Paint Vs Wall Coating: How To Choose The Right One

Paint Vs Wall Coating: How To Choose The Right One

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between regular home wall paint and a wall coating? While both produce very similar results and help cover any wall imperfections, the wall coating has more purposes than the standard wall paint. Depending on how you intend to use the paint or wall coating, it can affect the look of your home and the durability of the paint.

In this article, we will explore the differences between paint and wall coating and what you should consider when choosing between the two.



Standard wall paint offers a diverse range of colours, providing you with numerous options to suit your preferences. Its main function is to beautify and elevate the room’s visual appeal by infusing colour into your walls. This coloured backdrop not only serves a decorative purpose but also contributes to the creation of an aesthetically pleasing environment that naturally captures attention.

Wall coating

Wall coating

Despite their similar appearances, regular wall paint and wall coating differ significantly. Wall coating serves as both a decorative and protective layer for your walls, aiming to shield them from various environmental damages. Its key functions include protection against dirt and non-slip properties, thanks to its distinctive materials. Wall coating can be used in diverse settings such as rooms, bathrooms, and offices. The blend of different materials in wall coating enables it to maintain its vivid and vibrant colour over an extended period.

How to choose?

Here are some factors to consider when deciding on which one to choose:

1. Wall coverage

Wall coverage

While paint is a standard choice for wall decoration, its durability falls short compared to wall coating, specifically designed for long-lasting protection. Wall coating offers textured paint and a trowel wall to add an extra dimension to your room. The special effects enhance the room’s overall appearance with the unique wall that can easily draw attention.

2. Location


Depending on the location of the wall, it can affect which paint is more suitable. For the walls that are more prone to water damage, such as areas like the bathroom or kitchen, it is recommended to get wall coating to reduce the risk of damage. If you are only planning to paint the bedroom walls, you can choose from regular paint and wall coating.

3. Function


If the main purpose of painting your walls is to add a decorative element to the space, then the paint is suitable for the job. But for those that require more functions in their paint, the wall coating may be a more suitable option. Since it is created to protect your walls, the wall coating will be able to last longer than the paint.


From regular to textured paint, achieve your dream home interior aesthetic by choosing the right wall paint or coating to match. Although both options produce similar results, the wall coating can serve more purposes, enhancing the various aspects of your home. For a long-lasting and unique choice, choose wall coating to add texture to your walls and watch it transform your home. If you are looking for other options with more variety, consider getting wallpapers in Singapore instead. Freshen up your bedroom with the wallpaper without the trouble of painting your room.

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