Busting The Myth: Do Dark Wallpapers Make Rooms Smaller?

Busting The Myth: Do Dark Wallpapers Make Rooms Smaller?

Many homeowners tend to avoid dark colours when choosing wallpapers as they have the misconception that having dark wallpaper for homes is too risky and is only reserved for interior experts and dark aesthetic enthusiasts. Having such a belief is mainly because there’s so much misinformation surrounding dark wallpapers.

According to popular misconception, dark colours can make a room look smaller. While it might be true in some cases, the results may vary under different circumstances. If you’re curious whether it’s a good idea to have dark wallpapers in your house, this article is especially for you! Here’s everything you must know about using dark wallpapers at home. 

Do dark wallpapers make rooms look smaller?

Do Dark Wallpapers Make Rooms Look Smaller

As mentioned earlier, one of the most common misconceptions surrounding dark wallpapers at home is that they can allegedly make rooms appear smaller. However, the truth is that dark colours don’t make rooms look dingy if you choose suitable wallpapers.

Particularly, when selecting a wallpaper, it’s advisable to opt for something made with the earth’s hues and designed with sand, leaves, and even rocks or stones so you can get these colour nuances and plenty of undertones. Generally, using wallpapers with dark hues and excellent patterns and illusions can eliminate the risk of flatness overpowering your home. By avoiding common mistakes when choosing wallpaper, you can make a room look larger, directly combating the popular myth that dark colours make a space feel smaller.

Where should dark wallpapers be used?

Where Should Dark Wallpapers Be Used

One of the most common doubts homeowners have when using dark wallpapers in interior design is not knowing whether the dark ambience is suitable for specific rooms or spaces. For example, some homeowners may be concerned about going too dark in the living room, dining room or bedroom, consequently affecting the ambience. Others may be reluctant to have dark wallpapers in functional family rooms where many activities occur daily.

Any room can benefit from dark wallpapers. Contrary to common misconceptions, dark colours can be vastly transformative. They can create an ambience in your house that’s both a conversation starter and a mood-setter. As scary as it may seem, dark hues can bring spaces to life. They can make them look cosy, dramatic, intimate, and intriguing. 

What’s the best advice on using dark wallpapers?

What’s The Best Advice On Using Dark Wallpapers When it comes to using dark wallpapers for homes, it helps to be adventurous and bold. Learning how to utilise dark colours in a room effectively begins with experimentation. When trying new home interior designs, it is essential to be bold and always try something new; you never know how little changes may benefit your home! Similarly, bravery is your best companion when you first try dark, moody, and mysterious colours in your house.


Using dark wallpapers in designing your house isn’t as bad as it seems. The main reason why a lot of homeowners are hesitant or afraid to pick dark colours for their wallpapers is that they might judge too quickly or believe in certain misconceptions. However, contrary to certain myths, dark wallpapers can make your home look more comfortable, elegant, and attractive if you choose the right type.

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