Wallpaper Vs Paint – Which One Is Better?

So, you’ve decided to update the look of your room. That’s great. But, now comes the hard part, because you’ll have to choose which of the two you’re going to go for.

Remember, each one has its own merit.

Paint is usually cheaper. Meanwhile, wallpaper is generally considered more aesthetically pleasing. These are just some of the many factors that you need to consider when choosing from these types of wall coverings.

Below, you’ll find a lot more differences that separate the two and identify which one is more suitable for your home.

Making the Case for Wallpapers

Wallpaper comes in all shapes, designs, and varieties. They’re also more durable and can last for a very long time. Not to mention, you can use wallpaper to cover up any imperfections on your wall without so much effort, which is unlike paint. Last but not least, wallpapers are just better at adding more style and beauty to your walls.

Of course, all of these advantages come at literally an added premium. Wallpapers aren’t cheap. You’ll have to pay for both the wallpaper and installation for it. Moreover, it’s also very easy to mess it up if you do decide to install the wallpaper yourself.

Making the Case for Paint

As for paint, well, what’s not to like about it?

It’s cheap and affordable as you don’t need to spend a lot on it right at the start. Also, it’s very easy to apply. Even your child could help you paint your bedroom, provided that you keep an eye on the child and use the necessary safety gear. Plus, there’s a lot of variety to paint too; you can use different types of colour and brushes to achieve a unique effect. If you’re creative enough, you can literally put up any design that you can think of on your walls with paint.

Finally, with paint, it’s easy to mix and match different types of colour, as well as use it to complete the overall look of your home.

As an added bonus, with paint, even though you can’t use it to mask design imperfections, you can paint over mistakes quite easily. In case you painted a wall wrong or want to change the colour all of a sudden, it doesn’t really take much effort.

Making the Decision

When it comes to choosing between wallpaper and paint, it all boils down to how much you’re willing to spend and how much of a hassle are you willing to go through.

If you’ve set aside a higher budget, want something that’s aesthetically pleasing, and need it done fairly quick, you can have Japanese or Koreans wallpaper put up on your walls in relatively little time. There are also the European designs and Customised Mural options for selections. But, if your budget is limited and you’re willing to compromise a bit, painting should allow you to up the aesthetics of your living room, albeit, you’ll have to put in a bit more elbow grease while you’re at it.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong choice here. It’s completely up to you. What’s important is that you thought things through first so you don’t have to redo your wall coverings before it’s necessary, which will cost you a lot more than necessary in the first place.

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3 Foolproof Ways For Keeping Clean & Long-lasting Wallpaper

Wallpapers are considered a long-term investment – just like sofas and beds, they are one of the things that is not regularly replaced. Therefore, it is essential to keep your wallpaper in optimal condition.

Besides, another reason why your wallpaper needs to look in good condition is because, it sets the tone of your home. For example, if you were to cover your living room with wallpaper, one of the first things that catches your guests’ attention will be the wallpaper itself. Hence, if your wallpaper looks worn out and not properly maintained, it gives off a negative first impression to your guests.

Moreover, since wallpapers are usually kept for long periods, it is completely normal for it to look dingier over time. This is due to the exposure to dust, sunlight and moisture over the years. However, a common mistake people make is not taking action to keep it clean after it starts getting discoloured.

So, if you are unsure of how you can maintain your wallpaper looking fresh and brand new over time, here’s a guide on cleaning it!

Remove dust on wallpaper

The first step when cleaning your wallpaper is to remove the dust that it has collected on the surface. This is crucial, especially if your house has open spaces where it can be more prone to dust. What you should do is to use a microfibre cloth, dampen it and wipe your wallpaper down.

Optimally, it would be best if you clean your wallpaper with a damp cloth once every month. Especially when you don’t clean it regularly, dust may start to accumulate, affecting its appearance and condition. As such, committing yourself to this cleaning method is ideal to maintaining your wallpaper; regardless of the wallpaper type you’ve bought from any wallpaper shops – be it vinyl or fibreglass.

