5 Wallpaper Designs That Blend Well With Singapore Culture

Wallpapers are typically made of materials from various designs so that we can decorate the walls in our homes and even offices. As Singapore is synonymous with art and culture, you can find wallpapers that are blended with designs pertaining to certain lifestyles and cultures of the locals. Most wallpapers are sold in rolls and can be attached to your walls simply by using paste. Unlike the past, wallpapers were used mainly to protect walls. These days, the right wallpaper design can change the look beauty of your home instantly. If your room is dull, then a wallpaper can add style and beauty just the way you want it.

If you aren’t sure how to go about choosing a wallpaper design to match your creativity, taste or style, here are 5 most common wallpapers in Singapore that blend well with the local culture.

1. Vinyl Wallpaper

Luxury vinyl wallpapers are best suited for humid or moist rooms, making them perfect for kitchens or bathroom walls as they are mainly resistant to moisture. Many homeowners in Singapore prefer vinyl wallpaper due to their durability and affordability. Should you decide to clean or renew the wall, they can be easily peeled off. Due to their durability and affordability, luxury vinyl wallpapers can also be paired up with a Singapore vinyl flooring to create a great design pattern.

2. Common Wallpaper

Common wallpapers are the most generally used in Singapore. If you are looking for a touch of grace and elegance in your home, then standard wallpapers are the way to go. They are most commonly found and used in rooms that are least likely to be damaged. However, when compared to other wallpapers, they are much difficult to install and remove.

3. Folk Wallpaper

Folk wallpapers are most suited for formal areas that require specific decorations in a home. For example, if you recently sought a curtain company in Singapore to design a personalised curtain, a folk wallpaper can flourish alongside it. They are available in different designs, patterns and textures. For folk wallpapers, their significant advantage is due to them being washable. However, the wallpaper can still get damaged if there is too much rubbing during the cleaning process. With folk wallpapers, you will find your walls to appear more elegant and beautiful.

4. Fabric Wallpaper

Unlike regular wallpapers, fabric wallpapers are not laminated. They are known much more for their attraction and beauty, making them pair well with contemporary designs and themes in your home. For big rooms such as an office or a living room, fabric wallpapers can bring warmth and delight. One significant disadvantage of fabric wallpapers is its ability to stain easily. As such, they can be hard to work with, and might not be recommended for the kitchen or bathroom.

5. Serene Solids

Serene solids are wallpapers widely used across the world. They showcase class and elegance, which no other wallpaper design has since been able to replicate. Serene solids come in various types, ensuring a classy look despite being simple in design. They enhance your wall with a chic and cosy feeling, making them great for any décor and any type of furniture you have in place. Due to their high versatility, serene solids should be your choice of wallpaper if you are looking to add class to your home.


The right wallpaper in Singapore for your home comes in various designs, types and styles. This makes wallpapers one of the essential theme-setters for your home in Singapore. While others might use paint, wallpapers can add a distinct ceramic look. They can instantly set the mood of a house whereas a single colour of paint could not.

Dive into different patterns, colours and textures that will work well for your room. If you have chosen to use wallpapers for your office, it is best to do your research thoroughly. Do not simply pick any wallpaper that you find and place it onto your wall. The beauty of wallpapers is in their design, variations and their removal, which can be done at any time, unlike paint.

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