Best of Mural Wallpaper | Customized Digital Print

Best of Mural Wallpaper | Customized Digital Print

Wallhub Singapore offers a stylish range of custom mural wallpapers that will provide your home with an array of customised digital prints according to your preference. Upgrade your home and make it look stunning with our collection of mural wallpapers with themes ranging from nature, florals, monochromes and pastels, to skylines, animals, and fantasy. Let your imagination run wild and choose a customised digital print to fit the décor of your home, and we’ll help you turn it into reality!

Custom mural wallpapers are an efficient and convenient method of decorating your home, that is also time-saving without sacrificing quality or aesthetic. What’s more, using a mural wallpaper allows you to cover up parts of a wall that cannot be hidden by painting over it. Having one can help you to display a gorgeous façade with a scene of your choice while hiding any flaws of the wall, and no one will know! Browse our diverse collection and make your choice today!

The Benefits of Mural Wallpapers

1. Eye-Catching

Because of their size and how they are designed to be displayed, mural wallpapers capture the attention of anyone almost immediately, and make any images you choose to display really pop. This eye-catching quality is one of the main reasons customers choose Wallhub’s custom mural wallpapers.

2. Making a Décor Statement

Choosing a unique design for your mural can be a décor statement. After all, your choice of design is a self-expression and may be interpreted as part of your personal style or personality. It can leave the specific kind of impression that you want on people who view them.

3. Mural Wallpapers Work in Any Location

Mural wallpapers are not just limited to one area in your Singapore home. They can be used in many different rooms to set different moods. For example, a mural wallpaper in the living room can be a vibrant design that matches the décor, while a mural wallpaper in the bedroom can be one that has a nature theme and helps with relaxing and sleep. You can jazz up any room with a little creative thought, and change it into an inviting or personal space.
Mural Wallpapers Are More Efficient than Paint

Everyone understand the tiresome chore of having to paint a room, let alone the whole house. While it already takes a long time, waiting for the paint to dry will make the entire experience even longer. With Wallhub’s mural wallpapers, you can install them efficiently and fuss-free with minimal waiting time. They can also be used on walls with different textures, unlike paint.

4. Full Customisation for Different Wall Sizes

Another essential benefit of mural wallpapers is that they’re fully customisable to walls of any size. This means that you can get accurate measurements of your wall, and have the mural be customised to fit its specific dimensions. Unlike regular wallpapers that have repeated patterns and are in rolled size, mural prints have no repeat design and can have literally any print that you wish, including photos that are provided by the customers. In addition, creative teams can also assist you in designing a particular artwork based on the specifications or preferences you’ve provided!

Browse Wallhub Singapore’s amazing range of custom mural wallpapers and liven up any space, be it your home or a business office. Enjoy our diverse collection or let us bring your creativity and vision into reality!

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