4 Ingenious Ways To Accessorise Brick Wallpaper In Your Home

4 Ingenious Ways To Accessorise Brick Wallpaper In Your Home

Every year, new interior design trends are introduced to the public. One of the most noticeable interior design fads embraced by many people is to highlight an exposed brick wall. What makes it so popular is that it’s simply eye-catching. It doesn’t need a lot of accents to make it stand out. Plus, it adds character to a room and becomes an instant focal point. It adds an industrial charm to any space, be it a bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Exposing a brick wall can be a lot of work, not to mention the cost. Aside from that, exposed bricks can lead to moisture problems and eventually mould because bricks are made of porous materials. It can also be a magnet for dirt, oil, and other contaminants. This is why an exposed brick wall is not for everyone.

Thankfully, you can now achieve the exposed brick wall look in your home or office without suffering the consequences later. Using brick wallpaper in Singapore gives you that industrial vibe that many interior designers love.

Here are some ingenious ways to accessorise and level up the look and feel of a room installed with a faux brick wall in Singapore.

1. Highlight with natural lighting

Highlight with natural lighting

For example, natural lighting from a large window brings a brick wallpaper to life. It warms up the room and makes it look more inviting despite the bareness and coldness of exposed bricks.

2. Make it a focal point

Make it a focal point

If you are to add a brick wallpaper in your bedroom, make it the focal point of the room by installing it behind your headboard or a bigger dresser holding your precious trinkets and favourite furnishings to draw attention to it. Although it’s not a natural brick wall, wallpaper with a brick wall design looks like it has a rough finish, making the space look uninviting. Adding personal things to this room makes it look livelier and more welcoming.

3. Accentuate with some artwork

Accentuate with some artwork

A bare wallpapered wall would be great if you’re going for an industrial, minimalist design. But if you want to give it more personality, you can decorate it with some of your prized artwork. You can also hang framed pictures that bring back sweet memories.

4. Decorate with a large mirror

Decorate with a large mirror

Lean an oversized mirror against a brick wallpaper to give it a decorative effect. A cabinet or table in front of it should also add depth and interest.


There are many ways to accessorise a brick wallpaper and give it more character. When decorating a faux brick wall in Singapore, you must make it the centre of attention.

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Home with Wallhub & Aureus Interior Design

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project

Designing and styling your new home can be quite a feat especially when you have an eclectic mix of unique pieces you want to include. Though every piece tells a story, often than not, it does take an eye for aesthetics to place them with the right pieces to tell a great story in your home. 

Interior Designer, Nathan Koh, has recently found himself with a list of gorgeous furniture and decor. With his flair in design and his love for creating homes that are tailored to every client and site, he has designed a stylish British India home for Malminder and Simar.

Read on for more!

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project

Wallhub: Hi Nathan, thank you for having us! Would you tell us a little about yourself, Aureus Interior Design, and your design philosophy?

Nathan: Hi, I am Nathan, the founder of Aureus Interior Design. I have a strong passion for Interior Design and enjoy incorporating or modifying my design based on what comes along as the projects progress. This gives each interior its unique character, as each site’s conditions, progress and considerations are different. 

In Aureus, we believe that each home or space should be designed & built upon the client’s character, lifestyle & day-to-day habits.

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project

Wallhub: We love this British India home you have designed and styled for your clients, Mal & Simar. Do share with us how did the design concept come about? 

Nathan: During my first meet-up with Mal & Simar, they had a list of items that they had bought and wanted to have in their new home. The list includes paintings, antique pieces, designer furniture, and even vintage trunks.

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project - Before & After - Master Bedroom

Nathan:  Each piece of furniture & painting has a character of its own, so we started looking into a style where we can incorporate and showcase all of them in harmony. This is how we came to a decision of the British India style, where each piece of furniture in the house presents a well-travelled aesthetic of time.

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project

Wallhub: What were some of your key design challenges with this project? How did you overcome it?

Nathan: The first key challenge was actually to get all the unique furniture to work in harmony. On top of that, Mal & Simar have a special request, and it is to have a mural in a semi-outdoor area.

