Brand | Sian Zeng

Brand | Sian Zeng

Tell a story in your space.

A narrative of your vivid imagination or the most exciting adventure of a lifetime. Be it falling asleep amongst the lush forest or having a wonderful time in the midst of aquatic animals commanding the waterways.

All it starts with is an enchanting, hand-painted wallpaper designed by Sian Zeng, a London-based wallpaper design studio.

Designer and Artist, Sian, explores the combination of her uniquely international style, cutting-edge technologies and traditional techniques to create an exciting, storybook collection of wallpapers. Her own mixed cultural heritage and talent is reflected in each and every design, bringing you art, nature, imagination and inspiration into your interiors.

We believe that her collection would be perfect for anyone, at any age - a child or one seeks a touch of artistic flair in their space.

Enjoy and browse the collection here, or get up close in person over at our showrooms today!

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