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The Colours of Architecture

Embark on a journey of transformation with Novacolor, Italy’s premier provider of architectural finishes. As part of our curated selection of distinguished brands, we are delighted to spotlight our partnership with Novacolor. Founded in 1982, Novacolor stands at the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and aesthetic excellence. Our collaboration brings the best of Italian decorative finishes directly to your projects in Singapore.

The Novacolor Advantage

Craftsmanship and Quality

Novacolor is not just about paint; it’s about creating a legacy of beauty and durability in every brush stroke. The Matmotion and Metallic series stand as a testament to this commitment, merging traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

Sustainable Innovation

Embracing the future means making responsible choices today. Novacolor leads the way in sustainable innovation, with a focused effort on reducing the environmental impact of its products. By incorporating biomass-based materials and pioneering low-VOC formulations, Novacolor demonstrates its dedication to protecting both indoor air quality and the planet. This commitment extends beyond product development to encompass a holistic approach to sustainability, including efficient manufacturing processes and recyclable packaging, ensuring that every aspect of their operation contributes to a healthier, greener world.

Global Recognition

Novacolor’s influence spans across the globe, with its products enhancing the character of spaces in over 70 countries. This worldwide presence is not just a testament to the brand’s extensive range of decorative solutions but also to its universal appeal among professionals and enthusiasts alike. As both a distributor and applicator, our partnership with Novacolor enables us to bring this global standard of excellence to your doorstep.

Innovation Meets Tradition

At the heart of Novacolor’s success is a balance between innovation and tradition, where every product is imbued with the rich heritage of Italian decorative arts, reinterpreted through the lens of modern technology and environmental consciousness.

Our Novacolor Product Highlights

Discover the full potential of each product series. Find out more by clicking on the images below for their online brochures:

Wallhub - Novacolor Metallics Wallhub - Novacolor MATmotion Deco Wallhub - Novacolor MATmotion Flat Paint

Wallhub - Novacolor Celestia Wallhub - Novacolor Lime-Based Stucco Finish (Mirror)Wallhub - Novacolor Premier Partner


Become a Part of the Novacolor Experience

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    Wallhub - Novacolor Premier Partner

    Wallhub - Novacolor Premier Partner

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