Great Tips On Making Your Home Look Spectacular

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Before you come up with different colours, you need to know what you commonly do in a room. Is it a place where you hang out as a family or a playroom for the kids? These types of questions can help you make the right decisions for the décor.

We’ll explore what some of the tips are below.

Paint it

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Once you fully know what your family will use the space for, then you can choose colours to paint it. The colours will depend on the personalities in the family. You can have one or two accent walls to make the room pop. In addition, you can even consider using a wallpaper to add as a wall accent after painting it a certain colour. This can enhance the paint colour and makes it pop out even more.

Get appropriate furniture

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You need to have furniture that will resonate well with what you do at the den. If you have turned it into a family room, then you need to have enough comfortable couches that your family will be able to fit.

If you have old furniture that is still sturdy enough, then you can have the reupholstered. You have to choose fabric and colour that will blend well with the rest of the room.

If it is a playroom, then you can put a pool table or table tennis for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

You can include a table and chairs to use when playing board games or cards.

Change the drapes

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Windows are a focal point in any room, and the den is no exception. The way you treat the windows can make the room look fabulous or drab. Getting drapes from a curtain company in Singapore can give the place a facelift.

Put flowers or plants in the room

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Flowers are an inexpensive way to change the way the place looks. You can get some vases and fill them with the flowers of your choice. This can instantly brighten the room and will help in enhancing the moods of your family members.

You can have potted plants strategically placed around the room as well. There are so many types of plants that you can choose from to fit well with your family.

Get good lighting fixtures

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The type of lighting that a room has can make it look more attractive. You can choose from a variety of fixtures the one that will make that den look spectacular. Accessories usually are not expensive, and you or one of the family members can put them up.

Change the floor

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Flooring is a huge issue when it comes to any room. If your den has cracked or chipped floors, then you should make arrangements to have them changed. You can hire a professional contractor for a fantastic finish. Choose the type of flooring that suit your family’s needs whether it is wood or tiles.

The den can change to be a place where you and your loved ones don’t want to leave when you follow some of the tips that you have read.


Inexpensive Ways Of Renovating Your Apartment

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Have you ever looked at your home and have grown tired at the way things looked? You may feel that you need to make a change in your apartment, but the costs scare you. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore with these simple ideas.

It is essential to have a clear idea of what look you are going for when renovating. Is it a retro feel that you want or a more modern look? Some ways that you can have a renovated place without breaking the bank include:

Changing your curtains

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Windows can make a room look or feel bigger and brighter depending on the size, although many people forget about the existence of drapes or blinds. You may have had the same window treatments ever since you moved into the apartment, so changing them will make your apartment more appealing.

You can look at curtains and blinds in Singapore where you will have a variety to choose from for your apartment. If your choice is curtains, don’t be afraid to have a splash of colour. Your eyes and wallet will significantly appreciate this change.

Painting your apartment

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This is another way to save money while still having a beautiful place. You can go to your nearest hardware store and choose the paint of your choice. It never hurts to inquire how best to mix colours from the paint dealers if you are not sure about it. If you can, then painting the apartment by yourself will save you the money that you would have paid a painter. Choose colours that will reflect your personality even as you keep in mind the use of the room.

Being creative

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You don’t have to order new furniture just because you want a new look. You can go to flea markets and buy old items that are still in good condition and give them some TLC (tender loving care). You can find interesting hooks that you can have fixed in the bathrooms for your towels. You can find a simple metallic bucket that can be shined and turned into a sink basin.

Such stuff will cost you much less than you would have spent if you were to buy them in a store. You can also find an old table that’s still sturdy and make it into a kitchen island after scraping and putting a coat of varnish on it. Additionally, you can also use vibrant and colourful wallpapers to brighten up the walls in a room. Such creativity will turn your once rundown apartment into a chic place.

Getting new light fixtures

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After you’re done painting, you can go shopping for light fixtures that will resonate well with your theme. There are a wide variety of cute light pendants that can be installed in the kitchen or dining area. You can opt for chandeliers in the living room as well. The bathrooms should not be forgotten either. If you are handy, then you can replace them by yourself, but if not it’s best to avoid getting electrocuted just to save money. Hire someone who knows what they are doing and let them fix it for you.

Following some of these simple points will make your apartment look and feel like you spent a million dollars on it.

