Easy & Budget-Friendly Ways To Bring Charm To Your Home

Thinking about a make-over for your home? With these smart techniques, it is possible to get it done quickly and without burning a hole in your pocket. Read on to know more.

1. Splash of color on the walls

Wallpapers are one of the best ways to add charm and classiness to your home. You can either change your wallpaper or repaint the colour of your walls. You can also make use of Korean wallpaper to give a brand new look to your house in a cost-effective way. Go to a nearby curtain company for some visually appealing curtains to complement your freshly painted walls!

2. Add crown molding

If you want to add value and a touch of elegance to your house, crown molding is likely to be your best choice. You might be thinking that adding a crown molding will definitely mold your budget in a different way, but that’s not really the case. Here’s a hack to help you in getting a crown molding under budget.

You can use a lightweight polystyrene material that has been foam coated into hard plaster as an alternative to the real crown molding. You can easily cut it out with the help of handsaw and fix it into place by using a joint compound. There is no need for any coping or tricky angles. Use a dab of mud to make the ragged joints disappear.

3. Install a stair runner

A slippery and naked staircase is sore to the feet as well as to the eyes. You can make a stair runner yourself by simply weaving or knitting two off-the-shelf woven runners together. Either way, it will be a great addition to your home and will give your home an utterly new look. Furthermore, you will never have to run up the cold steps again.

4. Hang a vintage lantern

Welcome your guests with a vintage lantern and they will be blown away with your taste for decor. A vintage lantern gives a mystic aura to its surrounding. They can be bought even from a flea market or a yard sale at very reasonable prices.

5. Renew kitchen cabinets

You are often so busy decorating the living room of your house that the kitchen is often left neglected. Give it a massive makeover simply by giving the cabinet doors a fresh coat of paint and boom—they will look brand-new again! The requirements for this transformation are extremely simple, a can of paint, sandpaper, brush and a little grease in order to fix any creaking sounds.

6. Use antique doorknobs

Nothing adds more character to your home than a 94-year-old doorknob that has developed its own unique character over the years. The wear and tear that has happened over the years only makes it look more sturdy and unique and when used with a creative eye, can work wonders for the interior of a room. These door knobs are available at a very reasonable price. All they require is a keen eye for matching decor.

We hope that these tips will help you in giving a great makeover to your home without disturbing your budget.

8 Ways To Stylize Your Home With Wallpapers & Matching Décor

Bored with the plain and simple appearance of your home? Thinking about adding some zing and pepping it up? If so, you’re in the right place. Read on to know how to take the stylistic appeal of your home several notches higher with wallpaper.

1. Bold and graphic prints

Wallpaper Singapore

When you want to make a 100% modern statement, go for bold and graphic prints. You can select wallpaper that looks like it came straight from the future through the use of linear lines and the 3-D effects.

2. Artwork-like wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

It is not necessary to cover your whole wall with wallpaper. You can make use of wallpaper in bits and pieces to give your room a rather sophisticated vibe. You can also get your favourite wallpaper framed and hung up to make a bold statement. This is a rather inexpensive and less labour intensive trick to make your living space look awesome.

3. Modern accents of wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

You can choose pretty, neutral Korean wallpaper in the room and combine it with a modern mirror that will give it a perfect blend of elegance and modernity. You can also make use of some sophisticated-looking materials such as marbles, granites and others. Finally, add some modern accents to further accentuate the look.

4. Large scale prints

Wallpaper Singapore

You can opt for larger than life prints for wallpaper in order to make it resemble an artwork. You’ll find plenty of suitable ones easily enough—so take your pick of  wallpaper in Singapore. Combine it with casual furniture to give the space a more cosy and friendly look. You can ask your wallpaper suppliers for olive and forest green colored wallpaper with large swirls of gold-colored patterns on it to make the look come alive.

5. Plain wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore

If plain, one-color wallpaper is given the right design treatment, it has the potential to stand out. Solid color wallpapers have an intrinsic charm in that it can be further enhanced with patterned prints.

6. Classic prints and modern furniture

Wallpaper Singapore

Nothing says stylish more than the pairing of an exotic mural wallpaper with modern furniture. You can get the lights fixed in the room to give it a more chic look. Make the flowers on the wallpaper stand out from the wall. Use antique chairs that will make your room look striking.

7. Dressed up corners

Wallpaper Singapore

Dressing up corners can go a long way in giving a modern and different look to your entire house. You can opt for a monochromatic theme for the interiors and transform a particular corner into a stylish yet comfortable reading corner. Finish off the minimalist look with some quality white curtains from your nearby curtain company.

8. Cover all nooks and crannies

Wallpaper Singapore

You can set a particular theme for your house. Cover the walls with baby pink themed wallpaper and accentuate the stairs with blue luxury vinyl flooring. In addition to that, get modern lighting and baby blue accent chairs for some extra oomph.

We hope these out of the box ideas are helpful in giving your home a new and refreshing look.

Choosing The Wallpaper Colour To Use In Your Home Décor

Colour has the ability to create a positive change in your everyday life. Colour enhances an ordinary white wall structure and is among the most favoured factor which people consider when they choose the wallpaper they want to use in the décor of their home. Whether you’re aware of it or otherwise, colour also helps to set the temperament of your house—a few colours motivate and make for a jovial ambience, whereas others can make you feel calm or serene.

