A Guide To Incorporating Maximalist Interior Into Your Home

A Guide To Incorporating Maximalist Interior Into Your Home

Maximalism is an aesthetic of excess. It is all about being bold and creative by incorporating colours, patterns, furniture and your personal style into the interior design. With the overwhelming colours and patterns, it may seem intimidating at first, but once you find the right balance between simple and excessive, you can achieve your desired maximalist aesthetic!

Read on to learn how you can incorporate maximalist styles into your humble abode.

1. Bold and Vibrant Colours

Bold and Vibrant Colours

Colours can set the vibe of any room at first glance. Intense colours such as deep purple, emerald green or grey give the feeling of luxuriousness and leave a striking impression. Colours that lean towards yellow, orange or pink are vibrant and fun. It can instantly brighten up the room and give a positive feeling. Incorporating colours into your home is not just limited to your walls; add in a few other colourful furniture and decor to give it a pop of colour.

2. Fun Wallpapers

Fun Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a fun way of adding your own style and personality to the interior design. Choose from a wide variety of designs for the ideal wallpaper for your home.

Mixing in loud wallpaper brightens up any space instantly. It’s an easy way to catch someone’s eyes as they walk into the room. Pattern wallpapers in Singapore are common in maximalist interior designs to create a dynamic space. The repeated patterns add an eye-catching pop of design to the walls. Some examples to consider include leaves, florals, and colourful abstract patterns.

3. Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are a great way to showcase your own personality in any room! The pieces are meant to draw attention from the room to the piece. With items ranging from furniture, mirrors, and decors, there are endless possibilities to incorporate these items into your home. An unexpected statement piece is the best way to achieve the maximalist look. Coordinate your statement pieces with the wall or floor by creating a colour palette for a more cohesive look.

4. Finding The Balance

Finding The Balance

Suppose you are worried that there is “too much” going on; why not try balancing out the maximalist designs with some minimalist decor? Get some simple and plain furniture to draw attention to the walls rather than having patterns everywhere, which can make the room seem excessive. If you don’t want bright and colourful wallpaper, switch to colourful statement pieces to fill up your spaces. The statement pieces are a great way to start your maximalist journey. It is a fantastic way to add a slight splash of colour or pattern without being too overwhelming.


Be confident and play around with colours and patterns; experiment and have fun in the process! Maximalism is all about incorporating your own personal style and personality into the room. Take time to incorporate the small details slowly; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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Beyond Paint: The Latest Trends In Wallpapers For Kids’ Rooms

Beyond Paint: The Latest Trends In Wallpapers For Kids' Rooms

Are you looking for ways to spice up your little one’s room with fun and sophisticated décor? If so, investing in high-quality wallpaper is what you need to do! Wallpaper in Singapore is an easy and affordable way to make a huge impact in any kids’ room. It helps to reflect your child’s interests and personality while improving their room’s atmosphere at the same time. Wallpaper for children’s rooms come in numerous patterns and designs.

From colourful and vibrant prints to exciting and playful patterns, there are plenty of great options to choose from. If you want to revamp your child’s room or add a personality touch to their space, this article is perfect for you!

Read on to discover some of the most popular wallpaper trends that can transform your child’s room into a stylish sanctuary.

Trend #1: Cartoon characters

Cartoon characters

As kids grow up, they discover their individual preferences and interests, which usually manifests itself in the wallpaper they choose for their rooms. Boys may prefer cars, cowboys, and superheroes, while girls may gravitate toward dolls, princesses, and mythical creatures as themes for their wallpaper design. Parents have a great opportunity here to utilise wallpaper design ideas that reflect the individuality of their kids.

Children’s room wallpapers are often designed particularly to inspire creativity in kids. As such, selecting wallpaper that captures their imagination and encourages creativity is important. Cartoon character wallpapers effectively do this, as they allow children to imagine their favourite characters exploring fantastical landscapes or flying through the clouds. For older kids, big-scale landscapes on quirky dream scenes can provide the necessary distractions from everyday stressors that interfere with their sleep. 

Trend #2: Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns

Generally, when children reach the age of three, they begin to explore their environment, crawling and walking into every corner of their rooms. To support the visual capabilities of your child at this stage, it is highly recommended to invest in wallpaper with imaginative or soothing motifs, such as letters, numbers, and geometric shapes. Bold geometric shapes are an increasingly popular way to add colour and real flair to a child’s room without going overboard.

