5 Bedroom Wallpaper Inspirations For A Good Night’s Sleep

5 Bedroom Wallpaper Inspirations For A Good Night’s Sleep

Even if you adore vivid, statement-making patterns and colours, they might not be the greatest choice for bedroom wallpaper in Singapore. Tropical designs like bright yellows might not be ideal for creating the soothing sanctuary you want your bedroom to be, where you can unwind before drifting off for a pleasant night’s sleep. Instead, use soothing colours – blues, purples, and soft, neutral tones.

Consider what allows you to unwind and relax at night, like seeing the stars or listening to the ocean smashing on the beach. These components may help you design a tranquil ambience in your bedroom that will promote a pleasant night’s sleep.

Read on to learn about some of our favourite contemporary bedroom wallpaper ideas for designing your very own cosy haven.

1. Calming Blues

Calming Blues

One of our top suggestions for bedroom wallpaper is blue since it is regarded as the most tranquil colour. There is something to suit every inclination, ranging from delicate pastel blues to deep navy. Different tones of blue may create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom.

2. Bringing the outdoors in

Bringing the outdoors in

Being outside in vast spaces, whether it’s a deserted beach or up in the hills, can help to calm our minds. Many outdoors elements, like the skies and seas, can also invoke a sense of peace and tranquillity. You may achieve the same calming ambience in your bedroom by framing images of your favourite places you’ve visited while on your adventures or by using a sky-inspired wallpaper design.

3. Drift off with the clouds

Drift off with the clouds

A cloud-patterned wallpaper in Singapore might be a good option if you’re searching for an off-white wall colour to give your room a feeling of spaciousness. It can provide the appearance of space in tight spaces, and it’s a terrific method to bounce light around in dark, secluded spaces without access to huge windows.

4. Soothing Purples

Soothing Purples

Purple is one of the most elegant and noble hues and is sometimes referred to as the colour of royalty. Darker hues and tints evoke awe and richness, unlike any other colours. Lighter purple shades and tones tend to be more fun and upbeat. It is a lovely hue for a kid’s room or nursery because it is not associated with a specific gender. Additionally, it works well in areas where you spend a lot of time.

5. Sleeping in field of flowers

Sleeping in field of flowers

You might have dreamed about drifting off to sleep in a field of roses or sunflowers as a child. Why not make that come true (somewhat) with floral wallpaper designs?

One of the most popular wallpaper patterns in bedrooms is opulent rose patterns which can evoke the mood of a genuine boudoir or a refined setting. Flowers have a rich, magical atmosphere that oozes richness and elegance when set on a black backdrop. Meadow flowers are also a fantastic way to give a touch of natural freshness to a space.


The bedroom is a space you spend the most time in, which is why the aesthetic and overall vibe of the room should not be neglected or underestimated. A simple wallpaper revamp might completely change the atmosphere of your bedroom.

For more design inspirations, do not hesitate to contact us at Wallhub or arrange a visit to our showroom to browse our complete collection of exclusive designs from around the world, including Japanese wallpaper in Singapore.

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