This article is going to help you make educated choices in choosing the right wallpaper for your house.

Choosing the colour you want

Wallpaper Singapore

Most of the time, you can just pick a colour because you love it. Sometimes, your subliminal thoughts lure you to a specific colour, though you might not know why. Let’s check out a few colours as well as the effects that they may come with.

The red colour

Wallpaper Singapore

The red colour household consists of vivid hues such as bright red, pink, maroon, burgundy, cardinal red, raspberry red and more. Given that the colour red is the warmest of all colours, making use of wallpaper with red colours could make any room look pleasing, bold, impressive and fascinating. The impact of red-coloured wallpaper in a particular space would be to make the area look cosier as well as warmer since it establishes a smaller setting. Adding red custom-made curtains in a room could make things look bigger since red captures our attention. Generally, red wallpaper can bring warmth to an otherwise drab home.

The orange colour

Wallpaper Singapore

The orange colour family consists of hues of peach, pumpkin, copper and more. Making use of orange-based Korean wallpaper results in a pleasing new room that makes you feel comfortable and warm. The impact of making use of orange wallpaper in a home space is a lot like the outcome of the red one. However, having orange wallpaper offers a much softer tint than bright red, to the same effect. When complemented with curtains and blinds, it provides a fascinating look to your living area. Orange wallpaper is ideal for cooking areas as well as family suites.

The yellow colour

Wallpaper Singapore

The yellow colour-family consists of shades such as lemon, straw, gold, tan, cream, and more. Make use of yellowish European wallpaper to develop a warm, shining and bright feel in the home. Using colours from the yellow family in the wallpaper makes your living area look more prominent and shiny due to the colour’s reflective quality. Yellow-coloured wallpaper can also illuminate your living space without having the home feel smaller. Yellow is most often employed in the kitchen area to give it a more welcoming and bright ambience.

The blue colour

Wallpaper Singapore

The blue colour family consists of hues like sky blue, royal blue, midnight blue, baby blue, and more. Given that blue is the coolest of most colours, blue wallpaper is known to make one feel serene and calm, making it a popular wallpaper option. Blue Japanese wallpaper can make a space look roomier and airy. Making use of lighter colourings against blue wallpaper can make the furniture and furnishings look a lot more luminescent and noticeable. For instance, get some white curtains from a nearby curtain company that will go perfectly with your blue wallpaper.

Learn About The Various Benefits Of Using Gorgeous Wallpaper

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper
Have you gotten fed up of the simple and monotonous appearance of the walls in your home? Well, don’t beat yourself up over it; you can still beautify it with the help of wallpaper in Singapore. Wallpaper is a superb approach to refurbishing a home. In contrast to paint shades, they are readily available in numerous styles, digital images as well as colorings to fill the space with beauty and class. For instance, popular options to consider are the Korean wallpaper and Japanese wallpapers!

What’s more, the application of wallpaper is a great deal simpler compared to other wall structure decor alternatives. Obtainable in various texture as well as designs, it gives you a chance to personalize the rooms however you want. Being the most affordable and trouble-free procedure for enhancing space, the demand for choices like Europe wallpaper is ever increasing.

In this post, we are going to inform you of the great things about making use of wallpapers.


Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper
Regardless of what products you’re purchasing for your home, the very first thing you need to look at is the durability. This element will save you from more frequent expenditures later on. Wallpapers such as Korean wallpaper are manufactured with a material that’s long-lasting and durable. It‘s not just good for the material, it has really nice patterns too.

Durability-wise, wallpapers are thought to be five times tougher compared to normal paint colorings. They aren’t susceptible to deterioration nor do they wear out very quickly. Newly applied wallpaper could easily last for fifteen years. A colored wall, on the other hand, requires touch-ups after a period of time and is a lot more susceptible to cracks in the future.

As opposed to painted walls, removing unattractive stains on a bespoke wallpaper is extremely simple and hassle-free. As an interior designer, you always change your wallpaper to match your current custom made curtains at whatever time of the year to fit the season. Make sure to purchase the curtains from a legitimate curtain company so you can be assured of the quality.

When it comes to cleaning wallpaper thoroughly, all you really need is a moist washcloth to get rid of almost all the deposited dirt in a couple of minutes. Be it a food stain or coloring from kids drawing on the wall, any kind of stain can be cleared immediately without ruining the pristine appearance of your wallpaper. If you’re willing to put in some effort, you can also find washable wallpapers that are simple to clean, as long as you make use of soap and brush thoroughly.

Convenient to set up as well as take away

Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

A lot of wallpaper manufacturing and installation firms in Singapore provide simple tips on how to set up wallpapers that match with your curtains and blinds perfectly. With that said, the wallpapers are created in such a manner that they can come off instantly should you want to strip it off the walls in order to change it to match your curtains or blinds. If you want to do the reverse, look to a curtain company to find one that complements the wallpaper you’ve picked out.


Wallpaper Singapore, Korean Wallpaper

Opting to purchase and set up wallpaper may appear like an expensive affair; however, the truth is, it is a worthwhile investment that should end up being risk-free over time. The simplicity, eye-catching designs, as well as easy washing service makes it an eye-catching alternative to regular paint.

In summary, the wallpaper is a beneficial wall redefining technique that not just improves the visual appeal of your home, but also boosts the toughness as well as the longevity of the walls.