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We thought about the constant place where one can find respite in, and that is none other than your home – The one place where you can build memories in, seek comfort at and be true to yourself.

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Housing over 10,000+ varieties of embellishing Wallpaper Designs from Europe, Korea, Japan, USA design houses and specially designed Custom Murals, you’ll be spoilt for choice to pick out the one to set the tone for your home. Be it a Minimalistic, Scandivanian, or Contemporary style – our exclusive Strato® Textured Paint adds an extra exquisite touch, elevating your home’s appearance in an instant.

Alongside are our premium brick and stone veneers, KASTONE® and Exclusive Italian Wallpaper, LondonArt that are highly sought after by designers, architects, interior decorators as well as homeowners for homes, commercial and hospitality projects. Lastly, our label W.Blinds focuses on customised blinds to provide highest quality of window covering products that cater to each individuals’ style and taste. Most importantly, to assure a one-stop hassle-free experience.

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At Wallhub, we want to be a part of moulding your prefect space by providing you
details for living.

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    Wallpaper Installation Singapore

    A Curated Collection from International Design Houses

    As an international wallpaper specialist and supplier, Wallhub’s wallpaper collection has a vivacious array of over 9000 varieties embellishing wallpaper designs from all over the world. Our team of dedicated specialists scour renowned design houses in countries such as the USA, Japan, Korea, and also the continent of Europe to bring you the latest and most cutting-edge designs, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary avant-garde.

    Bedroom Wallpaper Singapore

    At Wallhub, we pride ourselves in having diversity, be it with our designs or the choices you can have. Discover all sorts of styles ranging from classic cloud patterns to brick wallpapers. Find the best living room or kids bedroom wallpaper in Singapore for your home and make your designs visions come true when you shop from us, one of the best wallpaper stores in Singapore.

    Wallpaper Suppliers in Singapore

    Wallpapers of The Highest Quality 

    As a top wallpaper company in Singapore, Wallhub believes in providing our customers with premium wallpaper selections that invigorate your home. Since our wallpapers are from the best international design houses, you can be assured of long-lasting quality at an affordable price, as well as unique and exotic designs – be it for your kids’ room or dining room. Along with your style preferences, our knowledgeable team can also provide expert advice on enhancing your space and walls with various designs to cater to your needs specifically. Looking to go for an industrial interior concept? Our brick wallpapers are perfect for the job! Or do you want to for a Scandinavian style? Then, our selection of lavish wallpapers is yours to choose from. Our high-quality home wallpapers in Singapore has a hassle-free installation and can be maintained easily for a fuss-free application that will lend a sense of newness to a space in your home. Shop for your desired wallpaper now, give your home a breath of fresh air, and be on cloud nine after witnessing your all-new home interior.

    Wallpaper Designs in Singapore

    Experienced In-House Installers Team 

    Wallhub takes pride in ensuring that our customers are satisfied and happy with the wallpaper selections of their choice. We’re a wallpaper company with a team of skilled and professional in-house installers who take great care in providing excellent workmanship in every step of the installation process, guaranteeing a finished product that will live up to your expectations. In addition, Wallhub also offers up to 2-year warranty period for your wallpapers.

    Contact us online or via our hotline to know more about our collections, prices, and to make enquiries. You may also want to visit our showroom to browse our complete range of wallpapers for living rooms or bedrooms. Wallhub is here to touch up your walls and give your home an entirely fresh appearance.


    Properly installed wallpaper is able to last for 7 to 10 years. When properly hung, wallpaper is said to last three times as long as paint. Furthermore, adequate care and maintenance can help to maintain its pristine condition. For instance, removing stains with a slightly damp cloth immediately and regular, light dusting.

    Take down the required measurements, respectively, the height and width of your walls. Then, multiply the width by the height of the walls – you’ll receive the total square footage of space on your wall that needs to be covered with rolls of wallpaper.

    Or, to save the hassle, simply head over to Wallhub’s calculator, insert the height and width of your walls, and get an estimated number of wallpaper rolls needed instantly.

    As it is mostly created from countries often experiencing seasonal weather, wallpaper is typically hardy enough to adapt to seasonal changes and climate, making it suitable for Singapore’s humid environment.

    Wallpaper also offers texture, durability, and beautiful patterns, on top of being cost-effective. In addition, it allows you to cover up defects and serves as a statement piece.

    If hanging up wallpaper on your own is not an option, you can leave it in the hands of a professional wallpaper installer instead.

    At Wallhub, we have a team of experienced and skilled in-house wallpaper installers with impressive workmanship throughout the entire installation procedure, producing a completed product that’s to your liking. Furthermore, we also provide up to 2-year warranty period for your chosen wallpaper.