4 Tips To Take Note of When Matching Curtains With Wallpaper

4 Tips To Take Note of When Matching Curtains With Wallpaper

Homeowners often struggle to decide on the perfect curtain to frame their windows. Making decisions based on the look, feel, ambience and overall aesthetics, curtains help to complete the look of your entire room. The best wallpaper in Singapore will be more impactful when you have the perfect curtains.

Keep reading to find out what you should take note of when trying to match your curtains with your wallpaper.

Match the patterns

Match The Patterns

One of the most important factors to consider when picking out a curtain to match your wallpaper would be the pattern of the curtain. Simple and non-coloured sheer curtains would fit well with plain walls or blocked colours.

Geometric patterns, floral or repeated patterns on your curtains could also be a good match for your simple walls as it provides a pop of colour to your room. Wallpapers with patterns would be suitable with plain and simple curtains.

Take note of the contrasts

Take Note Of The Contrasts

Pairing your curtains with wallpaper does not necessarily mean the two have to match in terms of colour. It is vital to consider whether you prefer your curtains or your walls to stand out and base your decisions on that. Another good way of creating harmony between your curtains and wallpaper is by choosing contrasting colours. For instance, darker curtains would suit better if your walls are light, and vice versa. Curtains that are the opposite shade of your walls provide the ability to make your walls stand out even more.

Space is essential

Space Is Essential

Another thing to be extra careful of is that darker coloured curtains tend to make the space in our rooms look smaller. Although some prefer darker curtains to block the light, other options, such as light-coloured blackout curtains, could be used. Using lighter coloured blackout curtains can help to make a room look more spacious and bright without compromising the darkness of blackout curtains when the curtains are drawn. Dark blackout curtains mustn’t be used if your walls are dark, as this would create a gloomy atmosphere while also making the space in your room look limited.

Type of fabric and length

Type Of Fabric And Length

Whether your curtains are sheer or blackout curtains, it is essential to factor in the fabric of your curtains when trying to match them with your wallpaper design. The length of your curtains is also significant, as long patterned curtains could make a room look more stuffy than it is, especially when paired with a patterned wall. For more decorative and colourful walls, sheer and medium-length curtains would be recommended as the curtains would not overpower the walls, and the room will look brighter. One could also use blinds to adjust the length of your curtains according to what you feel is suitable.


Choosing the correct type of curtain to match your wallpaper can be tedious sometimes, but when you find the perfect pair, the results will be worth it. When choosing curtains, most people overlook space and brightness and only focus on design.

If you’re unsure, our qualified consultants and designers at Wallhub are always happy to assist. As the leading wallpaper shop in Singapore, we are dedicated to helping you find the best combination of wallpaper and curtains or blinds for your dream home.

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