We were glad that we found Wallhub where Karen was able to propose the right product to fit into our design.

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project - Before & After - Outdoor Patio

Wallhub: There are some gorgeous wallpapers installed on the walls, from the bespoke murals to the textured ones in the living and master bedroom! How did these wallcoverings change or play a part in your design?

Nathan: These wallcoverings certainly played a huge role in bringing the entire British India design alive!

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project

Nathan: When you walk through the main gate, you are being welcomed with a huge mural reflecting a time in the “Colonial Period” with palms, ferns and other natural elements as a backdrop. This blends in perfectly with the sound of the water feature & all the indoor plants we have on the patio. 

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project - Before & After - Living & Dining

Next, while walking through the black lattice design sliding door into the living hall, we are being received by the high ceiling. The high ceiling is sub-divided into 2 spaces by 2 layers of dark brown trimming, and our eclectic fabric wallpaper from Wallhub just sits nicely underneath it as a beautiful textural base for our TV feature wall.

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project

Wallhub: Tell us more about your experience with Wallhub!

Nathan: The experience with Wallhub was great! Our sales consultant, Karen, was responsive & resourceful. Installing a mural wallpaper in a semi-outdoor space has many challenges – one of which is the exposure to sunlight and heat that would rapidly reduce its lifespan. With the help of Wallhub, we managed to find one that would last well over time.

Wallhub, Wallpaper Singapore Project - Before & After - Kids Bedroom

Wallhub: Thank you, Nathan, for sharing with us! It was lovely knowing that you had a wonderful experience with Wallhub. Would you have tips to share on pairing colours or unique pieces like you have done with Mal’s & Simar’s? 

Nathan: Sure! Hope my two cents worth would come in helpful:

  1. Pen down all the colours & pieces that you would like to have as part of your future home.
  2. Do not be limited by the style you are looking at achieving, as this may eliminate some of your favourite pieces.
  3. Trial and error with each colour and piece to see which will best match together in each space. You will be surprised how two very different pieces or colours can be a good match. Enjoy!


For more peeks into the lovely spaces of #homewithwallhub, head on over here!

5 Interior Design Trends In SG To Inspire A Lounge Upgrade

5 Interior Design Trends In SG To Inspire A Lounge Upgrade

The living room is usually the first part of the house that guests will see. It’s also the most utilised room, which deserves all your attention. If you’re planning to give your home an upgrade, it makes perfect sense to start with your lounge area.

Trends come and go. In the fashion industry, trends in clothing change virtually every year. For the construction and interior design sectors, trends are more long-term. This means that you can take advantage of a trend and keep your home looking stylish for a long time.

Here are five interior design trends that are quite popular in Singapore this year. Aside from switching from paint to wallpaper designs for your living room, you can take inspiration from them if you’re planning to give this room a much-needed overhaul.

1. Simple and timeless appeal

Simple and timeless appeal

Simplicity may look ordinary at first glance. But an HDB that appears modest can exude a homely and timeless appeal. Use wood panels or muted colours on wallpaper for walls and furniture pieces to make your living area look more welcoming. Opt for warm lighting and clean-lined furnishings with textural diversity to achieve a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Small but functional

Small but functional

With limited land space, many property developers are making homes smaller to accommodate more people within the development. Regardless of how much space you have in your home, what’s important is that it is functional – a crucial element in any interior design. Make your living room functional by maximising vertical space, keeping areas that get heavy foot traffic clear, keeping clutter out of the way, creating a multipurpose nook, and using double-duty furniture pieces.

3. Minimalist vibe

Minimalist vibe

An impressive lounge doesn’t need a lot of items. Besides, keeping your furnishings to a minimum makes things more manageable. Choose what’s necessary to make your living area look and feel bigger. For your walls, choose minimalist wallpaper designs for the living room. You can find an excellent range of suitable wallpaper designs here at Wallhub.

4. Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

With the right elements, you can make your living room environmentally friendly. For one, you replace all plastic products with items made of natural materials. You can also use those made of recycled plastic, glass, paper, etc. Aside from that, it would help if you also used LED lights, energy-efficient appliances, plants for decoration, and natural flooring materials.

