How To Make Your Studio Apartment Seem Larger Than It Is

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In land-scarce Singapore, you might find yourself having to live in a studio apartment sometime in your life. It may be a rented studio, or your own bachelor/bachelorette pad – but one thing’s for sure: a studio apartment is small. Living in a small space may feel suffocating if it is cluttered, or if it does not receive enough light. Thus, you need to make wise choices about the interior design of the home to make it feel larger than it is.

Here are some brilliant home design ideas to visually and literally maximise the space in your studio apartment.

Get Foldable Furniture

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Ever wondered how people survive in ‘shoebox’ homes? They do so by maximising space through convertible furniture. Pieces of furniture that do not need to be used at the same time can be folded away to make living space. For example, beds that fold up against the wall are commonly seen contraptions, which create space for other activities like studying or cooking when the bed is stored away.

Wall Color

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The walls of the room can determine how small or large the room feels. Lighter colours reflect light and make the space feel more airy, while darker tones tend to feel more suffocating in a small area. To brighten up the space, you can also consider going to a store that sells wallpaper in Singapore to look at their offerings. Simple geometric designs with long lines can help to visually elongate the room.

Hang Wall Mirrors

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Following the principle of lighter coloured walls, mirrors also reflect light and help to make a space feel larger. Full-length wall mirrors are the best way to go about this. Or, you could play around with creative placement to obtain an artistic arrangement that complements your home décor.

Go for Creative Storage

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When space is scarce, storage can become a huge issue. Other than living minimally, what you can do is to create smart storage spaces in your home. For example, use existing nooks and crannies like the space under your bed, behind your door, and at corners of the room. Floating shelves are also a great idea, as they make more storage space without taking up valuable floor area.

Furniture choice

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You might be moving into a studio apartment from a larger home, and feel tempted to bring all your belongings with you. The truth is, this may not be a wise choice. The furniture you place in a small apartment should also be smaller, so as not to congest the space. In arranging your furniture, you also need to consider walking and working space – so don’t fill up every inch of the ground such that you have no way to get to your bathroom! Even considering customised furniture may be an excellent decision if you want your home to look unique and personalised. Consider getting customisation options for sofas or even custom made curtains to spruce up your home in an instant!


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If you own the apartment, choose a flooring style that also helps to elevate the space. Woodgrain designs are appropriate for giving the small home an inviting warmth, and lighter colours make the space feel larger. Opt for large tiles, or place tiles diagonally across the room. These help to avoid busy grout lines and breaks up the monotony of the room. The good thing is, because the apartment is so small, you can go for the best luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore without feeling the pinch in your pocket.

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t have to feel stuffy and cramped. Use these ideas to turn your studio apartment into a breezy, welcoming home!

Turn Your Home Interior From Drab To Fab With 6 Easy Tips

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When you’ve lived in your home for some time, the style can start to feel outdated, or you simply get tired of it. Every few years, some homeowners decide to redo their home, but a complete makeover is often unrealistic. The closest alternative is to change up some aspects of the home to give the interior a totally different look! Some elements of a home contribute so much to the feel of the interior that just replacing one thing can change the whole atmosphere or style of the home.

If you are looking to make some changes to your home, these recommendations are for you:

1. Change up the wall colour

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Walls are the canvas for your home. The colour of your walls reflects the overall mood of the room, determining whether it’s bright and breezy, modern and eclectic, or warm and earthy.

Consider a different shade of colour or a combination of colours to add excitement to the wall colours. For the more adventurous, you can consider painting designs on the wall, such as geometric patterns, or an art mural. Not to fret if you want something different but are not artistically inclined to paint it yourself: Wallpapers in Singapore come in a wide array of designs, and you can request for professionals to do the installation for you. Talk about a fuss-free way to get new walls!

2. Use mirrors

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Mirrors are a favourite to add in homes because of their reflective properties that catch light and visually enlarge the home. The millions of possibilities for adding mirrors to your home makes it a brilliant way to change up the interior of any space. You could go all out to install a full-length wall mirror on one wall, or exercise creative placement by arranging smaller mirrors in an artistic manner. Whatever the case, mirrors are a beautiful addition that will blend in straightaway in any home.

3. Inject your personality

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Your home is yours to live in, so it should reflect your personality. Homes you see in magazines that are furnished impeccably look great, but not ‘lived in’. To make your home truly unique, decorate it with items that you love. If you are fortunate enough to have family heirlooms, display them proudly and make them part of your home’s design. If you have a collection of any kind of items, consider a way to showcase them in your home. These items will inject your personality into your home and make you proud to call it your home.

4. Change up the textiles

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A large part of the home is textile-covered, such as the sofa, carpets, curtains, bed, and cushions. The design of these fabrics contributes a lot to the style of the home. Hence, you could consider changing some of these to change the look of your home.

Look for your favourite prints, colours and texture, and mix-and-match styles to get a more dynamic look. Can’t find the right size of curtains? You can always look for custom-made curtains in Singapore. The best part about this is, you can always have a few sets to change so that you can switch around the looks periodically.

5. Go Green

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Adding plants to your living space is one of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways to elevate the design of your space. Greenery has the ability to impart a calming and welcoming vibe, which does no harm to any home. Select plants that do well in the shade to ensure they last. These can be in the form of small potted plants on ledges and shelves, hanging air plants near the window, or a large pot of indoor plant to stand by your door.

6. Change the flooring

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Flooring is another big part of the home, and it is relatively more difficult to change once you have furniture in the house. However, if you are stuck with some faded tiles reminiscent of the ’80s, or have visibly beaten-up floors after years of treading on them, it might be time to change it up. Marble floors are the top choice for a classy, elegant look, while wooden floors are the go-to for a homely, warm mood. Also popular in Singapore are luxury vinyl flooring options, which are the most affordable and easy-to-maintain flooring choice.

Don’t let the hassle deter you from giving your home the makeover it needs. Use these simple tips to change up your home’s look with ease!