To provide your child with serenity and peace as they rest, choosing wallpaper with a more subdued and neutral palette, such as pastel colours, is best. While colours can create a stimulating atmosphere, it is necessary to maintain balance in order to prevent your little one from becoming overstimulated. Pastel hues pair beautifully with bold geometric patterns, creating an eclectic finish that is perfect for a child’s room.

Trend #3: Floral motifs

Floral motifs

Children’s room wallpapers featuring floral motifs are usually elegant and eye-catching, making a bold statement in contemporary and modern interiors. Vibrant colours like pink and red make these flower patterns especially appealing, while neutral tones like grey and white can complement them impressively.

Thanks to their refined aesthetic, tulips have particularly become the most popular subject of floral wallpaper. These flowers come in various colours, including all those you can naturally find in every bloom. On the other hand, daisies provide a more simplified appeal, making them ideal for wallpapers created with simplicity in mind.


Wallpaper never goes out of style, but some wallpaper trends are particularly more popular than others. If you are specifically looking for the latest wallpaper that will transform your child’s room into a magical space for relaxation and creative thinking, the trends mentioned in this article are the ones you should consider adopting.

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Cracks In Vinyl Flooring: The Common Causes & Solutions

Cracks In Vinyl Flooring: The Common Causes & Solutions

If you are a fan of luxurious home interiors, chances are you have already come across the term ‘vinyl flooring’. It is basically a synthetic flooring option consisting of multiple layers of different materials sandwiched together to create a highly durable and practical floor covering. Due to its sturdiness and affordability, vinyl flooring is considered by many homeowners as an economical flooring choice.

With proper care and regular maintenance, vinyl flooring can generally hold up well, but problems may still eventually occur with the material, such as the formation of cracks. Sometimes, no matter how much care you put into your vinyl flooring, it is still possible for cracks to show up in between the planks. To help you understand why this can happen, read on as this article dives into the usual cause of cracks in vinyl flooring and what you can do to fix them.

What causes cracks in vinyl flooring?

What causes cracks in vinyl flooring?

The most common and sometimes the sole reason your vinyl flooring is cracking is that it was not installed correctly. If you hired an inexperienced contractor or installed the flooring yourself, the measurements and placement of the planks may need to be corrected. They may have yet to click into place, have been put too closely together, or are not glued down correctly to the subfloor. These mistakes can eventually result in cracks between the planks.

The underlayment or subfloor is often the cause of cracks in vinyl flooring. If the flooring experiences severe cracking, it will require replacement, and you need to repair the subfloor to avoid future issues with the new floor. Furthermore, if there has been considerable water damage to the floor, this can cause the affected planks to cup, which will then create a space between adjacent planks. In such a case, it is best to fix all the planks entirely.

Can cracked vinyl floor planks be removed and reinstalled?

Can cracked vinyl floor planks be removed and reinstalled?

Whether or not vinyl floor planks can be removed and reinstalled depends on your flooring. Some planks are equipped with interlock installation that enables easy removal. However, other vinyl floor planks require an adhesive to be glued down for installation. If you have this type of vinyl flooring, you might find it somewhat challenging to reinstall the planks once they have been lifted to the floor.

If reinstallation is not possible, replacing the entire vinyl flooring or the individual planks one at a time is best. However, if you choose to have the planks replaced one at a time, you may run into some problems, depending on the kind of planks that you have. Click-in planks are relatively easy to remove because you simply need to line them up and lay them down next to one another.

On the other hand, for vinyl floor planks glued down, you will need to have several planks removed first to access the ones you intend to replace. You will need to have these planks pulled up from the adhesive, which may take a little elbow grease. This technique may also require you to use a circular saw to cut through the planks.


Cracks in vinyl flooring usually occur due to improper installation. Therefore, to avoid this inconvenient and costly problem, be sure to have your vinyl flooring installed by a reliable contractor only. Furthermore, always pay attention to the quality of vinyl floor planks you purchase because low-quality vinyl floors may not just wreak havoc on your wallet but can potentially affect your home interiors down the road.

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