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Wallpaper Designs can transform your home to make you feel comfortable, personalising your space to be yourself truly. Whether it’s bedroom or living room wallpapers, Wallhub is a leading wallpaper brand and supplier in Singapore with the perfect home wallpaper for you.

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If you’re wondering where to buy wallpapers in Singapore, look no further. Here at Wallhub, our professional wallpaper installation team offers options for you to pick out home wallpapers from our shops that will match the style you want for your home. Shop over 25,000+ designs of adorning wallpaper for rooms from internationally renowned brands, design houses, and specially crafted Custom Murals.

At Wallhub, we take pride in having diversity, whether it be in our designs or the options available to you. Shop and learn about a variety of styles, including Minimalistic, Scandinavian, or Contemporary style wallpaper, premium tactile wallpaper, and popular botanical patterns. As one of the top wallpaper stores and suppliers in Singapore, we are dedicated to helping you find the ideal wallpaper for your living room or children’s bedroom and bringing your creative ideas to life.

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At Wallhub, we want to be a part of your journey to design the perfect space by providing all the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

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Mithra Rajeswaran
Mithra Rajeswaran
We had recently taken up services from wallhub to supply and install 2 wallpapers in our living room. We visited their showroom a few times to make our choices and every time Genie patiently suggested options according to our expectations. Overall we are satisfied with the final output and their service 🙂
Francis Chin
Francis Chin
As very impressed with Genie work attitude and going extra mile for us. She was very responsive even after work hours. This is the second time I have engaged her service to select the relevant paintwork for my house. In addition, was pleased with their painter Tinh work.
Yvonne Tan
Yvonne Tan
Very happy that we chose Wallhub to add colours and textures to our home. Kaylee was very helpful and offered her advice when we met her in store. Will recommend wallhub to friends!
Shir Wong
Shir Wong
Thanks to Genie and her installers (Ah Da team) for doing a great job by beautifying our walls. Genie is professional and she attends to all my queries and problem. Will recommend Wallhub to my friends and family. 😊👍👍
Ahmad Bilal
Ahmad Bilal
Had a great experience overall, from selecting of design to installation. Genie was our salesperson at the Flagship Gallery. She was so patient and helpful in answering all our queries. She made sure to follow up and gave timely updates leading up to the installation date. Our assigned painter, Ahidul, was very professional and friendly. He did an amazing job single-handedly, and we're really happy with the end result!
michelle soo
michelle soo
Excellent service by Genie who was knowledgeable, pleasant and prompt through out. Wallpaper was also done up nicely by Guang & Xin. Appreciate the good work!
Colin Ng
Colin Ng
Good and friendly service, professional and helpful painters, such as Jahidul-Rubel Azim.
Wei Ting Ang
Wei Ting Ang
Fell in love with Wallhub Strato design and the outcome was so perfect! The staff are all so professional and they put in a full day of effort to paint our wall! It has been 2 weeks and we are still loving how it turned out! Same goes for our wallpaper in our Masterbed room which the team took extra care to install the wallpaper! Highly recommend! Many thanks to Rahman, JR Hoa, Da Wendy for beautifying our house!
Uddin and Kawsar did a great job of protection and texture paint 👍🏻

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    Wallpaper Installation Singapore

    A Curated Collection from International Design Houses

    Wallhub’s wallpaper collection features a vibrant assortment of over 25,000 styles and wallpaper designs from all around the world as an international wallpaper specialist and supplier. Our team of dedicated specialists scour renowned design houses and companies in countries such as the United States of America (USA), Japan, Korea, and also the continent of Europe to bring you the newest and most cutting-edge styles, varying from contemporary avant-garde designs to timeless classics.

    Bedroom Wallpaper Singapore

    At Wallhub, we take pride in having diversity, whether it be in our designs or the options available to you. Shop and learn about a variety of styles, including premium tactile wallpaper and popular botanical patterns. As one of the top wallpaper stores and suppliers in Singapore, we are dedicated to helping you find the ideal wallpaper for your living room or children’s bedroom and bringing your creative ideas to life.

    Wallpaper Suppliers in Singapore

    Wallpapers of The Highest Quality 

    As a leading provider of wallpaper in Singapore, Wallhub is dedicated to giving its clients a wide range of high-quality wallpaper options that will revitalise their homes. You can be confident that our wallpapers, whether they are for your child’s room or the dining room, will be of long-lasting quality at a reasonable price and feature distinctive and exotic designs because they come from the top international design houses and companies.

    Along with your style preferences, our knowledgeable team can also provide expert advice on enhancing your space and walls with various designs, such as traditional cloud patterns or botanical designs, to cater to your needs specifically. Looking to go for an industrial interior concept? Our brick wallpapers are perfect for the job! Or do you want to go for a Modern Luxury style? Then, our selection of lavish wallpapers is yours to choose from. Our high-quality home wallpapers in Singapore are easy to install and maintain with a fuss-free application that will give a room in your house a feeling of newness.

    Shop for the wallpaper of your dreams right now, breathe new life into your house, and experience pure bliss when you see your brand-new home interior.

