How To Select The Right Blinds For Your Odd-Shaped Windows

How To Select The Right Blinds For Your Odd-Shaped Windows

Each home has its unique features. Sometimes, this includes windows that are not in the traditional square or rectangle shape. These unconventional windows are unique and striking, providing houses with a gorgeous flair that many homeowners would love.

However, while odd-shaped windows add charm and character to a home, they could pose a challenge when finding suitable drapes. Odd-shaped windows are generally tricky to cover, especially since the options are often limited.

That being said, covering irregular windows does not have to be impossible. With a professional’s guidance and a little creativity, you can have the window treatments you have always wanted for your odd-shaped windows. If you specifically prefer blinds, read on as this article explores the best ways to choose blinds for unconventional windows.

Blinds for oval windows

Blinds for oval windows

Oval windows are an exquisite detail usually found in Victorian-style houses. Covering an oval window can be quite tricky, but shutters can be made in almost any shape. The shutter should be fixed to the window and should not swing open. Should you require cleaning behind the shutter, you can easily remove it by taking out a couple of screws.

Besides shutters, custom-made cellular shades can also come in oval shapes. While such cellular shade may be inoperable, it can be made with fabrics matching other shades in your house. 

Blinds for circle windows

Blinds for circle windows

Sometimes referred to as ‘porthole windows,’ circle windows are commonly found in alcoves or at the top of roofs. The best thing about circle windows is that they add an adorable touch to a space. You can use wood shutters or cellular shades for this type of odd-shaped window.

Shutters for circle windows can be created as a solid piece or with operable slats. If you wish to have an adjustable light control in your home, it is best that you choose shutters over cellular shades. These shutters should be fixed to the window, but they can be easily removed by taking out a few screws,

Blinds for triangle windows

Blinds for triangle windows

You can find triangle windows in mostly stairwells or attics. They can either be an angled window following the roofline or an ornamental topper for a taller window. Although triangle windows are not easy to cover, cellular shades can be custom-made to fit them. These shades may not be operated, but you can make them with fabrics that match other shades in your house for decorative purposes.

Aside from cellular shades, shutters with movable slats can also be suitable for a triangle window or an angled opening. Depending on your window’s size, the shutter may come with two doors that can swing open or be made as a single solid panel. 

Blinds for octagon windows

Blinds for octagon windows

An octagon is an unusual shape for a window. However, you can ordinarily find octagon windows in converted attics, and they also often provide astonishing detail to the façade of a home. Like the other odd-shaped windows, this type of window can be covered with cellular shades and shutters.

You can order custom shutters that are specially made to fit a window in an octagon shape. Depending on the size of your window, this shutter may consist of two panels that can wing in and out or be made as one fixed panel.


Finding the proper window treatment for odd-shaped windows is undoubtedly challenging, but it does not have to be impossible. Whether you are dealing with an oval window, a circle window, a triangle window, or an octagon window, you can find blinds that fit your unconventional window perfectly. All you have to do is to unleash your creative side and seek the assistance of a specialist in customised blinds for home decoration.

For the most premium and creative custom blinds in Singapore, Wallhub is the leading supplier you can rely on! We offer top-grade customised blinds that can be made to fit any type of window and are suitable for almost all areas of your house. Aside from custom blinds, we also provide the best vinyl flooring and wallpaper in Singapore. For more information on how we can help you upgrade your lovely home, do not hesitate to book a consultation with us now.

4 Ways to Utilise Flooring As An Accessory In Your Home

4 Ways to Utilise Flooring As An Accessory In Your Home

Home accessories are often associated with rugs, curtains, and paintings. However, flooring is one powerful yet overlooked accessory that can transform the look and feel (literally) of any space. Beyond its function, flooring can elevate the overall ambience of your living areas and be used as a large-scale decorative piece to liven up your interior.

Read on to learn ways you can utilise flooring as the ultimate accessory in your home.

1. Complementary colours

Complementary colours

Flooring is a great way to incorporate complementary colours into your interiors to make your space more cohesive. Love a niche colour, but the rest of your room just doesn’t match it? Fear not. Make your flooring that tone for a seamless blend into the rest of the furniture. This adds a fun pop of colour into your space that is forgiving yet still a bold choice and might just be the next conversation starter with your friends.

Adding a monochromatic edge with your floorings to match the rest of the room is a fantastic choice as well. An example would be a dark green tiled floor with earthy brown and natural green tones throughout the room. It creates a calming and immersive atmosphere that just wouldn’t be possible with regular white tiled floors. Get creative with these design elements and utilise flooring as the accessory they are.

2. Play with shapes

Play with shapes

Don’t be afraid to venture outside of solid colours. Geometric shapes and lines can make a world of difference by elevating your space and ridding you of a dreaded “too simple” notion when admiring your home.

Herringbone or chevron patterned wood flooring can act as an accessory to your overall space by tilting the eye downwards so your room looks well-balanced and not “top-heavy.”

Wallhub offers luxury vinyl flooring in a Mad Herringbone style. This LVF Diamond Clic flooring is low maintenance and eco-friendly, giving you functionality with beauty. Have a carefully curated look to your interiors with ease with geometric floorings, and Wallhub’s own styles provide you with the long-term potential to impress.

