10 Ways to Get Crafty with Leftover Wallpaper and Scraps

10 Ways to Get Crafty with Leftover Wallpaper and Scraps

When ordering wallpaper, it’s always better to buy more than what you need. This will give you extra paper to work with in case of mistakes. However, this can also mean you’ll have more spare rolls than you know what to do with.

But fret not— wallpaper has excellent decorative potential and transformative power that makes it look fabulous just about anywhere!

From a few sample pieces to full extra rolls, here are some tips for you to upcycle and repurpose them in ways that don’t necessarily involve walls.

1. Paper the ceiling.

Paper the ceiling

If you have leftover rolls after covering a room’s four walls, you can still cover a room’s ceiling. Papering a ceiling with colourful wallpaper is sure to add an extra dimension to the overall look and feel of a room.

2. Make a feature wall.

Make a feature wall

You don’t have to cover every single wall of a room for wallpaper to be effective. Make attractive accent walls and wall panels to add more vibrancy to a room. You can also create a chic kitchen backsplash or overlay the base of a kitchen island.

How about cutting out and creating a custom pattern from the wallpaper and then pasting it to create exciting wall patterns?

3. Frame it as art.

Frame it as art

Many wallpaper patterns and designs (such as those of Japanese and Korean wallpapers) are so creative that they can be considered art. You can cut parts out from the roll to make instant artwork and then frame them. Fancy a triptych gallery wall?

4. Decoupage your furniture and fixtures

Decoupage your furniture and fixtures

You can upgrade your bookshelves, dressers, drawers, and doors with colourful wallpaper. It looks good on the fridge, too!

In addition, you can add a pop of colour to your bedroom is to cover your bed’s dull wooden headboard with an eye-catching wallpaper design.

5. Step up your stair risers.

Step up your stair risers

Add wallpaper to your stair risers to create a splash of colour and a pleasing effect as you go up. You can use the same wallpaper throughout or have different patterns for each step.

6. Paste up on pint-sized decors.

Paste up on pint-sized decors

If you have just a few extra scraps of wallpaper, they can still cover few-pint sized items like jewellery boxes, pencil holders, flower pots, book covers, and custom notebook covers.

7. Smarten up your laptop.

Smarten up your laptop

Applying a new wallpaper skin to the façade of your laptop is a great way to add personality to your computer.

8. Use wallpaper scraps for a scrapbook.

Use wallpaper scraps for a scrapbook

If you’re the creative type who keeps a scrapbook or likes to do collages, and you find yourself with leftover rolls of wallpaper, then you just had a windfall of free material.

Wallpaper scraps make a fine detail for backgrounds, borders, and other accent cutouts.

9. Make placemats or temporary coasters.

Make placemats or temporary coasters

Cut out wallpaper to serve as table runners, coasters, or placemats, so you don’t have to worry about any watermarks and food spills on your table.

You can also cut out an even larger piece of wallpaper to serve as a highly colourful table skirt.

10. Gift bags and gift boxes

Gift bags and gift boxes

It’s almost that most festive time of the year again, which is why gift boxes and gift bags are high on demand.

Wallpapers come in many patterns and colours, which make them a classy alternative to gift wrappers. They fold beautifully in boxes, too!


There are many ways to implement wallpapers in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms – or basically just anywhere in your home. But the fun doesn’t end there – if you have bits and bobs of spare wallpaper, you can look forward to other home improvements and arty-crafty projects to keep your creativity sharp.

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