    Wallpaper Designs in Singapore

    Experienced In-House Installers Team 

    Wallhub takes pride in making sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with the wallpaper choices they choose. As a wallpaper company and supplier, we are a team of professionals  with knowledgeable and experienced in-house installers who will take great care to provide exceptional workmanship in every stage of the installation process, guaranteeing a finished product that will meet your expectations. Additionally, all wallpapers from our store are covered with up to a 2-year warranty.

    If you’re still thinking of where to buy wallpapers in Singapore, let us help! Contact us online or via our hotline to know more about our collections, prices, and to make enquiries. You may also want to drop by our showroom to browse our full collection of wallpapers for living rooms or bedrooms. Wallhub is here to touch up your walls and give your home an entirely fresh appearance.


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    Wallpaper FAQs

    Properly installed wallpaper is able to last for at least 7 to 10 years. When properly hung, wallpaper is said to last three times as long as paint. Furthermore, adequate care and maintenance can help to maintain its pristine condition. For instance, removing stains with a slightly damp cloth immediately and regular, light dusting.

    Take down the required measurements, respectively, the height and width of your walls. Then, multiply the width by the height of the walls – you’ll receive the total square footage of space on your wall that needs to be covered with rolls of wallpaper.

    Or, to save the hassle, simply head over to Wallhub’s online calculator, insert the height and width of your walls, and get an estimated number of wallpaper rolls needed instantly.

    As it is mostly created from countries often experiencing seasonal weather, wallpaper is typically hardy enough to adapt to seasonal changes and climate, making it suitable for Singapore’s humid environment.

    Wallpaper also offers texture, durability, and beautiful patterns, on top of being cost-effective. In addition, it allows you to cover up defects and serves as a statement piece.

    If hanging up wallpaper on your own is not an option, you can leave it in the hands of a professional wallpaper installer instead.

    At Wallhub, we have a team of experienced and skilled in-house wallpaper installers with impressive workmanship throughout the entire installation procedure, producing a completed product that’s to your liking. Furthermore, we also provide up to a 2-year warranty period for your chosen wallpaper.

    Wallpaper is advised to be installed at the end of your renovation, when human traffic is lesser. This reduces contact, and the possibility of damaging wallpaper in the midst of other ongoing renovation works.

    Wallpaper may be damaged during the carpentry installation works. A good tip to note is that you may not actually require wallpapers in wall areas where the carpentry will be installed or covered. As such, this would help to save on the costs as the number of wallpapers required would be reduced.

    The wall must be smooth and even – without cracks, bumps or dents.

    For best results, it is recommended to have your wall’s base colour be similar to the wallpaper colour selected, or have it painted in white prior to the installation of wallpapers.

    Wallpaper would not be able to cover wall imperfection or existing conditions. They are always the reflection of your wall condition; Any bumps/uneven/moulding issues will still appear on the wallpaper after installation.

    However, for minor uneven wall surfaces, you may consider using wall coverings of thicker ounces such as vinyl wall covering or the natural speciality ranges to conceal them. Alternatively, you may also consider other wall options, such as Kastone® Bricks, to cover wall imperfections.

    Backing refers to the type of materials used on the back of the wallpapers.

    Wallpaper with paper backing materials would allow it to be more flexible and bendable when installed on walls. They are suitable to be installed on areas to be wrapped (such as beams, cable casings etc), or when fold-ins are required. However, paper backing materials generally require more time to remove as residues would be left behind during the removal process. You may approach the professionals to have them removed for you. Our experienced team of installers provide both installation and removal services.

    Wallpaper with non-woven backing is made of a special blend of synthetic and natural fibres, making them both breathable and washable, which eliminates vapour lock and makes it more resistant to the cause of mould and mildew. Such material also allows better maintenance where you will be able clean it with a slightly damp cloth when required. They would be the preferred choice to be installed in powder room areas over wallpapers with paper backing. Removal is easy and can be done without a professional as it comes off as an entire piece and would usually not leave behind any residues during the process.

    Typically found in Vinyl range of commercial wall covering, Wallpaper with fabric backing is made of high quality, strong, and enduring material. Constructed with sturdy fabric, they are more resistant to damage than paper or non-woven substrates as the material is tough and cannot be torn easily. They are usually used in high-traffic commercial spaces and hospitality projects.

    They refer to the roll-size wallpapers made from the respective countries of origin, and have been a popular wallpaper choice for homeowners, interior designers and architects in Singapore homes. They each come with a large, curated collection of designs representing different styles and look.

    Korea rolls come in paper backing and are generally bigger, with a roll-size of 1.06m in width by 15.6m in length. This provides the average coverage of a 4-5m feature wall. They would fit the bill if you are looking for the most budget-friendly option. At the same time, with a larger width size of 1.06m, this reduces the number of joint lines when installed on the walls.