3. Mix and match

Mix and match

Those looking for a bold aesthetic can consider mixing patterns in their flooring. For those with space constraints, rugs may be too much of an eye-sore when trying to maximise your space. Utilise flooring as a substitute for carpets! Their expansive and definite size will allow for a more spacious feel, and their static shape makes them easier to maintain as they don’t move around or get tugged on! This doubles as a non-slip option for those keen on being extra safety-conscious.

Mix woods and carpets for an eclectic feel. The borders of your room can be in wood flooring, and centrepiece areas such as floorings under sofas and dining tables can be carpeted. This contemporary approach feels vividly modern, with the clean lines separating your spaces to add an abstract feel to your room when done right.

Wallhub offers both solid and printed carpet patterns. Mix and match with our wood selections for attractive design styles that are unique to your home. Whether for formal or casual areas of your space, our carpet tile installation is made for all.

4. Use wood unconventionally

Use wood unconventionally

Wood is often reserved for living rooms and bedrooms; tiles are usually the primary flooring for bathrooms and kitchens. Be a rule-breaker (of course, with the help of water-resistant vinyl-wood tiles instead). This wooden luxury vinyl flooring is great for kitchens and bathrooms, giving a rustic look that feels cosy and inviting. A long day can feel even draggier when entering a cold-tiled bathroom. With the sense of warmth that this vinyl wood brings, your days can start brighter and end more comfortably with this spunky flooring choice.


Flooring is more than just a structural piece. It is often an untapped home design gem capable of bringing elevation and curation to any space. Use the tips mentioned above to make your home eye-catching, and look around to see your own design prowess in every nook.

For durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and long-lasting luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore, Wallhub has got you covered. We are trusted suppliers of both flooring and wallpaper in Singapore, keen on delivering you high-quality design styles and installation should you need it.

For more information on our products and services, feel free to schedule a consultation with us now.

How You Can Utilise Wallpapers For An At-Home Dopamine Boost

How You Can Utilise Wallpapers For An At-Home Dopamine Boost

Wallpaper has excellent functionality with an ease for printed design capabilities. They are a great way to spruce up your space and personalise your surroundings to turn your house into a home.

Keep reading as we share tips on how to utilise wallpapers in Singapore to personalise your spaces and give you a dopamine boost in every corner of your home.

1. Nature-themed designs

Nature-themed designs

It is proven that a walk outdoors offers a great happiness boost for those seeking mental rest. Many people claim that just by being in nature, their mood is greatly improved, and their worries are alleviated, even for just a short while. Nature-themed wallpapers can provide you with this respite in your very own home.

Going outside can be too much of a commitment for those stuck being perpetually indoors if your schedule doesn’t allow it. Customise your favourite nature scenes in your home with wallpapers depicting picturesque forests, serene mountains, and your favourite flowers. These can have a calming effect on your nervous system, giving you nooks to lounge in your home that reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Wallhub offers nature-themed wallpaper in our Londonart Exclusive Italian Wallpaper collection. From abstract flamingos to vibrant flora, we have designs catered to every eye. Give your home a stunning visual treat with these prints and introduce a tranquil dopamine kick to your space.

2. Vibrant colours

Vibrant colours

In an age where the masses opt for minimalism, be bold in your design choices — ditch neutral tones for bright colours that ignite your senses when you walk into a room. Yellows, pinks, and reds are known to be good at stimulating dopamine release. These bright colours are eye-catching and immediately lift spirits due to their association with positive moods.

A minimalist scene might be calming but offer little aid in lifting spirits when down. It’s hard to be glum when faced with such bright and lively backdrops. Like dopamine dressing, where one wears bright colours to feel uplifted and powerful, use colour to transform any room in your home! Give dopamine-inducing wallpapers a go with these vivid varieties.

3. Nostalgic touch

Nostalgic touch

Nostalgia directly within your interiors is a great way to introduce happy hormones into your daily life. Consider fond memories like travelling, your favourite activities, or an outing you hold close to your heart, and incorporate these into your walls. These can bring joy when your eyes land on them, reminding you of happy memories and happier moments to come.

Wallhub’s Bespoke W.Collective Premium collection offers wallpapers that give you that nostalgic factor you can fit into every space. For world travellers, opt for monochromatic or coloured prints featuring the world map to plan your next travel adventure in your living room. For those missing beach days or ocean vacations, our Dark Celestial print is reminiscent of flowing waves that can take you back to the respite of the seas.

4. Curated aesthetics

Curated aesthetics

Wallpapers offer flexibility and variety in their designs. Incorporating complex designs into your interiors with wallpaper is much simpler than with paint. Use this to your advantage by honing your own aesthetic styles and bringing this into your home.

For those who love a classy interior, shades of gold and minimalist tones with clean lines can be sought after. Those wanting a more eclectic approach can opt for patterns reminiscent of vintage and retro patterns for an added edge. Curate your space to align with your interests to a tee. From walls to tiles, leave no stone unturned when transforming your home into your own dreamscape. The possibilities are endless when choosing to decorate with wallpaper.


Wallpaper is a great way to amp up your interiors and provide a dopamine boost when you need a little pick-me-up. Make sure that every room you walk into makes your heart skip a beat and fall in love with your space with these printed designs.

Wallhub offers high-quality wallpapers and vinyl flooring that match your personal preferences. For more information on our products and services, feel free to schedule a consultation with us now.