Why To Consider Getting A Wallpaper For Your Home

Wallpaper Singapore

Our homes are a reflection of our personality and it is important to adorn them accordingly. Something as simple as wallpaper has the power to instantly transform the appeal of any space with minimal effort and expense. If you’ve been thinking about retouching your home and are just unsure of whether to go with wallpaper or paint, this article is just for you. Read on to know why you should choose wallpaper for your home’s make-over.

Cost-effective in the long run

If bought from a reliable wallpaper supplier, wallpaper can last for up to 15 years and beyond. This means that in contrast to paints that need to be retouched up every five years or so, you won’t have to spend anything on your wallpapers.

Easy and smooth application

It is very easy to apply wallpapers on your walls, even on those with uneven surfaces or with imperfections. Most wallpaper projects take much lesser time to install than with painting. The best thing? You won’t have that residual smell of chemicals that you notice when applying paint.

Designer look

All you need is a wallpaper design that is quirky and out-of-the-box, and you are ready to add a good dose of style to your plain and simple room. Get in touch with a reliable and experienced wallpaper supplier who can show you samples of the most modern wallpaper designs.

Maximum versatility

The best thing about getting wallpaper in Singapore is that you can keep them subtle or impactful, depending on the colours, and pattern or design that you choose. Since wallpapers are available in a plethora of designs, you will definitely find one that appeals to you and your personality perfectly.

Perception of altered space

Thanks to the designs of wallpapers, it is possible to visually manipulate the available space in your rooms. Need a smaller room to appear bigger? No problem. Just choose a suitable wallpaper, and you are set. Similarly, you may use wallpapers to manipulate the perception of space in different rooms without modifying the architecture or construction. Isn’t that great?

Easy to maintain

For most of the wallpapers, all you have to do for cleaning them is to wipe them with a slightly moist cloth. That’s it! This is one of the most common reasons why people choose wallpapers over paint. Just make sure that you ask the wallpaper supplier to provide water-resistant options to you.

Creation of unique spaces

Wallpapers have the power to exude your personality. This is what makes them a popular choice for those who want to create truly unique spaces. With different wallpaper themes and designs for different rooms, you can feel the vibe of a different place every time you move from one room to the next. You can even choose a theme for certain rooms and get custom made curtains to perfectly complement the wallpaper you’ve chosen. If you have a vinyl flooring living room, getting wallpaper with a nice contrast would look great too!

Now that you know the many benefits of choosing wallpaper, are you going to take the plunge? Choose a design that appeals to you personally, and caters to the elements of budget, appearance, and ease of maintenance. Once your abode is transformed with the right wallpaper, get ready to receive compliments and being the cynosure of the neighbourhood for your impeccable and classy choice.

Turn Your Walls Into A Talking Point With Wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

Wallpaper has created a revolution in home décor in the last couple of years. Today, we’re just beleaguered with endless options with regards to wall coverings. With its exclusive elegance, toughness as well as adaptability, wallpaper in Singapore carries the power to generate a far more visible effect when compared to plain colored walls. No matter how bad the situation might be, the wallpaper can accentuate as well as improve the color scheme of your home!

Why wallpaper?

Wallpaper Singapore

You are no longer limited to old, fatigued-looking homes. Japanese Wallpaper in Singapore has become very common within fashionable houses and is thought to be a sheet of fine art in its own right. Injecting consistency, color as well as design into your drab walls, wallpaper may either complement and improve your interior décor theme or even act as the centerpiece of the room. When exclusively utilized as a functional wall covering, the flexibility of wallpaper becomes more and more apparent as new functions are discovered. From developing an impression of increased height or even breadth via the style and placement of the design, to changing the frequently ignored roof with a spot of color or texture, the options are merely never-ending.

Purchasing & making use of wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

Before you begin pasting the high-quality Europe wallpaper you purchased to the wall; think about the function of the room along with how regularly you make use of it. Is the room meant for work or recreation? Is it pleasant to look at in the morning, at night and even during the day? What is the most suitable color of Singapore custom made curtains that suits the room? With this thought, you just have to choose the appropriate materials.

The selected materials can eventually have a direct bearing on the program as well as toughness of the wallpaper in the long run. For instance, vinyl-coated papers are long-lasting as well as washable, making them best suited to rooms with higher dampness like bathrooms. On the other hand, textured types of vinyl are hardwearing, which makes them perfect for areas with higher traffic or even walls with unnecessary defects.

An additional key concern is the removability of the wallpaper. Nearly all pre-pasted as well as self-adhesive wallpaper may be stripped or even peeled off with or even without the assistance of a few soaps as well as water; however, it is wise to check this before making a purchase.

Once these choices are made, it will be time to make a very important style choice to make sure that your wallpaper aligns with the design, personality as well as your choice of curtains and blinds in Singapore. Pretty floral designs may be used to add a burst of newness in a light-flooded family room, while bold, daring designs in abundant colors counteracted by gold features may add detail as well as majestic beauty to a master bedroom.

Wallpaper in a stripped model or even large-scale design theme is an option if you want to create the feeling of space in a small home. Digital posters, as well as picture wallpaper, provide a distinctive as well as stylish alternative for individuals to infuse some personality into a bedroom.  If you’re going for a rustic or casual look, consider craft stone and bricks wallpaper that can perfectly replicate the look of a real brick wall.

Wallpaper Designs That Will Instantly Transform Your Home

Wallpaper Singapore

We all want our homes to reflect a distinct, soothing, and calming feeling. This is why it is a great idea to adorn your abode with a personalized wallpaper.

