4 Ways to Utilise Flooring As An Accessory In Your Home

4 Ways to Utilise Flooring As An Accessory In Your Home

Home accessories are often associated with rugs, curtains, and paintings. However, flooring is one powerful yet overlooked accessory that can transform the look and feel (literally) of any space. Beyond its function, flooring can elevate the overall ambience of your living areas and be used as a large-scale decorative piece to liven up your interior.

Read on to learn ways you can utilise flooring as the ultimate accessory in your home.

1. Complementary colours

Complementary colours

Flooring is a great way to incorporate complementary colours into your interiors to make your space more cohesive. Love a niche colour, but the rest of your room just doesn’t match it? Fear not. Make your flooring that tone for a seamless blend into the rest of the furniture. This adds a fun pop of colour into your space that is forgiving yet still a bold choice and might just be the next conversation starter with your friends.

Adding a monochromatic edge with your floorings to match the rest of the room is a fantastic choice as well. An example would be a dark green tiled floor with earthy brown and natural green tones throughout the room. It creates a calming and immersive atmosphere that just wouldn’t be possible with regular white tiled floors. Get creative with these design elements and utilise flooring as the accessory they are.

2. Play with shapes

Play with shapes

Don’t be afraid to venture outside of solid colours. Geometric shapes and lines can make a world of difference by elevating your space and ridding you of a dreaded “too simple” notion when admiring your home.

Herringbone or chevron patterned wood flooring can act as an accessory to your overall space by tilting the eye downwards so your room looks well-balanced and not “top-heavy.”

Wallhub offers luxury vinyl flooring in a Mad Herringbone style. This LVF Diamond Clic flooring is low maintenance and eco-friendly, giving you functionality with beauty. Have a carefully curated look to your interiors with ease with geometric floorings, and Wallhub’s own styles provide you with the long-term potential to impress.

3. Mix and match

Mix and match

Those looking for a bold aesthetic can consider mixing patterns in their flooring. For those with space constraints, rugs may be too much of an eye-sore when trying to maximise your space. Utilise flooring as a substitute for carpets! Their expansive and definite size will allow for a more spacious feel, and their static shape makes them easier to maintain as they don’t move around or get tugged on! This doubles as a non-slip option for those keen on being extra safety-conscious.

Mix woods and carpets for an eclectic feel. The borders of your room can be in wood flooring, and centrepiece areas such as floorings under sofas and dining tables can be carpeted. This contemporary approach feels vividly modern, with the clean lines separating your spaces to add an abstract feel to your room when done right.

Wallhub offers both solid and printed carpet patterns. Mix and match with our wood selections for attractive design styles that are unique to your home. Whether for formal or casual areas of your space, our carpet tile installation is made for all.

4. Use wood unconventionally

Use wood unconventionally

Wood is often reserved for living rooms and bedrooms; tiles are usually the primary flooring for bathrooms and kitchens. Be a rule-breaker (of course, with the help of water-resistant vinyl-wood tiles instead). This wooden luxury vinyl flooring is great for kitchens and bathrooms, giving a rustic look that feels cosy and inviting. A long day can feel even draggier when entering a cold-tiled bathroom. With the sense of warmth that this vinyl wood brings, your days can start brighter and end more comfortably with this spunky flooring choice.


Flooring is more than just a structural piece. It is often an untapped home design gem capable of bringing elevation and curation to any space. Use the tips mentioned above to make your home eye-catching, and look around to see your own design prowess in every nook.

For durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and long-lasting luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore, Wallhub has got you covered. We are trusted suppliers of both flooring and wallpaper in Singapore, keen on delivering you high-quality design styles and installation should you need it.

For more information on our products and services, feel free to schedule a consultation with us now.

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