5. Old but gold

Old but gold

Vintage has made a considerable comeback, whether in fashion or interior design. Nowadays, you can find various old-but-gold pieces, such as a farmhouse dining table, antique chest, jute rug, wooden crates, distressed furniture, and terra cotta pots, to name a few. This can give your space an outdated yet sophisticated look and feel.


Trends are beyond aesthetics. By following practical and ageless trends, you can transform your living room or any part of your home into a space that is not only liveable but also comfortable, functional, and something you can be proud of.

At Wallhub, we offer a comprehensive range of wallpaper in Singapore with themes like bricks, stones, marble, floral, rustic, minimalist, hipster, retro, bold, leather-textured, and more. We are also an authorised supplier of textured paint, wall coating, vinyl flooring, carpet tiles, and custom blinds. Get in touch with us for recommendations for your home makeover project today!

6 Creative Ways Wallpaper Can Spice Up Your Kitchen

6 Creative Ways Wallpaper Can Spice Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is usually the busiest part of your home. It’s where you prepare home-cooked dishes for your loved ones. It’s a place where your family can spend quality time and enjoy delectable food together. Sometimes, it’s also where you entertain guests. This is why your kitchen should be as cosy and inviting as it is functional.

There are many ways to liven up your kitchen. You can re-decorate it and use furniture pieces and furnishings that make a statement and showcase your taste and personality. You can also use wallpaper to upgrade the look of your kitchen or add personality to your hallways leading to the kitchen.

Here are some creative ways to spice things up in your kitchen.

1. Wallpapered accent wall

Wallpapered accent wall

An accent wall will add a focal point to your kitchen. Instead of painting one wall a different colour, why not think outside the box and choose a wallpaper in Singapore? A wallpapered accent wall is perfect if you use white tiles on your kitchen wall. Be sure to pick a design that complements the style you are going for.

2. Patterned island

Patterned island

Choose a wallpaper with a graphic pattern and place it along one side of your kitchen island. While it is an unusual way of using wallpaper, it’s undeniably an ingenious way of making your cooking space look more attractive.

3. Behind open shelves

Behind open shelves

Do you want your kitchen to have an open style to make the space seem bigger? Adding wallpaper behind open shelves gives this room a visual break, livening up an otherwise dull and dead-looking space. When choosing a pattern as backing for your open shelves, consider the existing colour scheme. You can pick a wallpaper with a bold, attention-grabbing design to add a bit of fun to your cooking area.

4. Bright breakfast nook

Bright breakfast nook

If breakfast is the only time you and your family can eat meals together, it’s only fitting that you create a breakfast nook that makes the most important meal of the day more enjoyable. By using a bright, colourful wallpaper in Singapore for your breakfast nook, you’ll be able to set the mood right and give your kitchen a vibrant touch.

5. Wallpaper to separate living spaces

Wallpaper to separate living spaces

You can easily separate your kitchen from your living room by using wallpaper with a bold pattern on the surrounding walls. This is the best solution for homes with an open layout since the different designs or colours of the walls in other areas of the house can differentiate each space.

6. Enchanting kitchen entrance

Enchanting kitchen entrance

Create a stunning kitchen entrance by covering it with Europe wallpaper in Singapore. Adding wallpaper to your kitchen’s entrance will no doubt get anyone excited to enjoy the mouth-watering dishes you prepare for them. With an inviting entryway, even you will be in the zone to whip up another gastronomic spread for you and your loved ones.


Turn your kitchen around by adding bright and attractive wallpaper to different areas, including the backsplash, island, open shelves, and entrance. Be sure to go for water-resistant options if you’re worried about the maintenance and longevity of the wallpaper in a kitchen setting.

At Wallhub, we have over 25,000 designs of wallpaper from Europe, Korea, the USA, and Japan. Whether you’re going for a rustic, vintage, modern, or industrial look, you will be spoilt for choice. Contact us for more enquiries or book an appointment to visit our showroom galleries today!