Decorating A Teen’s Room

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When it comes to decorating one’s room, every person will without a doubt want a design that they can call their own. Similarly, your beloved teens would like the same as well, so you have to be extra careful when deciding on the overall style of the room.

Below, you will find several aspects to take note of when decorating their bedrooms.


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With an understanding of how your teen is like, you should get a rough idea of the kind of colours and shade that they prefer.

Choose colours that show what kind of person they are in this delicate stage of their life. If your child is someone who admires the scenic view of the ocean, then cooler and calmer hues like blue will do the job just fine.

Rather than just simply splashing your walls with paint, you can also purchase wallpaper in Singapore. With the plethora of choices, you are sure to find a particular design that will appeal to your teen.

Functions of the room

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When decorating a teenager’s room, you have to be mindful of what they use the room for. It could be a place where they do their homework in, and if that’s the case, then you will probably need to get a desk or work station.

On the other hand, hobbies like collecting photographs will mean that there should be an empty space for your teen to put up these pictures. If it’s a pet that your child enjoys sleeping within the same room, then make sure there is sufficient room for both of them.

All these need to be put into consideration when working on the room to ensure your child is contented with their living space. Moreover, make it clear from the start and find out if your child would prefer to have curtains as if it that is the case, engaging a curtain company in Singapore will allow you to pick from more than enough options.

Incorporating their likes

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Your teenager may have a love for music and this can be a considerable factor to add when decorating their room. You may choose to have musical signs painted on one wall or shop for items that will remind them of their passion for music. Getting a bedside lamp shaped like a guitar or a vase that looks like a drum will have your child squealing once they look upon the final look of their room.

This will make your teenager genuinely feel like that is their space, and they can be free and creative when there. Meanwhile, if they are into fashion and simply adore designing, then you can get a mannequin and a hand sawing machine that they can use to enhance their creativity.

Space for friends

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Teenagers have friends that usually come over to have a study or catch up session. It is essential when decorating to have that in mind as well so that you can set aside a sitting area for them.

Apart from the bed, you can have a small couch or an ottoman depending on the size of the room. While decorating the room, also make sure you let the design of the sitting space flow with the rest of the room.

Designing your teen’s room comes with a lot of different considerations to make, but by following these tips, you can easily decorate your teen’s room with ease.

How To Give Your Home A New Look

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Most of the time we become too engrossed with our busy schedules, whether it is at work or school. Either way, it can make us forget to look after the appearance of our home, leaving it all dully, dreary and outdated.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your home look its plain best, putting in the effort to let it demonstrate its full potential is a wonderful thing itself.

When you find yourself in such a situation, wanting to do something to change the look of your home, then you can look at the following methods that will help you do exactly just that effortlessly.

Infuse colour

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Colour is the in-thing at the moment, and yet it is also the cheapest ways to revamp your home.

But the best thing about trying out a new colour on your walls is really the fact that you can always change it without breaking the bank if you feel the need to do that later. There are so many colour palettes that you can try at this day and time to give your home a major makeover.

Be bold and paint a wall red, or just pick out an accent wall and spruce it up with orange paint. At the end of the day, it really depends on how you want a particular room to make you feel. If painting is not within your interest, then you can always browse through stores for wallpaper in Singapore that will suit the type of theme that you want to achieve instead.

Remember, colour every room depending on its use because there are colours that resonate better if used in the bedroom or living room.

Go green

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This refers to having plants in your home. Potted leafy plants have a way of making a space look and feel different.
You may have a hallway that feels blank; then a plant will change that.

Plants can also be placed in all the rooms, including a bathroom. They will not only beautify your home, but they also help in purifying the air.

Throw in an area rug

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Area rugs can be placed in the living room or bedroom to beautify the appearance of your living space. Unique and attractive colours will easily help with that. The best thing about area rugs is that they are not as large as carpets; hence their cleaning is easy.

Put up some artwork

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Pictures have a way of saying a million words without speaking. Not to mention, the fact that a few paintings can brilliantly deck out your walls, is a commendable achievement.

It can be an intricate painting of spectacular scenery or just a family portrait of you and your cherished family members. Whichever way you go, your home will not be dull again with dressed walls. If the family portraits are your final choice, it will be an affectionate way of always remembering the good and fun times that you have shared.

Know that you don’t always have to go completely overboard when redecorating your home, even a little difference here and there can make a big change. Do what makes you feel comfortable in your own home.