3 Common Wallpapering Problems and How to Remedy Them

3 Common Wallpapering Problems and How to Remedy Them

Wallpapers can seamlessly add so much style and beauty to a room. But it can also be a disappointment and an eyesore when it turns out less than perfect. Before applying your wallpaper, it is crucial not to fall for the common wallpapering traps. Here are some of those and how you can fix or avoid them.

1. Misalignments


Wallpaper that is not cut or trimmed correctly will result in jagged edges. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also lead to other problems like misalignments, gaps, and ripping. Serrated edges are usually caused by using a dull blade, so to ensure clean cuts, use a fresh utility blade with every strip.

To avoid misalignments, ensure that the first strip of wallpaper is straight. You can use a pencil with a level ruler or a plumb line to mark a straight line on the wall and then carefully lay the first strip along the marked line. Do not be complacent with minor misalignments because no matter how small, chances are, as more strips are placed, the imperfection will become more noticeable. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

2. Air bubbles

Air bubbles

Air bubbles, blisters, and wrinkles happen for several reasons. It can be due to improper surface preparation, surplus wallpaper paste, not smoothing out the wallpaper properly, even installing it at a too-cold temperature. What you think are air bubbles may not even be bubbles at all but bumps due to dirt, cracks, or chipped paint.

It is essential to clean the wall surface and let it dry for 24 hours. You can eliminate some bubbles and blisters by simply smoothing out the wallcovering using a wallpaper smoothing tool. If the bubbles are still there, you can slit or prick the wallpaper and then pat it flat; conversely, you can squeeze in more paste using a glue injector. Wipe off the excess adhesive with a damp sponge, and it is almost unnoticeable from far.

3. Loose seams

Loose seams

Peeling seams and curling ends can result from improper wall prepping. It can also be due to insufficient adhesive or using the wrong type of paste. Excessive rolling can also cause the edges to open up and curl during and after installation.

If the problem is restricted to the edges, use the recommended adhesive to reaffix the wallpaper. Focus the paste, especially on the ends and edges, but not too much, or else you would find yourself dealing with an additional problem – the air bubbles. Monitor how the temperature in the room affects the adhesive, such that it can be drying too fast, and adjust accordingly.


Most of these issues are caused by improper preparation and inevitable textured walls. Reputed brands and high-quality wallpapers will withstand these common challenges. Suppose you have moderately imperfect or textured walls. In that case, wallpapers with large designs and bold patterns such as floral themed Korean wallpapers efficiently fix these, all while beautifully decorating your space.

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