9 Tips To Make White Or Grey Wallpapers Feel Cosier

9 Tips To Make White Or Grey Wallpapers Feel Cosier

At present, neutral aesthetics have become a massive trend in home design, with white and grey wallpapers in Singapore playing a significant role in this look. By going with neutral-coloured wallpapers, you now have a blank canvas that you can personalize as you see fit; you don’t necessarily have to let the white or grey tones dictate the design of the rest of the room.

White and grey wallpapers can give off a rather ‘cold’ feeling depending on the surrounding accessories. Hence, it’s vital to consider how to offset this and add some warmth to the design. After all, creating a cosy and lived-in look with a homely atmosphere is much more preferable than making your residence look like a show home. Below, we share tips on how white or grey tones can work as the heart of a room’s design with plenty of warmth.

For White Wallpaper

1. Go for a monochrome look

Go for a monochrome look

Monochrome may be the most suitable option if you’re worried that white wallpaper might look too cold, but it’s the perfect colour to make a statement in a particular room. The stark contrast between black and white can immediately add some warmth to a room’s design. Also unsure about whether a monochrome wallpaper is a suitable option? In that case, you can use black furnishings and accessories, such as bookcases, coffee tables, cushions, lamps, and more.

2. Pick out white wallpapers with detailing

Pick out white wallpapers with detailing

White wallpapers adorned with subtle detailing, like a brick texture, can instantly feel warmer than those without them. Other patterns are white wallpapers with wood-effect detailing or a rustic brick design. But all in all, your choice should ultimately depend on what type of look you’re aiming to achieve.

3. Bring in some nature

Bring in some nature

The colours of nature, such as the ever-present green, can do wonders in warming up white space. Adding in plants is arguably the best way to go about this since being surrounded by nature also helps in boosting one’s mood. Other accessories you can add are wooden furnishings, jute rugs, and brightly coloured flowers.

4. Use contrasting textures

Use contrasting textures

White wallpaper contrasts beautifully with accessories bearing contrasting textures, such as sheepskin or fluffy rugs. Textured wallpapers can also work well to add that little something extra that may be missing in a white space.

5. Create a soft lighting setup

Create a soft lighting setup

Soft lighting excels in bringing beautiful warmth to a predominantly white space. Candles work well to achieve this effect. Coloured lampshades, especially those with an orangey or mustard tint, are effective at giving a warm glow to a room.

For Gray Wallpaper

6. Pick your shades carefully

Pick your shades carefully

If you’re set in adorning a room with grey wallpaper, you need to consider the shade of grey carefully. Different shades can bear other effects. Take lighter greys, for instance. These can feel relatively cool, especially in places like north-facing rooms with little natural light. In contrast, mid-greys feel warmer, but be sure not to go too dark as they can also potentially feel cold and make the space seem smaller.

7. Consider greige

Consider greige

Greige comes from blending the words and colours grey and beige, and it is another option to add warmth to grey walls with its warmer and softer way of bringing grey into a room.

8. Take the flooring into account

Take the flooring into account

A grey carpet or flooring may be a neutral option in many homes, but they can be a bit much when paired with grey walls. Instead, it’s better to choose a different colour combination. For instance, you could pick out a beige carpet for a gentle contrast and bring some much-needed warmth to a room. Another great idea is using a warm shade of wooden flooring made of a rustic-feeling grain. Lastly, simply placing a cosy rug atop the carpet can be enough to add a bit of extra depth and warmth to your design.

9. Match grey with bold colours

Match grey with bold colours

Gray works exceedingly well with bold shades that create a warm contrast, such as teal and mustard. These two look especially effective against a grey wall or background, as the latter provides an excellent opportunity for statement pieces like a bold-coloured rug or sofa. Pale pink and cream are two other colours that pair well with grey in home decor. However, remember that these colours can also feel cool, so incorporate more jewel tones to get that warmer feel.


Opting for a white or grey wallpaper designs provides plenty of opportunities to truly put your mark on a room, provided they coordinate well with the furniture, colourful accessories, and personal items that showcase your personality. With these tips above, you should now have a good idea of bringing warmth to these rooms and making them feel much cosier than before.