If you thought that wallpapers belong to the bygone era, think again. It is true that wallpapers made their first appearance back in the 1970s, but they have made a huge and stylish comeback with plenty of new designs that appeal to the millennials and the generation after. Here are five fabulous wallpaper designs that are sure to blow your mind away and make you yearn to have them in your abode immediately.

Perennial patterns

Wallpaper Singapore

Let’s admit it, we love wallpapers because they come with intricate patterns that are very difficult to paint onto the wall directly. That’s why the first design in our list is patterned wallpapers. These wallpapers come in a variety of patterns—be it delicate, complex, surreal, nature-inspired, or out-of-the-box ones. You may opt for a subtle, nature-inspired theme, for example, with floral or foliage patterns if you want to maintain an earthy and balanced look in the house. Otherwise, you may prefer to go for a bolder and more ambitious choice with a modern, abstract patterned wallpaper. Whatever you choose, do it in moderation and you will never fail to ace the look.

Serene solids

Wallpaper Singapore

Solid monochrome and pastel wallpapers have always been in fashion, and for good reason—they show class and elegance that no other design or pattern can emulate. These wallpapers come in a variety of textures that make them look simple yet classy. You can find textured, plain wallpapers that immediately give your walls a look of modern and chic feel. The best part about these wallpapers is that they are versatile and can go with almost all kinds of furniture and décor. Go for high-quality Korean wallpaper when opting for serene solids—they’ve truly perfected the art!

Lovely lines

Wallpaper Singapore

This kind of wallpaper design relies heavily on the beauty of lines. Be it horizontal, vertical, tilted, or crisscrossing, these designs are sure to ring a bell. The biggest reason why people opt for these designs is that they offer a perfect balance between classic style and modern elements. Because lines are one of the earliest design elements we see while growing up, these wallpaper designs appeal to a wide range of people and go well with pretty much any interior décor. This design also gives a no-nonsense, clean and sleek look to any room.

Raw and rustic 3D

Wallpaper Singapore

You will be amazed to see wallpapers that look like three-dimensional constructions. These designs are immensely popular because they add a rustic appeal and blend modern design elements into traditionally-designed rooms. Take a good look at some of these designs and you will find everything ranging from pebbles to planks, and bricks to rocks, mounted on a wall. These designs are best for people who want to have a unique and unusual design in their refurbished home.

Landscape love

Wallpaper Singapore

The last design in our list is that of landscapes recreated in your rooms. You will find wallpapers with recreated beaches, busy streets, parks, lake-sides and valleys, among many other outdoor sceneries. These wallpapers are meant for one wall in the room and give the impression of extended space. Opt for these if you want to create a cosy and private corner in your room. Go a step further with custom made curtains following the same theme to blow all your guests away when they visit.

The variety of designs available with wallpaper suppliers will take you by surprise. Do make sure to pick out one that appeals to you and reflects your personality perfectly. Take your time with it, and have fun browsing through the various options available!

Areas In Your Abode That Could Use Some Stylish Wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

If you have been thinking about getting an affordable yet stylish make-over for your abode, look no further. Wallpaper make perfect stylish additions to your home and office. Read on to discover the magical power of wallpapers.

1. Inviting hallway

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

You can add a character to your house by selecting unique wallpaper for your hallway rather than keeping the walls simple and unadorned.

2. Elegant dining room

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

This is a place where you get together with your family and friends and spend time forging bonds and enjoying sumptuous meals. Therefore, it is important to pick out a wallpaper that has a warmer look while still maintaining an elegant and sophisticated demeanour.

3. Playful kid’s corner

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Kids like to have a brightly coloured theme for their room. This should be kept in mind when picking out the wallpaper, designs and prints for the room. The overall theme should be playful and vibrant, with a relaxing ambience.

4. Fresh bathroom

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

There is nothing as refreshing as a beautifully decorated bathroom. There are a number of ways in which you can creatively use wallpaper and make your bathroom look good as new. You can select a colour scheme and a pattern for your bathroom and then pick up wallpaper that suits your needs. Either go with a playful theme or anything that is more abstract or neutral. Keep in mind to always ensure a harmonious balance.

5. Cheerful living room

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

The living room is an area where you spend most of your time and entertain your guests. Therefore, it is necessary to give it a casual as well as a little formal look and feel. It should feel as welcoming as it is comforting. While choosing wallpaper, make sure that it stands out and makes a statement.

6. Comfortable bedroom

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

A bedroom should have a cool and comfortable ambience. Therefore, here you can make use of wallpaper depicting waves, nature, ocean and other relaxing images. You can either cover all the walls of your room or can only concentrate on one wall. Get some similarly ocean-themed curtains from a nearby curtain company to complement the look.

7. Interesting stairs

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

It is not necessary to have boring stairs. Give a new look to your stairs by sticking differently patterned wallpaper at the front of each step. You can mix and match to create an awesome look.

8. Attractive drawers

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Drawers don’t have to be boring. You can easily play with their appeal by making use of Korean Wallpaper. You can either use it to line the insides of the drawer or paste them on the sides so that they look pretty when pulled out.

9. Amazing bookcase

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Wallpaper can even be used to give your otherwise plain and simple bookcase a fresh and appealing look. You can make the books on it stand out and even tempt your family members and guests to take a look at your amazing book collection.

We hope that these ideas will help you give your room a complete makeover. Happy Decorating!