Fundamental Practices To Ensure Your Wallpaper Lasts Longer

Wallpapers have a magical way of turning around your house to something beautiful. Not only does it pair well with a luxury vinyl flooring if you have one, but it can add a sense of theme to your interior’s aesthetics. However, the lasting period where the wallpaper looks good depends on your management and care. Taking good care of your wallpaper not only makes it last longer but ensures that it maintains its great look.

Using different maintenance for your wallpaper

As different wallpaper types have different maintenance needs, you will need to use different maintenance practices depending on your wallpaper purchase. Mostly, the material of the wallpaper and the surface on which it is placed determines the type of maintenance practices you need to employ.

To maintain the shining nature and brilliance that your wallpaper holds, you might have to maintain it every two to three weeks. However, not many people implement this practice as they end up leaving their wallpapers up and changing it after one or two years. The primary reason for wallpaper maintenance is dust removal. You will need to get rid of dust particles that destroy the look of your art paper.

Here are some of the fundamental maintenance practices to do regularly for your wallpaper:


Cleaning is essential when it comes to maintenance of your wallpaper and extending its lasting period. The cleaning mechanism solely lies in the type of material used to construct the wallpaper. For instance, vinyl wallpapers are easier to clean than other wallpapers due to its material type. All you need is either water or cleaning chemicals, and you will get it all done within no time.

On the other hand, fabric wallpapers need many precautions during cleaning. This is because you can’t just clean paper-based wallpapers using water. The best method is to use a dry wipe if there is no dampness in the area you are cleaning. Be cautious not to clean with rough material as it can severely affect the quality of your wallpaper and leave it with scratches which can tear if not taken care of properly.


Dusting is another great maintenance practice for wallpapers. For the best method of dusting, you could start with vacuuming. Depending on the length of your wallpaper, you might have to make use of a ladder to help you reach the taller areas of the wallpaper.

Be extra careful when dusting as you do not want to add scratches to your wallpaper. You can dust effectively by starting from the top and make your way downwards, making sure that you are dusting all regions of your wallpaper effectively. Having vinyl flooring or any other flooring should not get in the way of efficient dusting for your wallpaper.

If you are not able to make use of a vacuum cleaner, then you can switch to a floor brush. It is a cheaper option for those who may not afford to purchase vacuum cleaners. The procedure is more or less the same, as you will still need to start from the top, and you will still require a ladder.

Removing stains

Removing stains is the last practice that you will run for your wallpaper maintenance. Certain stains to remove are pencil marks from your kids, fingerprints made by touching the wall and spots from stuff like grease or drinks.

Lastly, to ensure optimal maintenance practices effectively, acquiring wall texture paint can enable you to perform them effectively.

Voila – these are your handy tips to sustaining your wallpaper. All that’s left now is to complete the entire look of your home with the help of a furniture or curtain company – and a beautifully furnished house is on its way!

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