A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Room

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Choosing the wallpaper for your room is sometimes deemed to be unimportant compared to your choice of furnishings. Many may also not pay much attention and choose their wallpaper solely based on their likes alone.

However, if chosen correctly, the wallpaper might be the perfect accessory for the room, and you may not need wall embellishments like mirrors and shelves to spruce up your space.

Here are some tips you could use as you are shopping for your new wallpaper.

Make use of colours

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Colours are not just used to furnish the wallpaper itself but also to set the room’s mood. Choosing the right colour can make your room appear larger and ceilings higher. The colours of your choice should also match the colour of your windows, flooring and furniture.

Softer and cooler colours can give an air of tranquillity, while brighter, more intense colours add vibrance and make the room feel fresh. Warmer colours are also a more popular choice in colder climates as the room would feel more hospitable. Whereas a lighter coloured wallpaper can accent your furnishings that are of bolder colours.

So long as the colours of your wallpaper are appropriate based on the colour palette of your room, you would not need to worry about the cohesiveness of the room.

Explore patterns and textures

Choosing wallpapers with different patterns and textures could be risky. If you do not decide with caution, you may risk the room looking tacky and even mismatched. Instead of choosing the pattern that caught your eye in the store, go with the design you feel would best match the room.

Abstract patterns and textures can hide architectural imperfections in the wall due to construction. Brick wallpapers also provide some uniformity to the surface while giving a flat wall an added texture.

In addition, the patterns on the wallpaper should match up with the scale of the room. Select smaller designs for smaller spaces and more prominent, bolder prints to match larger rooms. If you are looking for a ‘dramatic’ effect, the large, bold print in a small room might work. It all boils down to what you envision your space to be like after the wallpaper is mounted.

Play with the space of the room

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Furthermore, you can also use wallpaper to make the rooms appear larger or smaller than they are. Using a large print with darker undertones create the illusion of a smaller room. Contrasting colours on the colour wheel may also make the walls seem closer than they are.

When we choose our striped pants, we tend to go for vertical stripes to make our legs appear longer. The same principle applies to wallpapers. When we use wider, horizontal lines, the wall might appear shorter than it is, making the ceilings feel closer to us. Vine and paisley patterned stripes may also work for this scenario.

Mix but match

Wallpaper, Wallpaper Singapore

Going for a solid-coloured wallpaper might seem dull, especially when the room holds little furniture. Conversely, heavily patterned wallpapers that are common amongst kids wallpaper might make the room appear cluttered. What you should note would be to strike a balance. Even as you are matching the colours of the furnishings to the wall vice versa, make sure you also pay attention to how you are going to use the room.

When you are mixing patterns, for example, stripes and plaids, make sure to pick designs that accent the same colour. They do not need to be the same colour or shade as they are from the same colour palette. To help you make a choice, you could try to group the designs you have in mind by colour to give you a rough gauge and make coordinating much more manageable.

In addition, the wallpapers and furniture do not need to match strictly for the room to feel seamless – what you can do is find a wallpaper that fits the concept of the furniture. Suppose you intend to have a light brown tatami mat in the corner of the room near the window. The wallpaper you choose does not necessarily have to be light brown – instead, go with a Japanese wallpaper that suits the concept.


Choosing wallpaper is easier than it sounds, so long as your decision fits the room and what you might envision it to be. Using these tips above, we are sure you will find the ideal wallpaper for your space.

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