractors, electricians, and so on.

As the overseer of the project, the interior designer can help you make sure the different parts are working together to give your home a coherent look and feel. They can also keep the project on track so that you receive your home right on time for your planned move-in date.

4. The WOW Factor

Their job as an interior designer is to create stylish and comfortable spaces, so you can be sure that they know a thing or two about how to jazz up a home. While you may get stuck with a few design schemes you love, interior designers are able to take your vision and inject personality and uniqueness into your abode.

The most excellent interior designers will pay attention to every detail, providing thoughtful design for every corner of the space. From the walls and flooring to the furniture and accessories, everything must work together to make the space your very own. You might even find a dedicated designer hunting down the best curtains for home in Singapore to match the design scheme of your apartment.

With these undeniable benefits, what’s stopping you from creating your ideal home? Here’s to making your dream home come to life!