Deep clean your wallpaper

Although cleaning your wallpaper regularly with a damp cloth is enough to keep it looking fresh, you can also deep clean it to extend its lifespan and keep it looking brand new longer. Particularly for vinyl or fibreglass, it is all the more important for you to go for deep cleaning to achieve the best results. However, just take note that not all wallpaper types can be deep cleaned!

To deep clean your wallpaper, all you need to do is mix a bucket of water with about one quarter of either dish soap or castile soap. Once it is well mixed, you can dip a sponge in, ring out the excess water and then wipe down your wallpaper. This cleaning technique can be used for your wallpaper in your living room and even in your kitchen since this mixture can break down grease stains easily.

Removing stains and smudge marks

Stains and smudge marks can be a hassle to remove. If it is removed with force, you can risk tearing your wallpaper and making your home look less appealing. However, fret not! Just like the deep cleaning method, if you used a water and vinegar solution, the stains and smudge marks would break down and dissolve.

However, before trying the vinegar solution, it is best if you contact your wallpaper supplier and get their advice first. After all, they are the experts who know the various ways to extend the lifespan of your wallpaper.


Keeping to this guide closely will guarantee that your wallpapers stay looking new and it will also save you from having to replace your wallpapers frequently. However, if you would like to switch up your home or room’s appearance – you could always consider viewing the different wallpaper prices for new designs.

At Wallhub, we have a myriad of unique wallpaper designs that are ready to spruce up your humble abode!


5 Benefits Of Curtains & Why They Are So Important

Curtains are perhaps one of the most common and prevalent of all window coverings, and this is not without reason. They come in a wide range of textures, fabrics, colours, and patterns to meet any aesthetic requirements.

For both homes and offices, curtains play an essential role in decorating. This is why interior designers spend a lot of time going over the designs and colour schemes of this mandatory accessory.

Besides enhancing your home décor, curtains do a lot more than that. Here are five benefits of having curtains in your home!

Increases privacy

Curtains are ideal for managing and protecting your home’s privacy and restricting prying glares. Adding a barrier between you and the outside world often provides a sense of protection and adds to the security of your home. Similarly, choosing thick fabrics in dark colours would be suitable for bedrooms as they provide more privacy. On the other hand, you may not need as much privacy in living rooms, therefore, a sheer curtain might work well.

Regulate sunlight and improves sleep quality

Most rooms in your home require some sort of light regulation, whether it’s only reducing glare in the living room or completely blocking out light in your bedroom. Curtains are great for managing the amount of natural light that comes into the house.

Specifically, blackout curtains can help provide you a restful environment in the bedroom and promote a good night’s sleep. In addition to the possible health benefits, blackout curtains are also perfect for rooms of relaxation and intimacy, or activities such as watching TV.

Enhance the beauty of your home        

Every homeowner has their own style of décor in their house. It is important to find the right curtains that will fit and compliment that décor. A helpful tip is to match colours within the curtain’s fabric to the other soft details around the room, such as the carpet or cushions.

With curtains in the bedroom, matching them to your bedding can give out a sense of design know-how as well as comfort. As curtains come in many colours and design, you will not have a problem finding the perfect one for your home!

Prevents dust

Curtains are helpful as they prevent dust from getting into your rooms. When your windows or doors are opened, wind containing dust particles can enter your home. So, having curtains can help gather all of the dust. This is why it’s important to clean your curtains regularly. You can dry clean them, vacuum them, or hire professional curtain cleaning services.

Affordable and durable

Curtains are highly durable and they come at a wide variety of prices, depending on what you want for your home. At the same time, there are options to suit every pocket and budget. It gives you the advantage of changing them regularly and go for new looks for your home without much financial impact.

Depending on the quality and how you maintain them, they could last for years. Get your curtains from a reputable curtain company in Singapore to get your money’s worth!


Curtains are highly beneficial for your home. When deciding on the curtains for your home, keep in mind the look you want to achieve, the style of your home, and most importantly, the atmosphere you want to create.

If you are looking for wallpapers to go with your curtains, Wallhub is one of the wallpaper shops in Singapore you can approach for a plethora of designs, styles, and colours for you to choose from! Check in with us for our wallpaper prices and discover which one will accentuate your interiors and bring it to life.