    Europe rolls come in non-woven backing, with a general roll-size of 0.53m in width by 10m in length. This provides the average coverage of a 2-3m feature wall. They would cover a smaller area as compared to the Korea rolls. However, with the newest European brand brought in exclusively by Wallhub, you can expect to find Europe rolls that come in a larger roll-size of 1.06m width by 10 or 15m long, allowing you to enjoy the Europe rolls at greater savings with the larger coverage area. Lastly, Europe rolls often provide more varieties in the textures, such as raised embossed finishing, velvet, linen and more.

    Some may deem roll-size wallpapers as a higher cost with wastage involved. However, it is always recommended for customers to keep the balance wallpapers as a maintenance roll. It will come in handy should the existing wallpaper, on the wall, requires replacement work in the future.

    Companies may market their prices at a very low rate, especially for Group Buy Packages. These are usually targeted at only the Korea Wallpaper Roll, some with a limited choice of designs, or restricted to existing dead stocks that could have been stuck in the warehouse for the longest time. Such wallpaper roll, when not properly stored over a long period, may compromise the quality and affect the final outlook when installed on the walls. Other than that, the cheap rate may not include installation charges at times, or would require a large number of roll order commitments.

    Always look out for a few things:-

    a. Do they indicate supply and installation at the price that they market at?

    Although installation works can be DIY-ed, having a professional install it would certainly ensure the wallpapers last longer and seamless joining between panels; moreover, an expert helps to look out for any wall issues for you prior to the installation. It is always more cost-effective to engage a vendor that provides both supply and installation services. Often than not, having these two purchased/engaged separately may result in higher costs and more hassle in the coordination works.

    b. Do they have a showroom presence or are they on the go?

    Do not short-change yourselves on the design selection when there could be more than 25,000 designs to choose from. It would be best to visit one with a Showroom to view the actual displays, select from the most comprehensive range and receive professional consultation. The sales consultants would be able to recommend designs to suit your home themes and propose wallcovering options that would best fit your existing wall conditions or requirements.

    c. What is the warranty coverage?

    The warranty period after wallpaper installation is important. Ensure you are given at least one-year warranty coverage. Also, you do not want to have a vendor who can no longer be reached out to when issues start surfacing in the future (be it during/after the warranty period). Find one that provides good reviews and establishment for added assurance.

    d. Do they have an in-house team of installers?

    Many companies use sub-contractors who do not provide good control over the quality of work. Go for the ones with in-house professional team for consistency in their installation standards.

    At Wallhub, we focus on our exclusive products and strive to provide our utmost professional service from the time customers step into our Showroom to even way after installation is completed. Our installation works are also done by our experienced in-house installers, which provide additional assurance to our customers. Read more from our past customers’ experiences through the Facebook Reviews here.

    A water-based sealer is a surface preparation product that is applied to seal a surface.

    It is always recommended to apply water-based sealer prior to all wallpaper installation. It helps to stop moisture from absorbing into the wall and prevent water seepage, as well as the growth of mould and fungus. It also provides better adhesion between wallpaper and the base paint on the wall.

    Our products come with a one-year workmanship warranty. For wallpapers, it would cover peeling and bubble issues. Should you engage us to add on the application of water-based sealer before installation works, it would provide you with an additional complimentary year of warranty coverage (i.e. 2-year warranty).

    Wallpapers can be installed on smooth walls or plywood surfaces. However, if your wall has easy wash paint applied on it or if you are looking to install it on plywood surfaces, it would be best recommended to apply the water based sealer before any wallpaper installation.

    For non-wall areas such as laminated surfaces, glass or mirrors, wallpapers would not be able to stick over them. You may consider our architectural film sticker as a solution to these surfaces.

    Architectural film stickers are suitable for smooth laminated surfaces (such as existing cabinets or carpentry works), doors (fire-rated / bomb-shelter), glass, mirrors and more.

    First, you may choose from our in-house/well-curated range of wallpaper designs. Should you prefer a bespoke piece, you may send us your photo/image or reference design for us to work on.

    Next, with the provided wall’s width and height, our design team will draft the design to size. Any specifications requested will be reflected in the design draft. (For example, change of colour, scaling of patterns etc). Revisions could be made if required. Once confirmed, the design will be ready for production.

    Prior to the production works, you may choose from over 10 premium texture finishings. Samples can be viewed at any of our showroom galleries. Each texture comes with the choice of 2D or 3D in the option of a seamless print.

    Lastly, arrange for an installation date, and the team will take care of everything else for you.

    General wallpapers are advised to be used in areas away from direct contact with water or of high moisture levels (shower, backsplash areas etc).

    They are possible to be installed in a dry powder room. Opt to use natural wallcoverings or materials with non-woven backing. These materials are made of both natural and synthetic fibres - making them breathable - which allows moisture to dissipate from the wallcovering and prevents mould from growing. Another way would be to install wallpapers for only the top half of the walls.

    With our new Resident Brand addition, Londonart, a prestige Italian Wallcovering brand, their GLASS Wallpaper allows for wallpapers to be installed in wet areas, including the bathroom. Created from exceptionally-thin special fibreglass yarn, the state-of-the-art technology of this GLASS Wallpaper allows it to be extremely functional for wet spaces like your shower or bathroom, crushing the age-old thinking that wet areas and wallpapers do not go together.